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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    This will be all about brother since it is late and, well, it is late.

    I found out from the UPS woman, Dorina, that the place to meet up is
    at the Moose Lodge about 6 miles from us. It is on the way to Vero Beach
    (heading out of town toward Vero, I mean. So, I have not been up on it.

    So they are having a steak nite Friday to raise some money for one of their
    charities and we are all going.

    If you join the Mooses you can go to a 70 acre retirement place near Jacksonville (where one of the son's lives with his mob). This might be really good news.

    Miss you too Diane!! Hope you come back to us.

    Barry.....That means you to..:)

    Love to all.

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I knew I missed someone when I was trying to recall who I had not seen in the Lounge lately. Barry, I'm so sorry. I miss you. My mind is a mess due to the 24/7 pain from this shoulder. I'm so tired; constant pain really takes it out of a person. I know many here have pain 24/7 and I know that's what takes its toll. As always, I send warm, healing hugs and prayers. Since the peptide injections, I have not had the FMS pain. I just get rid of one thing and up pops another. OK, I'm a whiner but whining helps me.

    I actually got some things done yesterday. I cut my hair, showered and styled it, put on makeup and went to the store. Publix had a $10 coupon for spending $50 on groceries. Heck, it takes no time to spend $50. They had a BOGO on those little prepared fruit salads so I got two small ones. I had one for lunch and will eat the other today. This doesn't sound like much but I also cleaned out my purse and switched to another one. I got a super deal on a Nine West purse at Bealls Outlet store and had to buy it. I'm tired of my old one--I mean, really tired. This new one is more basic looking and big enough to put things in if I need to.

    That's all I had energy to do. I hope to clean bathrooms today. AACK! Not my favorite chore but I love a sparkling clean bathroom. I woke at 4:00 so decided to get up and put Simon's bowl out for him. I just looked and he had eaten some of it. He's lounging just outside my door like he belongs here. Tweety came in earlier but turned up her nose at cream and her food. I'm having a problem with putting the cats' food out on the balcony. Black birds are flying down and eating their food. Then, the cats don't want to eat it. Tweety almost got one. She is really mad at birds and killed one but not one of the guilty culprits.

    The Adubon Society and Florida Wildlife Society are trying to outlaw outside cats, both feral and domestic. They claim they kill wildlife. Well, that's true but where I live, we have otters, alligators, racoons, possums, armadillos, foxes and even a coyote. I've seen hawks with small critters, like mice, in their talons as they fly overhead. One falcon regularly eats his prey sitting on a limb outside my condo.

    Animal control traps feral cats here and returns them to their habitat. This keeps the feral cat population down and decreases the number of animals euthanized. Simon gets fed regularly and is a healthy cat. I'm sure he hunts but the hunting these cats do is small by comparison to the hunting done by other animals. Tweety and Sylvester are well fed but it's their nature to hunt. As I mentioned, Tweety got a bird yesterday and Sylvester got a gecko. These cats came here as half-grown kittens used to living outside. There is no way they can be kept inside now at age two. The food we put out is always taken inside at night so we don't attract nocturnal wildlife.

    If there is a law against outside cats, I worry for ours. They do no harm. Last I looked, there is no shortage of birds and geckos. Would I rather they just eat their food? Of course, but that's not realistic. One plus is that we never have rats or mice. If the cats don't get them, the raptor birds do. OK, this is my rant du jour.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Just wanted to pop in to say hi to awl !

    Freida, I read your note to on the Porch and dropped you a short note to you and everyone, Nothing that exciting we understand why can't post to much.

    Mikie - Hope all goes well with your surgery soon. I know you will be so happy to get it all over and done with and hoefully final relief from all your pain and discomfort.

    Diane - So gald to hear from her and hope her herxing and all will disappear soon. Not sure if I hace had that or not. I just have enough pain and all everyday I probably wouldn't notice it , if I had it :)!!

    Linda - Not sure I understand the story about becoming a "moose" or not but my brain is a bit off today anyway. Keep us laughing sweetie.

    Not sure if I will have time to post this busy weekend but may have time to just check in.

    Love to everyone including Rock, Barry and all those I can not think of at this moment.

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It's 3:30 in the afternoon and I haven't been online yet. Shoulder is better. Mary suggested I switch from acetaminophen to ibuprophen for the inflammation and it is soooooooo much better. I cleaned one bathroom yesterday and cleaned the other one this morning. Then, I took a shower and Barb, her houseguest from Scotland and I went to the flea market. I found an even larger men's shirt in a nicer fabric and Hawaiian print to wear for my surgery. It's sooooo big, I can wear it for a housecoat :) I also got a nice visor for going out in the sun. It's a bright Hawaiian print. My old golfing one is falling apart. We had lunch at a place we've never been near the Country Club and the Thomas Edison Estate. We could have eaten down on the patio but chose instead to eat up on the veranda under a fan. It was heavenly. I had a Cobb Salad and had to bring home half of it. It'll go well with the leftover Cajun talapia I made for my dinner last night.

    I feel happy today. I think it's because the pain has been mostly gone. Simon came early for his breakfast. I let Tweety and Sylvester in to eat inside while Simon ate on the balcony. T&S turned up their spoiled little noses at their food. I laced it with catnip and treats and they scarfed it down. I was sitting out on the balcony watching the full moon set and Simon came back and cried for more food from the bottom of the stairs. I put his bowl on the landing and sat back down on the balcony. He slooooowly crept up the stairs and ate while I watched. That's huge progress for his trusting me. Unfortunately, the kids across the street came out to go meet their school bus and scared him away. He now knows he can come and ask for food and I'll feed him.

    This has been such a lovely day. What makes it so good is sitting out in the dark looking at the moon while it was still quiet out; getting T&S to eat; gaining more trust from Simon; having much less pain; and enjoying lunch with friends. It's the little things which make life worth living. Unfortunately, for so many of us, illness doesn't allow us to enjoy even the simple pleasures. I know what that's like and I pray for us all everyday. Just enjoying the sights of Spring can lift a spirit.

    Leah, I certainly do understand what you were explaining. I'm so glad you are here. You lift our spirits every day.

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes. I feel better knowing what I need to get done before I'm in a sling and also what I want to get done. Afterward, I can just rest, watch TV and read. Well, that and doing my PT.

    My love and prayers to everyone, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. spacee

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    There really would not be much going on except for the Mooses, but that is later.

    Mikie, ibuprofen!! What a wonder drug! Glad it let you get up and out and find
    some things you needed. It helps so much. I have been to Edison's place but
    I was a chid so do not remember anything but it was a neat place.

    Leah, so the plants are greening outside your windows. That is wonderful.
    Still hoping that you can get in with the doc on Monday!!!! You really need
    to be seen. I am so sorry you are in such misery! (Hugs).

    Granni, glad you said "Hi" Hope your weekend is good.

    Ok, the Moose Lodge. I could tolerate it with a bit of Xanax cause it didn't really
    have windows. We were a bit confused and somehow sat at the "Birthday" table
    and someone came over and wanted to know which of us was having one. He
    was trying in a nice way to say "hello".

    But I won't be retiring to the 73 acre retirement place for mooses cause you
    you have to be a member for 15 years. That was pretty disappointing. There
    are so many ppl who have left Lake Wales, I was ready to be one of them!

    Hahaha about Winston inviting a Moose here. Winston has the basement.
    And it has all the things he and a Moose might need. Also, we, upstairs can
    retire to our separate bedrooms so we don't have to interact :) Unless there
    was a desire to do so. Well, really strength, brain know the drill.

    Of course, Huz did not like the Lodge. That figures. It isn't a golf course. He
    has a one track mind.

    To eat there again, we would have to join and swear we are moral, upstanding
    ppl. Two of the three of us might qualify. I'll leave it to your imagination to pic
    out who might not :)

    What I am really concerned about is when you join something, they expect you
    to "help" with things. It would seem odd to some that two of us are disabled,
    since we still look healthy. Not sure how much longer it will be that way at
    our age.

    Ok, Kiddos. I am off to the races. Barry, didn't post more when I was gone.
    Are you sending a coded message? Well, post when you can,your posts are
    so colorful.

    I think this is way too long. Later gators!


  6. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    i am just beginning to see green grass here! Daffodils are blooming.

    I happy here at my assisted living----much happier that I ever thought.

    I can take only Extra Strength Tylenol-------aspirin types tear up my stomach. I take baby aspirin and that's OK.

    Just a note-----

    Gentle Hugs,
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, I've never been on a tour of the Edison Estate and have lived here 16 yrs. I guess it's nice to go at Christmas. I don't have good feelings toward Edison because he used Nicola Tesla and then kicked him out without the promised $50,000 when he was developing the electrical grid. Edison thought DC was the way to go and Tesla joined up with Westinghouse to produce AC electrical grids. DC was not practical and Edison was so obsessed with proving AC dangerous that he invented the electric chair. The first time it was used, it took forever for the condemned man to die in agony. Edison regretted it for the rest of his life. Westinghouse and Tesla parted ways and Tesla died broke and alone in a hotel room. He has since been credited with inventing the radio and not Marconi. Tesla was a brilliant man. Had Edison not cheated him, who knows what the two might have invented.

    Lilac, it's so good to hear from you. I'm glad you like it where you're living. I'm also glad you are enjoying the signs of Spring. Down here, the only way we know it's Spring is because it's getting hotter and more humid. Whine, whine, whine.

    Haven't gotten anything done but go out to Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. I got the cats two new food bowls. Their old ones were getting a bit corroded from sitting outside. Their new ones are very chi chi. Today, Simon was very late coming to get his breakfast. It was light out and there were three of us on the balcony talking. I talked to him and told him I'd bring his bowl down. He ran around the bushes in front and waited for me to set his bowl down between two bushes so he would feel more secure while he ate. I know this may not sound like much but it's huge progress in his trusting me enough to come out in daylight and ask me directly for food. It's also huge that he understands me enough to know that I'll bring his bowl to him where he's safe. I'll likely never be able to pet him but he now talks to me and gives me love looks.

    I also got two solar powered garden decorations at BB&B, a moon and a sun, which should glow tonight. I bought a bottle of that Tag Away as seen on TV. I hope it works. I got some food at Target, including a rosted chicken. It was sooooo good. I fixed veggies and a sweet tater. I don't know whether or not I'll have enough energy to do much else. As soon as I sign off, I have to go pay some bills online. AACK!!!

    AACK!!! again! I just got a new Macy's card and added it to my payees at the bank and they can't get it there on time. I'll have to physically go to Macy's and pay my bill. It took two months for them to get the first bill to me and then, they only gave me a week to pay. After this, it should go faster. Still, one more errand to run.

    My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good to see you here. Your new doggie sounds like a sweetie. I love Corgis.

    I actually should be able to do more than I do. The peptide shots were successful. Unfortunately, I didn't know eating wheat was making me so exhausted. Now that it's out of my system, I have more energy, just in time for shoulder surgery. Still, I shouldn't complain because if I still had all my old problems, I'd likely be unable to do anything.

    I can't believe you were able to make those three trips. I do understand and I would likely have been crying. Bless your heart for taking a rescue dog. I'm sure the man is happy that his dog has a good home.

    I decided I had to get something done so I unloaded the dishwasher and ran the vacuum and tile floor cleaner. It feels sooooo good but I'm off for more ibuprophen and ice.

    My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Barry - I just had to tell you. Sorry but I was not the one interested in getting a guinea hen. So glad you dropped by and got a new doggie. He sounds like a cutie. I know you will all enjoy each others company. I know his old owner was glad to have him go to a caring owner(s),

    Mikie - Glad you are feeling better now that you are off you wheat but hope you will be feeling much better after your shoulder surgery coming up soon.

    Have to go and start thinking about dinner soon and tomorrow is our turn to be on the committee for out dinner group. So we had to help plan the meal, decorate and all that. When that is over we don''t have to fuss with it until next year :)!! Next time we just go and eat ):!!

    Love to everyone including all our MIA's !
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks for the good wishes. I'm sure my shoulder will heal speedily and I'll feel better. I still have more than two weeks to get things done before the surgery but I have to go slowly and not aggravate the shoulder. Today, I'm taking it easy. I'm writing this from my bed while I watch "Midnight in Paris," a wonderful Woody Allen film. I love Paris and the idea of going back in time to meet artists of the '20's intrigues me. I've watched it before but it's good all over again.

    You sound as busy as ever. I'm so glad you can do so many things you enjoy. I'm hoping that I'll eventually be able to do more. I'll never be able to keep up with you but I don't think most people can. You're a whirlwind!

    I still have to clean out one more thing--an armoire in my bedroom. It houses the TV on top but has drawers and doors with shelves down below. I've got to get rid of some things. I have other chores I need to do around here. I'm keeping my eyes on the prize--time to loll after the surgery. As soon as I get the sling off, after about a week, I want to start going to the pool and working out in the water.

    Mornings are still lovely here but gets sooooo hot in the afternoons. Thankfully, we can still sit out on the Balcony to have our morning coffee. The cats frolic on the lawn while we visit and have coffee but they pass out in the shade in the afternoons. Of course, they really come alive at night. I got two decorative little solar globes, one a moon and the other a sun, which light up at night and change colors. I put them in the plants next to the stairwell. I also have little solar crackled glass globes in white scattered throughout the bushes in front. It's enchanting at night. I'm a sucker for that stuff. We have white Christmas lights in the shade tree next to the Balcony but one light is out and I need to fix it.

    For now, though, I'm going to veg out for a while. I hope everyone else is relaxing today and enjoying life and Spring.

    Love, Mikie

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Keep on relaxing while you can. Thanks for the shout out :)!! If yoou think I'm a whirlwind, I really wish I was but that is impossible. I guess the busiest things I do in my singing and of course do what I can in the house, like the washing and cooking. Unfortunatly, I do as little of that as I can get away with. However, I do MOST of the cooking and all the washing so that is plenty. Most of the sut bunnies wait till my helpder comes every month or 6 weeks or so. I thought I would never need one but I do. The pain is bad enough just doing the normal stuff and Ipush myself as far as the energy goes.

    Just got back from helping decorate for our dinner group. I am glad we only have to take charge once a year. I finally finished making the e Mexican Layered dips before going. It took soem time and I would have made it all yesterday if I didnpt have to fool with the avocados. Don't like to open them up until almost last minute as they can turn a real nasty color if opened to long to early. Not sure the lemon juice will always keep the avocados fresh and green looking. I was so tired after making those today. I even mixed some of the things together but layered yet yesterday, That did save a bit of time today but still look some time.

    Have to get there a little early this evening to prepare for all the people coming- like 42 or 44 I think. There will be tacos too and cookies, pralines, home made pico de gallo among other things. It s hould be fun and good food. Of course there will also be a Margarita machine fro the club to make Margaritas.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend , what little is left of it.

    Love you and everyone,
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    The weekend is about gone and a new week is here.

    Leah, you are really in my thoughts. Hoping for some good news for you this
    week!!! You are past due for some!

    Barry!! A new 4 year old doggie from the Rescue place. Those places are so
    good. Son just moved to a house with a big back yard. Their rescued dog is
    in doggie heaven. She is at least part lab and needs some space :)

    Loved your beautiful description of your land. I will go to sleep thinking of
    the plants and flowers! Thank you!!

    At our house we have a new pet. A black snake. There has been an absence
    of mice in the attic, so we will keep him. I think I will just use another door
    when going out. Brother has met Blackie a few times taking out Patrick (15yo
    mininature poodle).

    Grannie..Lots of work but sounds like so much fun. Are you celebrating Cinco
    de Mayo....haha. Just kidding. I think May 5th is a bit off.

    Since we are not foodies around here, so to speak. We have been enjoying
    the "Greens" Prohealth sells. You can use it with just water but we do go all
    out and throw in some organic banana, blueberries and strawberry. (refrigerated
    or frozen). Tastes good and makes me feel better about what we eat here. haha

    Love to you MIA's, hope you are all doing ok.
    and love to all us who post or just lurk.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a very quick one as when DH gets home he needs the computer. The party came off very well last nice and the food was all yummy !! I just took a little bit home of my layered didp as well as some others gooding that they had left over. No, it wasn't an early Cinco De Mayo party although it could have been. Even the cute decorations we bought and put up were Mexican. Yay, now we don't have to bother with doing any more parties this year. We just show up :)!!

    Eating breakfast as I type. Then I have to get dressed before going to Line Dancing. I haven't made it to Line Dancing in about a month or so for one reason or another. Last week we were gone and then other things just seem to need doing then.

    Hope to hear form some more MIA's on both the Lounge and the Porch. Missing so many friends.

    Hi to Rock, Diane,Pam, Mikie, Barry et al.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hope y'all are doing well, both those here and those MIA.

    Granni, Costco sells guacamole already made. It comes with separate packets so you can just defrost and use what you need. Nothing to prepare. I make a killer guac but I can't resist how easy Costco's is. No one in the hood likes Mexican food. They are mostly from the NE and didn't grow up enjoying Mexican food like we did in CO. The restaurants here don't make very good Mexican food. The best one is celebrating with specials all week leading up to Cinco de Mayo. The Second is Chimmi Day. I have to go even if I end up dragging someone with me. I need to check to see whether they have burgers for those with no Latino eating genes.

    Linda, we have those black snakes outside but have never found one inside. We have no mice but the hawks, falcons, and cats take care of that. I love a good cat willing to do a little mousework on the side :) I went to move a flower pot which was blocking one of our sprinkler heads and there was a baby black snake all curled up under it. I just put it back and will check on him later.

    Nothing much to tell. My activities finally caught up with me. I ended up making today one of my spa days. I did exfoliating, personal landscaping and put some Argan Oil on my face. I also put the Argan Oil Lotion all over my old dried up bod. I had a nice soothing bath and slipped into a clean cotton nightshirt. I'm in heaven. I'm going to spray some keratin treatment into my hair and will wash it in the shower tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have a lot of errands to do. Barb's houseguest gave me $30 in Beall's Bucks as she won't be here. That just like giving me $30 in cash. If nothing else, I can buy K-Cups for my coffee maker. That means I'll get 18 K-Cups for around $2. Not bad!

    Think I'll get the plantation shutters from Lowe's while I'm out. I would really like to get them installed before my surgery. They are easy to install once you have done it one time. House is clean except for my messy office which I'll finish before the surgery. I still have two weeks. I'll give the place a quick clean just before and it should hold me til I'm able to resume my activities.

    Barb and her houseguest wanted me to go out with them but I really need this day to rest. I'll be going in to catch up on several shows on On Demand. I didn't want to have to shower today. I want to do the Keratin treatment before I shampoo. My nails are good but will do them just before the surgery. I do clear on my hands so that should be OK. If not, they'll remove the polish at the surgical center. It's amazing how much planning goes into something like this. When we did our personality types in one of my college communication classes, I found out that I'm a forward thinker and planner. My friends think I'm strange but, heck, who wants to come home in a sling and discover that things need doing which can't be done. Besides, I know I'll be able to just rest and recover if everything is shipshape.

    I hope all our members are feeling shipshape today.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Any time I may have to make that dip again I maight try Sams. We don't have any Costco's close by. Maybe all the way in Houston but not here. We go to Sams for a lot of stuff that we use a lot. My daughter goes to Costco where they love and I hear it is great. We go to Sams quite often and their prices and what they carry is great. Fortunatly we have an extra freezer and good space to keep other things too. You have to have good storage to shop there. Luckily, we do.

    We didn't eat Mexoican at all when we lived in NY, which is where we both are from. When we moved down south we got to enjoy all the Mexican good stuff. Not all of it is hot as some people think. It depends on the recipe and the one cooking it :)!!! It is also easy here to buy tortillas, and good taco chips. I'm sure I also could have bought the guac from our local Mexican restaurants too. Our favority Mexican place has wonderful food. Didn't know what we were missing in NYC although nowadays they might even have it now with alal the different ethnic restuarants around.

    That is a smart thing Mikie to do now what you won't be able to do later on when you are in a sling. I try to do that kind of thing to before hand but my nails aren't that great anyway. They just want to break all the time and peal when they finally get to looking nice. I like to put clear on too and the hard as Nails products to try and keep them from breaking. One in a blue moon I get them done when I have my toe nails done. Sometimes they get to looking terrible and it is hard for me to bend down and be able to see what I was doing !! They still look half way descent now with polish on them from the last time. When it gets to be springy time and I wear sandals I TRY to get them looking nice, if can. I didn't have the time or $ to do it when my kids were still all with us.

    Rest while you can so you won't be all worn out for your surgery.

    Love to everyone,
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Wanted to mention first, as I was going to sleep thinking of Barry's flowers
    that Lilac came to my mine and I didn't mention you on my post!! I am SO
    glad you like the assisted living home. That helps sooo much!!

    I still haven't gotten over that we didn't become mooses about 15 years
    ago and we could have retired to the 73 acre place. They have assisted
    living on the cheap!

    I am laughing at you Mikie! All we women think of before a proceedure. Men,
    I guess all they think of is being clean...haha.

    Grannie, now you can sit back and enjoy the parties....Good for you!!

    I had the hour long conference with Dr. Enlander in New York. I couldn't
    imagine what all we could talk about for that long but he is chatty.
    Leah, you won't guess this since he is from Northern Ireland but he is a
    Kosher Jew. So all his products are kosher. And he makes them vegan cause
    a lot of ppl are vegan these days.

    He really seems to care about all us CSFers and FMers. He thinks it is the same
    illness. I have to see my doc here to get the RX for hepapressin and send it
    to him and they will mail it to me. It is like kutapressin but with all the things
    Rich VK used included. I forgot to ask the price. How could I do that? I think
    my brain was fried from the hour conversation.

    I love a good mouser!!

    Ok, this is what I think the ppl on FB who are housebound do. They leave their
    webcams on as they are resting and ppl can pop in and visit with them. If
    you can stand the stimulation, it does give you human contact.

    That's all I know :)

    Love to all!!
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just popped in to see how everyone is doing.

    Leah, I'm so glad that the fact that your voice is stronger may be a positive thing. I'll pray that it is. I also pray because I know another doc visit is hard for you. I'm so glad you have your Hubby.

    Linda, Dr. Enlander sounds so caring and compassionate. My old specialist and I both believe that CFIDS/ME, FMS and Gulf War Illness are all parts of the same condition, just manifested in different ways. He also things gut issues are part of the condition. I'm not going vegan, or even vegitarian, but I've left the wheat and corn seems to bother me the same way. My friend told me that Monsanto is responsible for all the GMO wheat, corn and soy. I don't eat soy but guess I'll be staying away from corn from now on. Thank God, booze doesn't bother me :)

    Granni, we have both Sam's Club and Costco here. Barb belongs to both and she likes them both. From what I can tell, they are very similar but I've never been to Sam's. Costco is literally just down the street. We are very lucky here because we are in a residential area and you would never know that so many shops are so close. We are also close to the beach and airport. I think we get spoiled.

    My shoulder is still hurting today despite all the ibuprophen. I have to wait 8 hrs. between doses. I have been practicing driving with only one hand. I did it before with the right arm in a sling but I'm out of practice. I think having the left one unavailable will be easier. I like to be prepared; it really does make things easier in the end. Speaking of the end--when I turned out of our neighborhood to see my doc to get the results of the MRI, there were two vultures sitting on a sign and looking at me like I was to be their next meal. Yikes! I hope that wasn't an omen :)

    Today was errand day. I got the plantation shutters from Lowe's for both my bedroom windows. I'll get them up before surgery. If I have time, I'll get the one up in the front office. I stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up what I forgot to get the other day--pepper corns and one of those stretchy water hoses. My old toaster has been doing a horrible job of toasting so I picked up a new stainless Cuisinart toaster. I love their appliances; they work better and have longer warranties. Most of their small applainces have three-year warranties.

    Then, I went to Macy's and paid my bill. Nothing there I wanted but it's next door to Penney's so I popped in and bouth two more black Liz Clairborne tee shirts and one white one. They were only 10 and are so well made and fit so beautifully. They have pintuck fronts in varying widths. They can be worn every day or really dressed up. They are almost gone. Another woman was also back for more of them. One of these days, I have to clean out my old faded tees to make more room. Either that or buy some of Joy Mangano's hanger sets on HSN.

    I'm a little worried because I sent that watch back to HSN and they haven't received it. I have a tracking no. but guess they can't find it in their system. I used the EZ return label and the woman at HSN says that can take a long time. I hope they still have the watches because I asked for an exchange. When I'm through here, I need to register my toaster and contact the warranty company to get my TV fixed. I'm concerned because they can choose to fix it or replace it. I have heard that replacements are usually refurbished. That's OK but I'm concerned that any replacement have the same number of HDMI, video, and memory card outlets/slots. If not, I'll tell them it's not acceptable.

    Can y'all tell I've been putting things off? Why is it that when we are sick or in pain, we just don't want to deal with anything? Yesterday was my younger daughter's and SIL's anniversary. I didn't get my usual card to them nor did I call yesterday because I felt horrible. I did call today and left a message.

    Simon hasn't come around for breakfast for three days. He finally showed up this morning at 5:00. The skin was off his tail in a long stripe like something had run over it. I can't imagine how he got such a wound. Otherwise, he looked and moved normally. Poor little guy. He ate every bit of food in the bowl. Tweety and Sylvester don't eat much but do drink a lot of cream. Jeff, their guardian, came over with an exotic camellion (sp?). He's a wildlife warden and is on a list of approved people to keep exotic animals. There were two of these creatures caught over by Miami so they called him to see whether he wanted them. Otherwise, they would be killed. He gave one away to a responsible owner and kept one. She is bright lime green with white circles on her sides outlined in black. When she is happy, she is lime green; when she isn't, she is solid black. She seemed to like all of us touching her. What an interesting place I live in.

    Well, dear friends, I've written another "W&P." I'm always thinking of my Online Family and keeping y'all in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry you had to send your watch back? Did you not like the color or was something wrong with it? Hope they get it soon and that you get a a color that you like (that is left). I too have order quite a few things through HSN. I think they are very good esp about taking things back. Yes, sometimes it does take some time for some reason. They have neat things, I feel badly for poor Simon who seemed to havae gotten hurt but glad he has your place to go to for food. Does he let you pet him?

    BTW, they now have some jeans on sale at HSN but have to check them out. They aren't cheap but I need to get rid of a lot of jeans that I have that so great - don't fit well. I need a couple of pairs that go up to the waist and not down by the hips for those little teenagers and very thin youngsters.:)!!! I have always been thin but now have a tummy and have always had hips :)!! No NRG for lots of exercises but do try and go to the gym for the treadmill and a few other machines at least 2x a week. It is mostly for my osteoporosis and try and keep me at least somewhat flexible . This FM , OA and Osteoporosis stinks !!

    I know what you mean about letting things go when you feel like - - - -! I finally went and put some heavy things upstairs and took down and found some shorts that I thought were lost, or at least I couldn't find them next year. Can you believe it is in the 80-'s today and towards the end of the week it is getting cold again. I did leave some lighter turtle necks out where I can get them when I need them. It is frustrating too when you are in between sizes sometimes or when I went shopping a couple of years ago they had a a great sale in Sams on shorts and they were limited in the number of Mediums. So I got the colors I liked in both small and medium. In other types of shorts and brands I can wear a Small. In others I am a medium, just depends.

    Frieda - Glad your voice seems to be doing a little bit better. Yes, your huz seems like a real keeper to do for you all that he does and for his understanding of your problems. I know it must have been hard to get to the doctor but glad you went. Hope he can help you in some way. I don't particularly like to go to docs either that much but do what I have to do. Going in a couple of days to see my Rheumy for some scripts.

    Rock - Thinking about you my friend and hope you are not feeling to badly and that your computer is behaving for you :)!!.

    Hi to everyone else not mentioned.

    Hope everydobby is feel OK or as well as can be .

    Love to awl.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I went outside to sit in the shade with Barb and her houseguest. It's hot but there is a balmy breeze. My hair is frizzing. Yes, the weather is all over the place. It's been hot in Denver and they are to get snow again. Yikes!

    I buy Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and Capri pants. They do hang on the hips just a bit but I love the fit. I've never tried the HSN jeans; are they the Diane Gillman ones? They are supposed to fit well. I never buy clothing online. I like to feel things before buying. I buy Adrienne Arpel skincare products and they are great for my skin. The watch didn't keep time and I asked them to replace it if there are any left. We'll see. I'll heave a sign of relief when it gets to them. I don't want to get stuck if it gets lost or stolen. I don't return much but what I have returned has always gotten there.

    Simon is part Siamese and he has the beautiful blue eyes and is beige and chocolate. I can see some rings on his tail so he isn't purebred. He appears to have been someone's cat but, obviously, underwent a great trauma and won't let anyone near him. He runs down about five steps to the landing while I take his bowl out and he waits until I shut the storm door before he'll eat. Sometimes, he sleeps on my chair outside or across the top step of the stairs. I think he enjoys have somewhat of a place to call home. I doubt he'll ever let me pet him but he gives me the sweetest love looks.

    I have found that if I have a schedule, it turns into dread. I just make a list of what needs doing and when I feel up to it, I do it. Today, I put a little pressure on myself to get some things done I didn't want to do. I glad now that I did. I think I have enough energy to reorganize a few shelves in the bedroom and then, I'll call it a day. I haven't decided whether or not to call the A/C man until after the surgery. I usually don't have him come out to check it out until June so will likely wait. I still need a followup with my dermatologist and I need the works at the GYN--PAP, mammo and Dexascan. Fortunately, it's all in one place and in one appt. That helps.

    I was going to register my new toaster online when I decided to go outside. When I came back in, I saw your post. I hope you can find the jeans you are looking for. Take care of yourself.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just got "The Great Gatsby" for my Kindle. It'll be out in a new movie in less than two weeks, I think. Stephen Colbert claims he is starting a book club and this is the first book. I don't know whether to believe him or not. In any case, I read the book eons ago and, after watching "Midnight In Paris" again, I thought I'd reread it. I'm tired of reading about Monsanto's sins and how WWI got started. I need a novel. It's perfect for me to read while I go to bed early, take my pain meds and ice the shoulder. My work for the day is done.

    BTW, I finally forced myself to call Walmart's warranty dept. What nice people. The tech I talked to knew the problem I'm having. She said it's the main board and should be able to be repaired. The local repair shop will be calling to schedule a time to come out. The tech should have the part when he or she gets here. I hope it can be fixed; I looooove this TV. Other than the black lines across the screen, it gets one of the best pics I've seen on an HDTV. I have the same set in my bedroom. If I had a life, I'd probably watch less TV :)

    Love, Mikie
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  21. spacee

    spacee Member

    And Frieda, I am glad to hear of some good stuff happening your way. I
    certainly hope it continues! And you can rest from the pain of getting out and
    having to get out again. It can be so hard. (Hugs)

    Mike "At least we can still have booze". Cracked me up. Be careful some of
    it has corn and grain in it, if I remember right.

    Ok, Brother had his visit with his doc that was assigned to him by his Medicare
    Supplement. Can't remember the name but a cheap one that docs in Florida take.
    He is from Puerto Rico and quite nice. Again, it seems the hospital has set him
    up to attract him here. That helps everyone out.

    He scheduled B to have his regular colonoscopy. I asked if it was with the
    Phillipino woman doc. "yes, is she pretty?" Brother said. I said that she was
    but that she has a boyfriend. He smiles mischievously and said "at least she
    gets to look at my butt". (I am shaking my head over him! hahah).

    Time for bed. Love to all us.

  22. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I have my booze and DB has someone pretty to look at his butt. It's amazing how little it takes to make us happy :) Yes, some booze is made from these grains. Bud Light, thank goodness, has no wheat. Whew! I like tequilla and it's made from cacti. I like gin and don't have a clue as to what it's made of. I found recipes online for creme de menthe and Irish cream. I may become a bootlegger but just for my own use. Don't want no T-men nosin' round here.

    Simon wasn't out for breakfast today. I'm worried about him. The strip on his tail only looked as though the hair was gone. It wasn't bloody so I'm not too worried about infection. Still, a cat living in the wild can get into anything. I ask the saints to watch over all our critters. Seems Tweety caught a baby dove but Daddy Jeff got it from her before she hurt it. He was taking it to the bird rehab here.

    I got up excited to try out my new toaster and put two pieces of gluten-free bread in it. I got distracted and fixed something else to eat. Now and then, when I've slept particularly soundly and sleep a wee bit later than usual, I'm a bit dotty when I get up. Good news is that the new toaster does a beautiful job. I hadn't realized just how irritated I had become every time I took a piece of toast out of the old one.

    Barb's houseguest gave me two magazines from the UK, "OK." I can't wait to read them. I think they are kinda like "People" here. She also gave me a Danielle Steele book. Heavens only knows when I'll get to that. I love the Kindle so much that I don't read real books anymore. The beauty of real books is that you can pass them on when you're done.

    Today is a day at home (unless I get a better offer :) I need to take my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster, not my favorite chore. I need to pick up my mail while I'm down there. Bills! AACK!!!

    We are supposed to get rain but they've been telling us that for days. I'll believe it when I see it. The pool is closed; they power washed the pavers on the deck surrounding it. They are to seal them but can't do it until it is dry. I wouldn't be there anyway because I have too much to do BS (before surgery). BTW, I used my crystal pendulum and it assured me the surgery would go well and I would heal fast. It hasn't been wrong yet.

    My dear Online Family, I hope and pray that everyone has a painless and energized day (and some booze and someone pretty, or handsome, to look at your butts, if that makes you happy :)

    Love, Mikie

  23. spacee

    spacee Member

    Let's try to remember that DB was a doc and he has probably seen more than he
    wanted of butts. He does keep me chuckling which is great.

    Right now I feel like a wind up clock that is slowly winding down. Hope the
    new med helps. I read today that it helps 67% of Dr. E's patients. That is
    quite a lot but the question much does it help them. Time will

    I think you may have gotten your rain tonite. We have gotten some and it
    looked like a good bit over your way. Oh, but it may have been too far north.
    It was tiny print and I didn't get out my magnifying glass.

    This will be a short one...need sleep.

    Thinking of you, Leah, Barry, Lilac, Jole, Grannie, Rock and all MIA's.
    Glad Dianne is checking in as a blog since it helps her to do that. What
    ever it takes!

    Hugs, Linda
  24. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, we did get rain and a whole lot of wind gusts. I had taken a nap but could hear the thunder and wind through my sleep. It's raining now and has been for hours. I went over to Barb's and she, her houseguest, another friend and I had coffee. Nothin' else going on. After I got up from my nap yesterday, the TV repairman called and came over. Of course, the TV wouldn't do the lines across the screen. He told me how to do a simple diagnostic when it started and to call him with the results. Of course, he barely got out the door before it started up. I did the diagnostic and that told him which board he needed to order to fix it. I just have to wait until it is shipped and he'll come out to fix it.

    HSN shipped my watch back to me. It probably only needed a new battery. I'm so glad because I truly love that watch. It feels good to have gotten a couple of things taken care of. I still have things I need to do BS but I still have 9 days. The shoulder feels good but it doesn't take much to irritate it. I should be more like Tweety; she is asleep on top of my loveseat. Yesterday, Sylvester decided he wanted to sleep there and kicked her off. Not only that, he took her catnip mousie and rubbed on it. They have places to sleep where it's dry at Jeff's but prefer to be inside on rainy days.

    I put Simon's food out for him but didn't see him. The dish was empty and I hope he came for his breakfast. Another neighbor saw him and thought he looked mangy. We're worried he may be sick. I think if he gets sick, we will have to call animal services to come and get him. If they can help him, they will and will bring him back to his lair. I groomed Tweety and Sylvester twice this week and neither had any fleas. The meds are working.

    I hope your meds work for you. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    I hope all our Loungers are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  25. spacee

    spacee Member

    Thanks for the updates on the kitty' cute, tv repair, shoulder and watch (glad it worked out!)

    Not much going here. Brother and I went to see Pain and Gain at the movies.
    At the beginning it stated it was based on a true story. But after watching
    it and it was soooo stupid, one forgot that it was true. Evidently the
    movie ppl KNEW that would happen so they started putting up notices that
    the movie was based on a true story.

    All I can say is look it up in Wikipedia, if you feel up to it. It says it was
    true to the story. Also, I will add that it happened in Miami so that might
    explain some of it.

    Ok, it is almost the weekend and we might not see much posting. No worries,
    I will start a new thread sometime even if this is the last post.

    Hugs to all,

  26. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry the movie was such a disappointment. I almost never go to the movies any more. They come out so fast on On Demand. One friend wanted us all to come to her place to watch "Zero Dark Thirty," but everyone was busy and she finally watched it by herself. She said it wasn't very good.

    I put out Simon's breakfast. He used to wait for me but he's been nowhere to be seen in the mornings but his food is usually gone. I was eating my own breakfast and I heard a little clink. I looked out and he was eating. Thank God! I've been worried about him. If Tweety or Sylvester get sick, they go to the vet but no one can get close to Simon. It breaks my heart thinking that he might be hurt or sick with no one to help him. He looks good except for the strip of missing fur on his tail so I can relax. I can't imagine how that happened. Tweety and Sylvester are eating here and I also found out another woman is feeding them secretly. We have to do everything sub rose so the woman in Jeff's bldg. doesn't go off on him. She desperately needs anger management. She threatened to get rid of the cats once so we do everything we can to keep her calm and protect the cats. Everyone else in the hood loves them.

    Barb, her houseguest and I went shopping to a small outlet mall yesterday. I found a long tee-shirt knit dress. It's white with red and blue fish on it. It's big and comfortable and has pockets (the best part of all). It looks great and I'm very happy with it. I can wear it around to lounge in once the apparatus is off my arm. It would even be a great swim coverup.

    The surgery is on Tues. the 14th and I have a PT session that Fri. I'm guessing the full apparatus will come off on Fri. and they will just have me in a sling. I see the doc the following Fri. He will likely release me then if there is no problem. I'm looking forward to getting it over with but right now, I'm enjoying getting some things done around here. I just bought some organizers and cleaned out the catch-all basket I've been using to toss mail and receipts into. The small organizer sits on the half-wall between my entry and the kitchen so I don't forget something. I put bills I need to pay in it, along with things which need attention. I got a larger organizer for the inside of the door to my office. It holds larger things I want to have around but which aren't critical. I think it's gonna work well.

    I had also planned to clean out the bottom of the armoire in my bedroom but the basket took forever. All our "little" chores always take forever and we end up only getting one thing done. Oh well, it's one more thing than I had done before I started. I went out on the Balcony and we decided to move our chairs down to the shade and have drinks and snacks. Everyone loves my gluten-free crackers. They are better than regular ones made with wheat. A neighbor stopped by. She is in her second or third string of chemo. She is such a trooper. This chemo isn't as hard on her, thank God, as the previous chemo was.

    I just bought "Wheat Belly" for my Kindle. A neighbor keeps telling me she is going to hunt down whoever has her book but she keeps forgetting. I'd just as soon read it on the Kindle where I can enlarge the type. I think next time, I'm going to have to get new glasses. AACK!!! If I eat wheat now, I get an upset stomach for two days and thick brain fog. Also, no energy. My energy has returned quite a bit since stopping wheat. The article in our newpaper was right; wheat causes all kinds of problems for people who don't have Celiac Disease. It's got to be the GMO wheat. My friend who wants me to read the book says all our corn and soy are GMO now too. Pretty soon, there'll be nothing left to eat.

    Adrienne Arpel is on HSN today and she has the Today's Special Value. It's argan oil and I need some new capsules but the kit may not fill my needs. I will have to watch her. The mainstays of my regimen are the vitamin C and Retinol products. I also use argan oil and her platinum capsules to help keep the face from sagging. Does it work? I don't know. Would I look like a bloodhound if I weren't using it? It's fear which keeps me taking care of my skin. Oh, woman, thy name is vanity :)

    I hope more of our Loungers and Lounge visitors stop in and post. I worry about y'all, just like I worry about Simon, if I don't hear from you. I need my dear friends in my life. FL Family is going well. Unfortunately, our Online Family has sooooo many challenges to cope with. If I don't see y'all here, I worry you are sick. I pray every day that everyone heals and is doing well.

    Love, Mikie