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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Well, not actually because we've been promised rain for days and none has shown up. So, when I got up and it was lightly raining, I was glad to see it. Even Simon was out in the rain, waiting for his breakfast. He was waiting up under the blacony eave but he went down the stairs to the landing, his safety zone, until I put the bowl down and came inside. Read the thin Monday morning newspaper and passed it on to Barb. Eventually, I will have to take my garbage down to the dumpster and send a bill by snail mail. I have to mail my new watch, the one I obsessed over, back to HSN as it doesn't keep time. It's called the "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" watch. This one is the "It's Always Five O'Clock" watch. Oy!

    Shoulder is almost certainly in need of surgery. If it were bursitis, the shot would have helped more than it did. It only helped one night. So, now the paths will likely be to repair a torn rotator cuff or to shave off bone and clean up the joint. What is scaring me is that the other shoulder is starting to hurt too. About 15 yrs. ago, I was in an auto accident. The energy from the impact went from my hands on the steering wheel and up my arms and damaged the soft tissue in my shoulder areas. I had myofacial physical therapy to help with the pain. One of my docs told me back then that there was some physical abnormality as a result of that accident on the other side. This could just be old accident chickens come home to roost.

    The energy from the impact also went up my feet and legs into my hips. Lordy! I hope those chickens don't come home to roost. Six months after the accident, I came down with FMS symptoms. I already had been sick with CFIDS/ME for 10 years, so the leap to FMS wasn't a far leap. The accident evidently triggered the FMS.

    While I was resting, for three days now, I watched TV incessently. I got excited that there was a program on FMS on a health channel. Dr. Teiltebaum was on for only a few minutes. Then, they brought out a doc who totally turned me off. He sat all fat, happy and arrogant (even his body language was that of someone who feels superior). He evidently doesn't know the diff between FMS and myofacial pain syndrome.

    He kept talking about trigger point injections, heat and stretching--all treatments for MPS. He said his FMS patients don't tolerate the injections well. Duh!!! He evideently doesn't know that trigger points go with MPS and tender points go with FMS. It is possible for people with FMS to also have MPS but they are different conditions and need different treatments. I think my FMS had already been triggered when I had to be treated for MPS from the accident. BTW, the treatment for the MPS worked but did nothing for my FMS. At this point in medicine, these kinds of docs shouldn't be treating people or on TV posing as experts. Ah, thanks for letting me rant. No one else would understand my outrage.

    Speaking of outrage, Pam, I hope and pray things are going well with your house. So many independent contractors are working with too little margain financially to keep up with the subcontractors. I know it doesn't help to know this is not unusual here in FL; you just want what you paid for. Again, I hope and pray you get it. You don't need this kind of stress.

    Leah, I just hate it that you've had such a rough time of things. Of course, I send up prayers for you to improve. Something which soothes me when I'm down is to imagine that somehow, magically, I can interact with wild animals. I envision lying down with a big, loving lion and running my hands through his fur and mane. He lays his head down and purrs. I can almost feel the heat from his body and feel how plush his fur is to my touch. He loves letting me massage his big paws (just like Tweety does). Then, I drift off to sleep, lying against my big protector. The brain cannot distinguish between what actually happens and what we imagine. The benefits of visual therapy are real as far as the brain is concerned and if our visions calm us, the brain will calm down too. A calm brain often helps to calm the body. The hip bone's connected to the... :) Visualization doesn't help everyone but I have a very vivid imagination so it works well for me.

    Linda, I'm still just soooo impressed that you do your Yoga, even when it's hard for you to do. Kudos!!! I've rested my arm long enough and it's doing no good. I'm going to do some stretches from my old physical therapy but not for that arm. I tired of lying around. I need to get something done by Fri. just in case. You have inspired me, my friend.

    Granni, you are a human whirlwind. I am always impressed at all you do. You also inspire me. I doubt I could ever keep up with you but I can try if I ever get these bumps in the road fixed.

    Diane, I think when meds go from Rx to OTC, they do make changes which can be significant. None of my friends here can tolerate Aleve. I have a big bottle of it and I can't even give it away. Well, it was none too bright of me to buy the big, economy size first thing. I love gators and a slower way of life too. I look at my stressed out kids in Denver and Atlanta and am glad I'm no longer in the fast lane of life. As soon as I'm feeling better, I plan on walking over to the park to see the wildlife, including the gators. Guess my kayaking will have to wait until the shoulder heals.

    My friends are all bemoaning the fact that shoulder surgery usually takes three months to heal and six months to heal completely. Well, when I ruptured my bicep tendon, it took six months to heal and a year to heal completely. I can never hang by my arms or do chin ups. Well, that's the silver lining; I have an excuse :) My motto is never to suffer ongoing pain when something can be fixed and the pain will be temporary. I have complete confidence in my doc. This clinic is the best. My one knee didn't heal perfectly right away. It took some Synvisc (chicken shots :) before it healed. Now, my knees are great but I don't stress them.

    Well, once again, I've written "W&P" so I had better get going. I didn't stop in yesterday and a day away from my online family makes me miss everyone. God bless all our Loungers, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
  2. freida

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    HI all,
    Thanks for each of your continued support!

    I do need it, and I do appreciate it!!

    Still no voice....a bit less pain....still hoping....
    still worrying, but still trying not to.

    I'm sorry the shot didn't help for longer.
    Maybe the 2nd shoulder is hurting since you've used it more, while the first one has been bad.
    But i know what you mean, old ailments do come back to haunt us, as we get older, and they combine with the wonderful aging problems .

    Not a good combo.

    Also, I totally understand how you feel about the supposed medical experts, who shouldn't be seeing and treating ill patients,
    OR talking their mouths off, on tv, and elsewhere.
    The uninformed are likely to believe them. That aggrivates me too.
    Since we all listened to them for years, till we got worse and stopped listening to them. And the general public is still listening to them, being misled, and so are all of the newer sick. :(

    Thanks for the imagery reminder. That is a good thing for me to double up my efforts on.
    And I like that specific one you shared, as well.
    I love all of the reminders. The mind can't tell the difference. Yes, I've read that too.

    I'm so sorry about that awfully miscombobulated sleep and non-sleep!
    I surely know how much that messes us up.
    I am still struggling with that, also.

    I'm very tired of having to live without talking. :(

    And it's worrisome.

    But we're trying things, hoping to see if it will heal, or if we can get more info from how it doesn't,
    and, since I am not a smoker, we can wait a bit before going to drs.
    But will have to go, if it persists this badly.

    At first, I was convinced I could not deal with the overdo and difficulty and upset , and panic, of the dr visita, exams, scopes, meds procedures, etc....

    but now I sometimes realize, that it would be very hard for me, but I could find a way to manage, if my life is in danger.

    Meanwhile, I type and my huz reads...slowly and poorly, it's not his strength, he had severe learning disabilities.
    And he's learning a little sign language from me, too.

    Plus we both gesture and mime, and we try to keep some humor, when we can.

    Thanks AGAIN, to all of YOU,
    I do need the support.

    I miss my voice.
    And all of my other bits of normalcy-myself.
    The new me is one I don't know.
    But will get to know her, if I must.

    Thanks for being here!

    Leah Freida

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Are any of us ever going to get back to a more comfortable state? Seems that everyone is having problems. I need to stick a new prayer note in the angel birdhouse out on our tree. We had another prayer answered from it. My friend's daughter got the job she wanted. That prayerbox has special powers, I swear.

    Diane, I went through that waking in the night thing. I woke at 2:30 and had a devil of a time getting back to sleep some nights. It went on and one and left me totally exhausted. It did eventually end as I hope it does for you. I turned on TV because it lulls me to sleep but that's impossible if one is sleeping with a spouse. Also, the condo beneath me was empty. The woman down there told me she could hear my TV but that it didn't bother her because she has a sound machine with ocean noise. I've since turned the volume down on my TV and don't turn it on in the middle of the night now. I hope and pray you get better.

    Leah, I'm so sorry for the state you are in right now too. When I am in the middle of a bad time, I go into survival mode and only do what absolutely needs to be done. Of course, everything gets behind but it just has to wait until I can deal with it. If I'm up to it, I'll do one little thing, like fill my pill boxes or clean out one little drawer. It's not too strenuous and helps mentally. I got the garbage down to the dumpster and picked up my mail.

    There was an EOB from my insurance co. stating that they would not pay for my last dental cleaning and x-rays to the tune of $188. I have a $40 co-pay. Well, just a month ago, they sent an EOB stating that it was paid. Of course, this was unnecessary stress. Seems the doc's office billed them twice so they were just turning down the second bill. It's all paid and everything is fine. It's just that I had to make four phone calls to get it all straightened out. At least, I didn't just tuck it away and decide to deal with it later. Of course, it would have been moot if I had but it would have hung over my head.

    In fact, even though our conditions are a physical reality, I think most of us use our minds to help us through things. The little things I get accomplished don't amount to a hill of beans in a normal person's life but to me, it's a great accomplishment if I can do one little thing each day.

    After I got back from the dumpster, I got sick with instant exhaustion and diarrhea. I had to take to bed. A friend at the dumpster wanted to know whether I wanted to come to her condo and watch "Zero Dark Thirty" with her and a couple of other friends. I told her I was still in a lot of pain so just to go ahead and do it without me. Good thing I did, considering all my trips to the john :)

    I just got up from a long nap and am glad I was able to sleep. I had to take some Pepto Bismol for my stomach. That always messes things up. I think I'll just eat a baked potato for dinner.

    Right now, I'm in survival mode but plan to do as much as I can in case I do have to have the surgery. I'm putting off visits to the dermatologist and GYN docs. I also have to have labwork but not until after the middle of May to get my ins. to pay. So, right now, I'll deal with the shoulder and put everything on the back burner. My stove actually has a little warming burner on the back and I visualize the things I need to do which can wait sitting in a little pot on the back of my stove. Again, visualization. Of course, I have to make lists or I'd forget something big. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

    So, with that old joke, I'll leave ya'll for the day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better for us all. I love you guys; you're the best.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    So sorry so many of yuou are having problems. I haope and pray that things will get better soon for you all.''

    Diane - so sorry about your not being able to sleep. I used to have the same problem but I have been bad I guess taking generic Flexeril and 1/2 gen. Klonopin before bed. That seems to work pretty good with my FM. I get up in themiddle of the night to potty and then take my Strontium Citrate for my bones and then am usually able to go back to sleep. I know how frustrating it is not be able to fall asleep and toss and turn and keep looking at the glow in the dark clock. It is SO frustrating especially if you are in bed with DH. Mine is such a light sleeper so anything wakes him up. Hope you get to sleeping better real soon. It can make you crazy and cranky, bad enough when in pain all the time.

    Leah - So sorry you lost your voice. Not sure if you mean you can't talk or can't think of the words. I can do the latter quite often and it can be frustrating for sure. It is especially frustrating if you are trying to talk to the doctor or someone about your medical problems. I know that it is bad enough that some doc's are less than sympathetic or actually understanding of your medical problems. Hope you "find" your voice again soon. Just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sounds like you have a keeper for a DH with lots of understanding and patience. That is fanttastic. Chin up sweetie, hope you get some more strength and voice back soon.

    Mikie - Sorry about your tummy problems along with your shoulder. Sounds like they haven't decided on surgery YET but it may be in the cards. Hope not but you sometime do what you have to do !! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Had a crazy day today and I think I may finally may have gotten to be able to order my meds on line like I used to with our insurance. Our insurance changed some from DH work and I had to change over and get new PW and UN. Can you believe my card had the wrong ID # on it and that is why I could never access all my info like I was supposed to. Also DH and I are not on the same account like we used to be - weird. I am the one in charge of the ordering meds so it makes it much easier to do. DH doesn't use the computers much other than stocks information and doing investigating on them. Was on the computer when DH came in to tell me about the Boston Bombings or whatever thay are. That is so sad. Hope they find the persons responsible and really bring them to justice. Sorry to have to mention this . You all have enough depression and stuff going on.

    Pam - Hope you get everythihng on your house that you paid for. Sorry but I missed what actually happened in your situation but I know it was not good.

    Here's to happier and sunny days, but some rain where we really needd it. Starting to get low on rain again here too.

    Hope you all get to sleep tight tonight - especially you Diane !!

    Love and Hugs to everyone,