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    Hi, I’ve been checking out the board for some time now. I was reluctant to join in, because initially I read a few disgruntled posts, and didn’t want that kind of extra stress if that’s how people were going to be. I waited to see how it was handled, and I was impressed by everyone’s understanding, openness, ability to give the benefit of the doubt, and support. I was diagnosed with FMS over a year ago several months after I was rear-ended. I now believe that I have had it for some time, but the severity exploded. I have cervical and thoracic disc herniations and whiplash. I have since developed thyroiditis, IBS, and have trouble with urinary retention. I landed in the ER once for chest pain. I have gone through a pain clinic without success. My sleep is all messed up. I got ½ way through a 12 week program at the myalgia center in Green Bay, WI (3 hour drive one way). The travel made my back so bad and made me so sick that I couldn’t go on anymore. I’m on 4 different prescription drugs (ultram, elavil, celexa, bextra) and numerous supplements. In addition, over the course of a little over a year, I have lost my dad, had 2 kids graduate from HS (empty nest), and have battled pain/fatigue/sick feeling continuously. Just recently I have officially lost my job. My employer was supportive, but our union contract dictated my termination. I loved my job, and had (have) a stellar reputation as a home/hospice nurse. I chose my nickname because I have experienced a mix of some bitterness and some good. I have a very supportive husband, and we have grown closer. I have a very supportive family. I have a renewed sense of the important things and people in life. However, I still am the guest of honor at my occasional pity party, and I get angry about what I’ve lost at the hand of someone else. The girl responsible for the accident denied it. I often wonder how she lives with that. The bottom dropped out of my life. I used to do everything around my home, including shoveling the snow off the roof, mowing grass for 2hr straight with a push mower, painting the whole place, etc. You name it, I did it. I used to own 2 horses, and did all that work too. Now, some days I can’t even do the dishes. A little heavier cleaning makes me suffer for days. I can no longer take part in the recreational activities I used to. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. They are my pet therapy. I love them. I have questioned my sanity, since this DD and its effects are overwhelming to me. My rheumy is supportive, and assured me I’m not crazy. Some of the symptoms make me wonder though. She’s doing the best she can for me, and once made a comment that I probably know more about FMS than she does, because she knows I have read everything I can in books and on the net. I know this is long, but I appreciate anyone here who listens, as I know you all have a clear understanding of where I’m coming from. God Bless you all! Linda
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    Hi Linda, welcome to our world. Most of us with FM have probably written our inital post quite similar to yours.

    We have many medical professionals here with FM/CFS. It is strange to see so many from your profession.

    I developed FM over 20 years ago, I had pneumonia, then pleurisy, which developed into bronchitis. From then on, it was constant pain in the upper back, shoulders, chest, sometimes knees, feet, arms and my hands.

    I was not in any serious auto accident, but many here were.

    I, till this day, think what was diagnosed as pleurisy, was the FM pain. I was finally diagnosed with the FM a couple of years later.

    It was called Fibrositis, then in the 80's was changed to Fibromyalgia as it has no inflamation in the muscles. I also have costachondriasis (pain in the rib cage area, with inflamation).

    But I have most all under some control now. I just came out of a flare, and it only lasted four days, where before they would last for months.

    Glad you have decided to post, and hope we hear from you often. Maybe we can help you, and you us.

    Sorry you happend to read here when there was a disturbance on the board, we do try to keep trouble down as much as humanly possible, but it will happen sometimes.
    There are over 5 to 6 thousand people coming through this board, maybe more. All are sick so at times we do have a problem, but we try to not let it go on.

    But on the whole we have some really wonderful, helpful, well informed people here. They are very supportive of all members.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I do hope you get to feeling better soon............

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Read your message and am also new to the message board. I've had FM and RA for several years. Neurontin is a medication I was put on and it helped me greatly as far as energy level and pain until the RA became worse. You really have to work with the dose to gets what right for you, I could never take as much as the doctor said but it did help. It is actually a seizure med but the properties also help the nerve and connective tissue.

    Good Luck
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    bump--the board moved fast, and I was moved to the second page too soon. Thanks for the replies and welcomes I've already received. Have a good day all!
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    I to just started to post to the board. I was reluctant at first as well. I have been diagnosed with FM for six months and have always been an active person. I still try to be however, as when I had seizures regularly I really recognize how important to take care of myself is, otherwise I will pay for it later. I think that most people I have heard from or read their postings are supportive and want to help each other. Welcome aboard

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    You need to have patience and courage to get through this disease. I have had it for over twenty years. When I was a teenager I was rearended by a drunk driver, which probably started me on this merry go round, but it was years later that I got a diagnosis. In the last few years the disease has begun to receive respect in the medical community, although I think many people still think of us as whiners. It is hard to ache and yet still look normal. This site is a blessing for all of us.