new invention to help catch mosquitos (make yourself)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Catseye, Jan 28, 2007.

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    I love to think of solutions to problems and I do it all the time with stuff around the house. The mosquito thing has bothered me for a long time because all the little stuff they sell already doesn't work. Tony is bringing me some stuff to try and I haven't used it yet but I can't believe it won't work. Here's what to do:

    You know those insect sticky pads? Well, they come with adhesive on the back so you can put them securely where you want. Get a flyswatter. Cut two insect sticky things (or one sticky thing cut in half may be the right size) about the size of the swatter's swat end. Stick them on it with the adhesive so you have the insect sticky stuff on each side. Now just swat your mosquitos with the flyswatter. They're stuck fast!

    What's nice is you can swat them in midair instead of waiting for them to land on something.

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    I've actually already patented and manufactured one thing. And talked to shopping networks about it. You really have to be a big company to start selling useful items. I think it's better to share this idea so others can get some relief. I got over my greed when my first million dollar idea didn't go the way I planned!!

    Now I just made my little swatter and I don't have any mosquitos bothering me tonight! Figures!!

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    I've been keeping the door open during the day so the kitten can go in and out. When big or noisy trucks go by outside, she gets scared and wants to run inside. But all the mosquitos have been coming in, too!

    I take B vitamins and also give myself a shot in the butt of B12 every few days.
    I guess I'm not surprised I'm not using them right, that's interesting. There's alot of things that aren't happening right in my broken body.

    I don't know where the dang things are tonight! They've been on me every night and now I'm finally armed with my swatting sticky thing! I want to see one, now!


    oh, make sure you ONLY swat at them in the air or you'll stick to everything! I should have said that before, duh!
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    Its 9 friggin degrees! No mosquitos here.Hehe

    And I'll forget by summer!

    Enjoy your balmy weather.