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    Don't want to forget Mikie's quote...or that she posted a long post at the end
    of the other thread at 4:05 am Saturday. Lot's going on in Mikie's life...especially the surgery on the 14th.

    Very body's got problems. Mikie....celiac. I do agree with the GMO messing up
    our food. I try not to eat wheat or corn.

    My problem is the LDN. It is very acidic. And you take it at 10 pm so the acid
    sits in one's bladder til .....well, you can guess. So, I remember that D-mannose
    really helps neutralize the acid. I as able to get some and the first nite.....You
    would not believe the difference. I was doing a happy dance. Well, maybe not
    that but I was pretty happy. Til....I found the LDN capsule on my desk. I had
    forgotten to take it. hahahaha Oh well.

    Leah, I read your post on the Porch and that you are not up to posting. I
    totally understand. If you can't, you can't. Just know that we think about
    you and love you.

    And Pam, Jole, Barry. Lilac, Rock,Granni.

    Watched Hyde Park on the Hudson on tv last nite. Bill Murray played FDR.
    Didn't know Roosevelt kept so many woman in his life at the same time.
    Quite baffling actually. It was quite a juggling act. His letters to one of
    the women was found in a box under her bed after she died at the age of
    99.5 years. But how they dressed and lived in those days was interesting
    to me. And the visit from the King and Queen of England was quite amusing.
    (They had a picnic for them and served hotdogs).

    Kiddos, I have run out of gas. Will see what tomorrow bring...hope good for


  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Glad you like the booze reference :) I know it sounds counterintuitive but if you put a little lemon in your water, it will make your bladder less acidic. My daughter, the nurse, found this one for her IC. She gets worse when she eats wheat. My other daughter, who had given up wheat, had a pizza and was in horrible abdominal pain shortly after eating it. I think once we give it up, we have a worse reaction to it if we eat even a little bit. I'm reading "Wheat Belly" and it describes why wheat is causing such problems for us. Seems that when hybrid strains were developed, it caused the wheat to have more chromosomes and those are what are causing the problems, including inflammation. The author doesn't seem to think the GMO is the culprit. I have to read more to find out. He is astounded that never have any human trials been done when scientists have messed with our food supply.

    I feel sooooo much better since stopping the wheat. I am mentally sharper, not sharp, mind you, but sharper. Maybe it's just the lifting of the wheat fog. I have my energy back. Again, I'm no whirlwind of energy but I'm able to do things I haven't done in years. Yesterday, I installed two sets of plantation blinds in my bedroom windows. It involved standing on a stepstool and using my drill/driver. Of course, I fell but not all the way to the floor. I just fell on my behind on top of my dresser. It jammed my spine and today, the side I injured in the fall in the tub is sore. I have one more set to install in the front bedroom which I use as a little office. I'm doing easy chores today. The day before the big event, I plan on just resting. Julie, my neighbor, is having her knee replaced and will be recouperating at the same time as I. She, Barb and I plan on going to the pool.

    I am fascinated with FDR's life. Eleanor is fascinating as well. There once was a great movie about her later life when she was filling in a lot for FDR. She had a quote which I can't repeat verbatim but it's something like, "You absolutely must do those things which you are afraid to do." I should look up the exact quote but y'all get the idea. To grow, we must step out of our comfort zone. I think we all can identify with that. How many of us ever thought we'd have to step up to the plate and take on doctors, do our own medical research, deal with relatives who give us grief, and learn to be grateful for the ability just to have a half-way normal day? We are heros and heroines, every one.

    I laugh at your forgetting to take your med and thinking that it didn't seem to bother you. I watched a show on Mindfulness on PBS. I know that I was often just taking my meds without thinking. Then, I couldn't remember whether or not I had taken them. Now, when I take them, I say, "Mindfulness." That one word makes me remember that I did take them. Same with my glasses. If I take them off and lay them down, I say, "Mindfulness," and I remember where I put them. I keep my keys on two little hooks by the front door and always, or almost always, put them back as soon as I come home. I just got some organizers for paperwork at Target and they are helping me to deal with it. I now get the mail; open it; divide it into recycle, receipt to file, or something, like a bill, needing attention. No more careless piles of mail to go through. It takes discipline, in which I am in short supply :) but once I get a system, I'm more inclined to use it.

    I hope more of our Loungers drop in. Leah, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time. Come back when you can and, in the meantime, feel better. I'm sending warm hugs to everyone and hope people feel well. I know spring and fall can be challenging times for us. It's like Mother Nature is going through the change; she doesn't know whether it's winter or summer so she has hot flashes and the chills. Yikes. She cries until it floods and goes into fits of anger, ripping up towns and houses. Her hot flashes even set off fires in CA. Going through the change is hard, even for Mother Nature.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have known for years that lemon was alkaline but never put it together. One would think that the urologist would. Or even the pcp's.

    You are so right as far as I go about never thinking my life was going to be
    doctors, doctors, doctors. (I am including the year the 23 sons had 64 office
    visits too). At least I had some nursing training but I have been amazed at
    ppl who have none and have picked up the terminology and research really

    I have to see my pcp tomorrow about the Dr. Enlander skype. I think I might
    text him to brace himself for his 11am appt. I know I will be his first patient
    that has had a Skype appt. So far I seem to be responding positively to the
    supplements he recommends. Mindfulness :)

    FDR and the govt is the reason my parents met. He started Social Security
    (among other things) and they were working in Washington and transferred
    to New Orleans when FDR decentralized it. They met in New Orleans.

    Brother has a "date" tomorrow a Bok Gardens. She seems most likely to
    be compatible than any I have been reading about at Low maintenance, introvert so she needs her own space. Very down to earth.
    She takes care of birds. So I am wondering if she works at Disney.

    Glad to hear you are getting the plantation shutters up! And hoping you are not
    too sore. The "boys" went to yoga at 4:30 and I opted for a nap. The teacher
    really works you if men are there, so I am happy to have missed it. hehe
    Brother had suspected that was what the teacher was doing.

    Yes, gotta try to stay organized. I am with keys and mail/bills. Gotta tighten
    up on the meds.

    I guess if we are the only ones who post, we must be entertaining ppl from
    the number who read...HELLO ALL MIA'S!! You know we are thinking of you!

    Mindfulness, Linda
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    Things are moving slowly on this board. But then so are most of us!

    Linda, your post made me realize things I didn't know. Like, you have 23 sons. Congrats! Seriously though, I am looking forward to hearing about your "visit" with Enlander. I have never skyped before and would probably be a nervous wreck. Same with skiing.

    I haven't posted in so long that I forget what's on the menu. Bear with me.

    "Mindfulness". I like it. Wish I had it. As for taking pills it wouldn't work for me. ALL my rx meds are entered into my notebook as soon as they are taken. This is a form of mindfulness I suppose, innit? Anyway, best I can do.

    Some cool grey days are here. Richard took me by force to town and dumped me at the nursery (plants), and said he'd see me later after doing some shopping in the next town two miles away. Oh I say, my morning vision is so bad and blurry that I just hate it! Still better than blind, eh what?

    The upshot of me wandering around the nursery was four boxes of plants. Richard was most startled. I got Verbenas, Petunias, sea-thistles, and much more. The most exciting for me was a species of Petunia (exserta). In 2007 an expedition to s.e. Brazil was able to find only 14 plants of this Petunia. They brought back seeds, and now there are more in cultivation than in the wild. Cool looking plant too, for a petunia.

    Cherokee Chief pink dogwood looks nice in the back of the cabin, along with the Siberian honeysuckle. The tall bearded iris are just starting to bloom and are very beautiful. I always like to have a stalk of something in the house to gaze at, and irises are perfect.

    Shorty, our rescue dog, is adjusting to country life beautifully I am pleased to say. His relation with Slinky, our cat, is rather strained, but I am hoping they will both calm down and stop acting so silly!

    A young man has set up a tent on our property. He does occasional work for us. He has a dog - Romeo - who has become Shorty's best buddy. It's so much fun to watch these two play, racing like maniacs around and around the silver pear.

    Health - wise I have been having problems with getting overheated at the drop of a hat. I don't know whether it's something to do with my testosterone HRT or not. Much anxiety since I switched from Valium to klonipin. From 20 mgs Valium to 1 mg klonipin. Maybe it takes some time to make the switch. I just don't know.....

    Well, time for tea (chamomile, lemon balm). By the way, lemon balm is so easy to grow that everyone should try a small pot of it. Ditto with mint. Just sayin'.

    Love to all,
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I've been away a couple of days and thought the Lounge would be crowded. I'm sorry that many of our Loungers may not feel up to par. Linda, I think you made the right decision to stay away from the male version of Yoga. I'm surprised because I always think of Yoga as a more relaxful type of exercise. I know some of those poses take strength, balance and grace but it's the last thing I would think to be made more difficult because of the presence of testosterone :)

    That's a lovely story about your parents' meeting in NO. What a romantic city in which to meet and court. It's one of my favorite places. Hope Bro's date goes well. I had a guy flirt with me at the market the other day. I'm not looking but it was a nice little moment.

    I've skied but never Skyped. I hope your appt. with your doc goes well. Glad the supps seem to be helping. I'm thinking I will use my labelmaker to do a "Mindfulness" sticker for the shelf my meds sit on. I use one of those daily pill boxes but not everything is in there, like pain pills. I'm off Ibuprophen due to the pending surgery so all I have to take is Acetaminophen. I have times when the shoulder is very painful but, honestly, doing all this work doesn't seem to make it any worse. Still, I want to get things done before the big event.

    Barry, your descriptions of the outdoor life make me wish I were there with you. We are trying to get more varied plants with color here but we are limited by being in Zone 11. I love watching dogs play with such abandon. Kitty will eventually take to the new pup. Tweety and Sylvester will stand under our carport to greet their dog friends. The dogs always want to stop to see them. At night, they pal around with a possum.

    I would think it difficult to switch from Vallium to Klonopin. Even though the drugs are in the same family, they all affect us differently. I'm just now being helped fully by the Klonopin after my concussion. It takes time to get back to "normal." For a while, even the Special K didn't allow me to get decent sleep. I think Mindfulness is a combination of organizing and connecting with what we are doing in the moment. We all get so tired that we often just go through our days like zombies.

    I got both sets of blinds up in the bedroom and they look beautiful. I also got the windows and drapes clean, not to mention the floor underneath the windows. I just have to do the set in the front bedroom/office. Now that I've done two, this one will be easy-peasy (famous last words :) Today, I drove across town to take my paperwork to Goodwill to be shreaded. It's part of their jobs program. I gave the guy a tip when he hauled off the bags and he was so excited. He said he was going to eat. He was going to have a beef and cheese sandwich. It sounds as though having a lunch out was a real treat. Talk about tugging at my heart!

    Yesterday, there was a frail little old lady at the store. I always walk the pet aisle just to see if anything is on sale for the cats or our dog visitors. She asked me what litter I thought she should buy. Her daughter is in the hospital and has two cats. I told her I thought I'd buy the one the cats are used to using. Of course, the box weighed 25 lbs. Then, she said the cats eat Purina. I found it but she wanted the 25 lb. bag. I told her I still have one good arm so I heaved the litter and food into her basket. I told her to make the bagger take it out and load it into her car. When I told her I hoped her daughter got better, she said that she would need to be in the hospital for quite a while. I got the daughter's first name to put a prayer into our birdhouse prayer box. She was so grateful and touched. I felt so bad thinking of the stress the elderly lady must have, trying to care for the cats and worrying about her daughter too.

    The woman across the street lost her 24 yr. old grandson to a motorcycle accident. She's up in NY so I sent a card with one of the feathers my Mom sends me from Heaven. All the neighbors know the feather story and, I think, they do believe the feathers come from Mom. This poor lady is in shock right now and her family is worried that she may never recover from this. Her husband died about five years ago and that just about did her in. It's really heartbreaking.

    I'll be so glad when I get everything done around here and my surgery over with. All I can really whine about is my shoulder pain. I feel so lucky when I look around at what some people are going through and my heart breaks for them. I just hope all our Loungers are OK. I keep everyone in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I started a post the other day and it went POOF !!! The Lounge is beginning to look like The Porch - very quiet !!! Hope everyone comes back soon !!

    Mikie - You surely have been busy putting up blinds, drapes, etc. You are welcome to come here any time to help me clean :)!! I need to do so much around here even though you or others might not notice it right away. Will be thinking and praying for you and you surgery and hoping that all goes well with it. Waiting for DH to come home from downtown t the OTC convention. Then will have to get dinner ready and go to choir practice.

    Linda - Hope all is well with you too. Sorry but I have been to pooped to read ALL of both of your posts. I don't always do well with very long posts especially with they are small print.

    Thinlking about so many Loungers and hope they come back soon - Diane, we miss you but understand. Hi also to Rock, Jole, Barry, Pam, and who all am I missing? So achey today !!

    Hugz to everyone,
  7. spacee

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    Mindfulness. I may be too far gone for it to work. I think I need the journal like
    Barry. I was sooo confused over sons, dil's birthdays last nite. Was texting
    one of my 23 sons about it. Then taked to Twin. I just don't remember things.
    I knew a decades ago that I would not be able to work unless the business (or whatever) would be willing to retrain me daily. haha.

    So, I totally forgot The Lounge too. Sheesh.

    That was a brilliant move of Richard to drop Barry off at a nursery. I am surprised that HE was surprised at the 4 boxes of plants to take. Barry, doesn't
    he know you by now? :)

    Personally, I do not think that 20 mg of Valium equals 1 measly Klonopin. I
    will ask Brother in the am what he thinks. First doc put me on 4 mg of xanax
    and it was later changed to 1.5 of Klonopin. Angst is not a pleasant symptom to have.

    I am going to do a 2nd post now. On the Enlander visit. So that any one who
    wants to skip it can.

    Choir practice, Granni. I was in a tiny choir some years ago. The ppl in it
    had such funny senses of humor and the director didn't mind us laughing. It
    was a really nice time in my life.

    Ok on to Dr. E.

  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    First of all, he doesn't really look at you. He holds the medical forms that you will out for him, he holds them in his lap and looks at them. I'm not sure he knows
    where the camera light is on his computer...hehe

    He has had a lot of CFS patients so he understands what we are like and is
    very easy to talk with. He asks questions about CFS. At least he did with me.
    Our family history of illness doesn't really have anything for him to ask about.

    After looking at the history and asking a few questions, he said that I met
    the Feduka criteria. That is the criteria that CFS docs use. They do NOT use
    the CDC criteria.

    If you go to (oh, it might be It is easy to use.
    There are 3 choices for different computers. You chose the one you have and
    click on it and it will download Skype for free. Or in my case upgrade your Skype for free.

    He recommended several supplements sold by Immunoprop. But for his patients, you just click on the "to order supplements", choose what you have been told
    to get and agree to buy. Since Dr. E's office has your address and credit card
    number, you don't have to fill anything else out. Seems Dr. E's office has the
    supplements cause they say they mail every Thursday priority mail. So, I got
    them on Saturday.

    The staff are very patient. They asked me the same question by email 3 times and then I finally understood what they meant and answered it correctly!

    Dr. E is following Rich V K (who use to post here)'s protocol for the met halation
    pathway. He feels it is blocked in us. So the RX (you get from your pcp) and mail to Dr. E addresses that and has some stuff similar to the old Kutapressin in it.
    The injections come prefilled in the syringes and you take one once a week.

    The nurse said that he usually has patients take the supplements and be tested
    for viruses, then 6 months later if the viruses are not better,he starts the
    injections. Evidently, for me they are going ahead and starting the injections. I
    think it is cause my t-cell count is so low. (That is part of our immune system).

    The supplements I take:
    Immune Resist AM: tumeric, ginger and folinic acid
    Immune Resist PM: Glutatione, Picamilon Sodium Salt, Selenium
    Catapult: Cat's Claw, Bacosides,vincopine, phosphatidyle Serine (This according to Wed MD helps memory.
    This has 1000mg's. Most on iherb or Amazon have 100 mg.
    B-12 subligual spray

    I may feel slightly better. Judging that on the fact that the last 2 Sundays I have wanted to go for a 30 minute walk and I could not before. That may well be because I am no longer taking the Transfer Factors that were
    4 years old (when they were sold to me) since one of the Sundays was before taking the supplements.

    Oddly, I feel more alert driving but my memory has not been helped....yet.

    Glutitione is not accepted by the body in pill form. So, I am not sure why Immune Resist PM has it. The injection does have it in liquid form so, hopefully will be accepted by my body. Twin tested low in that
    when she was ill.

    This a book and is about all I can remember at this time. I will say that two of the ingredients, I was already
    taking so I am still thinking the old TF's were not good for me.


    Linda[This Message was Edited on 05/08/2013]
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, I'm sure your home is clean and tidy but, honestly, I don't know when you would have the time to clean with all you do. I walk through this place and don't notice what needs cleaning until I start to do some deeper cleaning. I know this is silly but the plates around my light switches are filthy. I have those big toggle switches and they are filthy too. It only takes seconds to clean them so why do I let them get like this? Barb, next door, once noticed hers and was horrified at how dirty they were. She went around cleaning them all. I just do mine as I do each room. BTW, you can enlarge the print on your computer. Go to the tools icon at the top and use zoom to enlarge the print. That way, you can enjoy every word in my "War and Peace" posts :) Thank you so very much for your prayers for my surgery. I'm ready and anxious to get it done, my doc is one of the best and he works out of the best out-patient surgical centers I've ever been in. I'm sure it's all gonna be OK.

    Linda, I got a beautiful binder where they sell cards. There are two pages for each month--one to list birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The other has a pocket in which to place cards. When Publix has a BOGO on Hallmark cards, I load up. That means that I usually never spend more than 50 percent on cards. That way, I can buy nicer cards too.

    Thanks for posting about your visit with Dr. E. That's quite impressive. Rick VanK really left us with a precious gift. I feel better on the Methylation Protocol. Even though the injections seems to have done away with my symptoms, I'm far from a person in glowing health. The years of illness have taken their toll. Still, I'm very grateful for the improvement. I expect that as time goes on, I'll continue to improve, that is if I can stop falling. I am mindful now as I walk around here. I no longer rush through the place but now take my time.

    In the morning, I take my coffee out on the Balcony and just breathe in deeply. The air is so fresh, even if it is full of allergens. I have to take my Corcidin HBP. I just let myself live in the moment, mindful of how beautiful everything is. Birds are chirping and the temperature is perfect. Pretty soon, it will be too hot to sit out, even early in the morning.

    I posted about reading "Wheat Belly" on the FMS board. It is really an eye opener. My pants are fitting more loosely but I was shocked to find I had gained 7 lbs. I just have to get rid of the rest of the bad carbs in my diet. I swear, pretty soon, booze is all I will have. Going downstairs for some wine with our new neighbors. He is English and she is French. I'm afraid she may be a bit snooty about wine just from things she has said. We are going at 4:00 but Dr. Oz is scanning the brain of the Long Island Medium as she talks to the dead. Well now, that IS fascinating so I can't miss it. Now, I have to get ready at 2:00 so I can watch OZ and then rush downstairs for wine. From the little French I have spoken with her, she says I have an excellent accent. I've forgotten almost all my French. Damage!

    My love and prayers, always, to our Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Mikie, I think breathing the clean air must be wonderful.

    Can't wait to hear about the mtg with the 'new' couple. Should be interested!

    We used to have cute cards around here but I swear they are so "lame" as one DIL says. One of the things that mixes things up is that something will come
    up that someone wants before their birthday. So I send money then. Then
    by the time the real birthday comes around, I can't remember the details.
    Anything/or folder that I write it down will help :)

    Mikie, do you take naps? You do get up at the crack of dawn. Maybe even
    before! That's a wonderful time in Florida.

    But I don't see it. We put the board back in the window area so the room would
    stay dark. I slept so much better. I usually nap 1-2 hours in the afternoon, after getting up at 11am ish. Bed a midnight.

    Love to all!

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It has been a gloomy day with some rain. Some area has gotten a lot of rain. It is most needed in many areas here in TX, It has been so dry and getting ready for the hot summer with probably little rain and hopefully no wildflowers like it has been in previous couple of years. Hope the rain stays away on Sunday so we can go to one of our daughters for dinner. I am bringing part of it. A son and dil also will be there plus 3 grandchildren . Hoping the weather will be nice for that day. We hate driving down into the big city with traffic and DH wants to get home before dark. I really don't blame him and I don't help with the driving down there - sorry :)!!

    Just wanted to pop in to see if I missed anything.

    Mikie - Thinking about you and your surgery. It will be in a few days, am I right? Are you all ready? Hope you are not to pooped after all the work you have been doing with curtains, blinds and whatever else it was that I have forgotten.

    Linda - I know what you mean about some of the dumb cards they have for birthdays and such.

    Hi to awl including DIANE, ROCK, Joan/Lilac, Jole, Frieda. Hope you are all doing well. Will try and pop in tomorrow for a bit if I can.

  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Brother says that Klonopin only stays in the body 12 hours. And you are taking
    it at night, so you would need something to help you in the daytime.

    Please call your doc and tell him what is going on. I hate for you to have
    the anxiety when you don't have to. (been there)

    Today I hit the wall. It's 10pm. Have been in bed since 1pm. Sleeping alot.
    Course, I only awoke at 9am.

    Also noticed that I had not taken my heart meds or mobic for the last two days. They sit right in front of my plate when I eat.

    Oh, well, lived through it. Feeling better now that it is late nite (my best time of

    It has occurred to me, Mikie, that if you lose anymore weight, you will need
    a different size! Thank goodness for Beall's coupons!

    Weather wise, it was a nice day here. Enough cloud cover to keep it from being
    HOT. Patrick, the dog, didn't make the leap from the sofa to the ottoman so
    he fell between. Can walk but seems to have pulled something a bit. He is
    15 yo. So, the ottoman was placed closer to the sofa. He can still go up and down stairs.

    Hope the weekend is decent for all us...and I do mean Everybody!!


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