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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Again, we are up to 30 posts on the old thread so thought I'd just start a new one.

    Love, Mikie
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    That WAS a long nap I took. Will go read and post.

    Starting now! Jole!! The time has come already for the AF graduation and someone thought
    of banners. Very Cool!! I say that but any son of mine would be pretending that it wasn't HIS
    family with the banners...but we are odd ducks. What can I say. I hope all have a very great time!!

    Mike, Twin's hair has receded in the front. She LOVES joan river's hair stuff. Since her's is in the
    front, it effects her self imagine a lot an that stuff has done the trick!

    I woke at 11:30 and then at 1:30pm took a 'medicated' nap. I know I can't do that often but I
    did feel rested when I woke up. Lot's better than just lying there "trying" to sleep.

    I am reporting on the "in' colors for fall. Red is suppose to be 'it' but I see in a catalog I got
    today....they think it is green! How lovely, there is a choice. For those who must buy. I
    don't.[This Message was Edited on 08/14/2012]

    Oh, I have it! Pam, just have huz 'test drive' a truck when it is time to show the house. and
    park it in the garage. What is going through my mind is this: they have a lot of stuff to put
    in the garage WITH the truck. Oh bother! A little organization is called for then!!

    My Huz, is I'm sure, the only person in the world who thought having a carport was a great
    idea. He would daydream about it for years before we even moved. I would have considered it
    a detraction, but when this house had a carport. There it was and here we are.....with the mower,
    trash cans, etc out for me to see :). But at least it is behind the house. At least. And we do
    have a shop for smaller items.

    Oh,And Mikie, I finally remembered. I do not like Tai Chi (?) either. The yoga teacher starts off
    with that on Monday. I have to give her credit for always trying to learn new things but, nothing
    beats sitting down on the floor to start :)[This Message was Edited on 08/14/2012]
  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    So, what Mikie wrote, imagine I put "like" which on Facebook can mean "agree,
    like, funny, whatever. But this case it means "agree"!

    Leah, we are a lot funnier when we have you to point out in your way of
    pointing things out that makes us LOL.

    Kitty at the mtg. Too cute. Oh yes, Barb, will be home soon! How great will
    that be. I was kinda hoping the ones around here would not show up until]
    the end of Oct. Gives us a bit of time to get the doc apts over before they
    show up. So that explains why there are so many ppl there in Oct. Live and

    Sleep well!

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks for the "second" Leah. I know it complicates things when we switch to new Lounger threads but Linda is right, 30 is about as much of a thread length as is managable. Heck, I have trouble when I'm posting in the same thread if there are more than a couple of posts.

    Linda, I think you are right; those people with big trucks probably use their garages for storing all kinds of stuff. Living in a condo makes me cognizant of the need not to store too much stuff. I'm in the middle of cleaning out some of my stuff from that extra walk-in closet. I just don't know what to do with some of it. Mom's Bing and Grandahl (sp?) collectible plates present the biggest challenge. I just need to sit down and find an antique and collectibles store which will buy them. It's either that or just donate them. Donating them is sounding better and better to me. There's a small church thrift store and I've given a lot to them in the past, all good stuff. All I have is a space under the carport out front of our bldg. I am lucky to not have to park out in the sun. I have a good one because the bldg. casts a shadow over it in the morning and the sun only shines on the back late in the day. My back window has a dark tint so am hoping the sun won't damage the interior of my old vehicle.

    Yes, I always try to get my appts. out of the way before the Snowbirds arrive. The docs appreciate it because they are so busy. Only exception is my colonoscopy because I have more choices of friends to drive me home. Of course, I do have some friends all year round so I could do it in the summertime. Barb always comes early. She loves it here. The rest of them spend the holidays at home and come down in Jan. Barb usually flies home for the holidays.

    Glad you got a good nap in. Sometimes, we just have to sleep. It doesn't matter when, or whether we need a little pharmaceutical help, it's vitally important. Yes, everyone likes it when Tweety comes to the meetings but she is disruptive. Her brother, Sylvester, came looking for her but he's too shy to stick around with people he doesn't know. She is bored and restless and wants to nap on me like she did while I was so down and out after the fall.

    Both my daughter and I have unfortunate hairlines in the front. It's not so bad that we can't wear our hair pulled back but at my age now, I need a softer look around my face. Hillary Clinton used to have such nice haircuts but I think now she has to style it for ease of care while she travels. Thanks for the tip about the Joan Rivers hair product. Guess I'll have to try it. I have found that if I keep my hair just a bit longer in the area of the thin spot in back, it covers better. I can still keep it short along the neckline.

    I've also heard that red and green will be in this winter. That makes it easy to dress for Christmas :) All summer, it's been combining bright colors. Yesterday, I wore periwinkle blue capri pants with a hot pink tee. It went together great. Orange goes will with the blue too. I do get tired of black tees with white or khaki capris but it's the best to wear when I'm around the house--no bra. I can even go out without one. One of the shopping networks sold a version of the Ah Bra and I was tempted but didn't buy them. I saw where a woman invented bra pads which wick the perspiration away from under the girls. That would be great in hot and humid climes. I just walked down to the dumpster for my mail and had sweat running down my face. AACK! Maybe headbands or bandanas will come back in style. I have a visor which helps mop up the forehead sweat.

    Big news, Tweety used the scratching post for a few minutes today. Yea!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day and Jole has a great trip. Oh, to be in San Antonio!

    Love, Mikie

  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I knew I could count on all of you to come up with good ideas.Rent a truck and test drive one.Would have never thought of that.Love your humor.

    Red and green this yr. huh?A little Christmasy for me.It will make for a long winter season.

    I am in bad pain today.Trying to ignore it,work through it or find a way to not give in to it.Pressure point pain everywhere.Upper back,lower,chest,left and right,legs thighs.I felt off yesterday and at bedtime I was in pain.I'm moaning and groaning as I go about my morning.Laying down does not seem like an option but moving around is painful.I know it will eventually go away but don't know when.Gosh it's miserable to be like this right?

    I gave Lil a bath so I'm going to go putter around and yell out loud that feels good even if crazy.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so sorry you are in pain. Do Epsom Salt soaks help? They always help me. They aren't the whole answer but often help to take the edge off. They also make me relaxed and sleepy. Or, should I say, sleepier?

    After overdoing it a bit yesterday, I've been taking it easy except for doing some work with my IRA which is long overdue. I hate messing with that stuff. Still in my nightshirt. "Superman Returns" is on and I'm watching it. Will have to get up and try to do something productive here sometime. The most productive thing I'm thinking about right now is lunch :)

    Sending up a prayer you feel better.

    Love, Mikie
  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    Later tonite is "Let's Learn Dutch" Nite on my thread. I know you can't wait.
    I am learning a bit by opening by son's mail from Holland and trying to figure
    out if it is important. Yes, he told me to. haha

    Boy, Leah, you deserve a lot of rest time after all you did!! I have started
    eating my protein when I wake up/first meal. And that does leave some room
    for garlic toast or biscuits later. I am positive that my stuff is junk compared
    to your carefully selected fare (Leah and Barry) (not sure about the others here)
    But I am hoping it is better than cookies.

    Not sure if this is the "new" norm but during the day I want to be awake 2 hours,
    sleep 2 hours all day long. More awake during the nightly two hours of tv watching with huz. Those "who done its" help, I guess. So that time frame
    stretches into 3.5 hours.

    Glad I'm not in your shoes, Pam. Trying to sell a house. I am being driven over
    to Orlando tomorrow for a few days with Twin. I have told her to not expect
    much of me.

    Course, I am not taking ritalin unless it is necessary for an appt. Which, totally
    explains all the sleeping.

    Back in a bit. Love your prose, Leah. Living with no walls to block our view.
    Very poetic!!

  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    This came to my son from Holland in pamphlet form:

    ICS International Card Services (Visa)
    (This one self explains)


    Aanbiedingen special voor ABN AMRO Card-Houders
    (A big dingy special for ABN AMRO Cardholders)





    COST 49 EUROS.

    Ok, this is my question. Why don't the Dutch change their whole language to English since half of it is anyway.

    That's our brain lesson for today :)

    Hope tomorrow is better:)

    [This Message was Edited on 08/16/2012]
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I took Russian in high school and it uses a whole different alphabet and case endings, like Latin. I loved it but, like the other languages I've tried to learn over the years, I haven't used it and it's gone.

    Leah, hope your pain is better. You did a lot and I know that shower and shampoo have to have felt soooo good. You are right; whenever I am in need of a solution, this is the first place I come, to my online family. Despite all our problems, we are one smart and creative group of individuals. That we have such humor is just the icing on the cake. It's our hard times which have shaped us into the people we are today, hard times which might have destroyed some but made us survivors. Give yourself a pat on the back!

    Linda, hope you have a good visit with Twin. Hmmmm, two hours on and two hours off. Sounds about right to me. Actually, if I could get a good two hours to clean, it would make me happy. Have you had a lot of rain? All forecasts have had the rain to the interior but last evening, it rained cats 'n dogs here. Tweety screamed to come in. She hates it when I go to bed early and gets into trouble. I tell her "no" and if she doesn't listen, I throw her out. She didn't come by this morning so I guess she's still mad at me. She has to learn. She's one stubborn little cat.

    BTW, Leah, I used your idea and put some catnip directly on the scratch cone and Tweety scratched it. She probably will plead "under the influence" for her bad behavior later :)

    I really have the summer doldrums right now. It will help when Barb comes down. I just feel blah. Hate to whine because there are so many bigger problems than this. As head injuries can often do, mine left me feeling flat, not really depressed but not joyful either. This too should pass but it's left me feeling kinda fragile. At least, I'm being much more careful and that's a good thing.

    Happy that I slept well last night and I'm back on my meds. That should help. Hope everyone else slept well. Have a great day, my friends.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Maybe that is a part of the blahs too Mikie.It's been a long hot summer.Pain levels better today.I don't bother with trying to figure out the reason for bad days I just try and cope as best I can.Oh and whine.

    I think we'll take another jaunt down to Florida again in a couple weeks.We'll leave the RV and drive the car back so we have it here to pick up DD and GD up at the airport for DS wedding and then it's here for winter.A nice leisurely trip down would be nice.We're retired we can pick up and leave like that now.

    Huz is cleaning out the office looking at every check and paper tax return we've saved.Then he shreds it all.

    Hang on Leah hope this bout ends quickly.Linda hope the trip goes well.

    Blah today too.Going to read and rest.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good plan. Yes, retirement certainly frees one up. I love that I can just lie around when I feel horrible. I used to have to go to work and just try to tough it out. I did that OK til the Sjogren's hit.

    It'll be so nice when you get the house sold. I don't do well living with the unknown. I'm not patient. Sometimes, life forces us to be. I guess it builds character. Let's hope there is some payoff for it.

    Cleaning out my old receipts is on my agenda. I have so many from when I was too sick to deal with it that I need a commercial shreadder. Goodwill has one and provides the service. I have four garbage bags full to take out there. I have a good shreadder but it's not up to four garbage bags full. I've seen that gizmo which scans receipts and puts them in different files to access later. That would be a blessing as long as one backs up the info.

    I just sat down to look at my long-term financial needs. I am doing OK now but need to go into austerity mode so I'll be OK way down the road. Fortunately, my needs are few and my condo is in good shape. Who knows what will happen with Social Security even thouh any changes are not supposed to affect anyone older than 55. I'm looking at this as a challenge. I have some pretty frugal friends and they seem to enjoy life. I am going to set up an official budget, like the one we use for our condo assn.

    I'll be glad when this blahness leaves and I finally really recover from that fall. I'd hate to think this is as good as I'm going to feel. Whine, whine, whine!

    Well, dear friends, I hope everyone is better and can stop in. I enjoy reading everyone's post and I miss our MIA's. Hugs, love and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm sitting here dripping sweat and exhausted. I decided I can no longer ignore the project elephant in the room. Also can't ignore the 8' ladder. So, despite pain and trepidation, I got my new saw out and set it up. I got all but one 7' piece of the moulding installed. I was worried about the 10' piece but it came out perfectly. It's a couple of short pieces which caused problems because the board the builder installed on top of the cabinets isn't square. Nothing they did in here is square. Of course, this bldg. has swayed in more than one hurricane so that could be the problem too. I hate to have to use caulk to make problems look better but I guess that's what it's for.

    I also have to caulk along the bottom of the moulding and where I countersank the nailheads. Then, a little sanding and it can be painted. Sounds easy but everything I ever do always takes a lot longer than I figured on. This is truly my last big project. I have no one to help me and it's not easy up on the ladder alone. I have some blinds to install but that's not a biggie.

    I used to love doing this stuff but no more. I feel like an old lady but everyone else I know who is my age feels the same way. Hope what I have stays in style because I'm not up to making updates. I'll be one of those really elderly old ladies living in a home which hasn't changed in 20 yrs. Now, I understand why old people's homes don't change.

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I sent a reply to my brother the forest ranger today. Just haven't
    been writing e mails or posts. Too little energy. Too much blah. Like Pam.

    Remember when Lucy had the blahs? She told Ethel she felt dauncey.
    Turned out she was enceinte. I believe that is a French word that means,
    "Your engine needs tuning."

    Here's a little Dutch for you, Linda. "Hoop dat je voelt je beter." Kinda looks
    like, "You need a battery for your basket ball hoop." I am told, however that
    it means: hope you feel better.

    Ha Ha! I hope we all feel better.

    Mikie, last night, as we were leaving the market, Gordon said, "Well, I
    finally remember to get that corn." He making some sort of Mexican dish,
    I guess. I said, "Really, I'm amazed."

    Freida, why are you monkeying with blueberries? They have no more flavor
    than confetti. Well, at least the ones I've met. Only thing they're good for
    is making 4th of July cake or Jello with red berries and whipped cream.

    I walked Zippy today. Poor thing. His walk is the highlight of his day, and I
    haven't had enough pep to do it the last 4-5 days. We saw the hearse in
    motion. You know automobile means move it yourself (w/o horses).

    What do you think autopsy means? Answer: see for yourself.

    Barry, how are things at your casa?

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Very impressive Mikie!How does it look?I like crown it finishes a room so nicely.Sounds like you still have quite a bit to get done with all the final touches.I don't envy you.
    Got up feeling less blah so maybe energy will improve.You share my opinion of blueberries Rock.Huz bought those three bushes,that the birds eat every yr.,and I have no interest.Besides throwing them in pancake batter I don't think there is much to them.I like blueberry pie but to much work to make it anymore.

    Leah playing with the cat sounds the most fun.I miss my cat but she was to old to play.I always ended up with scratches all up and down my arms though.Lily doesn't care to play much.Fetch amounts to me throwing the toy and her fetching but not bringing it back so the game ends.Cat claws and the fur everywhere is something I don't miss though.

    Weather is perfect in the mid 70's.It could stay like this year round.Don't over do Mikie.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sounds as though a bad case of the blahs is moving through the Lounge.

    Leah, as always, I hope you feel better. At least, you have your priorities straight: You played with the cat. That is truly a productive thing to do for both of you. It releases all kinds of good stuff into the atmosphere and our brains too. Tweety got stoned on catnip and is sleeping it off on one of the bar stools. She's discovered she likes sleeping on high when she is high.

    Rock, still love your puns. They are never corney. I agree about the taste of blueberries but they are supposed to be good for us and they keep well in the fridge too. All I know is that "auto" means "self," so I'm wondering how it is associated with a doc cutting you open. I'd rather have a new automobile than a new autoimmune disease. But, hey, that's just me.

    Pam, mid-70's? That sounds like heaven. Wish I had kept the crown moulding instead of swapping it out for regular moulding. It's just that I would have had to buy a nailing gun because the edge for nailing is too small to nail by hand. I broke one of my cardinal rules: If it's not what you want, don't get it. Still, I think when it's done, it'll look nice. The way it is now, it doesn't look finished.

    I am going to try to get the last piece in place today. If I feel up to it, I'll get it caulked and paint it tomorrow. Then, it will be done and I can clean up this mess. I want my condo back. I need to keep the ladder until I string the lights outside on our tree. I think I can do it by myself. If not, Barb will help me but I'd like to get the ladder outta here by then. I can store it over by the pool bldg.

    DD in Atlanta wants me to come up for Thanksgiving. They aren't going anywhere so I can let her know. I need to get a bit better before buying a plane ticket. I was really beat yesterday when I finished up the moulding as far as I got.

    Sending up a prayer for all of us. Blahs begone!!!

    Love, Mikie

    OK, put up the last 7' piece of moulding and caulked it all. I'll paint it tomorrow and be done. Yea!!! It looks beautiful. Me, not so much. I'm dripping in sweat. AACK! Don't know why I sweat so profusely at every little bit of effort. Never used to. I showered this morning and will probably have to do it again.

    [This Message was Edited on 08/18/2012]
  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    It's been unusually hot here for the last week or so; too hot for me to handle. We don't get this kind of weather for so long usually, so most people don't have ACs, just fans and no clothes. When I'm lying on the bed -- which I've been doing a lot of -- and have the fan on me, I have to have blankets that I can adjust on/off of me. Peripheral neuropathy I have makes this necessary. Adjust, adjust, adjust. Too hot, too cold, JUST RIGHT.

    Okay, who libeled blueberries? I remember Leah mentioned them. Oh yes, it was you, Rock and Mikie! WELL! I LOVE blueberries, and we've been eating them for about two months now. We've had some mediocre ones, but big sweet delicious ones from Canada and Washington state. I fear the season will soon be over...

    I've been eating tons of cherries and grapes. Many mangoes and pineapples, and cantaloupes galore.

    I had a new food this week--forbidden rice, also known as black rice. Richard picked some up from the health-food deli in town. It had been cooked, and seasoned then with sesame oil and soy or tamari, and then combined with lots of grated carrot to turn it into a "salad". Very nice and nutty flavoured. Just don't think about mouse droppings when you eat it -- the resemblance is uncanny!

    The foxes are our new neighbours. As long as they don't mess with the cat that's okay. I watched one out the window when I was washing the dishes yesterday, and it was so cute; I barked at it to see what it would do. It looked at me for a moment, and then went back to looking for mice and grasshoppers. I guess I am not cut out to be a dog. Or a hunter.

    Well, take care all. I've been running temps. up to 99.4 with MINIMAL exertion. Doc. shakes head, doesn't know what's going on. Neither do I. I am set up for an ultra-sound next month on my carotids, to see what, if anything, is to be done.

    Meanwhile, we're getting a new doc at our local hospital. He was born and lived in Poland 'til he was 16, then emigrated to Canada. Became a doc., and so will be quite young. He is also a Zen Buddhist! This could be interesting, so I look forward to seeing him. Plus he is literate with tele-medicine, which we'll have in place by year's end, giving my very rural area access to endocrinologists and other specialists outside the are.

    Love to all,
    gotta go flat cause I'm dizzy.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OK, I only maligned the taste but said that they are good for us and keep well. I don't think they taste bad; they just don't taste all that good to me. BTW, King 'O The West honeydews are in the stores here now. OMG! They are usually soooo sweet and juicy. My favorite. I've been eating cherries and grapes.

    I also run that kind of temp when my "whatever virus" reactivates. Otherwise, I'm a reliable 98.4 degrees. Have you ever taken AV or ABX? You may have a chronic infection which doesn't cause the immune system to produce antibodies. Glad you are getting a new doc and you'll be able to access more medical care. That's great! A Zen Buddhist. I've always been interested in Buddhism. I meditate and it has helped me a great deal. Buddhism seems so peaceful.

    I hope the fox leaves the cats, and dogs, alone in the area. Tweety and Sylvester will play with other critters but will defend their territory on Jeff's lanai. I guess if they've lasted this long, their chances are pretty good.

    Sorry to hear about your blahs too. This is a pandemic! At least now, I have an excuse to kick back the rest of the day. Can't paint the moulding til the caulk dries. Once that project is done, I'll have no excuse, 'cept my blahness, to take it easy.

    Take care.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Well my blahs seem to be gone but my gumption to do anything hasn't appeared.Another day of not feeling like getting a thing done.I wish my blahs produced a fraction of the work you accomplished Mikie.

    Gosh Barry I was another one that dissed blueberries.The ones from Michigan were good like what you describe but mostly around here they are puny tasteless fruit.Sorry you're feeling so bad.I love the fresh fruits you are eating but it seems that the farmers market stands locally are disappearing around here leaving grocery store fruit shipped in even when it's in season locally.

    So good-bye blahs hello no gumption guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Blahs, blahs, go away,
    Never to return another day;
    Our minds and bodies may be weak,
    But it's emotional energy we seek.

    Oh, if only we could dance,
    How we'd jump, how we'd prance;
    You see, it's not that we are lazy,
    It's just the blahs which make things hazy.

    Hazy, foggy, sad and blue,
    Blahs, I say goodbye to you;
    In my mind, I spin and twirl,
    Without the blahs, life's a whirl.

    I really haven't done that much. It took two days to put up four pieces of moulding and caulk them. Today is the day I paint and the project will be done. Thank God! I'm no longer cut out for this stuff, blahs or not.

    My doc said one day I'd wake up with just a hint of energy. Well, I'm not sure that it was even a hint. I had to force myself to get the saw set up. Then, I wanted to cut a piece of moulding. One thing led to another. After each bit of work, I had to rest and take acetaminophen for the pain in my legs from standing on the ladder and step stool. It isn't FMS pain; it residual pain from the fall. Still, I'm thankful I could do it and thankful for Epsom Salt soaks.

    Should go to the store before I start painting. I'm messy when I work, also sweaty. I need some kind of protein and want to pick up one of those lucious melons. Once the work is done, I have to clean up the mess. It never ends. Want to get the place cleaned up before Barb comes down so we can just have some fun.

    My wish is for everyone to have laughter and fun with some energy thrown in.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Dragging around an afgan all morning.I need it wrapped around my shoulders to eat breakfast and pulled up around my legs and body when sitting or I have the shivers.Crazy weather.

    I'm going to help huz load the truck with junk from the office,garage and basement but if he waits much longer he'll be doing it alone.Have to catch me early or the energy fades away.He'll head to the landfill tomorrow and I will clean the house again for a showing around dinner time.Keeps us on our toes.

    Neighborhood block party is next weekend.I so don't want to go but huz stated we are expected and that means an argument I don't have energy for.It's also the Bridal shower that afternoon.

    Time to help huz in the basement.


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