"New" List of Fibro Symptoms - f/Dr. Devin Starlanyl's Book

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I found this List of Fibro Symptoms during my research.

    It is supposed to be the list of symptoms in Dr. Devin Starlanyl's 2004 book titled "FIBROMYALGIA & CHRONIC MYOFASCIAL PAIN: A PATIENT REVIEW".

    This list is in the order of the complaints he has received, from the most, down to the least. Soooooo interesting!

    Remember...from the most complaints to the least...in that order. You might be surprised.

    1. Post-nasal drip.(YEP!)
    2. Fatigue
    3. Sleep unrestorative
    4. Short term memory impairment
    5. Trouble concentrating

    6. Sensitivity to cold
    7. Morning stiffness
    8. Numbness/tingling
    9. Difficulty getting out known words
    10. Muscle twitching

    11. Nail ridges
    12. Difficult handwriting/pain
    13. Headaches
    14. Irritable bowel
    15. Mood swings

    16. Weak ankles
    17. Carb. cravings
    18. Unaccountable irritability
    19. Stair climbing problems
    20. Irritable bladder

    21. Tinnitus (ear sounds)
    22. Dizziness when head turns fast.
    23. Chocolate cravings
    24. Sensitivity to odors
    25. Confused states

    26. Sick sinus syndrome
    27. Sensory overload
    28. Jaw snapping & pain
    29. Sensitivity to light
    30. Bloating

    31. Buckling knees
    32. Swollen glands
    33. Cries easily.....(who wouldn't??)
    34. Vision perception problems
    35. Weight gain

    36. Free-floating anxiety
    37. Hypoglycemic symptoms
    38. Shortness of breath
    39. Problems holding arms over head
    40. Directional disorientation..(where am I??)

    41. Sciatica
    42. Reflux esophagitis/heartburn
    43. Low back pain
    44. Balance problems/staggering gait
    45. Diffuse swelling

    46. Growing pains
    47. Sensitivity to humidity
    48. Sensitivity to pressure changes
    49. Heart attack like pain
    50. Nausea

    51. Sore throat
    52. Difficulty swallowing
    53. Sensitivity to mold/yeast
    54. Delayed reactions to overdoing it
    55. Night driving difficulty

    56. Unexplained toothaches
    57. Panic attacks
    58. Leg cramps-lower
    59. Sensitivity to heat
    60. Itchy ears

    61. Weak/painful grip
    62. FMS/MPS foot pain
    63. Groin pain
    64. Allergies
    65. Cramps (GI)

    66. Itchy rashes
    67. Pelvic pain
    68. Breast pain
    69. Shin-splint-type pain
    70. Menstrual problems

    71. Vision blurry
    72. Drooling in sleep-(that's what it says!)
    73. Carpal-tunnel-like pain
    74. Migraines
    75. Vision changing

    76. Hyper-sensitive nipples
    77. Meralgia paresthetica (numbness /tingling outer thigh
    78. Myoclonus (muscle movements/jerks/night)
    79. Tight hamstrings
    80. Restless leg syndrome

    81. Electromagnetic sensitivity
    82. PMS
    83. Sore spot on top of head
    84. Tight Achilles tendon
    85. Fibrocystic breasts

    86. Botherd by pressure of glasses/headbands/coats
    87. Hands hurt in cold water
    88. Leg cramps-upper
    89. Feeling continued movement in car after stopping
    90. Stripe/check patterns cause dizziness

    91. Teeth grinding while asleep
    92. Painful intercourse
    93. Mottled skin
    94. Heartbeat rapid
    95. Thumb pain/tingling numbness

    96. Appendicitis -like pain
    97. Thick secretions
    98. Depression
    99. Irregular heartbeat
    100. Sweats

    101. Bruising
    102. Scars easily
    103. First steps in morning like walking on nails
    104. Leg cramps
    105. Unable to recognize familiar surroundings

    106. Ear Aches
    107. Morton's Foot
    108. Weakness
    109. Heartbeat fluttery
    110. Lack of endurance

    111. Stiff neck...(what I have right now!) :(
    112. Tilted feeling when cornering in car
    113. Eye/ear pain-dysfunction
    114. Disrupted fat metabolism
    115. Normal low temperature

    116. Vision double
    117. Chest tightness
    118. Motor coordination problems
    119. Chronic cough
    120. Sensitivity to environment

    121. Night sweats
    122. Sensitivity to blackfly /mosquito bites
    123. Chest pain
    124. Adrenalin surges
    125. Nails that curve under

    126. Weight loss..(I wish!!!))
    127. Vision "floaters"
    128. Deep hip pain
    129. Immune dysfunction
    130. Raynauds'Syndrome

    131. Hair loss
    132. Sleep Apnea
    133. Belly fat pad. (Is THAT what that is?!?)
    134. Burping
    135. Eye dysfunction

    136. Ingrown hairs
    137. Tennis elbow
    138. Hears florescent lites
    139. Choking on saliva
    140. Ear Dysfunction

    141. Impotence. (This woke up any guys reading this I'm sure!)
    142. Eye pain
    143. Sicca
    144. Ear stuffy
    145. Ear pain

    I don't have this book to vertify this, but maybe somebody here does and they can veryify that this did come from his book!
  2. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    that is a list...and I have sooo many of them. I never would have thought some of them were related but it seems they are.
    And some of them are just so weird I would have never guessed...like the drooling, nails curving under, mosquitos (and I thought I was just so sweet), hyper-sensitive nipples (although gotta say hubby and I are pleased with that symptom hehe), molted skin, pressure of glasses/coats, trouble with nite driving and feeling like still moving when stopped...I mean who thought stuff so unrealated would be so related? There are very few on that list I haven't had or have now...And I want to go to the doc that would actually ask enough to get this level of info on symptoms...wow
  3. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Think I'll crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head and glare out at the world! What a list. And people say it's all in our heads. Ha!

  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    what a list and I have most of it.

    I like the belly fat pad and I thought everybody heard florescent lites.

    Many of the things I have I wouldnt have attributed to Fibro, much of this list also covers CFS./CFIDS.

  5. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    I have so many of these problems I guess denial stops here its not just old age (56) I really do have fibro
    thanks mate for telling me the truth lol
  6. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Like others, I just thought this was all part of the defective human package!

    Thanks for typing it all.

    Take Care!

  7. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    anyone else surprised that depression is so far down on the list?! it's #98.

  8. Txslady

    Txslady New Member

    I guess the doctor's are right when they blame everything on the Fibro. I can't think of one symptom of any kind that is not on that list.

    I don't know who this Dr. Devin is but I am concerned that he is tired of Fibro people. He puts a book out listing every symptom known to man so when we read it and have a symptom we just say it's the Fibro instead of going to the doctor to get checked.

    Every symptom I have ever had is listed on there. Maybe I should go tell my doctor that my gallbladder wasn't bad it was the Fibro and please put it back. The only pain I had was very mild on the right side, no bad attacks or stones, hida scan showed it wasn't functioning.

  9. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    And she also deals with fibro herself. So I am not trying to be argumentive, but I have all her books and I have never felt that she is "tired of fibro patients." Much to the contrary, she is truly an advocate for all of us and seems to try her best to stay on top of what we go through.
  10. FibroJo

    FibroJo New Member

    Though I truly believe we all have most of those symptoms, I also think they can be attributed to many other things as well. Some of them go along with just plain old Menopause. I think this DD is really a tough one to accept and understand.
  11. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    we are prone to notice more... and mention those little oddities that maybe others don't. Who knows?

    I'd just like to go on record as not being bothered AT ALL by #23! Never been a problem! And my #76 makes up for my #133!!
  12. laniesue

    laniesue New Member

    I don't think any of the messages I read were anti the doctor. We all need a laugh sometimes. None of us are making fun of our illness, but we all need to find humor in all of life's problems
  13. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    If I made it sound as if I was being defensive. I love a good giggle too. I especially enjoyed asking for a gall bladder back, ha ha! Really, I do apologize if I sounded that way. I have just been collecting Dr. Starlanyl's books now for years and really appreciate all the hard work and research she has put into our illness.
  14. fibrodeb

    fibrodeb New Member

    I appreciate the list
  15. vp

    vp New Member

    I also thought everyone could hear florescent lights.

    Can anyone else hear their tv. I don't mean the volume, but that humming sound it makes when it is on, even if the volume is muted.

    I can tell if there is a tv on in the house as soon as I walk in. Am I the only wierd one?
  16. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member

    not everyone hears the florescent lights?? Yikes, I never associated that one.
  17. JLH

    JLH New Member

    First of all, in my post, I said "he" -- which I left off the "s" to make it a "she" by mistake!!!

    Also, I CAN'T BELIEVE that the very first complaint wasn't OVERALL WIDESPREAD BODY PAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  18. larry11

    larry11 New Member

    i have so many also, and why do doctors not beleive or how can they not tell if you have FMS............Larry
  19. dontlikeliver

    dontlikeliver New Member

    That might as well be a list of Lyme disease symptoms.

    When is Devin going to make the connection I wonder?

  20. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    Right after I was dx, I went to the bookstore, and found Her book, among some others.
    For me, her Book explained so much, not just the symptoms that I was displaying at the time, but things that had plagued me all my life.

    She also has a great website, and there are some articles by her on the Home page, if your interested, I'll post her website url.

    There are other books, of course, but I think her's was the easiest to read. ;o)

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