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  1. Mikie

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    We reached 30 posts so thought I'd start a new Lounge.

    Yes, Leah, we must have been posting at the same time. Sorry I missed yours. Wish you had energy to fix treats too. That used to be my favorite thing at this time of year. I have Christmas star cookie cutters and Star of David cutters. Snowflake shaped cookies done in blue with white and silver decorations are lovely too. What I miss most is making Pizzelles. I have both an electric and hand irons. The hand irons make thinner and more beautiful pizzelles. The kids will fight over those when I'm gone. Mine are especially beautiful.

    We had a whole little town of Italians not far from where I grew up. They originally worked in the coal mines outside of town. Many got black lung disease. By the time they realized what it was and that respiratory caution wasn't taken (this was waaaaay back when), it was too late. I worked at a clinic in the insurance office and handled some of their claims. They were the sweetest older people. I'm sure they are all dead now. There was a couple of Italian restaurants there and people drove from all over to eat there. There was a hardware store which carried the fancy pizzelle irons and I got one of each design. I think I have four of them, including one with a ruffled edge. Only problem is that they work best on a gas stove. An electric one will work but I now have a glass top and doubt they will work on it. I could buy one of those little hot plates just for pizzelles. Now if I could just plug myself in for some energy...

    Pam, it will go really fast when they start framing your house. An address--how exciting. Back when I was married, we watched our house going up and took pictures. That was, in some ways, one of the happiest times of my life. The weather for construction should be great from now on. This rain, this late, is unusual for us. I'm glad to have it.

    Granni, I don't do cards any more. It's just another victim of my illnesses. I don't decorate, don't bake, don't make candy, don't send cards and only go to a couple of parties. I admire you for keeping up the tradition. We have a party at the pool Sat. but I don't think I'll go as I'm still not up to par and they don't know what's wrong with me. Could be some form of contageous infection.

    Tweety has been spending a lot of time sleeping with me. She even curls up with me in bed--something new. I think she's growing into a helper/healer role spiritually. I want to get better so I can shop for some things for the kitties for Christmas. They could use new collars and some treats. They seem to have lost their kittenish desire to play with toys. Now, they play outside, racing up the trees and around the lawn. Tweety can turn around on tree trunks upside down, like a gecko (maybe that's were she learned it) to taunt the dogs. Sylvester loves an old rescue dog of a friend of mine. When he sees his doggy friend, he rubs up against him. They are great friends. I am praying that Jeff, the cats' legal guardian, gives up on moving.

    I feed both kitties on shrimp;
    Sylvester has a slight limp.

    He said with a grin,
    "I'm not getting thin;

    At this rate, I'll become a blimp."

    Rock, we need you for your excellent puns. I'll bet you could put me to shame with poems on animals and their food.

    Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  2. rockgor

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    I don't gots no oomph either, Diane. If I played the tuba I'd be
    restricted to just the "pa" part. My brother in Oregon sent me
    some Christmas cartoons. One showed a cat just delighted with
    its new scratching post. It was really a Christmas tree.

    Mikie, I looked up pizzelles some time back. Can't remember what
    I learned though. Your Sylvester verse is the cat's meow. You
    got the rhythm and you the rhyme. You should do it all the time.

    I think it was James Thurber who wrote a buncha a short animal
    rhymes half a century ago. Or wait, maybe it was Ogden Nash.
    I can't remember much of anything anymore.

    Just read in the news about some lady who reported that her
    driveway was stolen. It was the actually the pavers that were
    swiped. Lately I've just been shufflin' around feeling depressed
    and half dead. I feel like most of my life was stolen.

    Another 4 days of rain coming. I brought Zippy in this morning.
    I fell asleep on the sofa. He made a deposit on the rug. Guess
    he's just gonna havta stay in the back porch were we have the
    linoleum to keep some control ah 'im.

    Hugs to everydobby


  3. freida

    freida Active Member

    that's great that the new home is turning into ,
    it's a bit too soon to say it is turning into a home. ;)
    So it is now turning into a box, which will turn into a wonderful home. :)

    Mikie...I love those poems! :)
    Really we do! They give us smiles!

    Loved hearing about those old Italian cookies. And people.

    it's always good to hear what you are up to...aND not up to. LOL

    I am so happy that your dr appt went better this time! Hurray for that!!
    You did figure out how to handle it to up your chances, and thankfully, your efforts did work.
    (Thay don't always, no matter what we try.)

    That augmenton sometimes upsets people's stomachs.
    Call the pharmacy, and see if you can take it with food to lessen that problem.
    I think you can, but can't remember for certain. They may also have any other suggestion, iof you or Kevin specifically ask for any, since they know it upsets many people's tummies, and there may be another way to reduce that too.

    I'm certain that the kitties WILL be surprised.
    It's so much fun, to watch how they react to anything new and out of the ordinary!!
    When ours got a new blankie, a while ago, she knew right away that is was for her...I didn't know how she knew, but she did, and she obviously was thrilled!

    that reminds me, that I am pleased that Tweety is turning into a therapy kitty. I too hope that her semi-parent (the other guy that thinks he owns her)does not move!

    ROCK, it's so good to read your posts.
    Thanks for all of your sharing, even though you have so little umph, and I AM sorry you don't feel better and have more of the life you deserve. At least I am glad you have Gordon. And his good cooking. :)

    And ROCK, I love your made me smile so much...loved about the happy cat with new scratching post...and the reminder of Ogden Nash!
    And the woman whose driveway was stolen. So funny!

    and Barry....
    I am thinking of both of you!!

    Let us know how dear Jesse is doing, Jole.
    Sorry you are not feeling any better too.

    I mail ordered a bunch of cozy new socks for us both. We needed them, and they are a treat too.

    Gee, kitty would like a sock large enough to crawl into, and turn around, with only her nose poking out.
    Not sure where I could find any like that. :)

    In my imagination. :)

    A smile to each one of you!
    Despite all of our trials and tribulations.

    Leah Freida

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    but wanted to say HI and also I loved Mikie's poem. Does Sylvester really love shrimp? If so smart kitty. Both DH and I love shrimp - - -mmmm.

    Hi to Frieda, Diane, Rock and Everyone else I can't remember at the moment. Hope everyone is feeling well today. I'm the same as usual but need to rest a bit before we go to another wine tasting party tonight. Might get a lot of wine but lots of food. Just like Sylvester I may also become a blimp !

    Need to go do some more Christmas prep. Went shopping this morning and found a really good buy on scrubs for daughter. Hope she likes them and that she will be needing them soon. The temp place she is at now I THINK uses them.


  5. bct

    bct Member

    Seems that we are all under the weather! Bur then I guess that's why we are here. My tummy feels bloated, and I feel queasy. Hope I'm not coming down with the "bug" that so many have been talking about.

    I read that every human has about 3lbs of bacteria and viruses in their body systems. There are specific ones that live only in the ears, for example. Most of them are beneficial bacteria (or unknown) unless they get out of control. Enough of this. I was a little freaked out when I first read this!

    Jole, I hope Jessi is doing ok. Did the vet rule out Demodex mite infection? I've had dogs that got this before, with pretty much the same symptoms you ascribe to Jessi. The don't respond to anti-biotics; you have to put a miticidal cream on them. Hope all goes well at her next vet visit.

    I'm sore form picking our persimmons. I was up on a ladder in the tree yesterday with a rake, twisting and turning to get the darn things off the tree. They don't want to be picked! I called it quits after about 20, and may leave the rest for the birds! They are so very good!

    Rock, albondigas soup sure sounds good. I've only had it canned a few times, never fresh or homemade . You are so lucky! I'd never heard of Pistachio cake before. Hmmm. Meanwhile R and I have been eating oodles of roasted salted pistachios! Also, I've gone nuts eating Thai curry spiced cashews -- too spicy for Richard.

    Leah, I think I'll go shopping for some socks too. My feet get so cold I even have to wear some in bed. Darn peripheral neuropathy! Darn, darn, darn! Hope I don't get banned for cussing! Maybe I was talking about knitted socks!

    Love to all before I faint,

    PS.. Glad to meet you Granni! And Pam, thanks for the updates on "our" new house:). Mikie, your red spot interests me and I have been following your reports on same.

    Over, and pass out.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So glad to see so many of our Loungers posting despite most of us feeling like crap. Yes, I said, "CRAP." I may get banned for bad language. I don't know about y'all but when I get sick of feeling depressed about being sick all the time, I get angry. This is nothin' compared to what I say in private. I must have been a sailor in another life :)

    Diane, so glad you had a good doc appt. Hope the ABX helps. As I posted, I just got off Bactrim for my sinusitis. It appeared when the bullseye rash appeared. BTW, there is a drug called, Cozaar, and there is a generic, Losartan. It isn't strong enough by itself to lower blood pressure but it works with other BP meds and, in studies, it reduced the incidence of strokes and heart attacks by 16 percent. I take my BP meds during the day and the Losartan at bedtime. I no longer need three Clonidine pills a day to keep my BP in the 120's over 70's. Two now do the trick. Clonidine has side effects, the worse being that it decreases norepinephrine in the brain, causing interrupted sleep and mood swings. Over time, I've adjusted. The Losartan doesn't seem to have any side effects for me. Only having to take two Clonidine seems to have helped with the side effects.

    Rock, thanks for your funny poem. I knew you would shine at it. Wish you could write a column or blog. Your wildly offbeat sense of humor would cheer up so many. I'm just glad you cheer us up. Wish I could cheer you up. I've been sick 22 yrs. but most of my life was stolen 12, almost 13, yrs. ago. I've found that I cherish the things I can still do when I feel up to doing them. Each treatment I've done which has improved my lot is temporary until the next illness comes along. Still, I feel blessed and know that others suffer far more than I. How old is Zippy? So many dogs just can't hold it inside when they get older. My beloved Taffy ruined the carpet in our home. I'm still laughing at the woman who had her driveway stolen. Guess I'd rather have my driveway stolen than my life but, hey, I'll take a good laugh any day.

    Back when my kids were home and we had big trees, our cats would always climb them. One dog ate one of the glass balls. The dog poop in the yard was most festive. That dog had a cast-iron gut. No bleeding, just glitter. My daughter offered, without my knowledge, to take care of my DSIL's brother's cat that he was sitting for Ricky Schroeder. Remember him? Well, seems the cat was a kitty celebrity in his own right and had starred in commercials. He sprayed our tree and got it all over the beautiful tree skirt. It stank to high heaven. I told my daughter that if the cat didn't go back to her friend, he was going to the pound. She cried, "But, Mom, he's a star!" The friend picked him up. One would think if he did commercials, there would be enough money to have him neutered. I had seen the commercials and I gotta tell ya, I wasn't impressed! Not everyone "goes Hollywood."

    Pizzelles (pronounced, pit-zell-ays, with a long a sound) are thin cookie/waffles often flavored with anise. It's OK to leave off the end long a sound too. The batter is all flour, eggs and butter--very rich and delicious, although, some people don't like them. If one uses a hand iron, they are a LOT of work. They can be rolled up while warm and filled with whipped cream and candied fruit or chocolate. I may go over to The Cape and just buy some, along with Panetone bread/cake. It makes delicious French toast. The Cape has a lot of great ethnic restaurants and stores.

    Leah, yes, it's very nice to see Tweety turn into such a healing spirit. I am laughing about the talk of scratching posts. I bought a very chic scratching post for her and Sylvester. Neither will touch it unless I drag a toy across it or rub catnip into the sisal rope which winds around the cone. Jeff gets a wild hair every year or so and wants to move. This time, though, he has gotten preapproved for a loan and is looking at houses. In order to make it work, though, he will have to get too much for his unit and it doesn't show well with fish tanks lining the walls. I'm not sure the cats will stay if moved and he is allergic to them so can't keep them in. I don't think he would consider leaving them with me but I'll ask if he does move. His good friend, next door, loves them as much as I.

    I'm going to post this "W&P" because I'm not done and don't want to lost it all.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, yes, both cats loooove shrimp. I keep a bag of frozen cooked, peeled and deveined shrimp just for them. I take a few out and keep in the fridge. I can run some warm water over them to take the chill off and cut them up in small pieces. Sylvester was born with webbed toes on one foot and it has no claws. He can climb trees and run on it but he holds it up sometimes so it must bother him. Vet said nothing to be done for it. Mmmmm, wine tasting. I love to try new wines and if there is cheese and crackers, so much the better. Enjoy yourself.

    Barry, I'm so very sorry you are so sick and weak. Seems that none of us is at our best right now. Isn't that about par for the holidays? Thanks for following my red spot. Dummies put adhesive on it and when I pulled it off, it just about tore part of my face off. I washed it as instructed, put some petroleum jelly on the suture and covered it with a Telfa pad and the tape outside the rash itself. This morning, it was burning and itching so I used my healing blue light on it and used the steroidal salve my doc originally gave me. It took some of the redness out of it before it got so large. This morning, it looked red and angry. Yikes! Don't think it's Lupus or Lyme; just want it to go away.

    I've read that our bodies are covered in bacteria, some of it harmless, some harmful, and some helpful. Most of us have Staph on our skin but our immune systems keep it under control. I also read that the average person "gets" cancer 200 times a day but that the immune system destroys the cancer cells. When a person gets a tumor, or other form of cancer, it's a failure of the immune system to destroy the original cancerous cell.

    Saw where some of y'all are buying new snuggly socks. They sell some infused with aloe vera and they are reaaaally soft. I used to wear them with my Sketchers at work and my feet were soooo comfy. I file the rough skin on my heels and then put the Gold Bond salve in the blue tube on my feet. I cover them with soft socks and keep them on all night. I sleep better in a cold room with warm feet.

    Well, it's bad enough to inflict one "W&P" on everyone. It's downright cruel and unusual punishment to do it twice in one sitting. So, that said, I'll spare y'all the bad poetry. Sending warm, healing hugs to everyone. Rest up and feel better.

    Love, Mikie
  8. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    you might really consider Pantothentic Acid (B5) for this nerve stuff. I take 500mg per day, some days 1000mg in two doses...I like Now Foods product.

    Yesterday at bridge I took my large new bottle and 3 of the ladies all took a two week supply to see how it would work for them and their nerve pain lady had been on neurontin for many years and off now, but still deals with the feet issue. 2 of these ladies are happy with grapeseed ex too that they have been taking 2 and 3 yrs each of them.

    The 3 are pretty much conventional MD types and NEVER get holistic healing info from their docs, I'm their doc kinda now.
    They listen. One lady talks about how she and husband owned a health food store in the 60's and she knows some good stuff and her husband became a naturopath.

    Wish I could get a bunch of your persimmions, they are so good... take care. jam

    The extra B5 is also good for energy and adrenal fatigue, I know when I take my 500mg daily, I don't have the lower back burning I have with the OA issues. And I do fairly energetic for an old gal with a lot pain joints.
  9. freida

    freida Active Member

    Mikie, you are so funny.
    Haven't you heard, that 2 W&P's are better than 1? LOL

    So far, I scanned through them, and will do it each time I get on, and by next week, sometime, I will have read them both, Mikie. ;)
    Hold the quiz on them, till after that, please. :)

    very glad to see you and read your updates.

    I think most of us will agree that cozy comfy new socks are good for every ailment. ;)

    You're funny too, Barry.
    Yes , darning socks is an old custom that is still welcome here. ;)
    Mikie will likely get banned before you do. LOL

    BARRY, can't Richard climb trees, instead of you? ;)
    Just joking, not prying. :)

    it is always good to hear about your comings and goings and doings. :)
    It is nice to get cards, especially when people write at least a few sentences on them.

    Nice that Jole and you are trying to keep doing it.

    btw, I forgot last time I wrote , to say that I do often think of you, ....
    and your huz, and your sis, and your mil, not only Jesse. Take good care of yourself.
    Barry had a good suggestion about Jesse's problem.
    Check out his last post to you.

    Diane ,
    I have been wondering iwhat else you tried for your bp before the meds. I think potassium supplements might help. I would check that out, if it were me.
    I will look at your post on the other thread, to see if it helped you to take the med in evening.
    (Added later: Now I looked at the other board post of yours, Diane....and I responded there too.)

    Gosh, Mikie,
    I hope that awful spot does go away, soon, and never return, or return MUCH much later on. ;)

    Thank goodness for some smiles and laughs, here.
    The news, and my life, are full of difficulties and upsets.

    I sure do need a bit of balance here. Thanks to everyone here, for that.

    Leah Freida

    P.S. I loved those anise cookies, when I tried them, many years ago. I still remember how dainty they look and how delicious too.

    Cookies, like socks, can solve many problems. LOL

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  10. jole

    jole Member

    Thank you so much for the info, Barry. I looked up the Demodex mite infection, and the pictures of the dogs' noses look exactly like Jessi's. Nothing anywhere else on her body, thank goodness. I'd never heard of it would have thought our vet would have though!

    Short post today. In pain, as all of us are after the loss of those precious little children. hard to wrap my mind around.

    Hugs to all.
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  11. bct

    bct Member

    But I want to say hello to everyone and give a hug.

    Jole, I hope that the mite problem is the case with your dog. Pretty easily treated, but takes some time. The mites have to die off first, and then the hair should grow back. I hope this is the problem with Jessi, because a relatively easy fix.

    Jamin-- Thanks for the info. I have been treating my PN with alpha-lipoic acid, 300 mgs bid. Has done wonders. I was able to reduce my neurontin from 2700 mgs a day to 900 mgs. A significant improvement! My oncologist recommended this -- the ALA.

    I've just finished cooking up a batch of shrimp mushrooms (Russula xerampelina) that I picked in the woods. Yum!

    And now to read,
    Perchance to dream....

    Love to All,

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just heard from the doc's office that what I have is a fungus but is not ringworm. Wish my zapper were still working as it would help the healing. I have to either send it in to be fixed or get a new one. New Hulda Clark zappers are $400, double what I paid for the one I have. I'm going to e-mail her with the model number and ask if it can be repaired. They are very good about that.

    I'm just hearing about the horrible shooting at the school in Conn. My heart is breaking for the families. I hope that now, politicians will stop catering to the NRA and pass some anti-assault weapons laws, including big clips which hold so many rounds. No civilians need those. We need better background checks too. It won't stop all shootings but, it's a start.

    So many of us have been sick or feeling so down lately. I continue to keep us in my prayers. This online family is what keeps us going much of the time. I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. You make my days so much better. The wit and intelligence, the humor and silliness, and the support and suggestions are priceless.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I had done some long-term financial planning and decided I need to go into an austerity mode in 2013. So, that means I only have 10 days in normal mode :) I hadn't planned on a spending spree between now and New Year's but I have wanted a Kindle Fire HD. It is the Today's Special on HSN. It is more than the usual one but it has mega storage and two antennae for faster loading on wi-fi. The best part is that S&H are free, it is guaranteed to get here by the 24th, and I get 9 months to pay it off interest free.

    As I was ordering, they had two sonic toothbrushes for $19.99 with free S&H. I need a new toothbrush after all this illness so it was perfect. I also ordered five extra brush heads. The best part is that they come with a cover for travel. One is zebra print and the other is red cobra print. That's just icing on the cake. Until I'm over this crud, I'm soaking my toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide.

    I'm looking forward to tightening up my budget next year to save for old age and try to pay off my mortgage. I won't feel deprived now that I have the Kindle. I've wanted to build a spreadpage for budgeting but haven't used a spreadsheet since Lotus 123. The boilerplate ones they have aren't useful for me. I need one which shows budget, actual, and variance for each line item monthly and YTD. That will give me a very accurate idea of where I am.

    My red spot seems a bit lighter but is starting to itch. Hope it goes away FAST! I called my friend here and told her I wouldn't be at tomorrow's Christmas party at the pool and not to expect any cookies from this Keebler Elf. Good news--she said she thinks Tweety's and Sylvester's guardian, Daddy Jeff, has given up on moving. Yea! I love those cats. I need to go shopping for some small gifts for them from their Auntie Mikie.

    OK, I'm off the board and going to shut off HSN. It's just that everywhere on TV, it's all about the horrific shooting at the school. I've suffered from my illnesses but I've never suffered the pain that those families are going through right now. I can't even imagine... Prayers going up.

    Love, Mikie
  14. freida

    freida Active Member

    I'm just stopping by as well, and very glad to see all of you....
    good to see your message, JOLE.

    And yours, Barry.

    And yours, Mikie.

    Yes, it hurts to feel and think about that tragedy.
    Feel so badly for them all.

    It does help to have friends here. Not to feel as isolated, as we all feel our reactions. Had some flashbacks and extreme symptoms. Nothing, though, compared to whaT those people are dealing with.

    Thanks for your caring, and sending mine to all of you also.

    Leah Freida
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  15. freida

    freida Active Member

    JOLE, I was thinking that perhaps if you simply called the vet and explained the update , and what might be the problem,
    that since, the vet did already see Jesse recently, they might prescribe without your having to take the poor doggie back again, since not used to the car, etc.

    Thinking of each one of you...
    Leah Freida
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Diane - I just wanted to mention that I am on Lozartan w/ HCTZ and Verapamil. I take a pretty strong dosage but have also found that extra Magnesium to be helpful, at least for me. Hope the Lisinopril helps you. I think I may have been on that one at one time or another. I have been on quite a variety since this whol thing started with the pain, etc. from FM. My dad also had a problem with hi b/p.

    As far as watching all the news coverage of that horrific school shooting. It probably would be best not to watch it or very much of it. If you have problems with depression that is not a good thing. I don't really have the depression but I have gotten so I can;t stand to much stress, of any kind. Just watching a little bit of that stuff can get me choked up and blue. It is horrible and I guess intriguing to some degree but just to sad. I really haven't watched a whole lot of it myself. I do think about it thought and pray for those poor souls, very young and old and people left behind.

    Hope you are feeling better. Sorry also about the Steelers. You and Kevin must be frustrated at them. I know how thta goes. This year the Texans are doing something right but if we at least get into the finals and win a playoff game, it will be much better than we have done.

    MMMM- Kevin can come here and try and help me make some soup. It sounds wonderful but I usually don't get much help in the cooking department.

    Hi to everydobby else too. FREIDA - Hope you are feeling not to badly. Thinking of you, JOLE, ROCK, PAM,and all that I may have missed. Sorry but my brain is not to with it today.

    Who is moving or getting ready too?? Was that PAM?? . I don't even want to think of that for a long time and I will need HELP !!

    Love to you all,
  17. freida

    freida Active Member

    Diane, good to see you again!!

    Up-dated, new scratching post total at your house...3 and counting. LOL
    Keep us posted on that. :)

    Yes, I am TRYing to cope with my own distress over the tragedy....such a terrible thing there.

    Very difficult and I've had to limit myself...after having too many scary reactions to it. Wish I could help them, but as Granni getting worse doesn't help them. I'd do it gladly, if it did.

    I'm very glad that your present bp med is better for you than the other one!!
    And....I did see that your Ben does not seem totally himself, the past two weeks, since returning (and didn't return as fast as he usually did in the past either.) I wondered the reason, especially this week??? WOndering If he is a bit more hesitant due to recent injuries, or due to becoming a parent, or trying to stay healthy for the rest of the season....or....or....even possibly, getting more mature, and less reckless abandon, maybe? ;)
    I don't know but he doesn't act the same as his past "give it every single little thing and risk anything." AND maybe he shouldn't. Don't know.

    Yes, Granni,
    it is PAM, who has moved, but is living in temporary quarters while new home being built. Not reliable internet , where she is at present.

    We miss you, PAM!

    Hello, to Barry, and Rock, and MIKIE, and JOLE,
    and anyone else.

    Dear Jole, dealing with ill mil, and sis, and all....
    thinking of you!

    We got some very pretty snowfall...lining tree branches...but it is not going to last. COLD rains are expected, this week.
    Prefer snow at this point. It is prettier and cheerier, and more normal-for-us, than dark gloomy grey days and chilling wind and cold rains.

    But I can't (don't wanta) complain about the SMall stuff!!

    Leah Freida

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    To everyone. I hope everyone is starting to feel better following the horrible shooting. It's hard for us to watch the news sometimes when we feel so awful to begin with.

    I've not felt well since the dreaded fungal infection and the rash, the size of Texas, on my face. In addition, I've left a paper not and a voicemail for the PA requesting an oral med and have heard Jack. I get the suture out tomorrow so will address that then. I like this woman but believe she has not been responsive. BTW, it is getting better; I'm taking colloidal silver and dabbing it on the rash.

    Sending my love and hugs and, especially, my prayers for peace for y'all during the hectic holliday season which, as it turns out, is also a very sad season this year.

    Love, Mikie
  19. jole

    jole Member

    Hubby took Jessi back to the vet yesterday. He says definitely not Demodex infection. He still thinks it's an immune system problem, so put her on more meds for another 20 days. She was so happy to be back home! And of course had to get lots of attention :)

    MIL is doing really well. At this point, with probably a week left of therapy, we're starting to think she may go back home......if she'll promise all of us that her walker will be used at all times, and we'll all fix meals for her freezer so she can just warm them up and eat.

    Talked to my sis yesterday. They had Christmas with their kids this last weekend. She was totally exhausted afterward, but happy she's still walking. She knows next year will be an entirely different story for her, yet to unfold.

    I can't seem to get past the horrible exhaustion, and am getting really tired of the bed and recliner. My appointment with the rheumatologist (new one) is tomorrow. Like most of us, I have no high expectations. I'm hoping hubby goes into the room with me.......sometimes I feel they find what we say more 'believable' if someone's along. Hubby never says a word, though, so not a big 'backup'

    I appreciate all of you so much, and hope your day goes well. Hugs...
  20. freida

    freida Active Member

    Whew...I have felt terrible and way overdone, and even significantly worse than my usual, as I know others do's difficult time overall.....still feel terrible about the families....

    I do value being able to come here and read kind and caring messages and thoughts,
    like Mikie's and Jole's, and Granni's, and Diane's, and the other previous ones who posted this week!!

    Thanks to each of you who show caring and respectfulness and acceptance, here, and who give only positive, gentle, and patient suggestions, to me and to everyone else possible.

    Mikie, I'd been wondering if your rash, etc, is improving at all, so I am VERY glad to hear from you about that. And glad that it IS a bit better. Sorry you are not getting the respnse that you deserve from the office. I hope your appt tomorrow goes well!
    Again, Mikie, thanks for the caring things you said.

    Dear JOLE, I understand what you mean, it is best not to have high expectations, with new drs, after all we've been through...but I do hope it will go well or passable.
    ALso, I have the same type of huz, but I finally asked him very specifically for what I want him to do at my dr appts, and he has been learning to do it. He's definitely an old dog, LOL, so if he can do it, there is a chance yours could do one of the things you very specifically request for him to say or do, at your appt.

    That is just for you to consider. If not, I DO understand! We sure can't "change " anyone else, and need to mostly (or fully) be thankful for whatever strengths and good parts there are to people, spouses, and our family members and situations.

    It is good to hear about your sis and mil, Jole,
    and of course, Jessi. That is interesting what the vet says,....and I'm glad your huz took Jessi back there.

    It's pouring buckets of chilly rain, today....the sky is dark, the puddles are huge. Have seen birds feeding at our feeders.

    I've been having a rough time, but once again, I too am thankful for the kindness shown here.

    Leah Freida

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