New Hope -- RNA's - Do they work?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Elisa, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Elisa

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    I have just finished a book on the medical use of specific RNAs - written by Dr. Amy Yasko and Dr Garry Gordon.

    Has anyone here tried any of the RNA formulas. They are HUGE within the autism communities.

    NOVA has a on-line video explaining how they work. Theoretically they can cure most of our problems...The more I read on them the more I am fascinated.

    Love to hear anyone's experience. I am considering RNA specific formulas on the Yasko store site.

    I am not entirely sure which are best for CFS/FM - maybe Health, Stress, Nerve Calm, Anxiety.

    Love to hear more,


    P.S. Dr Cheney suspects one of the reasons undenatured whey may work for some, other than increasing glutathione, is it contains a great deal of RNA. Fascinating...
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    i hope trina tv36pro sees this.. she is a CFS person who has been doing the yasko prtcol for several months.

    She could probably guide u..
  3. Elisa

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  4. SnooZQ

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    Hi Elisa,

    I've started the Yasko RNA book, but not yet finished reading it. I'm a little disturbed by some of the gaps & would like more detail, less hype. I'm one who can go a fair distance with the science.

    I watched the NOVA clip & found it fascinating. However, that clip uses a very simple example of RNA (really RNAi) in plants. RNAi that's been GMO'd into petunias isn't exactly a perfect analogy for oral RNA in humans.

    As you know, the clip is about RNAi, or RNA interference. Which leads one to wonder whether the oral RNA formulas are really RNAi-based. And if they are, what sort of transcription is being messed with? How long do the positive effects last? Could there be unintended & dramatic negative consequences? -- which is what you would expect with something powerful & efficacious -- like when they unexpectedly got the white petunias in the NOVA clip.

    It would be SO very beneficial if a 3rd party lab or research group would undertake analysis of the RNA formulas, and/or study their effectiveness. I'd love to see this proven effective. At present, oral RNA has its critics. The whole thing about it being broken down, like any protein, into peptides in the gut.

    Part of the cost of these RNA formulas is their supposed targetting of various issues. For some conditions there are recommendations to take multiple RNA formulas concurrently. Yet the basic ingredients seem to be the same for each. And if Dr. Cheney is correct, just taking in more RNA itself, may be helpful. Teitelbaum's latest push, for increasing ribose, which is the backbone of RNA, may fit in as well. T's studies are showing a lot of improvement in PWC who take ribose.

    I'm guessing there is more than a grain of truth to RNA. But for now, I've just started to up my intake of ribose & sardines. The latter is a great source of both RNA & Omega 3 fish oils.

    I'm as hopeful as the next person that there will be a miraculous cure-all for autism & CFS/fibro. I've been following/involved with the world of autism for many yrs., as I have a 16 yo on the spectrum. From my POV, RNA is not huge when you consider the whole worldwide autism community. There are many treatment modalities that have a following & can demonstrate recovery -- without RNA. Again, this is not to be negative -- within the Yasko Protocol group, there are many loyal supporters of RNA.

    I'm glad you started this thread, and I do hope that those who've tried the RNA formulas will let us know about their experiences.

    Best wishes.

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  5. Elisa

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    Have you noticed any effects from the sardines? Some say they can feel benefits right away? Do you have a prefered brand?

    Thanks so much for your imput!

    I am looking into all the actions of RNA and RNAi too!

    I know the RNA that is used and been extrordinarily effective for cystic fibrosis is extracted from salmon and sold by a supplement company. Wonder if that population of patients has had any problems?

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  6. SnooZQ

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    Hadn't heard of the RNA for CF. Can you tell me any more, so that I can do some research?

    Still working on that first can of sardines! No majors to report. Ate 'em a lot in my impoverished childhood; from that time I remember that the little ones are best. Can't tell you the brand 'cause I ripped off the pull top & it's gone. But I did get the "wild caught" ones from Norway or some such place, supposedly purer, yada yada who knows. Maybe the ones that cost 1/3 as much work just as well.

    I'm eating the sardines with a little homemade salad dressing & some crushed fresh garlic. Since I've been eating fresh garlic forever, I'm hoping that any benefits I see will be due to the sardines.

    I don't do dairy, so plus for me, sardines have some calcium.

    Take care opening those sardines; one can imagine they might be recalled by the FDA any day now due to the high incidence of finger cuts caused by the packaging. ;)
  7. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    A polynucleotide, relative of the famous DNA. You may have to reach back to your high school biology here.

    DNA is the genetic stuff that we inherit from our parents; it's inside each of our cells.

    RNA is the messenger protein that derives from our DNA. RNA is responsible for cell-to-cell communication that activates-- or quiets -- certain DNA sequences, as needed by the body.

    RNA is big time biosci. While DNA gene therapy might focus on inserting genes, or deleting certain "bad boy" genes, RNA therapies focus on silencing, or enhancing, certain innate genetic sequences.

    That's it in a very crude, incomplete nutshell. For a better explanation, try World Book encyclopedia or wikipedia online (though the wiki RNA article is pretty deep into the science right up front.).


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