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    I'm laughing about your big workout of washing your hair. I'm trying to decide whether or not I'm up to it despite my bed head. I'm not going out so think I'll do it tomorrow (as Scarlett said, "Tomorrah is anotha day."). I'll get up and shower before the condo mtg. I need to get back to cleaning around here.

    Have been too tired but it's because I did something to my shoulder and it's been waking me at night. I'll roll over and, zing--pain. It's been about a week so guess I had better call the doc. I hate to give in to it but I can't keep going like this either. I just hope it's not something like a rotator cuff tear. Geez, it's always something!

    Noise downstairs turned out to be installation of bracket to hold the big-screen TV. I've never heard anything like it and can't understand all the tapping and sawing noise for just one little bracket holder on the wall. At least, it's a one-time thing and not some noisy hobby as I had feared. I've been turning my TV lower so it doesn't bother them. I went out to get something from my car and he was lurking under the stairs where I couldn't see him. He called out to say hello. Then, he asked whether I was going out. Not only pushy but nosey. I just said, "No." They rarely go out.

    Yes, living in an apt. or condo can be challenging. Our bldg. has typically been good except for one incident years ago. We do have rules and enforce them so it's a pretty quiet place except during Spring Break. I'm on the board for our bldg. so I have some measure of say so. I had clients living in houses who had horrible neighbors and, if there is no housing assn., there is little that can be done. We once had a next-door neighbor open a day-care center. Living in condos is like being part of a big family all living in one house. One has to learn to get along and be thoughtful. Our big POA assn. is always weeding out problems and problem people in here and they keep the hood up physically. Housing is coming back in FL so it's worth taking care of.

    Well, it's early and I need to pay some bills. I had better get going. BTW, Barb's GGD is adorable. She had an infection in her ears but she's on ABX so all is well. Have a great day, everyone.

    Love, Mikie