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    Last night, I responded to your post, Diane, and lost it. Don't know why or where it went. So, I'll try again. I'm laughing at Rosie's antics. I think kitties go through lots of changes as they grow up. Tweety and Sylvester no longer do a lot of things they used to do. They are grown ups now. They will play with their toys only if I drag them around on a string. It's sad. I hope Rosie stops eating everything stringy. I also hope nothing she eats makes her sick. Glad your computer is still working well (knocking on wood).

    Leah, I am so sorry, dear one, that you are not up to posting much. Will pray a little extra for you. Hope you are up and at it soon.

    Granni, yes, I did get the car fixed. Just wasn't expecting $450 out of pocket at Christmas time. I did get myself the Kindle Fire for my Christmas Present but I got it through HSN so have 9 months to pay it off interest free. I like it but am a little disappointed that it has some limits. It has a camera but only seems to take pics one way, pointed at one's face! There is only a lens on one side of the tablet. What's up with that? I successfully downloaded a free app on the device but the two I bought from my computer didn't download. Sent them an e-mail. Otherwise, I like it. Bright, clear screen and I can read it at night cause the screen is lit. The regular Kindle has to have a light put on it as the screen doesn't light up; however, I'll bet the Kindle Fire isn't easy to read outside. It appears that the books I have on my regular Kindle are also on the KF if I've stowed them on the Amazon Cloud. Oh my, I'm getting too old to deal with this high tech stuff. Hope you are doing well and glad you stopped in. We have too many MIA here.

    I am tolerating the new $92 salve well. At least, there is one glimmer of good news in my life. Well, I have lots of good stuff in my life but I got slammed there for a while. Bad news is that there is another red spot above the first one. I hope this crud doesn't spread all over my face. As it is, I'm sporting red polka dots for Christmas.

    Absolutely have to color my hair. I selected a bit of a darker, more gold blonde color so don't know what it will look like when I'm done. It's the same color Barb uses but I have more red in my hair. I left my car at the dealership yesterday and rode in the courtesy van home in time to have coffee on the balcony with Barb and our other neighbor before they left on their ten-day cruise. This is a hard time for Barb as she lost her husband two years ago about five days after Christmas. I hope being on a ship in the Caribbean is therapeutic for her. As for me, I'm happy to have a quiet Christmas by myself at home.

    Sending my usual warm, healing hugs; prayers; and love to everyone. If anyone can spare an extra prayer, I could use one for healing for my fungal infection on my face.

    Love, Mikie