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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. spacee

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    I think I have it figured out. Granni has all the energy and Diane is not from PA but used to love to go there :)

    Leah, I can just imagine the emotional toil of the doc's visits, scopes, meds.
    It's hard enough on a fairly healthy person much less one who can't talk.
    So, so difficult to communicate. Hugs from me and all of us here!

    Mikie! Wow, I am off for a while and you have FMS now. So, very sorry!!
    I have the MPS so that is why the yoga is good for me and why I am very
    desperate to get to the class no matter how much I can do, it helps.

    Sending prayers and thoughts for all here and those away. Especially for
    those who need to make decisions.

    Love you all!!

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, so glad you got your ins. figured out. What a mess a mistake can make for you to have to deal with. They won't make a decision on surgery for my shoulder until I get my MRI on Fri. With this much pain, and a shot which didn't work, my money's on surgery, unfortunately.

    Linda, I do not have FMS symptoms now, since the peptide injections. In my last post, I was explaining how my auto accident triggered my FMS years ago. I think the injuries to my shoulders from that accident may be causing the shoulder problems I am suffering from now but it's not FMS. Mostly, I was doing a rant over a quack I saw interviewed on TV about FMS.

    Thank you both for your kind good wishes.

    Woke with optical migraine and bad headache. I feel nauseated so it may turn out to be a real migraine; I hope not. I usually don't get bad headaches. I've been trying not to take any more pain meds than I have to. I'm sure they are upsetting my gut. Of course, I now wake every day just around 5:00 to feed Simon. I turned on the TV to see what has happened in Boston since the bombing. I hope they catch the person, or people, involved. It always helps to know who and why. I just felt numb watching it over and over. This morning, I am able to feel the horror and sadness, especially for the parents of the child who died. I am so sick of, and disgusted by, the violence and suffering. I can only imagine what it is like for people living in a war zone.

    Doing more praying today, including for my dear Lounger Family. None of us seems to be doing that well and some of us are having a rough time of it. Some of my good friends and neighbors are from the Boston area. Didn't talk to Barb yesterday because she has a cold and is exhausted after having almost nonstop family visiting. As far as I know, none of her kids run in marathons.

    Please, y'all, take care of yourselves and feel better. We need some good news.

    Love, Mikie
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    Finally had a meeting with contractors and they have worked out a plan to finish our house in 6 wks and we will pay anyone doing any work ourselves.They will owe us a pool after we get in our house.It's the best we can do right now and they feel very bad but they mismanaged our money and other clients as well putting everyone in their nightmare.Anyway could be worse and we should be able to get through.Very important for me to focus on myself right now.My weight loss is an even bigger problem then ever and I need to rest and concentrate on being in a good place to nourish my body which is hard work right now.I just bought some strawberries,pineapple,and tangerine slices Huz got Waterloo doesn't that sound good?Sorry about your shoulder Mikie good luck.Diane waking up like that at all hrs drives me crazy.I never feel rested.Leah I hope your voice comes back I don't know what to make of that.So strange and puzzling.Granni where you off to next?Linda I can only say this about yoga You go girl!
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, I pray your voice returns or you get the energy to see the doc. This has gone on quite a while. I'll put a prayer in our birdhouse/prayer box. We just had another prayer answered. Hmmmm, while I'm at it, perhaps I should put a prayer in it for me :) From what the doc told me, and what I've read online, the surgery can be arthroscopic or a big ole incision. Tendon repair always requires long recovery times but the smaller the incision, and the tear, the faster the recovery. It's 3 to 6 months or longer. So, I'll put up with pain, immobility and physical therapy but I won't be dealing with constant pain forever. I've done it before; I can do it again.

    Pam, I'm glad you got things worked out with the contractor. Many of them run a kind of Ponzi scheme using Peter to pay Paul until more money comes in. They aren't necessarily scammers; they are just working too close moneywise and it can catch up with them. I hope and pray your guy comes through for you with the pool. A pool down here is sooooo nice.

    I sat out with Barb all morning and neighbors and friends came by. She caught the kids' cold from when they were visiting. I was worried about her. She's been worried about me. A third friend has an endoscopy on Thurs. so we are both taking her to her procedure. One, or both, of them will go with me to my surgery, if I have to have it. Glad it's my left shoulder because it'll be easier for me to drive while the shoulder is immobilized. I actually drove when my right arm was immobilized when I had the other tendon surgery.

    Like everyone else, I'm still in shock and saddened by the explosions and injuries and deaths in Boston. Now, a senator received a letter with Ricin in it. It's being tested in another lab. Since 9/11, all govt. mail is sent to a facility which screens it for poisons. It is a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

    I already have a general prayer in the box but will put another one in. I think we could all use a booster prayer.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Granniluvsu

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    Waiting for the press conference who I believe is going to show the pictures of the suspects in the bombings. I sure do hope that this will help the police and the FB!

    I am anxious for this to be all over with !! It is all so sad, so many injured or killed.

    Sorry to bring this up as it is sort of depressing.

    Leah - Hope you are doing a little better and so sorry you have lost your voice but you surely haven't lost your brain or your ability to communicate through the written word. BIG HUGZ to you sweetie !!

    Diane - Hope you are doing a little better too- less stress for you and anxiety.

    Thinking of you ALL and hope you all are doing better. Had sort of a lazy day today. I did finish a wash though - yay ! DH had a meeting and big lunch so I do not have to cooki - maybe just a pot pie (frozen) :)!!

    Hi Spacee !!

    Miss ALL those not posting !

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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    We must not blame a whole group of people for what a few do. I did not look at or read any of these sites .

    My mother came over to the U.S. as a child after her parents died and she learned to love this coundtry and finally got her citizenship as an adult. She would have been very upset at all of this if she was still alive.

    Have to go start with dinner and sorry I didnt realize Leah, that you lived in the area. It must all be especially scary and upsetting to you. Big hugs to you my friend !

    Be back later , maybe tomorrow . Hope they catch the other young man ALIVE so they can learn more about why they did what they did. Sometimes some people need little reasons.

    Leah and family - please stay safe and warm.

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I think I read yours and Sticks post yesterday I guess it was maybe the day before and didnpt see anything wrong with yours. I am not even sure which posts Leah was referreing to as i couldn't really find any. Looks like you deleted yours.

    You, my dear are not capable of writing or saying bad or very negative things. Please don't leave becuase you think you have hurt anyones feels or that you have nothing to give to others. That is so untrue. You are very caring and tender hearted and do add lots of smarts to your posts.

    As Leah said, we would miss you terribly if you left, especially for a reason that we know is not true. Please believe us when we say these things. Perhaps you were like I who really didn;t seem to find any really bad post but maybe a bit negative at time, maybe even I contributed to that. The whole thing with the bombs was terribly upsetting to everyone . I was even wondering if it was me but I didnt say anything about any specific groups or peoples.

    Please do listen to us and don't leave. Trust us when we say I'm sure you were not the culprit. Looking forwards to hearing from you again sweetie. I so look forwards to reading your posts . Even if you were like me and did not seem to find the posts Leah was talking about, that does NOT mean it was you or me who wrote them:)!!

    Looking forwards to hearing from you again and Frieda too !!

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I was not naming names either since I really didn;t see anything wrong in the first place. Call me a flash reader ! I don't think anyone was singling anyone out either .

    I love you all and DH is calling me so I will be out later.

    Hope no one else is upset.

    Lovem Granni
  9. spacee

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    Mikie...duh, I knew about your courageous overcoming of FMS, what was I thinking! Hope it is the little scar, if you have to have surgery (and I am thinking
    you said you did).

    All those prayers are most needed, too!

    Leah, hope those docs get home soon to take care of you!! Praying you will
    feel better too!

    Diane, so sorry about the confusion. If you feel you need a break, remember
    we hope you drop back by again!!

    Pam...the POOL! Well, maybe it will be really , really hot by the time it gets
    built and you will enjoy it.

    Grannie you are so supportive....hugs to you!

    I decided to go to McD's to get some Fish Bites. I love them. Can put them on
    the list of things I love and no one else does. They were not carrying them
    any longer.

    Saw a neighbor out in her yard. Had never met her or her huz but wondered
    what had happened to him since he never comes out any more. Well, he has
    passed. 3 years go. (gee times go by fast). She was a nice lady in her 70's
    and her disabled daughter lives next door and a woman named Sally lives
    next to the daughter and she is disabled too. AND, around the other side is
    a woman with MS.

    Gee, we could have our own support group. Actually, the daughter (age 53) is
    in the yoga class. Does that give you any idea about how easy the class is???

    So, so happy that you Lean, huz and DS were not in the middle of the Boston
    horribleness. How upsetting!

    It is just impossible for me to get to the doc's lab and fast for a test. So brother
    came up with the idea of buying a home glucose monitoring thing. I think I might
    get one if they are not too expensive. My doc has no clue to how bad off I am.
    There is a lab about 1 mile away but he won't hear of it.

    I have a Skype appt with Dr. Enlander to get back on the Hepapressin injections
    and the methylation protocol that Rich Van K would talk about. THe heppa contains Nexavir plus some amino acids. And Dr. E sell the methy suppleents on
    his site. He is a proponent of the LDN too. A patient of his gave him $1 million
    to set up his site. I think he is in his 70's and is there 3 days a week at different
    hours so that ppl over the world can make appts. I think he also has a research
    center. Anyway, that is Thurs.afternoon.

    Please pray my Skype will work! But if it doesn't I guess we can talk on the
    phone. Please pray my phone will work! haha It's old and 'quits' after awhile.
    Always something.

    Hugs to all!!

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry to have been MIA for a few days. I do not have energy to catch up with everyone's posts but send my usual good wishes for everyone's health and happiness.

    I got good news on Fri.; no torn tissues. I have a bone spur rubbing on the larger tendon and causing inflammation. The MRI showed a LOT of inflammation, hence, the pain. Each week, the pain gets worse. I'm icing it and taking acetaminophen and resting. This level of pain is exhausting. Can't get the surgery til May 14th so will have to just manage til then. I'll only be in a sling for a week and have a bit of PT. Had it been a rotator cuff tear, I'd have been in a sling for 12 weeks and months of healing. Thank you all for your kind good wishes. I'm grateful to you, my Online Family, for your support.

    My FL Family will be helping out. My girls wanted to come but I want to wait until I'm not in a sling and we can have some fun. So, between my three families, I'm gonna be fine.

    I hope that everyone else is fine and I send my love.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Dear Freida and Diane sometimes the written word can come across a dozen different ways especially for those of us with the illnesses we each have.Please don't let this upset either of you.A misunderstanding I'm sure.Leah you don't need to stress you are a very supportive and caring person.Diane I love your stories of kittens and dishes that make me hungry.Good luck to Mikie thinking about your shoulder and surgery.Linda I hope Skype works out sounds complicated to connect with the Dr. like that.Barry where are your wildlife stories when we need them hope your ok.Granie choir practice is done?Any planned trips as the weather changes?Take care all it has been a very long winter.
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Well, this DD sure can put us in a spin that hopefully would not have happened
    if we were well. (Though well ppl seem to have plenty of problems on their
    own, for sure.)

    Leah, you are the sweetest, kindest, full of humor. I just don't think that
    this could have been your fault at all. We just never know what stress
    is going on it another person's life. I hope Diane can understand that.

    Again, Leah, you did nothing to offend anyone on this board. Are you
    listening to me? I love you so much (and all of us here) and I want
    you to feel the love we all have for YOU!!!!

    One day at a time here. Life is just tough for us. I can hardly stand it
    and I get to leave the house for 2 hour spells. I don't know how you
    keep such a sweet spirit. I admire you SO MUCH!!!

    Please don't leave, Leah. Soon we can do personal messaging which, I
    think, can make the homebound feel more in contact in a personal way.

    I wish we had "like" buttons cause sometimes I totally agree with something
    that someone has said but don't really have the energy to post something.

    Mikie, I am hoping your news is good. Will reread it again later. I should have
    some energy since I slept all day but not so.

    Hugs to Pam, Grannie, Diane and anyone reading. Cause if you are reading
    here, you must be ill. It is just so hard at times.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My dear, dear friends, I hope you both stick around and let this thing go. It was the original post on that other thread which I found objectionable and it has been removed. I think it was just a knee-jerk reaction by someone who was overstressed by the acts of terror. I understand that but we cannot paint a whole group of people with a wide brush when it was only two individuals that we know of who commited these horrible and cruel acts.

    NEITHER OF YOU did anything wrong so, please, take a deep breath and try to stop stressing over this. Neither of you is capable of anything mean. You are both loving and caring people, as are all our people here. Please don't take offense and, please, stay with us. We love you both.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Shoulder hurts. I'm icing it up and not doing much but I have things to do so will have to get to them. Both daughters offered to come down but told them it's not necessary; my FL Family is taking good care of me. I want my DD's to come down when I'm well enough so that we can do things.

    Tweety caught a little bird yesterday and brought her trophy to lay before my door as an act of love for me. Well, the poor little thing was still alive. I put on gloves and held it and it stopped crying but when I turned it over, an organ was hanging out where her teeth had pierced it. My friend, Joan, started my car and I held the bird under the tailpipe to put it out of its misery. I know this sounds awful but it's better than letting the little bird go on suffering so. I told my friends if I ever get that bad off, please drag me under the tailpipe. Joan immediately volunteered :) We toasted with our coffee to the little bird to give it a sendoff over the Rainbow Bridge.

    I'm sending my usual thoughts and prayers to all of you, my Online Family. We are a family and need to stick together; we need one another.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Leah you thanked me so you must have read my post.I can't find it myself and was so upset to have lost it because I wrote from my heart but I see Linda said it too so I'm glad.Tile is being laid at the house and work is scheduled to get us in 6wks. Trying to stay positive to survive this.I am not good at pretending but Huz says we must to get contractors to finish.The house done is the most important thing right now.Well Mikie sorry you still need surgery and are in pain.Thank-you for telling me my house problems are common down here it helped me.Leah glad to hear you have some voice fingers crossed it comes back completely.See you all soon.
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Diane, I am so sorry for not posting that you are a wonderful person. I am sure
    that you must be. My reading ability is so bad that I have not read anything that
    you have posted (before). My love to you too!

    Ok, This is what I see going on:

    Mikie IS going to have surgery. Oh darn. But I hope it helps the pain! My twin
    told me tonite that she thinks she has a bone spur but not bad enough yet for
    surgery. Joys of aging!

    Pam, oh you and Leah's weight loss!! That really bothers me (having gone
    through it years ago) So hoping it will get better!

    Granni...Hugs to you and hope you are feeling as well as we can feel!!

    Of course, Jole, Barry and Rock, we miss you so much!!

    My deal here (from a health standpoint) is that I feel I am as bad as when
    I first got sick. The difference is that I have the tachycardia under control so
    I can eat. I am so thankful the wedding wasn't this year.

    I hate that the lab sold me about $600 worth of transfer factor that for me
    has been worthless (4 years old).

    But we try what we can and hope the ppl are being honest.

    Today was quiet. Trying to get my head around what Dr. Enlander and I will
    talk about. Which reminds me, Leah. Huz would adore a wife that couldn't/wouldn't speak. (not to make lite of your situation hopefully). He
    is a recluse when he gets home.

    We got Brother an iphone for $.99 and, now Twin says they are free at They must have made way too many of the ones that came out
    2 years ago! Texting is a way of communicating without talking! But I find
    that no one responds (the family that is). Sigh.

    Leah can't talk and my mob don't respond. (I have started using the word mob
    instead of family. It suits us).

    Thanks for telling me, Leah, that ya'll had "like" for awhile. Too bad it didn't
    work out.

    Love to all,

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I hope everyone is doing well. I am managing my shoulder pain but it gets worse as time goes by. I think the bone spur rubbing, or impinging as the doc says, the tendon just keeps irritating it and making it worse. There was mucho inflammation showing up on the MRI. I was surprised. I think bone spurs, which are painful, should be removed before they get as bad as mine. The docs in the practice I use are the best in the area and I had to wait 3 wks. to schedule the surgery. I absolutely have to get some things done around here. Fortunately, because there are no tears, I have strength and it won't hurt to use the shoulder if I rest it in between. I thank you all for your kind good wishes.

    Nurse from the surgical center called me yesterday and asked me the same questions the woman who scheduled the surgery asked me. They have electronic charts. The surgical center and PT are all part of the practice. Good grief, why don't they share. I don't think she appreciated it that I brought that up. I had to go out and buy a man's shirt which buttons up the front in order that it fits around this cumbersome sling which I will come out of surgery with. I wasn't happy about that. She suggested I go to Goodwill. Oh, yeah, and get a shirt with man sweat imbedded in it. I went to Bealls and got one on sale. I also had a $10 coupon. The shirt is an XXL. That should fit! I got a Hawaiian print in purple and pink. It has white in it and I'll wear my big baggy pull-on pants I got just for the occasion. I should look like a clown.

    Pam, I'm glad you feel better about the house. Just get the agreement about the pool in writing and hold the contractor to it. They will promise anything. I'm sorry this happened to you but our consumer column writer at our newspaper is always writing about this. Good luck. The important thing is that the house will get finished.

    Linda, good to see you here. I am so sorry that your health hasn't improved. When I look back, or read my old journals, I realize that I kept thinking that if the next thing would just work, I'd feel well. Even though the peptide injections were a big success, I got the Atlanta flu, found out wheat was making me sick, and now, this shoulder thing. I've decided that, since the flu seems to be gone (knocking on wood) and my shoulder will heal, perhaps I really will feel well and not just for a short time. I've also decided to live for each day and stop living in a future which may not materialize. If your dear twin is in pain from the bone spur, I highly recommend she, at least, get it diagnosed because the pain can go from not much to yikes! in no time. I hope and pray you feel better.

    Leah, I know that stress only builds on stress until it can overwhelm a person. I've learned some destressing techniques along the way, including breathing exercises. I know this loss of voice has to be extremely stressful. Try to separate the stressors over which you have control and do whatever you need to do to deal with those. Since you have no control over things like terrorism, just say a prayer and know you've done all you can. Know that things are in God's hands. I think He expects us to do what we can and He takes over from there. You are too kind and nice of a person to be so weighed down by stress on top of your physical health.

    I once worked with a very religious man. He prayed and worried and prayed and worried. I asked him whether he had considered that if he prayed and continued to worry after invoking God's help if that didn't show a lack of faith. He said he never looked at it that way. After that, he prayer and just let go and let God deal with it. We carry an awful lot on our shoulders that I think God is willing to carry for us. I hope you all are not offended by my posting this. I am not particularly religious but I am spiritual. If this offends anyone, please just skip by it.

    Diane, please, if you are reading posts, stop by. I've known you quite a while here and know you to be a lovely and kind person. You would never do anything to offend anyone. We miss you.

    Jole, I know you may be busy with family. Please know my prayers are with you all.

    Rock, I hope your absence isn't because you are sick or your computer is sick. We miss you finely tuned sense of humor and all the things you teach us. You open the world to us.

    Granni, I know what a busy person you are. Please just drop in from time to time to let us know what is going on.

    Did I miss anyone? I hope not. I'm so exhausted dealing with this pain that my poor old pea brain isn't even up to it's usual poor cognitive abilities.

    I love you all and send prayers and warm, healing hugs everyone's way.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    So glad you are seeing the Dr even though I understand your doubt on getting any help so I'll pray for a miracle in that.Just getting there will be taxing enough on you.Yes that was my misplaced post you so graciously dug up for me.Can't wait to get good Internet reception.Saw the new Rhuemy yesterday.Appt at 4 was seen well after 5what a killer that was,almost walked out but he's the only game in town.So he was nice and even though I wanted to rush it he took time and was even helpful.Weight loss could mean I need more zinc and he wrote it all out with what brands for a couple different supplements.Now if you remember I do not bother with any of that but I will give it a try since my way isn't exactly working for me.Thanks Mikie for advice we have it in writing and hope it doesn't come to that.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JUst got back from an overnight tirp to the casion. DH and I did OK this time and I more or less broke even I would say which is good :)!! I will need the money this week for hair treatments, cut andother things. How nice this morning to actually win $200 while waiting for friends to show up for breakfast. I actually got 4 Aces and one a little over $200 in video poker. I find it hard with all the machines they are putting in now. I don't like most of them but there are few old timey ones besides the video poker that will work for me ( if they pay me back ) :)!! Anyway waw had a really fun time anyway.

    The food and all was delicious and we came home after breakfast. We thought we might have some storms as there were all kinds of big black clouds all over. However, we didn't get anything all the way . It takes about 3 or a little more hours to drive into LA.

    So nice to hear from most of my friends on the Lounge and the Porch.

    DIANE - Missing you sweetie. I hope you do not think that you were one that said things that were supposedly not very nice. Actually I didn't see anything, or at least anything that might offend someone. I know if there was, you surely didn't do it. You are as sweet and thoughtful as can be.. Hope you will come back to us soon. I know you will be missed by many , including me.

    Mikie - when are you having your surgery?? Hope all goes well for you, let us know, or at least me if everyone else knows. Maybe I missed something in my flash reading.

    I cannot remember what everyone else has said in their posts. Just glad you posted and let us kow you are all doing more or less OK, just the usual mostly. Special thoughts and prayers to Mikie, Leah, Pam and Diane !!

    Have lots to do since we have been gone for one whole day. Have to run for now.

    Love to everyone,
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Wanted to let you know I have read about the doc appts/surgery (funny about
    the clothes Mikie!)

    Sounds like you had a good time Granni....that is so great!!

    I will be back tomorrow or the next day.

    We are still looking for brother a girl friend. He wants one with a
    "waist". That is really hard to find around here. Including me, not
    that I want to be his girlfriend. Sober companion is good enough for
    you Elementary watchers (on tv).

    Love to all,
  21. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope all is well with everyone. I need to go and get dressed for a luncheon/meeting.

    Mikie - When are you having your surgery? Hope and pray all will go well and it is soon so you can start to hopefully feel better.

    In trying to get to this spot here on the thread I reread your post. Yes, we all need to stick by and help each other .

    DIANE - Hope to see you soon. You are already missed and we know uncapable to hurt anyone, at least no intentionally. This incident or whatever was no ones fault, of our friends. and surely not yours.

    Just wanted to pop in for a minute. Not sure if I will get back today. This week will be a busy one. Have a hair appt. tomorrow and that takes awhile. Am on a dinner group committee for this Sunday coming up so have lots of little things to do.

    Wanted to say HI to all the great Loungers today.

    Hugz to everyone,
  22. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Don't have time or energy to address everyone, unfortunately. It hurts my shoulder to type. I'm sorry. I've been trying to get some things done around here before surgery but it just seems as though I expend so much energy and end up in pain and get so little done. Whine, whine, whine!

    Surgery is May 14. Wish it were sooner because the pain never goes away. I'm just taking acetaminophen but am taking the max dose. I ice it too. It's that time of day when it starts to hurt worse so will make this short. Y'all know I love you so much; you are family.

    Love, Mikie