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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So nice to have my Online Family on this dreary Wed. morning. We are supposed to get rain today. I had wanted to clean out the inside of my car but my not be able to. I waxed the whole thing and detailed other areas on the outside on Mon. I've been feeling just a bit better and hope it keeps up. I think the Acyclovir is helping. Will stay on it for a while. Seeing the doc tomorrow because it's time to write my Rx's for another year. Then, on Mon., I have to get my teeth cleaned. AACK! At least, my eye and dental appts. will be done for another six months. It's time for my mammo, Dexascan and Gyn appt. but just don't want to deal with them. I may wait til next year when I also have to get my colonoscopy. The older I get, the less I care about dealing with these things. Geez, even my car is overdue for an oil change and A/C service.

    At least, the wax job looks great. I use Zymol, a liquid wax which goes on like silk and wipes off effortlessly. It's not like those hard waxes you have to really buff off. Zymol feeds the clear coat and I've been using it since the car was new, almost 11 years ago. Like everyone else, I have to strike when the iron is hot. If I feel better, I have to make the most of it. I probably overdid it just a bit but yesterday, I was able to shower and go out for Rx's and groceries.

    I spent the rest of the day just taking it easy and to avoid the neighbors who were all going for Chinese food. I don't enjoy going out with a big noisy crowd. Half of them are hard of hearing and of those, half don't wear their hearing aids, don't even own hearing aids, or don't turn the hearing aids up. It's like being in hell with everyone screaming and all trying to talk at once. Half of them have no filters on their mouths and will just scream out something even if someone else is speaking. Each accuses the rest of having Adult Attention Deficit. I think they all have it. As much as I love the people who live here, I just can't spend much time with them or it drives me nuts.

    I desperately need to find some new interests. I hope the health keeps improving so I have energy to see what I want to do.

    Leah, I hate to give the cats anything medicinal because I don't know what anyone else is doing. The flea situation is so bad that virtually all the animals have fleas now, including the dogs who get walked. Actually, Simon seems to be the healthiest of all of them. He has taken to sitting on the balcony and giving me love looks before I go out with his bowl and he runs down to safety on the landing. He will now allow me to watch him eat as long as the glass storm door is shut. I'll just have to settle for the love looks as I'll likely never get to touch him. I'll talk to Jeff about worming. Those cats have had two flea dips and take oral meds which are supposed to render the fleas sterile and repel others. I'm watching them get more and more lethargic. It's heartbreaking.

    Diane, $1,000 deductible--Yikes! Unless I got really sick or injured, I'd likely never hit that. Guess I'll stop complaining about my co-pays. I envy all the cooking you do. I did buy some pork chops yesterday and will cook them today. Yummmmm! Glad the cats are doing well. Read my reply to Leah; Tweety and Sylvester aren't doing too well. I hope your energy picks up. Think what we could all do if only we had energy.

    Katherine, I'm so sorry you don't have any energy too. I think it's just a fact of life for most of us. I should have energy because the peptide injections worked but have had too many other things since finishing the shots. Glad your dehumidifier is working. That will help with the mold. I also watch strange TV when I'm very tired, things I probably wouldn't watch if I felt better. The worse I feel, the lower my stds. Yes, the Epson Salts really help with aches and pains. They contain magnesium and are good for constipation and as a fertilizer for plants.

    OK, my computer is acting up so will get going. My love to everyone here or MIA

  2. luigi21

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    Its 3.40pm. Suns out yay. Didnt sleep very well, booo, got up in middle of night to make a cup of warm milk thought that may help..however following that with a treat size bag of maltesers is something else... Hate not sleeping makes me feel hungover but without the enjoyment of the drunken escapade the night before... Ahhh those were the days.

    Diane, havent they given you sime sort of diet plan? Or are they unsure as to whats causing your liver results. My aunt was diagnosed with symptoms related to gallbladder and she did have it removed, and then they told her told her to accomodate her diet. Seems abit like puttng the cart before the horse.

    Im looking forward to spring to, although in england it feels like winter nine months of the year, grey, cold, wet. i cant believe theyve got bikinis in the shops already.

    mikie you can crush tablets up and put them in food preferably something smelly that they love, although the liquid stuff sounds better idea freida. Both worms and fleas can cause anemia the worms eat all the goodness from their food, worms are also painful, and of cause fleas suck your blood which isnt going to be good for you or them. You have to worm them on an empty stomach.
    i cant remember if it was you from florida mikie, ive been there twice, when we visited friends yeah your right the fleas in the grass are a problem, other than that i enjoyed florida the people were polite, it was clean, nice weather, and the food heavenly, lemon merigue pie to die for.

    Lol, i had to laugh at you avoiding neighbours, i do the same its like running the gauntlet to get home without getting caught. LOL Adult Attention Deficit LOL!!!

    Thanks for letting me know about the epsom salts didnt know about the constipation how does that work? What i mean is do you still soak in them drink them? Im gathering you dont put them in some other orifice, like a pessary Ouch.

    And yes Freida, i cant quite believe it, but that film was about Men who stare at goats. Still it had george clooney and ewan mcgregor in so i didnt mind staring at them, at the very least it was...bizarre.

    Good day all

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say hi to all. Have a busy day atoday and then tomorrow will be going to DGS HS musical where he is oe of the techs or background people doing the lighting, ets, etc. I think it is South Pacific. The music should be neat. Hadn't gotten to see him much and his brother (twin) is into sports and is conditioning for football. They just turned 15 - OMG !! We will spend the night. I feel badly about not getting to a lot of their things as it is a long drive at lest for us.

    Next week we are going to Galveston for a couple of days with a few friends to eat at great seafood places, browse the shops, etc. To cold for swimming and we are not much into that anyway. I can't swim in the ocea - maybe a nice warm pool though :)!!

    Not much time to chat today and talk individually to you all. Just I know I love you all. Missing so many MIA's, like Rock. Hope he shows up soon.

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just finished cleaning out the inside of my vehicle. I don't call it a car as that would be too easy. This thing is an SUV which is twice the work to clean and it's not even a big SUV. I shampooed the front carpets and they are drying. Boy, were they filthy. Took my trash down and got my mail.

    As I was coming home, I saw the delivery truck from the neighbor's new washing machine and dryer. I went to the door to tell them to look out for Tweety and Sylvester before leaving. I looked out and there was Tweety jumping down out of the truck. Both ran under the lift on the ground. I shooed them away with my most horrible voice and they ran off. Both are acting a lot more energetic and today, all I got from using the flea comb was one flea each. I think the treatment is working. Someone said that once we enter rainy season, despite the heat, the fleas should go away. Hope so. I drowned the two I found on the cats in soapy water and then, down the toilet.

    Katherine, you soak in at least a cup of Epsom Salts in a hot tub. You put 2-4 tsps. in 8 oz. of water in a glass and drink it for constipation. Probably should consult a doc if doing this. You can find directions for using it for fertilizing all different kinds of lawns, bushes, flowers, etc. online. We are expecting rain so I put fertilizer for the lemon and lime trees around them. We have some baby lemons and a whole bunch of buds. These little trees are really producers. There is something sooooo wonderful about slicing into a lemon I've grown myself.

    Granni, I looooove "South Pacific." When I was a teenager, I knew the lyrics to all the songs and sang them in the shower, probably driving my Mom nuts. The movie had just come out and I loved Mitzi Gaynor too. The message of the play is such an important, and current, one. That song, "You Have To Be Taught" should be required listening in all schools. My kids have a second home in Galveston. They love it there. It's a two story so they rent out the upstairs and when they visit, they live downstairs. It's one that survived the big hurricane and is on the Historical List of homes. I've been to Galveston and ate seafood like a pig!

    Lobster tails are BOGO's at Publix tomorrow so will buy two. I forgot to get my rice bread yesterday. I also forgot Pepto Bismol but my stomach hasn't acted up (knocking on wood :) I am going to continue to take my Acyclovir and hope that virus is gone. This is my third day of relatively good energy. Woohoo! This is how I'm supposed to be feeling now that I've finished the shots. Praying it lasts. I see the doc tomorrow so we can discuss it.

    I got gluten-free all-purpose baking flour at Publix yesterday and can't wait to bake some cookies. It's a bit expensive but I don't need to be eating sugary desserts anyway.

    I also paid my bills online this morning. It feels so good to have that done. For once, my M/C bill was low. I have some of my other bills paid automatically on that card. I get the points and put off paying those bills for another 30 days. It's win/win as far as I can see.

    I'm happy again with my neighbors. Every now and then, I just have to get away from them. Heck, husbands and wives have the same problem. Lordy, I've been single so long that I don't even think I'm marriage material. I won't give up the remote and that's probably a deal breaker.

    I love you guys and send my best.

    Love, Mikie