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    Hi. I have been going to doctors for years now and told I have fibromyalgia. One question I would like to ask is does anyone else have hypoglycimia? Also recntly I have been expieirencing squeezing pain more than the aching pain I've always had. It got really bad the other night and in the chest also so I got scared it was my heart and went to the hospital. They checked my heart and I spent the night so they did quite a few tests on me to make sure it wasn't anything serious. They finally decided it must have been the fibro ,and I had a gas on top of that ,which mad it very painful and got my nerves to make it worse. The thing I'm wondering here is do other people experience this kind of pain. The squeezing ( or tightness) I mean. It makes me kind of weak and numb sometimes.
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    Welcome to the boards !

    About once a year I get chest pain and they told me it is from the fibro and is called costochondritis . (It feels like pleurisy )You may want to do a search on that.
    While it is painful, it is not heart related.

    I use a moist heating pad and take ibuprofin when it flares up.

    I know it hurts a lot
    Good luck
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    I am new too. I don't have an answer to your questions, but just wanted to say Hiya! KCD
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    Hi, sorry you are experiencing this pain. It is scary, but I do get it and its the FM pain in the chest wall, or it can also be what Princessraye said too (Costachondriasis), I use a rub, and a heating pad on low when I get this.

    I take OTC Advil gel capsules for it also.

    Yes, it does make you feel weak, the best thing to do is simply try to stay calm, rest and you can try what we do with the heat, rub and a pain med.

    We have many members with low blood sugar, so will let them answer you on that one.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    welcome to the board,i also get the cheast pain,but if you ever have any feeling its not the fm please go to the hosptial still,
    agin welcome to the board
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    Hi. I just wanted to thank all of you who answered me, and made me feel welcome:)