New Insomnia Drug Rozerem Anyone tried this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skippy007, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. skippy007

    skippy007 New Member

    Rheumy gave me Rozerem 8mg for insomnia. Has anyone tried this? How did it do for you? This seems to be a new drug? I tried temazepam 30mg but still woke up during the night. I will give this a shot for awhile.
  2. redtex

    redtex New Member

    it wears off pretty quick. i tend to wake many times during the night and it didn't work for me. i am a wierd case i quess. klonopin works good for me but i am afraid of taking it every night for the rest of my life as it and the other benzo's are very addictive. good luck with the rozerem.
  3. alonebutnotlonely

    alonebutnotlonely New Member


    I was on a double blind study last summer. I took Rozerem for 2 nights and stayed up for 5 nights.

    Made me trip also. Went back to Lunesta and Requip.

  4. TrishinSpokane

    TrishinSpokane New Member

    I have tried it on two separate occassions over the past two years. Each time, I would initially get sleepy and think oh boy, I'm going to sleep well tonight. As soon as I turned out the lights, within 15 minutes I was wide awake and feeling really wired.

    I have yet to find anything to help me sleep. Hec, they even had me up to 300MG of Trazadone and still no luck. I see a new Neuro/surgeon this coming Wed for CTS and am going to ask about trying Lunesta or something else. I have tried several other meds over the past three years to no avail.

  5. ETN

    ETN New Member

    didn't help me..

    like the other poster said it's just made to get you to fall asleep. It did seem to not help me.

    I have had big problems and been on all of the sleeping meds except xyrem..that was our next step.

    We just kind of did an experiment and thought maybe a dopamine drug would help me. I am taking Mirapex which is a parkinson's drug and it's helped me out by far the most.

    I do seem to think that these meds help me out in the beginning but then don't seem to last

    So who knows...

    I know it's really hard trying and experimenting all of these meds. It's not fun!

    good luck
  6. 00a7370

    00a7370 New Member

    I tried Rozerem two times and had the worse nightmares I've every had. I mean like "Saw". I figured it couldn't be a coincidence. I use Temazepam 30 mg too. It helps somewhat.
  7. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I tried it on 2 different occaisions. I didn't notice much help with sleep either time but did notice I felt more crappy the next day. I use Halcion for sleep now.
  8. wanderingbluedragon

    wanderingbluedragon New Member

    I've been on it and it does not always help. It does some nights and not the others. Hope this helps.

  9. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    I tried kept me up ALL, it didnt work for me...sorta felt like a caffine 'high' from it..

    high doses of mend sdont do a thing for me but little baby ones do.
    ex: provigil they wanted 100mg....didnt do squat.
    so I cut them down in 1/4 pills and worked fine...

    go figure...

  10. lynnintn

    lynnintn New Member

    It did not work for me and made me very nauseous. But everyone is different. It never even made me sleepy. I now take Ambien CR which works okay.
  11. bree~leigh

    bree~leigh New Member

    Tried it 2x. Did not help with sleep, tossed and turned all night with bad dreams and felt bad the next day.

    The only thing that has every worked for me in Klonopin.

    Wish our patient group had more predictable reactions to Rx, it would make life so much easier!!

    Good luck with finding the right sleeper.
  12. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    I may be in the minority here, but Rozerem is what works best for me, out of all my meds it is the one I value the most. I had a sleep study & I have extremely delayed cycle for Stages 3 & 4, plus lots of 2 that creeps into those stages.

    I suffered thru Luenesta & Ambien (I took those disasters & I saw so many sun rises after not sleeping for 8+ hours), didn't have any luck with herbs, etc.

    Now for 2+ years I've been on Rozerem. I was the first in my area, first for my doctor, first for the pharmacy. I take it with some Chinese Medicine sleeping pills -- Serenity & Tranquility Remedy that my accupuncturist gave me (it has lots of roots & herbs), but which I now buy on the internet since my accupuncturist doesn't take credit cards. (How many of us can pay cash for our meds? Not me...)

    I would encourage you to try Rozerem. It's another avenue which may help, depending on your situation.

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