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    We hit 30 posts over on 147 so thought I'd open a Springtime Lounge. It's gray and rainy here today and it doesn't feel much like spring but I'll take it cuz we need the rain.

    Granni, I've never had the Corcidin HBP keep me awake. BTW, there are variations but I like the Cold and Cough in the purple package. It has a big red heart on the front. There are sooooo many choices that sometimes, it's hard to find what I'm looking for. I take 1.5 mgs. of Special K at bedtime. I may cut back to 1 mg. as the new blue stuff seems to be stronger. I no longer have pain since the peptide injections but I remember before that I thought the clonazepam helped with pain. A study showed that it does as it stops a lot of the pain messages in the brain as it slows down thhe neuron activity.

    Leah, you have a great sense of humor and, I'm sure, it helps you get through the bad times. I'm glad you slept better and, yes, that does help us--a lot. Also glad kitty is warming up to you. I don't know what I did before we had Tweety and Sylvester. I'm letting Tweety sit on my lap again as the fleas appear to be gone or half-dead. I love those little Halloween crabs Jeff got. If I were to have pets, I'd be tempted to get some of those. They sit in his hand and crawl around. Their faces are adorable. Then, y'all could say, "Mikie has crabs." BTW, don't know about Sherry/Fibrofoggy4 but haven't looked her up. Not sure I even know how to do that if there are no posts to look at. I haven't had to do that as a mod.

    Pam, soooo glad the visitors left. Your DGD sounds like a pip! Yes, they are like little tape recorders/players. What they hear, they say. What amazes me is that they say things in the proper context with the exactly right tone of voice. As I mentioned above, we are getting rained on down here too. I'm glad I got to Lowe's and Publix and got my garbage down before it started. Texturing is GOOD! I love to drywall and I love all the stages but texturing is like frosting the cake.

    I did get the sofa slipcover and cushion covers washed and put back on the sofa. I let the slipcover get just a tad too dry so that it wasn't as stretchy as I like it. What a job to stretch it over that last corner. I sprayed the armrests and cushions with Scotch Guard. I wore a mask but should have had a respirator. I had to run out, gasping for air. Yikes! I also shampooed the area in front of the sofa and under the coffee table. It was so filthy that it took forever to go back over it time and again. It looks great now. The rest should go faster as it's not as dirty. The new carpet cleaner works even better than the old one did. Yea!

    Got all my bills paid online 'cept for the main credit card. I don't even want to see that one. It includes the $200 for the locksmith to open the flooded unit. Of course, I got reimbursed and will have to get to the bank to deposit the check. Got a new chair cushion for my Balcony chair and a citronella candle in a small pottery jar. It's about time for squitos. I had to get a new filter for my wet 'n dry vac and some bags for it. The wet 'n dry has better tools for cleaning around the edges than my regular vac. I may not be getting a lot done per day but I'm cleaning deep.

    Had to tell the ex that he can't come down to visit me. He keeps asking and won't take no for an answer. DD told me he is planning to just come down and drop in. I made it clean to him that he cannot visit under any circumstances. Geez, the man is bonkers.

    We were sitting out on the Balcony this morning having coffee and a cayhote (sp?) went running right down the center of the street. Tweety was out front but the critter paid her no attention. He went across the street and into the woods. We think brush fires and construction in the area has cut down on hunting grounds. Tweety was standing her ground with her hair all sticking out and staring the critter down. Thank God he wasn't hunting. Then, a big black bird walked up to us big as you please on the Balcony. It's like we are turning into a nature preserve down here. If we see Big Foot, I'm moving!

    As much as I get done in the mornings, I get very tired in the afternoons so think I'll go rest. I have some programs to catch up on On Demand.

    Take care, my dear family. I pray for everyone and keep y'all in my thoughts.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hope your cold is better. If I made you smile, that's all that's important. After all, it was one of my "W&P" posts. I wanted to respond to the others who posted on 147 and it seemed to me that a lot went on yesterday. Officially, spring arrives in a couple of days. In CO, we used to look out at the snow and say, "Yep, springtime in the Rockies."

    Today, I'm lazy. Just doing a wee bit of laundry but don't think I'll vacuum nor shampoo the carpet. I have to stop to have a day of rest every now and then. Doing a bit of laundry counts for a lot, though. It's one less thing I have to do when I am up to vacuuming and shampooing.

    Think I'll go lie down and watch a few of the shows I've missed lately. I watched "Dancing With The So-Called Stars" last night, the first time in a loooong time. I wanted to see how Lisa Vanderpump, of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," did. She's no spring chicken. She is beautiful and in great shape. I felt so bad for Andy Dick. The judges were brutal to him and I felt he was much better than some of the guys they were encouraging to. I guess they like to kick a guy when he's down. His dance was elegant if nothing else. This is why I don't usually watch this show, that and the fact that it's ALWAYS on.

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Went to look at blinds today.So many options to choose from.Katherine that sounds horribly scary but still you hold on to your humor.Hope they sort it out soon.Freida that weather can't help your mood.How do you cope I wonder.Depressipn gets so overwhelming I am not sure how to bring myself out of it at times.Positive thinking?I don't really know.We tried to see the shuttle launch this evening but saw nothing.Mikie your ex wants to visit?What!I never remember much but I caught that.Take care all,get over your colds and Grani don't overdo.
  4. Mikie

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    Haven't been here in two days. Yesterday, I didn't even crack open my puter. I am still very tired. Yesterday, I was exhausted and in pain. I think I way overdid it cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing the carpet and washing the sofa slipcover. It isn't one of those slipcovers you buy in the stores; it came on the sofa and is custom fitted. It's such a pain to get back on. Everyone here is sneezing, stuffed up and having a froggy throat. I think we have some kind of allergens in the air.

    Pam, there are so many kinds of blinds out here. It must be exciting to go shopping for them. If I had my way, ever fan and blind in here would operate by remote. I'm sure it would cost a lot. I have watched launches and one was spectacular. My DSIL, who is a pilot, was flying just outside the launch site, low in the landing pattern down here, when one took off. He, and everyone on the left side of the plane, got a once-in-a-lifetime aerial view of it. Yes, my ex lives in a denial bubble. Every now and then, I have to burst his little bubble. He seems to think that if we are good enough friends that it will ease his grief and regret over what he's done. It doesn't work that way. I'm excited your new home is coming along. I know it has been slow for you to wait for it. I know you'll be so happy when you can move in.

    Katherine, I'm so sorry about your dizzyness and eye problem. I hope that by now, it is over. We do have some strange symptoms. I am very tired and have a difficult time with memory, typing, and my eyes get very tired when I read. To not be able to see well is very difficult. Sending up a prayer for you.

    Leah, prayers for you too. I am glad the depression has lifted a bit. When I lived in CO, I suffered depression at the change of seasons. We had very little spring and it often snowed. Most of the days there are sunny year round, but it seems to me that we got short changed on spring. Summer went by like a flash and then, it was fall. Sometimes, I just wanted to stop time. Down here, like I've said before, we have two season: Hot 'n Hotter. Actually, this year, we've had some cool weather. It won't be long now before it's too hot to grow flowers or be outside except for the pool. Still, I do feel better here.

    Actually, as I've always said, I pray for all of us. We bear up under pain, exhaustion, and other symptoms which would bring down the strongest of people. I have found humor to be one of the best ways to get through the roughest times and y'all keep me going.

    Love, Mikie
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    Ranigar Member

    Good to hear how some of you cope with the dark thoughts.Pretty much use the same way you all cope.Distraction and doing what I need to do to take care of myself.So darn tired and exhausted mentally and physicallyy hair stylist asked me if I was sick today and what was wrong,Huz told me to go to bed at 5 yesterday because I looked so tired.i had to look on the mirror I was so alarmed at how bad I must look.I looked no different so what's up with that.It's a phase I'll shake off I'm sure but gee wiz.House is looking like a home about now.I like going down there and colors are going on next week.
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    Yes, it seems we all use pretty much the same activities and distractions to get through the rough times. I seldom have depression anymore; I used to have clinical depression so bad all I could do is curl up in the fetal position and not talk to anyone. I was very fortunate in having access to good therapy to help me.

    Now, I struggle with energy more than anything else. Yes, the injections worked but I've been so inactive for so long that it will take time before I can dance a jig. Also, the stomach thing still bothers me. I may have to see my gut doc. After giving up wheat, I felt so much better but now, I'm still having IBS-like symptoms. Yesterday, I started to work around here and got that "lie-down-or-fall-down" feeling. I lay down and my stomach bloated and hurt like heck. A trip to the john took care of that but left me feeling sooooo exhausted. Whine, whine, whine!

    We are starting to get our seasonal rainstorms a wee bit early but I welcome them. We have some lemons on our trees. I still hand water some of the pots and boxes of flowers. We will likely have April in the low 80's. In May, it usually starts to get hot and by June, it's full-on hot weather.

    Our new renters in the unit below me came by yesterday to drop off a few things. I met them before and like them very much. He is English and she is French. That's about as exciting as things get in the hood, thank goodness.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just read the lounge posts quickly so wanted to at least drop in and say hi. We have been busy with going to a visitation and funeral yesterday and all that. The K of C Grand Knight of our coucil died a couple of days ago after working really hard on the last fish fry and the St. Pats Day party on Sat. He went home and I guess passed away late evening or early morning. He was 73 and a very hard worker. Feel so sorry for the family.

    Not sure what is happeneing here today except DH is off to the last fish fry.

    No time for individual posts but wanted to mention to DIANE not to give p on the GSE and the Mucinex is good. You may not think it is helping but it is. Maybe it is at least keeping you from getting sicker. When I felt myself getitng sick I started taking extra GSE (3x a day instead of 2) and made sure I took the Mucinex regularly to help get rid of the GUNK or try to anyway. It has been helpful I think. I also gave DH extra GSE when he started what I think was allergies in hopes that it wouldn't develop into a cold or URI. I think it did help. We have so much pollen dropping around here and I have constant post nasal drip almost all the time.. Hope you feel better soon.

    Mikie - Just letting you know, not sure if you remember Elaine who has been here forever and then was sick and disappeared for awhile. She popped in yesterday (towards the beginning of the present volume of the Porch- 611, I think). She is recovering from back surgery and hopes that will help most of the things that have been ailing her for some time. Read about it if you are interested and have some time. Glad you like your new renters.

    Big hi to Leah, Pam, Katherine, Barry and whoever else I forgot.

    Need to go and get dressed.


  8. Mikie

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    Hope everyone is well. Granni, I will take a trip over to the Porch. Thanks for the heads up. Sorry about the loss of the K of C gentelman. My Dad was a long-time member of the K of C, plumed hat, cape, sword, etc. He led the church choir for a long time. There was music written for his Mass when he retired.

    Diane, yes, tickle Rosie's tummy; Tweety will wiggle around on the sidewalk when she wants someone to tickle hers. No one can resist her. I no longer eat any wheat. It makes me sick. I don't know what's making me so tired right now. Do we ever need a reason? Seems exhaustion has a mind of its own where we are concerned. I will get another spurt of energy and will likely overdo it again. Can't help myself. Just ordered "A Week In Winter" for my Kindle. Can't wait to read it. Her books keep their value so thought I might as well bite the bullet and buy it now.

    I need to get into a nice hot soak with Epsom Salts. I should shower and do my hair but it'll have to wait. I can get by another day. If I shower and have to do my hair, I may not have energy to get to the store. Do I go to Target and have to make a second stop at the gas station to buy LOTTO tickets or do I go to Publix and buy them there. Guess I'll go to Publix cause the Target ad comes out tomorrow and I may want something there. I have two $5 gift cards from my last visit to Target.

    Hope everyone is well. Have a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was out all morning and afternoon and forgot to tell Huz to buy a Lotto ticket.Things just fly right out of my head.I's going to rain any second soy chances at winning is zero.was at the paint store again.Yesterday we picked up the color swatch of the outside.I'm afraid it has to much orange so last minute I want to go darker.Huz had a fit even though he agrees with me.We chose these colors last Spring after all.So if painter hasn't ordered the paint already we can change.Stucco isn't on so I doubt he has.Today we chose a gel stain for the front doors.Hope we like it.Painting starts Mon.Lily loves to walk to the house and I release her chain so she can check out each room.It never gets old for her so I think the adjustment for her will go smooth.Making a roasting chicken in crock so we'll see how that goes.
  10. bct

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    At my place anyway.

    Dentist, extraction, pain, seeing him again tomorrow. Feels bad.

    Have got a worker (when he isn't talking my ear off!), so I've had a lot of instructions to give. He is slow, but very good. He is working in the yard, getting rid of weeds and doing some landscaping. He brings his lovely dog, Romeo. A poor homeless drifter with dreams.... Hope we can help him. We took his dog to the vet and had him worked over, all the shots, wormed, etc. The guy lives in a tent on the next property, no vehicle, no nothing.

    Spring is here, and like Leah I have been watching the birds. Wish I could see a cardinal. We don't have them here. The Vultures and hummingbirds are back, the first warblers are showing up. I saw the first butterflies of the year the other day -- a Painted Lady, and a Mourning Cloak.

    Mikie, sorry for your exhaustion.
    Pam, happy, happy, happy for you and your easy. Glad that Lily (?) is adapting well. Good to hear.

    Katherine, my eyes are so bad in the morning after I take my pills that I can't drive. So sorry for your vision problems, and hope you get them resolved!

    Diane, do the kitties watch the deer from inside the house? Are they outside at all, or House Cats? If you see deer, I guess you must live in the country??

    Love to all,
    with aching tooth-socket,
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Sorry about your dental pain Barry.I hate dental work of any kind even cleaning.How nice to give that poor fellow a job and care for his dog with the vet.The painters actually showed up as promised and are putting on primer.We have eye appts. this afternoon.Last Oct. I noticed what looks like a skin tag hanging down in the outside corner of my eye.Right where lashes grow.It feels like a teeny pebble and irritates me not to mention looks funny.Hoping the eye Dr can remove it.You never know which specialist to mention what to.Layed around and read and listened to music yesterday it was nice for a change.Lily was laying on the back of the sofa in the window like a cat and a gust of wind blew her off.Guess she doesn't have the reflexes of a cat.I won't tell her she isn't one though it's to late for that.Huz laughed so hard once he saw she wasn't hurt that is.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    That is upsetting to me too sometimes when I am getting to like a person on line esp at PH and they just disappear without a word. . I have not been so good at reading all the posts lately . So,may have missed some.

    LEAH - I am sure you didn't say anything wrong and doubt if any of us said anything to upset her. You all are too sweet to scare anyone away.

    BTW, how do you find if people are still with PH or not? I know that PH used to have a swearch box and now I can't find it but maybe I didn't look in the right place? Yes, I do wish others didn't not pop in and stay while and then disappear. I think I may have missed something somewhere but maybe it was also on another thread and maybe not on Chit Chat.

    It happens on the Porch too sometimes. We have many who have come and gone. Some have said they had to go for whatever reasonss but others have just chosen to leave without saying anything. Many probably have good reasons for doing so but many have not given any reasons either, so many of us may just wonder and are sorry they did. There were a couple lately that stopped by the Porch said they liked it and us all, and then went POOF !!

    Oh well, DIANE - I think you said you are feeling a bit better. I hope you are. Colds, etc. are not fun esp when you feel bad to begin with most of the time, I know where you are coming from.

    Love to MIKIE, Jole too , and everyone mentioned and those I have forgotten temporily ! Will be glad when I am finished with singing duties this week and next too. Then it will be tome for a break. Need to check on some music now for Chorale = rather tricky and a week from Friday is the performanace- ugh !

    Hugz to everyone !
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  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I didn't know she said good-bye and left.That's a shame.I haven't gotten over Victoria,Linda,or Rock not being here.You worry when people leave.I'm attached to all our Loungers even new ones are exciting to add to the mix right?I hope Mikie and Jole check in soon.Hang in there Freida this time of yr. is so dreary and long.We'll keep each other company in the meantime.So did Keven have time to eat that sandwich after all that?Good thing you figured out it was a fuse.The eye Dr thinks it's a cyst from a blocked gland so I see an eye plastic surgeon.Oh and he said Insurance should cover them stitching up my saggy eyelids at the same time.Huz says it should cover a butt and breast lift because it hurts his eyes.he said just kidding really fast before I could smack him.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just to put your mind at ease--Katherine made the decision to leave on her own. Her post was removed due to language inappropriate on our boards. I'm always sad when we lose a member. She will be missed.

    Diane, you will never get in trouble for asking about what happened to someone or mentioning it in a post. Our moderators here always try to work with people before any action is taken, except in cases where someone comes here to sell something or posts something intentionally profane or disgusting. I don't always understand why people just disappear. If I hadn't seen Rock's small post on the other board, I wouldn't have known he was sick and having computer problems. Sometimes, people leave for personal reasons related to what is going on in their lives. Sorry I wasn't here to give y'all some info.

    Pam, it's exciting that the house is being painted. CBS construction (concrete block and stucco) is the strongest in storms and that is why almost all new construction is CBS. Glad Lily is interested in her new home. I had to laugh at her antics and am glad she is OK.

    Leah, somehow, I missed your post on e-readers. The two most popular are the Kindle and the Nook. You can also buy a tablet and download e-books onto it. The tablets have other uses but the more expensive e-readers are almost as versitile as the tablets. For instance, my Kindle Fire HD does not really have a camera. It has one but only on one side. I know that sounds strange but it's for Skyping and not really for taking pictures. So, let me just confine this to e-readers.

    I bought one of the first generation Kindles from Amazon. These are now very inexpensive. They are easy to read on out in the sun. They have a small keypad along the bottom. Reading on them is about like reading a paperback. Kindle also has a touchscreen. Then, there is the Paperwhite which is like the touchscreen but is lit, like a computer screen. The Kindle Fires are like the Paperwhites but have other features. I can download apps and games like Angry Birds. So, it just depends on how much you want to spend and whether you want a lighted screen. The lighted screens take a little getting used to as they are like reading a computer screen. The advantage is that you don't have to turn on a light to read. I still love my original Kindle and read on it as much as on the Kindle Fire. For $10, I bought a clip-on light for it. In our hood, people sell, or give away, their old Kindles to other neighbors when they upgrade.

    Barry, I'm so sorry for your dental problems. I hate having to go to the dentist as I've had bad teeth all my life. They look good because all the molars have been crowned and the front bonded. At my age now, it's the gums and I brush, floss and use my waterpik. Like my neighbor said, I just hope my teeth outlast me. Good luck to you and let us know how it's going.

    Diane, I am loving "Week In Winter" just as I've loved her other books. I'm about half-way through. I have a hard time reading as it makes me so tired, I fall asleep. That's not always a bad thing :)

    Granni, I can only imagine the lovely music and singing. I can also imagine the amount of work it takes to put it all together. I'm sure it is well appreciated. Afterward, take a well-deserved rest.

    Yesterday was a busy day. Went with neighbors to the Coast Guard store for wine and booze. I got some gin for my gin 'n tonics and stocked up on wine. It's not expensive wine but it's not a bad table wine. The mgr. at the store has tried them all and will tell us which is good. Then, we took a neighbor to the European Market for something she had to have for her Easter feast. That store is great but a lot of the products have no English on them. I used to read and speak Russian but that was so long ago that I can no longer read it or even sound it out. I did buy some borscht (sp?) I will try it but may have to add a few things to spice it up. I once made some and added kale and a bit of fennel and it was outstanding. A lot of the Midwesterner Snowbirds are of Eastern European descent on this side of the state. They love to have a place where they can buy products to cook their traditional dishes.

    We had lunch at Perkins because there is something there for everyone. Our neighbor had already eaten but had a hot muffin. She bought three and got three more free. They packaged the other five and had them waiting for her when she checked out. I got their pork chops and brought one home. Mmmmm. Of course, I had to leave the roll as no one else wanted it.

    I came home very tired. I'm still tired today but suspect it's because I've had to take my allergy pill with an antihistimine. Something is driving our allergies nuts here. Everyone has it. Think I'll just stay inside as it's cold out there, well, cold by SW FL stds.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have to leave soon for a party ,a member of our small singing group is leaving and moving away with her DH, to live closer to her daughter who is a doctor. Her DH has dementia and he will be in an assisted living/memory care unit I think and she will be in another. I am not quite sure of the situation. I danced as well as sang with her so before our singing practice we will have a little party with FOOD. She will be missed, a really nice gal and we had fun together with another gal who danced too with us. It is sad wht happened to her DH. To much of that stuff going on around here. So sad for the families.

    Mikie - did you say that ROCK's computer was the problem or at least part of the problem for not posting lately? Yes I sure do miss him as many others do too as well as JOLE.

    Leah and Diane- Hope you are feeling a little better with warmer/ SUNNY weather on the way.

    More later !


    Need to leave and get ready to go to the party and practice. So sorry so short !

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sending y'all a cheery good morning from COLD SW FL (Brrrrrr!) I walked down to the mailboxes early and about froze. Met a neighbor who was walking her little dog. After he did his business, she picked him up and held him close so he could keep her warm.

    Diane, I used Coricidin HBP for my allergies. It's the only one my doc wants me using because the others can raise blood pressure. I use the Cold and Cough formula because it works for allergies as it has an antihistimine in it. It also helps with the little dry cough from allergies, especially Red Tide. I am about 80 percent through the book. Yesterday was a stay-in-bed day for me. I still have to have those every now and then. I would read, fall asleep, read, fall asleep, on and on.

    Leah, yes, we do all come together and help one another and spread the love. I cannot imagine being without all my online family here. It is so comfortable to come here where we are not judged and where we are all interested and eager to share our lives. I can picture what is going on with everyone, including the fur kids. I keep us all in my prayers. We deserve to be well and find joy in living. Even when I'm not well, you all help me find joy. Thank you.

    Granni, yes, it was some time ago that I found a response to a post over on the big board from Rock. He said he had to keep it short because he was sick and his computer was giving him trouble. That's the last I've seen online from him. I worry about him, Linda and so many others who seem to just disappear. Jole, I know we will hear from you soon. Everyone, please check in when you can. We send our love and we care.

    Not much to tell because I slept through the day. I had to get cards into the mail and I had a horrible time just signing them and addressing them. Don't know why the brain fog. I seem to be OK until I have to think about something. Hope I have some energy today. I can do some mindless housework. Heaven knows, it needs it. My carpet is half clean. The dirtiest traffic area is clean but I really need to finish cleaning the floors.

    My daughter called last night to tell me that my granddog is much better. He had an enlarged heart. Traditional meds weren't helping so she tried a homeopathic approach. His heart has shrunk 10 percent and his cough is gone. The regular vet couldn't believe it. She did an EKG for her own satisfaction. She told my DD to keep doing whatever she is doing. This dog was a rescue dog who had obviously had a hell of a life before he found her. He had been shot and it had healed. Who does this to a dog? He is sooooo sweet and loves my DD so much. Everyone loves him. That's my good news.

    Hope everyone has a joyous and blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Freida I had no clue as to what paint you were referring to. went back and reviewed posts now I know.Thanks for that tip but painter was fine with the change.Confusion because I have more paint woes.Not enough color difference between family room and hallways it all runs together.We about drove the painter nuts yesterday checking his cans and list to see if he used two different paints.He swiped a finger with one wall onto the other to show he did.He politely asked if it wasn't t our lunchtime to get rid of us lol.We got the message and left.The faux finish in the Oh. house was the difference.Moulding and doors up will make it less noticeable but we will probably faux some of the halls later.It is all I can do to restrain myself from getting a ladder and trying it.Huz begged me to not attempt it and I am being realistic about it.Easy to get caught up in such stuff but a sensible moment does come back.Really these things are so silly and trivial in the big picture.On to the next which is flooring next week.The dreaded couple met us for breakfast on their way back from Tampa heading North to home.Good-bye good-bye already!Can you tell my nerves are frayed?It's just been nonstop activity when we crave calm and quiet to function daily.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    This should be the last post on this thread. I've already started #149. It's early as I got up to take Barb's kids to the airport. It was still dark and Barb doesn't drive well with sight in only one eye in the dark. This way, it puts all her kids' minds at ease. I got up at 4:30 and fed Simon. He was asleep in my chair outside. He stirred and gave me a look like, "Geez, can't a cat get a good night's sleep around here?" He ate a bit and got back on the chair to sleep. Well, that was cut short as soon as we started to load my car up with luggage. It's really cold here. I put on my heavy-weight Yoga pants and kept on my fleece pj top. Then, I wrapped a scarf around my neck and put on a hoodie. I'm inside and still have it all on.

    Yesterday, I finished shampooing the traffic areas of my carpet. I also vacuumed my middle room which is what I call a sitting room. It has a sofa which makes into a bed when company comes. It stays the cleanest. Next, I clean the tile floors and keep on vacuuming each room in turn. I sleep, I work, I sleep, I work and, now and then, I go out to the Balcony to be with friends.

    Leah, thanks for your comments on Buddy. Yes, we were all ecstatic. We are animal lovers. Barb's friend got a Havanese (pronounced, Habanese) pup. He is soooo cute and such a good little guy. He's become a Balcony regular. I had washed the chair cushions after Simon got sick on one and yesterday, I Scotch Guarded them. I did the same to the new one I got for my chair. Those chairs take a beating out there but that's what they are for. We have ducks in our pond year round. In the winter, we have all kinds of heron, egrets, storks, etc. Every now and then, a couple of vultures sit on the roof of the bldg. across the pond. AACK!

    Pam, will those people ever go away? Geez, enough is enough! I keep the open, high-ceiling area white in the condo. I like to have a really bright area. I know it drives decorators nuts to have white walls but I decorate for me. My bedroom is a dark chalky blue with brown accents. It's dark and very restful. The master bath is a lighter blue version of the same color. My other two rooms are beige as is the bath. I have terra cotta tiles on my backsplash in the kitchen and painted the walls below the upper cabinets the same color. There really isn't a good way to break any walls in the kitchen, dining area and living area so I've just left it white. I do use pops of color here and there. I did a faux paint job in one bath once and it was hideous. I just don't have the talent for it. I admire those who do.

    Don't know what I'll do today. Think I'll try to get some vacuuming done but not overdo it. The poor new people downstairs are probably going nuts with all the vacuuming and shampooing, not to mention my early rising. They are settling in and I think they will fit in well.

    Sending my best Easter, Passover or just plain old Spring good wishes to everyone.

    Love, Mikie