New infromation on Fibro read please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BronzeWomn, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. BronzeWomn

    BronzeWomn New Member

    Got this site in the email. Just in case no one else received it..I am sharing it with the sufferers out there. I haven't tried this yet. Someone can let me know if it works for them. Thanks.
  2. over50

    over50 New Member

    I hope someone can afford to try it and let the rest of us know how it works.
    Its from our site here. :)
    I have been wanting to try some of the supplements.
    Thanks Bronzewoman, for bringing it to my attention.
    Take care
  3. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    I have used Champho-phenique with some relief.
    I have not heard about this product until now. The
    other ingredients will interfere with the Guaifenesin
    treatment however. Let us know how it works for you.
  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I am placing an order tomorrow for Pro Health for my supplements, will add the '024' spray to it. I am more than willing to give something a chance, especially if its a spray, its my back that hurts the most, and I can get to it with a spray!

    Will let you know how it works.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    for 8.88, 10ml and it should be here soon. I will post as to how it works when I use it. Check out my post titled 024, anyone use it. If you look under my username, you will find it if the title does not work.

    You can just put in 024 and search in titles, which is what I did.

  6. willwork4shoes

    willwork4shoes New Member

    and I saw great relief after 15-20 minutes. I got it at CVS and it was 14.99.

  7. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    and except for the strong odor, it's a helpful product. I didn't like it at first, but as I've had more trouble with pain, it seems to help more...or I don't know what. I just know that I like it now...except for the smell. Blech!

  8. BronzeWomn

    BronzeWomn New Member

    Shirl, please let me kow how it works,,let me kow if its a oder..i cant stand the strong oder stuff..its makes my eyes hurt..keep me posted please. Everyone is welcome..I guess we fibro students are gonna have to find a cure..arent we?

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