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  1. babyk902

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    I'm not sure if any of you have heard of this at all, but I came across a few different websites about "biotoxins". To me, this is like a puzzle piece that has been missing from all the research I have ever done.. this makes complete sense to me, and is almost a relief to me, because in my opinion, this is the reason that we are all so truely sick and on this message board in the first place. Please check out these websites, or even do some research on biotoxins or neurotoxins, it is amazing how much it correlates to, and could possibly cause, EVERYTHING- CFS/Fibro/Mold/Lyme/HHV-6 Virus/Epstein Barr/Chemical Sensitivites/Nervous system problems/Mercury, Heavy Metals, etc.

    This confirms to me that there is absolutely NO conincidence that most people with CFS have the same viruses, the same symptoms, the same heavy metals, etc. Although everyone may be affected slightly different, there MUST be one underlying cause that is provoking this disease in the first place, and that's where i really believe these biotoxins come in.

    hope that this helps.
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  2. Forebearance

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    Hi babyk902,

    Yes, I feel the exact same way. This new info makes everything make sense.

    I found out about it a little over a year ago. Slayadragon was talking about what a great book "Mold Warriors" was, so I decided to read it. My eyes were opened. Then I read all Dr. S's biotoxin websites.

    That started me on a path of doing something about it, and sure enough it seems to apply to my illness.

    There are several people on this board who are aware of biotoxins. There's Slayadragon (who hasn't been around lately), me, empty2void, Heyygirl, redhummingbird, grammy27 and Aunt Tammie, to name a few at least. There are surely several more I am not pulling up in memory.

    The Lyme people have had to become aware of biotoxins, because Lyme bacteria produce them. I bet over on the Lyme board people talk about them.

    If the search function on this board is working better by now, you could pull up some of our old threads discussing biotoxins.

    I feel so relieved, too.
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  3. babyk902

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    have you done any treatment? I'd really like to get started on something or even get in touch with Dr.S if i could, i think this is possibly the root cause of this illness and SO important for people to know about and esp important for people to be doing something about it.
  4. Forebearance

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    Hi babyk902!

    Yes, I have been doing treatment! I moved out of my moldy home, and am taking cholestyramine and soluble fiber to pull the toxins out. It feels good to be getting better.

    You can get a phone consultation with Dr. Shoemaker for your doctor, if you want to. You have to do a bunch of diagnostic tests first. Did you see that page of the website? It's on:

    I agree that this information is very important for people to know about. I think Dr. S is a really good doctor to have figured it out. I hope that more people will read his website, at least.

    I keep a journal thread where I write the gory details of my treatment and progress. The current one is called CFS: Forebearance's thread 26.


  5. johnnysyaya

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    I think so too. I've been seeing a doc in AZ he does genectic testing for predep for mold and chemicals i had both. he's had me doing cholestryamine, benesoclay, and charcoal. I'm not cured but doing a little better. Also some anti fungal soap and nasal spray. Also triger point injections that really help (i think it's provocain or something like that. He says i didn't get sick over night so it will take time to pull it all out of my system and I'm sure i continue to get rexposed.

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