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  1. freida

    freida Active Member

    I'm extremely glad to see all of these posts, from each of you!!

    I had a bit better night, and morning, not out of the woods, but a bit better, which is welcome.
    I've had an unusually difficult past week, putting it mildly. And felt very upset about several things, yesterday.

    I am so thankful to each of you,
    for your kind words and encouragements,
    and that we will give eachother company,
    on each of our harder days or weeks.
    So precious. Thank you!!

    So glad that Mikie explained, (thank you!)
    and thanks again to Diane,
    it sure was better to get some info,
    rather than to be continuing to talk to someone who isn't here, and waiting for her,
    or to be totally concerned and confused.

    I was going to say to Diane, that you could delete any parts you wrote now that we've all seen it,
    but am glad to hear Mikie's reassurances that we and our posts, are all okay.

    I am also glad to see Granni, and Pam, and all of you,
    adding that you too, miss Linda, (Spacee)
    and understand the confusion and loss and upset that I felt.

    I also miss Rock, but at least I do understand it's hard for him to continue posting like he did.
    Would love to see him drop back in though, if he can sometime, of course, we all would.

    I am worried about Jole,
    and miss her, and hope she comes back.

    thank you very much too, for the info on the kindles and nook. We are starting to comprehend it all more than either of us did!

    I do want to read more parts of people's recent posts, and respond on other topics.
    Just needed to start with this.

    Leah Freida
  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Have to leave soon for a party ,a member of our small singing group is leaving and moving away with her DH, to live closer to her daughter who is a doctor. Her DH has dementia and he will be in an assisted living/memory care unit I think and she will be in another. I am not quite sure of the situation. I danced as well as sang with her so before our singing practice we will have a little party with FOOD. She will be missed, a really nice gal and we had fun together with another gal who danced too with us. It is sad wht happened to her DH. To much of that stuff going on around here. So sad for the families.

    Mikie - did you say that ROCK's computer was the problem or at least part of the problem for not posting lately? Yes I sure do miss him as many others do too as well as JOLE.

    Leah and Diane- Hope you are feeling a little better with warmer/ SUNNY weather on the way.

    More later !


    Need to leave and get ready to go to the party and practice. So sorry so short !

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sending y'all a cheery good morning from COLD SW FL (Brrrrrr!) I walked down to the mailboxes early and about froze. Met a neighbor who was walking her little dog. After he did his business, she picked him up and held him close so he could keep her warm.

    Diane, I used Coricidin HBP for my allergies. It's the only one my doc wants me using because the others can raise blood pressure. I use the Cold and Cough formula because it works for allergies as it has an antihistimine in it. It also helps with the little dry cough from allergies, especially Red Tide. I am about 80 percent through the book. Yesterday was a stay-in-bed day for me. I still have to have those every now and then. I would read, fall asleep, read, fall asleep, on and on.

    Leah, yes, we do all come together and help one another and spread the love. I cannot imagine being without all my online family here. It is so comfortable to come here where we are not judged and where we are all interested and eager to share our lives. I can picture what is going on with everyone, including the fur kids. I keep us all in my prayers. We deserve to be well and find joy in living. Even when I'm not well, you all help me find joy. Thank you.

    Granni, yes, it was some time ago that I found a response to a post over on the big board from Rock. He said he had to keep it short because he was sick and his computer was giving him trouble. That's the last I've seen online from him. I worry about him, Linda and so many others who seem to just disappear. Jole, I know we will hear from you soon. Everyone, please check in when you can. We send our love and we care.

    Not much to tell because I slept through the day. I had to get cards into the mail and I had a horrible time just signing them and addressing them. Don't know why the brain fog. I seem to be OK until I have to think about something. Hope I have some energy today. I can do some mindless housework. Heaven knows, it needs it. My carpet is half clean. The dirtiest traffic area is clean but I really need to finish cleaning the floors.

    My daughter called last night to tell me that my granddog is much better. He had an enlarged heart. Traditional meds weren't helping so she tried a homeopathic approach. His heart has shrunk 10 percent and his cough is gone. The regular vet couldn't believe it. She did an EKG for her own satisfaction. She told my DD to keep doing whatever she is doing. This dog was a rescue dog who had obviously had a hell of a life before he found her. He had been shot and it had healed. Who does this to a dog? He is sooooo sweet and loves my DD so much. Everyone loves him. That's my good news.

    Hope everyone has a joyous and blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
  4. freida

    freida Active Member

    Hello all,
    Still hanging in here.

    Not great, but could be much worse.
    Trying to remember to count blessings. i do have some.
    Whew, I've had a series of rough nights, and some of the days are not much better. I hope to improve a bit, soon.

    that was good news, thanks for sharing that! And for all of your nice reminders.

    take good care of yourself, in between the activities. Sorry about that woman you were friends with, and her hubby. Life is difficult, sometimes. At least you and she added to eachothers lives, and to others, when you and she were both able to.

    glad you saw that eye dr, and sorry you need to go to the other type eye plastic surgeon, but they are experts who know what they are doing, about what they do. (Probably the rest of their lives are just as messed up as the rest of us, besides or other than, their expert area specialty of fixing eye cysts and lids LOL)
    Funny what your huz said, as long as he retracted it fast!! LOL We'd all like to throw pillows at him fro around the country, if he didn't! ;)

    PAM, did you notice my suggestion that you can have them add in and mix in, something with your paint, another paint, to change the shade of it?

    I hope your tooth area is healing and doing better!

    is your cold better, or did you decide it is allergies, instead? I want to go back to re-read more of the posts, especially some you wrote about deer in your area.
    I'm glad your huz caught your toaster. It is a lively one! Is it trying to act like a kitty perhaps? :)

    My good news is that our pair of wild mallard ducks, returned for the first time since they left, last fall.
    It made me so happy to sit and stare out my window at them, while they ate and rested.
    There's still snow on the ground so they looked funny, but it's nice they don't mind, and they know Spring is near enough anyway, for them. :)

    There is just a big puddle, not a actual pond. it is temporary and I hope it is enough to keep the ducks satisfied and coming back for a while. SOme years it stays longer than others, and they do too.

    They fly in and fly out, a couple or few times, daily. SO lovely.

    Good to say hi to all of you!!

    Leah Freida

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  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Freida I had no clue as to what paint you were referring to. went back and reviewed posts now I know.Thanks for that tip but painter was fine with the change.Confusion because I have more paint woes.Not enough color difference between family room and hallways it all runs together.We about drove the painter nuts yesterday checking his cans and list to see if he used two different paints.He swiped a finger with one wall onto the other to show he did.He politely asked if it wasn't t our lunchtime to get rid of us lol.We got the message and left.The faux finish in the Oh. house was the difference.Moulding and doors up will make it less noticeable but we will probably faux some of the halls later.It is all I can do to restrain myself from getting a ladder and trying it.Huz begged me to not attempt it and I am being realistic about it.Easy to get caught up in such stuff but a sensible moment does come back.Really these things are so silly and trivial in the big picture.On to the next which is flooring next week.The dreaded couple met us for breakfast on their way back from Tampa heading North to home.Good-bye good-bye already!Can you tell my nerves are frayed?It's just been nonstop activity when we crave calm and quiet to function daily.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    This should be the last post on this thread. I've already started #149. It's early as I got up to take Barb's kids to the airport. It was still dark and Barb doesn't drive well with sight in only one eye in the dark. This way, it puts all her kids' minds at ease. I got up at 4:30 and fed Simon. He was asleep in my chair outside. He stirred and gave me a look like, "Geez, can't a cat get a good night's sleep around here?" He ate a bit and got back on the chair to sleep. Well, that was cut short as soon as we started to load my car up with luggage. It's really cold here. I put on my heavy-weight Yoga pants and kept on my fleece pj top. Then, I wrapped a scarf around my neck and put on a hoodie. I'm inside and still have it all on.

    Yesterday, I finished shampooing the traffic areas of my carpet. I also vacuumed my middle room which is what I call a sitting room. It has a sofa which makes into a bed when company comes. It stays the cleanest. Next, I clean the tile floors and keep on vacuuming each room in turn. I sleep, I work, I sleep, I work and, now and then, I go out to the Balcony to be with friends.

    Leah, thanks for your comments on Buddy. Yes, we were all ecstatic. We are animal lovers. Barb's friend got a Havanese (pronounced, Habanese) pup. He is soooo cute and such a good little guy. He's become a Balcony regular. I had washed the chair cushions after Simon got sick on one and yesterday, I Scotch Guarded them. I did the same to the new one I got for my chair. Those chairs take a beating out there but that's what they are for. We have ducks in our pond year round. In the winter, we have all kinds of heron, egrets, storks, etc. Every now and then, a couple of vultures sit on the roof of the bldg. across the pond. AACK!

    Pam, will those people ever go away? Geez, enough is enough! I keep the open, high-ceiling area white in the condo. I like to have a really bright area. I know it drives decorators nuts to have white walls but I decorate for me. My bedroom is a dark chalky blue with brown accents. It's dark and very restful. The master bath is a lighter blue version of the same color. My other two rooms are beige as is the bath. I have terra cotta tiles on my backsplash in the kitchen and painted the walls below the upper cabinets the same color. There really isn't a good way to break any walls in the kitchen, dining area and living area so I've just left it white. I do use pops of color here and there. I did a faux paint job in one bath once and it was hideous. I just don't have the talent for it. I admire those who do.

    Don't know what I'll do today. Think I'll try to get some vacuuming done but not overdo it. The poor new people downstairs are probably going nuts with all the vacuuming and shampooing, not to mention my early rising. They are settling in and I think they will fit in well.

    Sending my best Easter, Passover or just plain old Spring good wishes to everyone.

    Love, Mikie