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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I haven't been here in a couple of days. Still having that virus or whatever keeps me close to the john. It's not just that; there is a very distinctive feeling of a wave coming over me, leaving me disoriented and feeling just sick. It brings my 6'4" healthy SIL down in an instant. According to school nurse in Atlanta, this is how it's playing out. I'm sick of it. Had an invitation to go to lunch yesterday for one of our neighbor's birthday but didn't dare go. Later, I went downstairs for a quick visit with everyone. I don't think I'm still contageous. Whatever this is does something internal which messes with us. AACK!

    I'm too tired to do anything and there is a lot which needs doing. I'm still sick today so I don't imagine anything will get done. I'd call the doc if it were just me but, evidently, this is par for the course.

    Leah, I really feel for you and kitty with all that noise. It's unnerving. I hope they finish up soon. It must be needed repairs. Like you, I like calm and quiet.

    Pam, hurricane-resistant roofs are so important down here. I can't believe ours held through Hurricane Charley. The high school a couple of blocks over lost theirs. We just had an inspection up in the attic and the guy said we had a good solid roof. Glad you found Doogie Houser and like him. My doc is the age of my kids so he's kinda in between. Not too old to be stuck in old medicine. In fact, he's on the cutting edge of what ails us. Temps down here are going back up. I'll bet we have no more cooler weather. When it's like this, we usually have no spring; it just goes right into the 90's.

    Diane, I'm so sorry you're still sick too. It gets old. About all we have is TV and reading to take our minds off of it. I don't "get" TV any more. Used to be that TV season started after Labor Day and lasted til summer. Not any more. "Downton Abbey" just had it's season finale. The other thing is that they mix new shows in with reruns which only adds to the confusion. Thank God for DVR's and On Demand. My On Demand works about half the time. Good old Comcast--costs a fortune and doesn't deliver. Whine, whine, whine!

    Katherine, that mold sounds awful. I hope they can fix it but just scrubbing it off the walls won't work long term. They have to find the source of the problem, likely a water leak somewhere. Mold is horrible for our health.

    I need to run to the store but I have no appetite. Last Sat. when I went, the wave of this virus hit me half-way through my shopping. It hit my SIL just after he landed his plane and was in the airport. Out of the blue, literally and figuratively. Last time I got over this, I was taking an AV and a slug of Pepto after every visit to the john. I'm back to doing this now. Even so, I haven't felt well since before I fell last June. It's been one thing after another. Again--whine, whine, whine!

    I decided to use yesterday to do some personal landscaping and slather on some sunless tanning lotion. I would like to get out in the sun. I am so white and all dried out. I put on some of the lotion from Pinterest. It's 4 oz. petroleum jelly, 4 oz. vitamin E cream and 8 oz. of baby lotion. It's a bit greasy. By mistake, I put some on my face yesterday and my skin looked great. The fungal ring from the rash is very lightly visible so am still putting the $92 cream on it. Hope it doesn't come back or I might have to float a loan at the bank :)

    OK, gang, gotta go. Love and blessings to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  2. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Crikey mikie that virus dounds awful how long have you had it for?
    We have a virs going around here called the Noro virus, causes projectile vomiting which is how the virus spreads itself, only supposed to be a 24 hr thing but it leaves you feeling rough for about two weeks afterwards. When i had it i spent two days with a blanket and pillow in the bathroom with my head resting on the porcelin bowl you darent move.

    I had plans today but so far ive accomplished none of them and its now 3.40pm. Ive tidied rpund for the workmen tommorrow. But then my neighbour wanted me to pop in and ive ended up sitting there for what i now realise over an hour and do have not bought the anti mpuld paint i was going to get nor have i met up with my friends who i havent seen in a while. Instead im back home sitting here feeling exhausted. I think the no sleep, the running round this week to hospital apps and trying to sort out mould has come on top. So im going to be gentle with myself make a nice cup of tea, put my heat pad on and rest my aching body. I must stop overdoing it because i always end up hitting a wall. Will i ever learn? I just try toake the most of tje energy i have because most days i wake up ready for bed.
  3. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Three would be suicide bombers who plotted to carry out an attack to rival the 7 july and 9/11 atrocities have been found guilty of terroism charges. All from birmingham. Being central figures in the plan.

    Jurors were told they planned to set off up to 8 bombs in rucksacks using timers to detonate the charges. Police described the men as "comitted passionate extemists."

    thank goodness for our british intelligence. Hate this type of nees puts me of of travelling to the main cities. Better check what yerror alert warning is.

  4. jole

    jole Member

    Know I need to do a lot of reading to catch up with everyone, and will when I can. Can't seem to get past the migraines, etc. Hope to be back soon. Hugs..
  5. Granniluvsu

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    Juast wanted to pop in to the Lounge after posting to the Porch. Just got home yesterday from visiting our second daughter in NC. She is doing well after her surgery and chemo. last year. Unfortunatly she is also having awful hot flashes and sweates on and off all day and night. Wish that would go away but not sure it will or not. I stil have ot flashes but not the sweats like I did when I was her age. Yay - her hair is also starting to come back. They hope to move back to TX sometime after Nov. but then starts the trying to clean up, move, fix up the house to sell and try and get rid of, and hope they don't get stuck with 2 of them for some time.

    Mikie - So sorry you are still feeling badly and have the tummy problems. I know that is surely not fun and is getting very OLD by now. Hope you get to feeling better real soon.

    Diane - How are you doing? I am guessing you may be stuck in a snow drift somplace with no electricity, Please pop in when you can and hope you and Kevin are doing OK, those kitties too.

    Hope to hear more from any lurking loungers. Gotta run and start thinking about lunch for DH and then I have to go and try and sing with our small group of singers this afternoon. I have unfortunatley missed two practices while away. They are all old songs and the residents usually really enjoy them. Don't feel like pushing myself but need to go as they are very shor tof sopranos and others are sick or ahving other problems.

    Bye for now !


  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Katherine, I'm so sorry you had that virus which has left you so tired. I was in Atlanta, GA, visiting my kids at Thanksgiving. We all got this virus and it hit us all the same. We never got rid of it til Christmas and now, it's back. Yesterday, I cleaned my bathrooms and put bleach tablets in the tanks of the toilets. I felt better yesterday and today but I still get "mini waves" of it now and then. My appetite is strange. Yes, your intelligence is excellent and I'm glad they stopped the attacks. I also don't like to travel but it's because of all we have to go through because of terrorists. I just don't have the energy. I remember when flying was fun. I hope you get that mold cleared up. We have a product called, Kilz, here which stops mold and primes the wall for painting. It smells to high heaven, though.

    Granni, so glad your DD is doing well. Glad you got to see her. Yes, this virus does get old. Thanks for your good wishes. I also hope some of the timid lurkers will join us in posting. Heck, the Lounge has no walls so we can accommodate a lot of people. Hope the kids can get the house sold. From what I hear, the market is getting a lot better for sellers. Condos in here are up about $10,000 over last year. Many neighbors are redoing kitchens and baths and are planning on staying. There was a time when these condos were not worth putting money into. It's not that they aren't nice; it's just that there were soooooo many of them. We keep our neighborhood up and we have an excellent location so as prices rise, people want to live here and redo their livingspace.

    Jole, I'm so sorry about the headaches. I pray for dark, calm peace and no pain for you. Join us when you can.

    Diane, I'm glad your cold is getting better. Get your rest so it doesn't go into anything worse. My ex evidently, from what I hear through the family grapevine, has pneumonia and the ABX aren't working. He was worrying about running the snowblower. DD told him to pay someone else to do it. This time of year, almost everyone in the Denver Metro Area has asthma, bronchitis, strep or pneumonia. If one gets a cold, it will get worse until it's one of the above.

    DD and DSIL were in CO with Andy and one of his little friends on a short ski trip. Andy skied two black diamond slopes so there would be no keeping up with him even if I could ever get well enough to ski again. The little friend was in ski school part of one day. He said it was frustrating but fun. The best part for him was the airport with all the restaurants and shops on the concourse; he's never flown before.

    I'm trying to be good but Bealls had $10 coupons off a $25 purchase. I had two coupons; they will ring up things separately so I can do that. I got a really pretty Jantzen swim top. I have black boy short bottoms so I'm looking for tank style tops for them. This one is black with beautiful purple and blue hibiscus flowers--very tropical. I also found a tee shirt by a new artist, Leoma Lovegrove. They are collectible like the Guy Harvey tees for men. They are very colorful just like paintings. This one is shades of orange with a long-legged wading bird in blue on one side of the front. I couldn't resisit an orange plastic stretch bracelet to go with it and cover my deformed wrist from when I had arthritis.

    So, I'm home without having gone grocery shopping. I only have so much energy. Yesterday and today, I've had the condo open with the ceiling fans going to air them out to get the virus out of here. Between that and wiping things down with Lysol, I may get rid of it yet.

    Sending y'all my love and hugs.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Soooo glad the noise is over with. That's the last thing we need in our lives. I've always enjoyed shopping but don't really need that much anymore. I usually only use the good coupons to get things I need. I actually didn't need the tee shirt but every now and then, something new, and not too expensive, is the best medicine. I haven't been out to eat in ages so am saving money there. I am usually out at least once a week when the Snowbirds are down. We use coupons or go where the food is good but not expensive. We go at lunch when it's less expensive too. I actually don't like eating out a lot. I prefer eating plain food at home. Only thing is I don't feel up to cooking any more. I could be on worst nonchef program. I just had a small apple and it will be my dinner. It's about all my stomach will handle.

    Funny thing, I could stand to lose some weight but I never do, even when I have no appetite. I think it's because I'm so inert. I came home, ate my apple and started to catch up on shows I've missed. On Demand is cooperating today. I fell asleep lying here on the sofa with the balmy breezes blowing through. It's about 80 out. From my sofa, I can see the big cumulus clouds billowing up in the sky to the East. I call them "Jack in the Beanstalk" clouds. I fell asleep for a wee bit. It was Heavenly.

    Leah, could you please tell me the brand names of the creams with vitamin D and the melatonin? It's not against the rules to name names as long as we don't post URL's where they can be found. I think a lot of us might be interested in them. I'll check the Store here to see whether they have anything like that.

    It's so beautiful that I'm thinking my stomach might be up to a gin and tonic out on the Balcony. I think I'll take an activated charcoal first. That stuff is great.

    Cheers, everyone!

    Love, Mikie
  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Terrible time for a Dr. call just before a weekend Diane.Try not to stress as much as you can.Good sale Mikie.Sounds really pretty.Hope you can manage to put on some weight Leah you have my sympathy.One sister thinks I am bragging when I mention it and I understand but it can be a concern which is something I never would have understood before either.Grannie glad DD is doing well.How scary and stressful it must have been for your family.Katherine I love your sense of humorous.Fatballs cracks me up.Hope the mold problem gets solved that is a terrible situation to live in.Hoping to go to a craft fair tomorrow if I can muster the energy.
  9. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Its 11.45pm so going to bed soon. The man came today to mould wash my wall ( at last) he said it should be ok he put two different coats on a wash then a preventer said to keep the wardrobe a bit futher away from the wall, he said its a common problem usually affects external walls because the brick work is alot colder. It smells a bit so im still sleeping on my mattress on the living room floor, but im just glad its done. Since i havent slept in the bedroom all week my asthma hasn't woke me up so it must have been that (touch wood and whistle).

    I dont know about melatonin in skin cream, i know that anything you do rub on the skin penetrates it and gets into the bloodstream. I take 2mg in tablet form from my doctor it does help.

    I to suffer migraines from time to time, the ate inherit in my family, ive suffered them since i was 13. I get balance problems with mine like ive just got off a waltz, or like im getting pulled to the side. Most of my family have prochloperazine maleate 5mg tablets keep them in my handbag incase of an attack.

    Yeah i wasnt sure about the fat balls, i mean that is what we call the balls of birdseed we hang out, sometimes i dont know if the british humour comes across it very dry but it keeps us sane.

    Yeah there is a reason behind luigi and its not mario bros related. Nor to do with italy however i have been there a few times, last trip was Rome, took me and my partner at the time, 5 days to do the tourist thing, everything is really close so you can either walk or jump on the bus. The churches are beautiful there, stood in the sistine chapel. The coloseum was my favorite, when you visit it at night though theres an eerieness about it, it even smells different. The roman ruins were interesting, the great big baths. They also had egyptian statues dayed back 500 bc, that sort of thing transfixes me. Yeah that holiday was less about romance and more about how much i could drag my partner round to see. Although i enjoyed sitting outside the cafe` at night, the fpuntains stunning. But the is a contrast there, women breastfeeding their babies in st peters square begging in the hot sun.

    Well its due to snow here over weekend fed the foxes.

    Yeah that terrorist thing spooks me because i have to go to london for hospital app and i take the same bus route that was involved in our july bombings.

    Don't know if you've heard of the horse meat scandal going on over here at the moment a criminal gang have infiltrated our beef market and have been putting horse meat in products that should be beef. We don't eat horse meat in this country.

    Just watched Graham Norton and now im going to bed night night.
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - Hope you don't worry to much about the bolld tests. I know that is hard to do esp if you are a worrying type. Try to think about other things, maybe cook up some good things for you and Kevin. As I said before you are so lucky that Kevin cooks. I am afraid 99% of it falls on me except grilling steaks or other things on the outside grill. Glad to hear from you and that you are not in the midst of a great snowstorm or something.

    Hi also to Pam, Frieda, Mikie, and all.

    Luigi- Hope your doctor or hosp appt. goes well for you.

    Had a really busy day today and need to go take a shower before beddy bye.

    Niteall !!

    Hugz to awl,
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Diane, I'm so sorry for all this stress over the weekend; however, I'm glad the doc is following up to try to prevent trouble. I'll pray it works out OK for you. Yes, I agree--a Xanax would be welcome. About the only thing available to you is to meditate. It's hard to do when one has something stressful on the mind.

    Ooh, Pam, a craft show. I love those and art shows too. There is at least one every weekend down here but I've not been up to going. Last year, I bought a crystal egg filled with air bubbles, bigger ones on the bottom and tiny ones at the top. I just love it. It's not much larger than a regular egg. I'm not a knicky-knacky person but I do have one table by my bed with pictures and my crystal egg and a crystal ball.

    Katherine, I did see the item about the horsemeat on TV. It's one thing if people want to eat horse but quite another if they are eating horse thinking it's beef. Heaven only knows what goes into ground meat, lunch meat and hot dogs. Ever since getting e-Coli from ground beef, I will not eat it at home. I will order a hamburger when I eat out but only if it's well done.

    Granni, nothing feels better than a hot shower after a busy day. Hope yours was relaxing and that you slept well.

    I slept in too late to get Simon's breakfast out to him. Hope he got something to eat at Jeff's. I am exhausted again today and feeling a bit queasy so don't know whether I'll go out or not. That swimsuit top I bought needs to be returned. I wanted one line a tank top to go over the boy leg bottoms. Well, this one fit like you would want a onepiece suit to fit, like a girdle. Great for the onepiece but not for one you want to hang over the shorts. Oh well, I have other suits and, anyway, untill I feel better, I won't be going over to the pool. This week, it's full of visiting grandkids so it's not nice and quiet like we like it to be.

    Last evening, I sat by myself on the Balcony in my rocking chair and just drank in the beauty of the setting sun and balmy breezes. I love the sun when it's low in the sky. Everything is emerald green. The little windchime was making its sweet music. My neighbor was going out with her new pup and she brought him up to sit with us. Very pleasant. We talked about what we think Heaven will be like. I think last evening was pretty close to it.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    But here I am. I am stille recovering from the first 'cold' I've had in about 20 years. Ever since I got CFS in about '94 I've had NO colds or flu. Doc said it was probably due to an overactive immune system.....? Anyway, it's been horrible, with temps up to 102 and crushing fatigue.

    Starting to feel better a bit now.

    Mountain lion in the back yard this morning. I went out and rushed at it screaming and holding a big stick. It loped away into the woods. This was a first for me. I'm afraid that if it comes back I'll have to use my rifle on it -- and I HATE my rifle. I hate ALL guns! But there you have it...

    Katherine, hello. I was born in England and have dual citizenship. I've lived there on several (4) different occasions, and did schooling outside of London in Richmond, across the park from Hampton Court Palace. Nice to have a fellow limey on board.

    Sorry, but still feel unwell, so will close,
    Wishing you all Happiness and Good Health.

  13. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    My aunt had her gallbladder removed although she'd been suffering terrible digestion and pain in her upper right quandrant for a long time ive read that things can be prevented by changing diet, the liver is a pretty amazing organ and self repair and regeneration.

    Its 8.30pm im feeling exhausted today so ive basically sat on the sofa watching televsion and aging.

    Take care all

  14. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Did the mountain lion fetch the stick?

    Richmond Park, thats an expensive area on the monopoly board Barry. What did you study?

    I worm the foxes with a one dose treatment for small dogs, stick the tablets in sausages and throw them to them. Can see if its worked because like dogs when they need worming they give the 'subtle' sign of scooting.

    Well its 12.30am im gathering the pub i live behind is having a lock in. They had a live band tonight playing........badly. So ive just started watching a film called The Men Who Stare At Goats, im hoping the title is a metaphor for something else or im not sure how exciting it is going to be?

    Night night
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I may try and pop back in theis afternoon. Nothing much new here really but have a busy day.

    Jole and Mikie - I hope you both are starting to feel bettter. It stinks when you feel worse than or usual normal which usually stinks anyway.

    Big and soft Hugz to everyone . Am in to much of a arush to name names but lLOVE YOU ALL anyway.

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Sorry I can't possibly respond to all your posts not a lot of energy today.Spent it all in a good way over the weekend.Craft show was very nice and glad we went.No finished house to buy things yet so that means I'll go to another one later on.Visited DD and family.She is so much better!Her hus. and GD seem happier now too.I am relaxing and reading although I did make potato salad bcausej it soundeid good to me.
  17. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    Hi everyone,

    I enjoyed reading your posts in this thread.

    I usually stay away from chit chat as I can't seem to keep track of who everyone is. But I was wondering how Mikie was and knew if she was here I would find her in chit chat.

    Mikie, so sorry to hear you are STILL battling viruses. I hope you will feel better real soon.

    As for everyone else talking about all the viruses that have been going around, it certainly has been a dilly of a fall and winter season. I have heard of so many people who just cannot get rid of these viruses. They seem to be going away when BAM! they reactivate.

    My husband was sick from late August to just a few weeks ago with one virus after another. And he's the healthy one in our home! I felt bad for him.

    Of course then I caught the viruses from him, but my immune system did a good job of getting rid of them.

    Looking forward to spring. Here in Michigan we've got snow on the ground but the last 3 mornings there has been bird song for the first time since fall. It's a lovely, encouraging sound. Can't wait for the flowers to bloom and the viruses to say bye bye.

    Hugs to you all,
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I have been away too long to be able to respond to everyone once the post wrap over to page 2. Soooo, I'll respond to the ones on page 1 and again on page 2. It's the best I can do.

    Leah, thanks for the info on the creams. Appreciate it. I don't know about worming Simon as no one can get close to him. Does one put it in the food? He's a big healthy cat but I'm afraid Tweety and Sylvester are growing lethargic. I'm afraid they may be anemic. Every animal in here has fleas, even those who have never had them before and are on meds. Yikes! I have flea bites on one leg just from walking through the grass. Pity the fleas who bit me; they'll probably die.

    Barry, I'm so sorry you can't get over that cold. With that temp, I'm wondering whether it hasn't moved into some kind of infection besides the cold which started it all. My family and I were sick from Thanksgiving til Xmas and then got better. Last week, it came back and is keeping everyone in Alanta sick too. I finally started taking my Acyclovir and it seems to be better. Hope you feel bette soon.

    Katherine, how's the mold problem. Can you still smell it? I hope that paint got rid of it.

    OK, I hope I got everyone on this page. I'll be posting for the ones on the next page even though both my posts will end up as one.

    Love, Mikie

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Michele, thanks for being concerned about this neverending virus. I am on an AV and it seems to finally be going but then, I thought that before. Glad you got rid of your virus. Hope spring comes early to you. When I first came here, I had a bit of a problem keeping everyone straight, especially anyone who hasn't been here a long time. Keep coming by, you'll get the hang of it. Everyone here is so nice!

    Granni, good to see you here. Come back soon.

    Pam, you are exhausted but for good reason. Glad you've been having a good time.

    I woke up for the first time this morning feeling halfway human. The weather was perfect for waxing the car. I took it to the power wash and washed it. After I dried it off, I waxed it. I don't use the hard wax which takes so much elbow grease to remove. I use a product called, Zymol. It goes on like silk and wipes of easily. It feeds the clear coat to keep it healthy and shiny. The Highlander is almost 11 years old now and looks like a new car. When the sun shines on the paint, you can look into it and it has depth. My ex used to say that's how you know you have a good wax job. I only do it once a year. I did a wee bit of cleaning inside but will leave most of that for another day. Maybe tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

    I really think the AV is kicking viral fanny. I just hope it keeps it up. I'm going to stay on it for a few weeks. After I came in from waxing, I took a nice nap. Then, I soaked in Epsom Salts, exfoliated with argan oil exfoliant and, finally, I slathered argan oil lotion all over my dried up old bod. I even put some argan oil capsules on my face. The fungal rash is almost completely gone. I'm going to watch "Fashion Police" with Joan Rivers tonight because I want to see the Oscar gowns again and find out what the fashionistas have to say about them.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
  20. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    epsom salts mikie, crikey thats an old remedy i forgot all about them i'll have to buy myself a box.

    Hope your feeling a bit better soon Barry id like to hear more about your dual citizenship and how that came about.

    Enjoyed reading everyones posts getting to know you gradually.

    Ive been indoors for 5 days exhausted. Horrid when you wake up and your ready for bed. Ive had to open the long life milk that i was keeping for if it snowed and i couldnt get out. Although guess its a good idea also in light of days i wake up feeling like this. Its 2.17am and im still awake because i forgot to take my medication. Made myself pull my mattrrss back into my bedroom today as the mould treatment should be dry. ive been so fatigued ive shamefully resorted to washing my 'bits and pits' with disposable wet wipes. So i also made myself get into the shower today even though im struggling for energy i mean its a desperate state of affairs when your cant stand your own smell and you live alone! (shakes head) im never going to get a man at this rate.

    On a lighter fresher note my dehumidifier is working a treat (touch wood n whistle). I must go a bed ive just watched a program called the 'undatables' and now Embarassibg bodies is on with a man on the table showing his haemoroids, nothings sacred anymore wont be buying grapes tomorrow.

    Night night