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    Hi, In my profile I stated i am from Southern Maryland. Well, last night hubby and were reading and listening to the 10pm news, when something stopped us in our tracks. New flash, we heard the word FIBROMYALGIA. Well, this lady was explaining the pain, tiredness, you know the rest. There's this doctor Kevin Hatshaw, with Ohio State Medical Center, who is doing research with different drugs used for epilepsy, depression, he feels they may be able to combine several drugs to block pain pathway exsitence. Hmmmmmmmmm--- I think we have heard this before. Hubby and I were just so stunned they finally thought about us. However, he did say Appr. 6 million people are affected with this disease, primarily women. He says he working agresssivly to find something to help the symptoms better. NO CURE HUMMMMMMMMM Well that's all for now folks, hope i got it right, could have miss something, I get very foggy a lot especially before bed. (((((((Gentle HUGS)))))))) Reg
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    At least we know that someone out there is trying to help even if it means no cure just to get some pain relief would be a great relief. Thanks for sharing.
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    My doctor has me on two epilepsy drugs to control my pain. They are neurontin and topamax. These drugs work on the nerves and suppress the pain. I am 85 - 90% pain free about 90% of the time. I still have bad days and breakthrough pain, but nothing like when I way off of the drugs. It works for me.

    My depression is under control through drugs and works well and does not interfere with the epilepsy drugs.

    The only things that I still have major problem with are the fog and fatigue. My main breakthrough pain is in my back and shoulders because I am on the computer 9 to 10 hours a day for my job and for school.

    Hope this helps.
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    We just heard that Klonopin, and anti-seizure drug, may also block pain messages in the brain at the same time it is producing antispasmodic effects. I would imagine any epilepsy drugs might also have this property. I had been attributing not needing Morphine anymore strictly to my Guai treatment, but perhaps the Klonopin is also at work here.

    Anyone taking gout medications will receive the same benefits from the Guai if he or she eliminates the salicylates from his or her regimen.

    My point is that there may be many medication used for other illnesses which can be of benefit to us. Perhaps researchers are finally looking into better methods for treating us.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was dx with all 18 tender points, i have gone thru 3 pain specialists, i have tried neorontin-all kind of allergic reactions, paxil-felt like a zombie, IV valium, a no no for me, morphine-allergic siezures, and many others i can't even remember. We finally got it packed down to science with the oxycontin, percocet, and valium at night for sleep. This regimen works well for me, keeps me halfway functioning unless i start to clean house or any other altering movements. Just sitting and standing drives me crazy with pain and balance problems. My point is, a lot of people cannot take the depression meds, i definately have tried, and just can't. So until there's a cure, i'll continue to keep what's working for me. Thanks for your posts, very interesting. Reg
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    PS Also forgot Klonopin, made me more depressed than before[This Message was Edited on 12/27/2002]
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    A lot of people cannot take a lot of drugs. That is what makes treatment so frustrating. When we post here about what is helping us or even a lot of us, it's with the caveat that what works for one will not necessarily work for another. Each of us has to find our own treatments and tailor our regimens to ourselves.

    Love, Mikie
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    Check out the website After I found it, I learned that most of the food we eat is full of msg, even though it is not listed on the labels. I had severe headaches, muscle spasms, numbness, etc. and my neuro wanted me to take Neurontin. I was so spaced out, I couldn't take it. So, I began to follow what they said on the website, along with a diet such as Metabolic Typing or Protein Power, and my spasms and headaches are gone. They say that many people with Fibro are being severely affected by msg and aspartane and they don't know it, because it is practically everywhere.
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    I have a doctor who is attempting to learn all he can about FM. But we run into troubles with insurance company not wanting to cover certain things. I have tried many different meds, with unpleasant reactions to most of them.
    Genric vicodin works best for me but insurance co. will not pay for it. It does ease pain, but does nothing for other symptoms; balance, dizziness, stiffness, etc. Have foot problems so cannot walk much, which does not help the FM.

    We just need to keep pushing for more research, and convincing the many doctors who believe "it is all in our heads."