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    hi all!

    i haven't posted recently but i finally changed jobs! after working as a nurse on medical floors which involves so much physical activity, which was just making me more tired and making the pain worse, i found the perfect job. i'm now working phone triage for insurance companies 4 evenings a week! so i still get to help patients with their medical problems and anwer their questions about medications and procedures that they don't understand, which i really enjoy. but, there is minimal physical exertion, the whole job is done with a phone and a computer. since starting this job i'm in less pain and actually am taking less pain mediacation and am sleeping less. so it looks like i will be able to hang in there and work for at least a little while longer.

    i'm so glad this position came along because i love being a nurse and helping peple but working in hospitals was becoming to hard and i was beginning to think i was going to have to consider stopping working soon due to physical limitations. i just don't think i'm mentally ready for that yet so this makes it possible for me to keep going. i still don't think i can ever get back to 5 days a week but i'm happy i can keep going for now. i really love what i do and i don't want this dd to screw up everything in my life!

    thanks for listening!


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    Good for you!!!

    Fondly, June