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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Hi Kids

    Things are quiet here. Gordon and a sister went to visit the other sister who just got out of the
    hospital. It was the Ronald Reagan Hospital which I never heard of before. Turns out it's
    a hospital at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Wikipedia said it won a Nobel
    Prize. Whoever heard of a hospital doing such a thing? Actually, it was professor who taught there
    that won.

    My aching back was somewhat better last night until I did something el stupido. I picked up
    Gordon's pillow. His pillow weighs about 10 pounds. It would actually function better as
    a door stop or a sandbag in a levee. Anyway that rash act destabilized things. Am a little
    better today than yesterday anyway.

    Hope you don't need an MRI, Granni. I had one last year. I had to pay a big co payment
    (around $180) and now I'm being dunned for several hundred more. In the eyes of modern
    medicine the patient has disappeared. We are now just customers aka sheep to be fleeced.

    Mikie, "Rocket" reminds me of "Racket Squad" which was popular radio show in my teen
    year. It later moved to TV. The actor who intoned the title at the beginning of each episode
    always rolled the initial "R".

    Never heard of a Dexascan. Doesn't "dex" mean 10? Or is it only "dec" as in decade?
    Does it only look at things we have ten of, like toes?

    Diane, glad to hear you and the doc are doing better. I hated going to Kaiser Permanente.
    One seldom saw the same doctor twice. I once saw a middle aged white woman who was
    unbelievably cold. Treated me like I was a serial killer. Eventually I discovered Kaiser had
    an error in their records, and she thought I was a drug addict. As Jack Benny used to say, "Yikes!"

    Do your kitty groupies lie quietly while you are busy in the office or do they help like
    the ones on Youtube or are always playing with the printer?

    Ah. Gordon is back. His sister had surgery to remove something. Gordon says her recovery
    is going smoothly. Time to put Zippy outside. He needs to get in his usual 14 hours of sleep.
    He especially likes napping underneath the orchids.

    How can he do that? The orchids are on low aluminum tables. Provides him with a
    quiet spot in the shade.

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    Hope to be back tomorrow Rock.

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, my lovely Online Family, Hi to you all. Hope some of our other cousins show up soon.

    Diane, glad you are stopping herxing. Herxing sucks but the results of it are so helpful to us. I've had some sinus stuffiness and pain the last couple of days. Don't know why; allergens are pretty low here. Again, I'm so glad you like your doc. Thanks for the good wishes for my shoulders. I did absolutely nothing over the weekend. Today, I'll do some light housework but no PT for a week.

    Granni, I'm so sorry you have a headache. As I mentioned to Diane, I've had some head pain and stuffiness from sinuses. This morning, I had an ocular migraine. It went away fast but left me with a headache which was like a tight band around my head. It wasn't a migraine headache (I don't get those, thank God). I took 500 mgs. of acetaminophen, instead of my usual ibuprophen for my shoulder inflammation, and the headache left. We have emergent-care facilities which are open weekends, holidays and evenings. They take a real load off the ER's. Our ER's are so overloaded that I wouldn't go to one unless it's in an ambulance. Besides, any medical facility is just a Petri dish full of every imaginable germ. AACK!

    I did get to see the moon this morning after Simon finished his breakfast and when I took my coffee out to the Balcony. Barb leaves tomorrow so I doubt there will be much action out there. It's getting too hot and humid to sit out and drink coffee unless it's really early. I may be out there early by myself. I enjoy that too, just watching the sky and trees and being sung to by the Mockingbirds who mock me. Most of my friends don't get up as early as I.

    Simon shows up between 5:00 and 5:30 in the morning unless he's been sleeping in my chair. He likes it now if I talk to him as long as I stand behind my glass storm door. As soon as I open it to put his food out, he runs halfway down the stairs to the landing and waits for me to go back inside. Poor little guy. His safety has to come first but I know the somewhat intimate sharing we do, one of us on one side of the door and the other on the other side, seems to be soothing to him. He is a beautiful cat with a sweet face. He's been raised with good manners; he always leaves just a few pieces of dry food in his dish. If the possum comes along and finishes it off, I have to wash out the bowl. The possum drools and his saliva has a very musky stench. Other than that, I don't really mind; poor little guy thinks he's a cat.

    Rock, I've heard of the Ronald McD charity and Ronald McD house for families with sick children in the hospital but I didn't know about the hospital. When I worked for the low-income dental clinic, we received $5,000 from the charity to take care of kids' teeth. I've always admire them for the good work they do. Well, that and their fries :D I also like to shop at Target because they donate 5 percent of gross income to charities, including kids' education. That's a huge commitment from a business.

    I think Kaiser is better now but they used to be one step above a county public clinic. The model they have of an HMO which owns and runs everything is not the best for patients. Their docs and nurses are employees. Years ago, in Denver, the docs and nurses went on strike and their clinics all but shut down. Capitation plans are a bit better but one has a gatekeeper doc and he has an incentive to keep patients from receiving care. The only way a patient has to fight back is to change his or her PCP. My plan is fee for service. I am free to see any doc I want, in or out of their network (they have almost everyone in their network) without a referral. I pay no premium but I do have co-pays. I think my MRI was $106 out of my pocket. I will have spent more than $1,000 by the time I'm done with my shoulder surgery and post-op care. Still, that wouldn't cover a year's worth of premiums for a supplement to Medicare. So, I only pay when I use it. I don't use it much except for the occasional surgery. Last surgery was my knee arthroscopy about five years ago. So, I do come out ahead. BTW, a Dexascan is an x-ray machine which scans the hips and legs for osteoporosis. I get one with no co-pay every two years.

    I went to Amazon to send my DGS a $50 gift card and they said if I got an Amazon Visa card, they would give me a $50 gift card to use later. Also, it's a reward card and pays 3 percent for purchases from Amazon. Well, I need another credit card like another hole in the head but heck, why not! I'm fairly frugal and pay my cards off every month so I never incur interest payments. The less debt one has and the more available credit, the better the credit score. I have great credit and, therefore, pay less for my car insurance. One's credit score can affect what one pays for health insurance, whether one gets hired for a job, and the interest rate one pays on loans. None of that, except car insurance, applies to me but it's interesting how our credit is used.

    My daughter and DGS are coming down for a visit sometime around the 7th of July so I need to clean the place up a bit. I never deep clean before they come except I make sure the kitchen and baths are sparkling clean. I can't wait. We are going to go to Stir Crazy, an oriental restaurant where you go through the line, pick out your veggies and sauce and tell the chef if you want chicken, beef, shrimp, or nothing. He cooks it right in front of you with flames flying high. I'm sure Andy will think it's exciting.

    We are planning on going to Disney World in Oct. for three days. I'm waiting til summer is over to see what kind of "Florida Resident" deal they are offering. After the kids go back to school, they usually try to lure residents to the parks. Busch Gardens is already offering a good deal.

    Y'all can tell I'm feeling better because I'm writing "W&P" posts again. Geez, I didn't even address the Rocket name. I always think of the "Rocketman" song. So, Rock, you have your own song. That's not bad. Try not to lift anything heavy, even if it's a pillow. I HATE heavy pillows. I sleep like a Rock (no pun intended) on a light, fluffy pillow which cradles my fluffy head.

    My love, hugs and prayers to everyone as always.

    Love, Mikie
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    May I join you? I am miserable today. My typing will be awful. The Dr. said therapy. Today was the first leg time. My bad knee hurts so much tonight. The n I had one hour of arm and shoulder therapy. Way, way too much!:confused: it already hurt and now it hurts more, my left one thaat is. My shoulder goes click, click, click and hurts so much. That is too long for a first session. I just took a quick shower and decided that I would let Granni know why I just said "stop" on my letter. She had just come to the door----I don't think she cares for me any
    Playing with that clay stuff is bad enough but finding 35 beads make is worse. i just had to sit on my walker for a bit. Then putting all those beads back in the clay is worse. I was exhausted!! i hurt alot now.

    Oh yes. I also had legf therapy this morning too. ow my bad kness is swolen and hurts so much. I limped to supper.
    Gentle Hugs and Luv to all of you,
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    Joan - Surprised to find you here but great !!! It is wonderful to get more people on any of these threads especially the support ones. I go mostly to the Porch and Lounge but then pop in if I see something else that interests me. So sorry you have been in so much pain. I know what you mean, believe me and I know the PT can be hard, painful and frustrating. However, in the end it usually does help.

    Mikie - OMG, what a long post. I thought some of mine were long. Glad you are doing pretty well. I know the PT is hard and it takes some time to get it back and functioning again with work at home too, That is funny to read about you and Simon the not so social kitty. I guess he is social if you are behind the glass :)!!

    Diane - How are you doing sweetie? I have been worrying as you haven't been back to the What in the World Thread. Sun's son literally new the answer. Hope you haven't gotten to feeling bad again.
    Gotta run and do something around here. Hope DH doesn't want to go out and work in the yard. It is already hot.

    My b/p and pain have been up and down and experimenting too with some herbs and vitamins to see if they help any. Hoping the extra cinnamon and mag are helping the b/p. Lately it has been like a yo yo. It was good last night and late afternoon. We will see later after my drugs and all kick in.

    Love to everydobby,
  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Gang,

    Lilac, I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. My last PT rehab session, she had me do a terribly painful exercise which left me with pain every day. When I saw my doc, she said to stop all PT, rest the shoulder for 3-4 days, doing nothing but icing, massage, and/or heat. I did that and now, the pain has subsided. Today, I'm doing some light housework and it feels so much better. My neighbor said PT hurt so much that he couldn't take it. His doc said to quit the PT and that his return to normal activities would get him back to normal--it did. I can understand that some PT is necessary for some conditions and surgeries but I think it can do more harm than help. I'm sending you loving warm and healing (((hugs)))

    Granni, sorry for my "W&P" post. I always tell people to ignore me if I get too long winded. For so long, I had to keep my posts short as typing hurt my shoulder. I guess it built up and spilled over :) I don't know what was so traumatic for Simon that he won't let anyone get close. He may be completely feral but he seems to love the behind-the-glass repartee. I was too late getting Tweety's and Sylverter's dish in last evening and when I went out, it was empty and the fat possum was waddling away as fast as she could go. So, because of her musky smell and drool, I had to wash the bowl well with soap and water. I hope your BP and pain settle down.

    Diane, OMG, those stomach bugs are horrible. I hope you both are doing better today. My stomach was very upset after I had some cheese and it worried me that I might be having trouble with dairy. The "Wheat Belly" book mentioned that people with wheat allergies often pick up allergies to dairy. Geez, pretty soon, I'll be eating a little meat, poultry, fish, veggies and fruit. Wait a minute! That's how we're supposed to eat! In any case, I ate some licorice bears for medicinal purposes only, of course ;)

    Think I mentioned that DD and DGS are coming down first week in July. I got Andy's card in the mail and had Amazon mail his gift card. His bd is July 2nd. I'll miss it but they will likely be down close to mine. We are going to Disney World in Oct. for 3 days. I just got an e-mail from Air Tran about cheap fares so I booked for Denver in early Dec. I've been missing CO and my kids there. This is the most traveling and visiting I'll have done in ages. So much for my austerity program--Yikes! Oh well, it's family and what could be more important than that.

    My computer got hacked and there was nothing but music on my desktop--no icons. There was a message that if I sent $300 electronically, along with the e-confirmation numbers for the money, they would unlock my computer. Any effort on my part to restore it would end up in everything being rubbed out. I removed the battery and restarted the computer in safe mode and set the date back four days, before it got hacked. I gotta admit, this was a pretty sophisticated hack job. I wonder how many pay up to "rescue" their computers. The screen looked very official with all kinds of govt. logos, including homeland security. The message was that my computer had been found by homeland security and the FBI to have been used for illegal purposes. What was really scary was that my webcam came on, took a pic of me and placed it on the hacker's notice to me. My guess is that some devious hacker is using people's fear of electronic surveillance to hold their computers captive.

    My e-mail acct. was hacked by someone trying to sell some kind of raspberry diet. That one was not malevolent but this last one was evil but sophisticated. I was alerted that someone was trying to place malware on my computer but it got in before I could get out. If anyone else gets this, try fixing it like I did instead of taking it to a geek and paying for repairs or, worse yet, sending the ransom demand. I sincerely doubt they return computers to their workable state even when people pay up.

    OK, this is wandering into "W&P" territory so I'll stop now. Sending my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  7. bct

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    Hello All. I've not been doing much of anything and a little of everything -- very little, except for reading, which keeps me sane.

    Shorty has become a full-fledged country dog at last. He is very sociable, but not always obediant when he is involved in a lizard hunt. He finds it very hard to stop trying to find one. Obsessive almost.....

    Flowers everywhere; many kinds of of lily in bloom, including my new and fragrant Triumphator. The back yard is a virtual field of Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) that seed themselves and have been spreading for the last 35 yrs. All colours. Much pleasure. Richard picked up a couple of Lobelias at the store the other day and I've got to plant them somewhere. One is called Tiger Eyes -- it is blue with white spots in the middle --- must be a weird tiger! The day-lilies (Hemerocallis) are also in bloom, and verbena, petunias, salvias, thymes, Linaria (toadflax), etc. etc. I am boring you!

    Mikie, it is raining here and very humid. I can't stop sweating. I really don't do well with humidity in my old age! When we lived in Houston it was pretty bad. BAD! Still, I am glad that Fla weather agrees with you, and you have AC. No one here has AC, one would only use it a couple times a year. Of course Some People have them -- those who must have Everything Ever Made!

    Lilac, nice to hear from you. I am sorry for your pain and hope you get relief soon. I do hope you continue to "hang out" with us here in the lounge. Where anything goes. We cry, we laugh, we whine and chuckle. By the way, my three lilac bushes bloomed beautifully this year. The fragrance was heavenly!

    Diane, I've been enjoying your games ever so much! Hope you continue;). I'm sorry my clue for the Welwitschia was too apparent! I'll tone it down in the future!o_O

    Love to all,

    PS: Mikie, we were posting at the same time. You have totally freaked me out about your computer being hacked and held for ransom! I am a total technophobic idiot! I'm taking a Xanax!