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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Mikie

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    I'm hoping to get more of our Loungers back to the Lounge. All I can say is that I'm as intimidated as everyone else when it comes to learning new things on my computer. I'm no techie. It was all I could muster just to figure out how to post a new thread here. Once I did it, it wasn't difficult. It's the moderating software which I haven't even tried to tackle yet. I doubt it's difficult either but I'm still in so much pain that my brain is exhausted and I just can't learn anything right now. Does anyone know what a "sticky thread" is? Technology may finally have left me in the dust :)

    I have to go to the lab for blood tests. They are just my routine, annual tests but I have to fast. I wake before 5:00 these days so fasting is miserable. I can't take my meds either. Whine, whine, whine! I may come home and just sleep. The pain is from the PT. I have this week and next and it'll be over. We keep adding weight to the routine and more reps so my bicep muscle is screaming. By the time I'm done, I outta have one hellova left jab or punch if I need it. I'm using 3# weights so I'm not setting any weightlifting records. Thing is that I have full range of motion and am using the arm all the time without pain. I can reach up and close the SUV hatch in the back and retrieve things off the top cupboard shelf, provided they are not too heavy.

    I, as always, keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers. I'll try to check in more often to keep up with what is going on in everyone's lives.

    Love, Mikie
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    Glad to see you back. Just wanted to say hi to you. We are leaving in a few minutes to go to our daughters. Be back on Sunday. She isn't feeling that great and had heart tests which came out pretty OK she will be monitored.

    Gotta run for now.

  3. 4R&R

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    Hello I am new, and interested in learning more about having to deal with being TIRED all the time.
    I deal with a lot of guilt because I can not give my all to my children and husband. Looking to connect with others and to help better my situation!!
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    Welcome, Stacie!!!

    This is where the 'cool kids' on the net hang out!!
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    OMG! Look at all the posts on this new thread. I hope more of our older MIA's will come back. Stacie, welcome to The Lounge. The folks over on The Porch are a good group too. Some actually sit on The Porch and bask over here on The Lounge with us as well. In fact, as you read the various boards, you will likely notice how generous the members are here. Fatigue is a HUGE problem for us. I had a series of Peptide injections which got rid of my symptoms from CFIDS/ME, FMS, arthritis and Sjogrens--except for the bone-crushing fatigue. I read an article about how wheat can cause so many problems, even when one is not a Celiac. I got rid of wheat and my energy returned. Just a thought.

    Barb just came out on the Balcony to have coffee with me so will come back later.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

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    Part II

    Sorry I had to cut my post short but when we are on the Balcony, we keep our browsing, typing, taking calls, etc. to a minimum out of respect for everyone else who happens to be there. Yes, it is a rainy day, Diane, and we are sooooo glad to get the rain. There was some damage up the coast from us but all we will get is the rain. Today, the tree trimmers are here to get the trees "slimmed down" before we get the big storms. It's fun to watch them in the cherry picker, trimming the fronds off the palms and branches off the other trees. Thank you for describing sticky posts. It makes perfect sense. Yes, yes, yes, I would love your gluten free recipe for stuffing (or is that a recipe for gluten free stuffing?) Just did a set of PT exercises and am not quite yet myself.

    Julie, love what you said about dancing in the rain. We are going to the pool to help get the furniture pushed back, per health dept. rules, this afternoon. We may be doing it in the rain. The inspector, who is nitpicking to keep her job, is coming tomorrow. I certainly believe in keepin a safe pool area but some of her complaints are rediculous. She has the power to close the pool so we have to do whatever. I used to be a really good cook but I've found that I've kinda lost my touch over the years since I've only been cooking for one.

    Granni, glad you dropped in. Glad daughter's tests were not bad. Hope all is well. Have a good visit and come back when you can.

    Jam, glad to see you here. Since I've been in PT, with all the attending pain and exhaustion, I've only been on the Lounge.

    Before I got myself all pained up with PT, I installed my new flat screen which Wal-Mart sent to me because they couldn't fix my old one on the extended warranty. I've never had such fast and great service from anyone when I had a claim or complaint. Instead of another Sanyo, I opted for the Vizio just to try something different. Barb has had one for years. I ended up putting it in the bedroom and putting the new bedroom set in the livingroom because the new set doesn't have as many connection outlets for the Wii, the wi-fi, etc. My next TV will definitely come from Wal-Mart.

    Just came in as the weather has deteriorated with strong winds and heavy rain. So, will bid y'all adieu. Sending warm, healing hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  7. bct

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    Nice to meet you Stacie. I think that most people that have CFS deal with feelings of guilt. We can't give as much as we would like, and we feel selfish in concentrating on ourselves --- which is the only way we can hope to get better, or to at least stabilize. So your feelings are part of your illness. DON'T BLAME YOURSELF!

    Mikie, may tropical storm Andrea do you no harm, but gives you plenty of your needed? water. Enjoy your telly!

    Love to all,
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I feel so bad. I know I haven't properly welcomed our new Loungers and I'm sure I've missed answering our regulars. My last post got all interrupted. So, welcome to our new friends and my appologies to everyone. I think that until I stop this PT, I'm not going to be up to par. This is the last week but I know I'll have to continue at home. At least, once I'm doing them at home, there will be no more increase in weight and reps. I'll just have to keep up where I leave off at the rehab center. I've been sooooo exhausted all weekend, after Fri.'s session, that all I've done is sleep. I used to use five and ten pound weights but am now limited to only three pounds for anything involving the shoulders. This has all been so much more difficult than I had ever thought. My range of motion came back fast but strength is lagging. OK, that's the end of my whining. I know others have much bigger problems and I pray for them.

    Diane, thanks for the recipe. It's exactly how I used to make my dressing before discovering Stove Top :) I'll just replace the bread with my gluten free. Blue Diamond Almonds has a line of crackers made with ground up almonds and rice flour. They are delicious and not as expensive as some of the ones out there.

    Julie, Happy Anniversary!

    To everyone else, I send my love and prayers. I'm just too exhausted to write much today. I still have to do my PT. OUCH!

    Love, Mikie
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks, Julie. It's good to have a reminder. My shrink once told me that it's OK sometimes to just go into survival mode until things get better. Basically, the same advice, just not as poetic. I'll try to keep that in mind. How was the Anniversary? Good I hope.

    I think I'm at that place where I'm tired of trying to be the "good patient" and work hard. This often happens during the healing phase. This too shall pass and I'll eventually get back to whatever my new normal is. Most of my neighbors and friends are Seniors, many older than I. It's just a fact of life that as we age, we can't keep up with what we used to do. I think we feel a bit lazy or guilty. It's kinda like the depression we feel when we get sick and can no longer keep up. Even though the injections were an overwhelming success, I've aged 13 years since I first got really sick. Even had I not gotten sick, I'd likely have aged and lost my ability to keep up anyway. So, I now choose to concentrate on what I can do and try to enjoy doing what I never had the time nor energy to do when I was so sick. I want to do everything I can to avoid any more surgery. I hope and pray for everyone else's good health and healing.

    I'm going to go over to the Porch to check things out. I'll try to get more and more involved in the boards.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yea!!! I did it! Tada! I managed to upload my pics from my phone and get this one of Tweety for my Avatar. She is sleeping on top of my loveseat and trying to cover her eyes from the light so she can take a catnap. If only ya'll knew how technically challenged I am, you would understand my excitement.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Very cute pic Diane. Tweety is so white and pretty !!! I have been searching to fine Loveslilacs 30 otherwise known as Joan. I heard she found us but I can't find her.

    Diane - thanks for re posting my post for me. So happy to see ROCK too. So much to do and off for a doc apt;. this afternoon. Will talk to you later.

    Stacie - Welcome to you. There are so many neat people here with lots of info . Here we can chat about almost anything or just VENT.

    Love you awl,
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, had to hunt around to find where to type my post. Nothing is simple for the easily confusiated.

    Julie, that was so nice of you to welcome me back. It reminded me of those folks with signs
    that greet you at the airport. How are Keira and Rain? And the rest of the family? Is Den
    still working on his project? Is he enlarging a building or putting up a new one? Congratulations
    on your 38 years together. Looks like it might work out after all, huh?

    I sure would like to get outta Los Angeles and move back to the Mid west, but it is not
    feasible. Of course those winters would be extra terrible after decades in the sun, but
    it wouldn't be as bad as it was in the past. I wouldn't have to go out in the cold to get
    to work or school.

    Our High School Class is having its 50th anniversary this summer. I am not going though. I went
    to one. That was sufficient. I think it's strange they are not having it in our village. They
    have selected a another little town nearby. I think the town is Greenleafton. I was there
    only once. That was over 50 years ago when they built a beautiful new Dutch Reform church.
    The settlers were Dutch as opposed to the Norwegian, German and Irish that pretty much
    populated the place in the early days. I read the estimated population of the Minnesota territory
    when it was created was only 5,000 people.

    Granni, I see you just got back from a visit to your daughters. I kinda suspect they are all
    worn out after you leave. I think you have more energy than they do (and me combined).

    Diane, you're getting pretty tech savy if you can post a Youtube video in your message.

    Micky, I know you're recuperating from surgery. Was it your shoulder? I know you said
    something about reaching. Sylvester and Twitty and Simon(?) doin' OK?

    Barry, I though your reference to andropause was a literary reference till I looked it up.
    Maybe it reminded me of Androcles and the Lion. Haven't heard of verbena for ages.
    I think Verbena was somebody in a play or book. It suggests a rather stately dame in
    Victorian finery to me.

    Do we have new loungers? I saw the names of Stacie and 4R&R. Same person?

    Well, time for my nap. We are going to the library tonight if they have any books for us
    to pick up.


    Oh, just found a post by the two of them. Yes, they are the same. Welcome, Stacie.
    Feeling guilty about all the stuff we can't do anymore it part of the tour. You don't
    have to pay extra for it. Lots of nice folks to chat with here.

    Came across a quote from Joan Rivers. "Melissa and I have always been very close. I call
    her every day. We say the same stuff every day. I say, "Melissa, I know you're there.
    Pick up." She says, "How did you get my new number."
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, my Online Family. Hope everyone is doing well. Glad we have new Loungers and our Beloved Rock is back. I only worry I missed someone during my pain and exhaustion phase. If so, it was not intentional. Everyone here is so dear to me. I wish Leah would show up.

    Diane, I think Tweety and Faithy would hit it off. Seems they both like to nap. These days, Tweety sleeps in the shade outside most of the time, but every now and then, she asks to come in where she can have a nice deep sleep. If I pass by her, she will murmur sweet little mews to me.

    Granni, Tweety is all white with light green eyes and a very sweet face. If she were an indoor cat, she would look cleaner. As it is, the bottoms of her paws get really dirty. Her brother, Sylvester, he looks just like his namesake, has long hair and doesn't groom himself much. He is a lovable mess. I groom him when I can. Both cats are now adults and don't need all the human attention they used to. It's kinda sad but I'm proud of them that they are so self-sufficient. I agree with Rock that you have more energy than everyone. Good for you!

    Rock, loved the JR quote. I watch their "reality show" and enjoy the jokes and situations. I also watch Joan on "Fashion Police." The jokes and guests are great. I visited CA a lot when I lived in CO. I liked it there but it's so expensive. FL isn't the bargain it used to be but it's more affordable than a lot of other places. Seniors here get breaks on all kinds of things, including real estate taxes. Sometimes, I miss the seasons and the flowers we can't grow down here (we're in zone 11). We do have a lot of tropical plants and flowers which help make up for it. Don't think I could take another winter in Denver with the dry, cold and polluted air. I think as we get older, our options get fewer and fewer, unless we win the LOTTO :)

    I try to get up every day and give thanks for all I have. I've been a bit depressed because I had pain before the surgery and ever since with my PT. Last appt. is Fri. for PT but, of course, I'll have to keep up the exercises. Maybe I'm expecting too much. I guess shoulders take longer to heal. My neighbor, who had a complete knee replacement, is doing better than I. Of course, she's younger. She is a nurse and will be having rotator cuff surgery as soon as her knee heals. A patient kicked her in the chest. I think I'd find a less demanding nursing job. Yikes!

    I need to hit the showers and go to the condo mtg. at the pool. Our pool is a mess. They shocked it twice with chlorine and, finally, with muriatic acid which discolored the sides and ledge of the pool. It's certainly no longer inviting looking. Our pool used to be beautiful with white sides and sparkling blue water. Our Board of Directors, management co., and pool guy leave a LOT to be desired. Still, if the pool is safe, I think running in the shallow end and swimming some laps might help me feel better.

    I'm slowly getting back on the othe boards and trying to figure out the moderating software. PH sent me some instructions which I printed out. I need to read them and give some things a try. I do like this format now that I'm used to it. Sending my love and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oops, Julie, I think I inadvertently missed you in my post. I might have responded to you on the Porch, though. I'm so exhausted that I can't even handle posting on two threads :) After the condo mtg. this morning, Barb and I went to Target. I was walking through an aisle and realized that I was getting the jitters. I got into my purse and nibbled just a tad of Special K and it went away. When we came home, I ate lunch and went into the bedroom to read and watch TV. Sho nuff, I fell into a deep sleep. I think these deep sleeps are my bod's way of trying to catch up. Let me know if you try the Blue Diamond crackers. That's exciting about the new house. You'll have to keep us updated on the progress.

    Diane, I also got excited for the Triscuit crackers until I looked at the ingredients. I tried to find pumpernickel bread today and it even contains wheat. The woman at Target told me she can't believe how many people come in asking for wheatless bread. We have a deli/bread store and I'll look there. I have a bread machine and may just look for rye flour. I just stopped my auto-fill platinum capsules from AA on HSN. I can't use everything that keeps coming in. It's like Mickey Mouse in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" with the buckets of water. I'm drowning in face cream.

    I got two new 3# free weights at Target. I had one for when I had to do PT for the other arm after I had surgery to repair a ruptured tendon. Some of the exercises for this time require both hands so I figured I might as well get some new weights. Therapist told me I can never again use my 5# or 10# weights for anything involving the shoulder joint. That doesn't leave much except curls.

    I'm seeing the doc tomorrow to review the results of my labwork. I also have to straighten him and his office out about my Klonopin. I take one and one-half tablets but they keep calling it in for 90 pills. It's like in the "Groundhog" movie; it just keeps happening over and over. How hard is it to do the math? Evidently, quite difficult :( I want to give him my surgical report. Other docs send him reports but I think the women in his office throw them away. If it weren't for the peptide injections, and the fact that he will prescribe Special K and hormones, I might look for another doc. I realize, though, that other doc's offices are just as inefficient.

    The possum has been getting to the cats' food if I don't get it in in time. The possum, the brown kind, thinks he's a cat and hangs out with them. He often shows up with Simon and finishes Simon's breakfast for him. He and Tweety were seen snuggled up together one cold night last winter. Tweety and Sylvester play with the otters which play out in the pond. I've missed seeing them this week but they evidently put on quite a show. Simon is like a ghost; he comes under cover of darkness. He likes it if I look at him through the storm door for a bit before I take his food out. It's the only human affection he gets. Jeff gives him and T&S fresh catnip and gets them high. How funny to see three cats rolling around on the grass in the evening.

    Well, gang, I send my love and prayers to everyone, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Julie and everyone, I'm like you; I'm not sure where I am or whom I've responded to. Hah, used the correct form of who but ended the sentence with a preposition. Thank goodness grammar and spelling don't count here. I will be stopping at Wal-Mart to buy an extended warranty after I see my doc today. I'll look for the crackers there. I buy them at Publix normally. We have a Trader Joe's down the coast at Naples. In Season, I refuse to drive down there. The traffic is a nightmare. Now that the Snowbirds are gone, I think I'll drive down to check it out. My car needs to drive farther than locally.

    Rock, you asked about the cats and I only mentioned T&S. Simon, our homeless cat, seems a bit thin to me but I think he's healthy. His tail looked as though it had the mange for a while but it's all better. He's a chocolate Siamese mix and a very handsome cat. He will let no one get close enough to touch him. I don't think he's feral; I just think he once had a home but something horribly tramatic happened to him. Last evening, I went out to bring in T&S's bowl for the night and Simon was stretched out on the balcony resting on the sun-warmed step. I left him there til he departed. Sometimes, he sleeps in my chair out there. I think he likes having a "home," even if it's not really a home. These cats, and even the crazy looking possum, have added so much to our lives, not to mention the playful otters in our pond. We are very, very fortunate.

    Guess I will get in the tub and get dressed to go to the doc's. When I get home, I will do my dreaded PT exercises. Whine, whine, whine.

    Love, Mikie
  16. KarenCee

    KarenCee Member

    Good morning and happy Wednesday y'all! I'm new here - just signed up today. I'm Karen and I live in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. Was dxd with Fibro in 2010. I'm on summer break right now so being able to rest when I need to is great. Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say howdy.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm going to go start a new thread. Welcome to you Karen.

    Love, Mikie