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    hi my friends...i just got off the phone with m insurance company.. as they call ever so often regarding wellness..i was telling her what problems i was having and couldnt get the doc to hear me or listen.
    she gave me this web link for reading regarding FM and chronic fatigue ( which i have along with eppstein barr..have not been dx with FM).. i wanted to ass this along but i know some of laready know of the link..i have ben coming here about a month and know there is some other newbies that may not know.
    i hope that this helps...
    and now after talking to the nurse from the insurance company i am going to ask the doc to refer me to a rhumey if he isnt sure what is going on.. that is the its being in a new area and not knowing the
    if any one reading this knows of a good doc in the norman/okc area plzz let me know...

    i hope this finds everyone having a good day.
    hope this link is news to some..or can help someone out.

    tc and keep SMILING :)


    here is the link....
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