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  1. Mikie

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    Time to start a new Lounge. I hope our Loungers continue to post and that old and new Loungers stop by. I miss our former Loungers and wonder what they are up to.

    In my life, the NRG continues and I'm killing myself cleaning. The condo is done so I'm ready for my DD and DGS tomorrow. I'm so excited to see them. I had sent DGS a gift card from Amazon so he can get apps, games, etc. for his Kindle. Amazon gave me a gift card for $50 just for applying for their credit card. If I use it on Amazon, I get 3 percent in rewards. Amazon sells everything so it may come in handy. I ordered a new Oster clear plastic steamer because my old one started to leak. I've looked everywhere to find a replacement but have found none. This one is a double decker so I can steam two things at once. Woohoo. The gift card Amazon gave me covered the cost of the steamer. So, a gift I was going to get DGS anyway and a free gift for me. Doesn't get much better than that!

    It's been so rainy down here that I hope we have some sun for the pool and/or the beach. If not, there is a planetarium and Imaginarium, a museum for kids. I think right now, they have exotic critters, like a bearded dragon. "Despicable Me" is playing at the movies. I need to hook up my Wii and he can play that. We'll find things to do.

    I have a new product for those of y'all who do your own nails. It's Sally Hansen Supershine clean top coat. It makes any polish look like gel. I put on a pretty hot pink polish and couldn't believe how great it looks. I usually just do clean on my hands but decided to give myself a treat. So, my toenails and fingernails match. Heck, I even have some bright pink lipstick.

    I bought a gluten-free angel food cake mix. I'm going to use egg whites in a carton. Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out OK. I'm going to make my healthy oatmeal cookies except that I'm going to have to use Crisco instead of butter. I hate to eat hydrogenated fats but, in this case, I have no choice. The rest of the cookies are healthy--molasses, nuts, oatmeal, dark chocolate chips, and raisins. They are delicious. I grew up on homebaked foods using Crisco before we knew better. I'm eating healthier in most all areas now but I will make an exception for my cookies. I have gluten-free, all-purpose flour.

    Well, kids, I probably won't here much for a few days. Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th and will continue with a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  2. rockgor

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    Hi Kids, Just dropped by to finish the previous thread. I see Ms. Mikie beat me to the punch. The bowl
    was practically empty when I arrived.

    SG, we had raccoons at our old address. Mama and 4 kits showed up frequently. Mama was very
    confident. Would come up to within a foot or two of me. Three of the kits were right behind or beside
    her. The 4th stayed a couple of feet behind.

    I can't remember if we ever had more than one possum at a time. I remember standing on the sidewalk
    one evening, waiting for Gordon to pick me up. Our front door was about 30 feet away. There were
    3 or 4 animals on the front step helping themselves to kibble. Think it was cats and one possum. My
    memory has gone with the snows of yesteryeard.

    Never heard of a disappearing screen before. Found a video on the net. Are they like those old pocket

    Mikie, So glad I don't have to go to dention. I remember detention in High School. I went once;
    can't remember why. Anyhoo, I was surprised to see it was 4-5 kids who spent the whole time
    chatting. Never opened a book. I just thought of something that never occurred to me before.

    The kids who lived on farms went to one room schoolhouses. Didn't take the school bus into town
    until the 7th grade. What did they do about detention? The school buses didn't wait for anybody.
    Did those kids have to call there folks for a ride? That must have made for some irate parents.

    I thought my back was getting better, but yesterday I bent my knees a couple inches so I could pick
    up a book from the coffee table. Got a stabbing pain. I wasn't even attempting to bend over. I
    am beginning to suspect things am not gonna spring back into place. Consarn it, anyway!

    Hi, Diane. Hi, Barry. Hope things are fine at your casa.

  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie.....I'm definitely going to get the new nail product. I do my own nails, and have to work on my feet almost daily since I'm a barefoot person. By the way, a great product for cracked heels is Cuticle Therapy Cream from Orly. I buy it at a beauty supply store. I suffer greatly from cracked bleeding fingers all winter long. I went into the supply store, almost in tears. She sold me this to try. It works wonders and then I decided to try it on my heels.....amazing how it heals.

    I LOVE a bargain and you sure are raking them in. You could always take them to Sanibel Island to search for shells even if it's dreary outside.

    Rock. That must have been cute seeing the little raccoons. A friend of mine used to take delight in feeding a visiting raccoon some cat food outside. It would bang on the door if she forgot. Then she got angry at it and wouldn't leave the food. The raccoon got even! He got on the hot tub cover and peed all over!!!! Actually same thing that a cat will do to show it's angry at you.

    Well, the possum got to a ripe tomato last night. Must have climbed onto the net and ate thru the net holes, that's the only explanation because it's all covered with net. I've had it so this morning all the tomato plants are being yanked out. I've gotten exactly l this year. My vow is I will never ever plant tomatoes again. I get angry that I do all the work and pay for water and this large rodent eats my produce.

    It sounds like you've got a bad back strain. I have a variety of those gel things you buy at CVS and keep in the freezer. They make a large flat one that's pretty good. You might check into that. I also bought years ago a wide band with velcroe that had a large pocket sewn inside that I slip a freezer pack into.

    My handyman is working here this morning, doing some odd jobs for me so have to run.
  4. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Mikie et al,

    To what do you attribute your burst of NRG ( change in your diet)? Whatever it is I need some :)!!

    Sunflower - You can come and do my nails. Mine never come out that well and it is really hard to do my toenails so in the summer I go for a pedicure and let them do it. It lasts for some time. My nails are so bad and my fingernails are always breaking and splitting just as I think they are starting to look half way descent. It is hard for me to bend down or get my feet up so I can paint them - groan ):!!

    That is awful that those possums are eating big holes in your tomatoes. I can imagine the frustration. In our last house we had so many tomatoes we were giving so many away. However, when pest or birds get at them it is very frustrating. Don't have enough sun around our property in one place to grow tomatoes. We both love fresh home grown tomatoes. Not the same when you buy them in the store but you gotta do what you gotta do, as they say. My hair dresser gave some from her garden last time and they were so wonderful but are all gone now.

    Rock - You were right about the school buses and I didn't go to a one room school bus. Actually it was more like reverse bussing for me and all of mu school mates. At that time our area had no High School so we were bussed a couple of towns over. If you missed the bus you had to d a lot of walking, and take the city bus just so far and walk the rest of the way. No one was getting picked up , at least not my mom or dad. We had one car, dad worked wierd hours and was either working or sleeping, and mom didn't drive. So I couldn't participate in anything before or after school - bad news for me. We also walked to elementary school every day and there were no buses there for me either. Think sometimes we even came home for lunch, but walked a pretty fair walk especially for a young kid . Now I am curious about actually how far it was. When you are a kid it seems like forever. Maybe I can find that out some how.

    Better go do something productive - ugh ! Hope some more Loungers pops in, old and new !!

    Love to awl,

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, guys, good to see y'all here.

    Rock, I'm so sorry about your back. I did some ironing today and mine started killing me. I got out my old Publix back brace and tucked an ice gel pack under it. It really helped. In the kitchen, I have one of those memory foam matts by the sink. If I stand there long, on the hard tiles, my back starts to ache. I hope your back feels better soon. Back pain is miserable.

    We didn't have detention when I went to school. If you got into trouble, the asst. principal called your parents. If you got into worse trouble, they suspended you. I never took the bus but my kids did in HS. As soon as they were able to drive, they stopped riding the bus. I had mixed feelings because they came home with some of the best jokes from the bus. Of course, there was the usual mooning going on by the boys.

    Sunflower, thanks for the tip on the cream. I wear sandals year round and my toes and heels are always dry. I like Gold Bond cream but I'll try anything to help keep the feet looking good. Down here, our feet are always on display. I seldom paint my fingernails with anything but clear but this polish looks so nice that I did my fingernails. My neighbor thought they were false nails. I've been doing my nails ever since I was 12. I used to look through my Mom's magazines and see the beautiful polish in Revlon ads and I would buy it with my allowance. My nails have always grown long but they will break if I'm not careful. Again, I think the dryness contributes to breaking.

    Sorry the possum has stolen all your tomatoes. I hate it when ours gets into the cats' food bowl. I have to wash the bowl to get the nasty, musky smell of the saliva out of it. AACK! If I'm careful to bring the dish in before it gets dark, the possum misses her opportunity. I try to get Simon's bowl in as soon as he finishes his breakfast because he comes early when it's still dark out. I'm like a barista to all these critters. Tweety and Sylvester came in for their gourmet mix of dry food and some milk. They seem to take to the Lactaid just fine.

    Racoons here tend to stick to the five garbage dumpsters and will usually run from people. They were hiding out under a car cover last year. When the guy finally moved the car, there was a boneyard under there. Strange--they are running a Magic Mesh screen on TV right now. Barb has a screen which is on a roller and it rolls out of sight to the left side when it's open. I don't like it. I prefer my storm door which I can lock. I have it all glass right now to keep the A/C air inside. I may just leave it that way because if I open my kitchen window, it provides better ventilation in the winter.

    Granni, I'm sure the NRG is from my change in diet--gluten free and dairy free. At some point over the last year or so, I seem to have become allergic to wheat and milk. I will try sour cream and yogurt because both are made with bacteria/probiotics. My neighbor takes the lactaid pills and can have ice cream. The NRG finally gave out this afternoon and I had to take a long nap. Still, I got up and did more work around here. I didn't get to the store, so I'll have to stop with DD and DGS on the way back from the airport. That way, they can get just what they want. I didn't get any baking done either but it's no big deal.

    I have seen too many graphic shows on "60 Minutes" and other news magazine shows on TV where they go into nail salons with their black lights and find all kinds of nasty stuff, even in the most chi chi salons. Then, they show women's legs with infection from the salons which leaves them with permanent lumps on their legs. For some reason, that freaks me out even worse than clowns. So, I do my own pedicures and manicures. That way, I have to stay agile.

    I'm drying my sheets. Changing the bed is the last thing I had to do. It'll feel so good slipping under clean sheets tonight. I may take a nice Epsom Salt soak before I go to bed. This rain has riled up my allergies and I feel achy all over. I ate a little bit of the last of my salmon and it was so good. I'm still a bit hungry but just don't know what I want. I have some strawberries which likely won't last another day. Maybe I'll have them with some flax puffs.

    Well, my dryer is calling my name (actually, it's beeping). Gotta go get the sheets. Hope everyone's aches and pains go away and y'all have a wonderful evening and weekend.

    Love, Mikie

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Enjoy your DD and DGS's visit. Also do enjoy your clean sheets. I know how that feels. I was so behind in cleaning my sheets. I used to do it weekly and I don't want to tell you how long it probably was since I washed them since the last time. I did it the other day and before that was not good.

    I need to go take a shower and one of these days probably need to take a long hot soaking bath. I have always loved baths but with all the water you need to take a good one, and if I really wanted to help my aching parts I would have to go underwater and probably drown myself.

    Hi and Hugs to all who also may be peeking in. Have a nice weekend. I know Mikie will :)!!

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    I have most everything done except for what I'm going to do once the kids show up. It's supposed to rain this afternoon so I'm sure Andy will want to head right to the pool when we get back from the airport and grocery store. Most of us no longer use the cell phone lot at the airport. There is no shade, no vending machines for drinks and red any hills everywhere. So you have the choice of sitting in your car running the A/C like most everyone else or getting out and sucking up the car fumes. Now, we have our guests phone us as soon as the plane touches down. I can be halfway to the airport by the time they deplane and get to the doors. They can wait inside in the A/C until I pull up right in front.

    I don't think we'll go to the beach tomorrow as it's supposed to rain again and on Sundays, it's a mob on the road to the beach. Our beach is out on a sand bar so there's only one road leading to the bridge to get there. Mon., on the other hand, is supposed to be sunny and dry. People will have gone back to work so it shouldn't be as crowded. Andy loves the beach.

    I tried to put the cats' food out on the balcony but the crows gathered. I just leave my front door open but the glass storm door shut. The cats know that Momma Mikie's Cat Café is open for business. Both of them came in and lapped up my Lactaid milk and had some of the gourmet mix dry food I prepare for them. They've been lounging around, wrestling, and playing.

    I slept til after 6:00 this morning but Simon was patiently waiting for me and his breakfast. He is still slender but is eating like a horse. The lazy crows aren't up til it gets light out. I've been sleeping later and more since I changed my diet. I've lost 8 lbs. I think I read that if one doesn't get enough sleep, it can cause weight gain or make it almost impossible to lose weight.

    I just read somewhere that the average person only changes sheets once a month. If we're clean when we go to bed, why not! I feel a bit bad about filling the tub to get a good, hot soak but it's something I did for my FMS. Now, I get down to get my shoulder into the Epsom Salts. It feels soooo good. The shoulder is mostly healed but if I use it a lot, it will ache at the end of the day. If often aches after I've been asleep, like Rock's back. It's either from being in one position too long or sleeping on it in a "bad" position.

    DD just called to say the plane will be delayed about 15 mins. but that they are getting onboard. It can be iffy when one flies non rev. Andy had to check his fishing pole so they will have to go to baggage. I'll pick them up downstairs.

    Again, y'all might not hear from me for a bit. I'll try to pop in when I can. In the meantime, you know I'm thinking of you all, praying for you and sending warm, healing hugs.

    Love, Mikie
  8. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi boys and girls --- hope your fourth was fun. Mine was very quiet and fortunately minimum number of gunshots! I let the guy who lives in a tent on the property borrow my hated rifle and shoot it --- as long as I couldn't hear it! This guy was formerly homeless, and the neighbours are all trying to help him get back on his feet. And he works for us.

    Think I'll use a bigger font. My eye is giving me floater problems and bumming me out big time.

    Possums, skunks and raccoons. Hmmm. I live in the country and have all of these, but seldom see any. See lots of fox scat. And Shorty dog led me to a wonderfully complete possum skull in the woods which is now hanging from my Japanese Cherry tree. I like it, but it creeps some people out, I have no idea why.

    Sorry about your tomatoes SFG. Did you indeed pull them up? We had trouble with mice taking our cherry tomatoes one year during a mouse explosion. Problem was solved by mousetraps! We are still waiting for our first toms. to ripen. I did pick some Gypsy peppers, and fried them up in olive oil to serve with some "Italian Rustic" bread from a local baker. They were delish! I love fried green peppers of most kinds.

    Been eating a lot of fresh fruits lately, with yoghurt, for lunches. Mango, cherry, blueberry and cantaloupe yesterday. I buy the mangoes at Costco because they are less then five bucks for six, and they are extra good. Almost worth the 60 mile trip (one way) to the big box in the little town!

    I'm jealous of you folks that have nrg. Mine is zilch. If I even water my flowers, I begin to sweat, feel dizzy, and feel almost faint. At this point I know it's time to get in house!

    I'm happy for you folks that have nrg. Don't get me wrong! I'm just envious!

    Diane, missing you. Hope you pop in soon.

    Rock, are you growing any 'maters' (as the "homeless" boy calls them) this year? If so, good luck. I know you grew Sungold cherry toms. one year.....

    All for now,
    Love Barry

  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member me stupid but what does NRG stand for?

    That's very good of you to help the homeless man. It's so easy in this economy for someone to go down the tubes. My single son up in Portland struggles with finances and we have to quietly supplement his income. I figure he might as well have some of the $ now when he needs it rather than when we're gone.

    Speaking of homeless, twice now I've run across a good looking guy with his sign just at the off ramp of a freeway. I gave some bucks to him two weeks ago but yesterday because my husband was driving and we were stopped at the light I got a REALLY good look at him. OMG.....his hair and beard look professionally styled, well sprayed hair, clean black clothes. I don't want to judge but he's taking care of himself. Honestly, he looks like either an actor or a model. Steely blue eyes, and a "downcast" look that says......poor me, help me. Hmmmmm?

    Mikie....hope the weather cooperates with you and your guests have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

    Granni and Rock: I walked to school, grammar and HS. No driving me even when it rained. I drove my kids when they were in grammar and Jr. Hi but we lived close enough to the HS for them to walk. I have to relate a funny story (not funny at the time though). We used to own the ugliest orange and black jeep Cherokee. Call me really stupid at the time to let my husband talk me into buying it because it "was a good deal"! HA. The kids hated it and were embarrassed, I hated it and was embarrassed.

    I was swinging by Jr. Hi at the time my oldest was getting out of school, he was in line to catch the bus. I honked, I honked, and honked and he saw me but refused to acknowledge me so I drove off. He heard it from me when he got home. Then when my daughter was going there I was going to drop her off. This was the conversation....."no, don't stop there, ok, pull up, no stop".....she had been flummoxed, she opened the car door and ran off, and a policeman pulled along side because I had stopped in a red zone. I told him exactly what happened, that my kids were embarrassed by our orange and black pumpkin so he laughed and gave me a warning. I was so happy when we sold that to someone who lived up in the mountains and the snow.

    We never had detention at our HS....just had to sit with the VP. And I was such a goody goody that I never stepped out of line. Boy, have I changed!

    Yep, I pulled off all the green tomatoes yesterday, tossed some chewed ones into the composter and called it quits on the big ones. Now.....this morning that darn possum climbed a fence and got into my cherry tomatoes. Call me really livid!!!!!!!! And now what do I do with over 10 lbs. of green tomatoes? I don't like fried foods, well I do but I shouldn't, so no fried green tomatoes for me. I know that you can make green tomatilla sauce so I'm wondering if these would work the same.

    Barry, the humidity bothers me greatly also. I'm trying really hard to take a new med to help with the FM....gabapentin. Turns out it's not good for me. I've gotten really bad tachycardia. Yesterday it ratcheted up to 130 and today 140 early in the morning as I walked the dog. I went yesterday to the doctor to talk with him. Don't know what's going on......3 days ago I bought an oximeter to check my oxygen level and lo and behold here my heart is really acting up. Actually this was a VERY good investment of $49 at CVS pharmacy. You might think about purchasing one.
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry, Good to hear from you. Yes, we have two mater bushes. A sun gold which is not producing too
    many fruits and a red one. Forgot the name. It is bigger and more prolific. the tomatoes are not so
    good as the ones I remember from my youth, but they have more flavor than anything you can buy.
    Modern fruits provide color and texture, but not much flavor.

    Does your possum skull have a saggital crest? That's a ridge of bone on top of the skull. It anchors
    chewing muscles and shows up in various animals like gorillas and lions. Possums are interesting.
    I read recently that their tail is prehensile. And despite looking like rodents, they are marsupials;
    the only one in N. America. Had one in my backyard many years ago. She had half a dozen babies
    clinging to her back. I gave her a carrot and a piece of bread for lunch. She thanked me, but
    did not leave a tip.

    Sorry to hear about the floater problem. Is it temporary? I've had 'em from time to time, but
    then they go away for a couple years. I would hate to get to the point where I couldn't read. Is
    there any treatment? Say Hi to Richard.

    SG, here's a site I found about repelling possums. Sprays you can mix up.

    We grew tomatoes in buckets about ten years ago. One plant per bucket. Worked very well.
    I suppose it would work if you had a porch or enclosed sunny area that would thwart the
    marauding invaders.

    Mikie, I hope you are well enough to enjoy your family's visit. Where can Andy fish? I don't know
    how close you are to the ocean.

    Granni, kids sure got plenty of exercise when we were young, didn't we. We walked half a mile to
    school. And with a trip home for lunch that was 2 miles a day. The grade school I went to had
    been built in 1908. the same building was the high school my mother graduated from. I have
    visited small towns in the Midwest on the net. Most of the school buildings look the same. So
    do the main streets. Much healthier places for people to live than these metropolises. Only
    today I was out in the street by our back gate sweeping up a broken beer bottle. My depression
    would probably be reduced by half if I could get away from the crowds, the noise, the traffic, the
    crime, the graffiti, the helicopters, the thugs, the foreigners, the high prices, the etc.

    Stop by when you can, Diane.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - could you sort of pickle the green tomatoes you have left? I have had them and they can be very good. If you want to try them google some recipes for pickled green tomatoes.

    Hi also to Barry. Hope I didnpt miss anyone.

    Have to run and go start dinner. Bye for now !

    Mikie - Enjoy your company.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - Glad you are back . Missed talking to you but I know when DH is home it is hard to get away to chat on the boards. Sounds like you are busy and trying to get organized. That does sound familiar. I just went through one deep drawer on the computer table. I ha a few files in thee plus also a bunch of papers just put on top of each other. Can you believe that I had something in it from 2006. Glad I found that one as she is someone from elementary school in NY, not that I remember that much but she was a classmate and it is good to chat. She wanted a pic of the class. I have it somewhere but it is a big pic. Not sure how I could get it sent to her. It is a huge picture with individual pics in ovals. Wonder if she was able to get it from someone else yet. I also have my genealogy files which I have books of but really need to throw away a lot of duplicate stuff and stuff I don't need anymore.

    Then I have my so called medical files and stuff I am trying out. I have info on herbs to try for pain and also hi b/p which I am trying. I have papers everywhere and have been throwing away stuff but have so much more to do. I get frustrated sometimes and then quit for some time. I got so frustrated when I lost a bunch of genealogy files on the computer (Family Tree Maker) and so I have to put so many of them back on the program AGAIN !!! Who knows when that will be - to many :)!!!

    Hi to Rock, Sun, Spring Water and everyone. I know Mikie is probably busy with her company. It is so nice to have family come especially those that live far away and they don't come that often.

    Went to church this morning and started a wash after lunch. Now I am taking a break on the computer.

    Love to everydobby,:)
  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi. Beautiful day here. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Please God give me some NRG.

    SFG, NRG = energy. ;).....! I take gabapentin also, for peripheral neuropathy. It doesn't bother me too much. I used to take more than I am now, but was able to cut back by adding alpha-lipoic acid to my regimen. Docs in the SF Bay area (Stanford ?) had found that the a-la reduced neuropathic pain. I tried it and it did. What are you taking the gabapentin for? Oh, I see, FM. My neighbour has FM and uses gabapentin also. She is a nurse, retired. She likes the alpha-lipoic acid too; says it helps too.

    Rock, my possum, (actually, opussum) has a wonderful sagittal crest. I was just admiring it a while ago. I've been sitting in the front yard watching the black-headed grosbeaks and scrub jays come to the food that I put out for them. They are getting so tame they make me feel like St. Francis. Hope I don't look like him!

    Oh man, Diane has kohlrabi! I am so envious! How are you going to cook it? I like it steamed, or cut in thin rounds, wilted in boiling water, drained dried and fried! (olive oil).

    Richard went to the farmer's market yesterday and came back with some fresh farm eggs. I had a green-shelled one last night, from an Araucana (sp) hen. These people also sell fresh duck eggs - which I have never had the pleasure of eating. Are they like chicken eggs, just bigger? Anybody ever eaten them? Another booth sells nothing but mushrooms : shitake, lion's mane, and maitake (hen-of-the-woods), etc. My favourite of all mushrooms are the maitake (hen-of-the-woods) which is absolutely wonderful. I had never eaten it before this year. It is grown on wood, so is very clean and easy to work with. Even R likes it -- and he's a chanterelle person!

    Enough babbling,
    Love you All.
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    SG, NRG stands for energy. You asked the same question I did when I first saw it. I thought the
    letters stood for something like Nutritional Rice Granules. I would have answered your question
    earlier except it wasn't there last time I posted. I guess you posted while I was typing.

    Oops! Barry already answered your question. Great Balls of Brain Fog! Well, I'm not redacting.
    Granni, I remember decades ago hearing the ladies talk about pickled green tomatoes that they put up.
    Never tried 'em. Didn't look too appetizing to me.

    BTW, have you guys read "Standing in the Rainbow" by Fannie Flag? Great book, especially if
    you like small town settings. The sequel "Can't Wait to Get to Heaven" is equally fine. I
    thought of that because Fannie also wrote "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe".

    Barry, your comment on St. Francis begs two questions. Why don't you want to look like him,
    and, considering he lived in the Middle Ages, how do we know what he looked like? LOL
    BTW, I've read a couple times that the famous prayer attributed to him was actually written
    during WW I.

    I looked up the araucana chicken. Wikipedia says they have ear tufts (kinda like side burns),
    yellow and green feet, and lay blue eggs. But the picture doesn't look blue, it looks pale green.
    Do these exotic eggs: cost more, taste different?

    Hafta quit. I am exhaustenized. You wouldn't believe all the typing and spelling mistakes I've made
    typing this little opus.

    Ha det bra
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    You two guys are just tooooo funny! I love it!!!!

    And Rock, what does ha det bra mean? Well, if I had said NRG outloud it would have bit me. Duh. Sorry, I don't text so don't know all those shortcuts.

    Granni. Good luck and good cleaning of your files. That's a giant chore.

    I was going to stop at this little country stand about 6 months ago for green eggs. I wrote down the phone # to ask how much and she said no more eggs. Apparently a little fox got into the hen house and ate all the chickens. Drat.
    This didn't surprise me as it was their little farm house among trees among urban sprawl. There have also been sightings of mountain lions up there along with the usual coyotes, deer, possums, rats, roadrunners and those large hairy spiders, darn their name escapes me now.

    Diane. Hope you had a good staycation with your husband. Did you do anything aside from going to a grocery store? Yes, the 4th is hard on animals. I've never tasted kohlrabi. What does it taste like? I'm game so maybe I should buy it?

    I've read several of Fannie Flaggs books, but don't think I've read Standing in the Rainbow. I'll have to order it from the library. BTW, I literally ran into Fannie Flagg years ago in an antique shop up in Santa Barbara. She was leaving as I was coming in. She stopped and looked at me.....said she liked my aura and energy I was putting out thru my eyes. Must have been PRE- FM! She was in grubbies and looked like she had been cleaning the garage. I think I floated for days on that compliment.

    And for those who liked the "small town life" I hope you've read the Father Tim series by Jan Karon. Whenever I feel the need for comfort I listen to one of them. Not big things happening but it's such a heartwarming series of books as you follow an episcopal priest thru his life, meeting his future wife when he's in his 60s., etc. etc.

    And speaking of fried green tomatoes, I made a small batch the other night...Hmmmm...good.
    The tomatoes are slowly getting red so will look for another recipe. I'm not one to do any canning or anything like that though.

    I'm also finishing up listening to the book, "Rules of Civility" by Amor Towles. I'm really enjoying it. Most of it takes place in the late 30s and a young woman's VERY wealthy friends, their life styles and their downfalls. She really gets into the characters of the people.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    Diane - glad to see you back here. What do you put in your 3 bean salad? I make a 4 bean but not sure it has the same things. It has green beans, waxed, garbanzo (or chic peas), and red or kidney along with green peppers, onions and an oil and vinegar type. That too tastes great when sitting in the frig for some time. You can add or subtract the veggies to your liking. It is quite versatile. I have made it to bring to many pot luck type gatherings. What beans do you use??

    Hi Sun - DH just got the mail and so may be needing the computer to do bills. I am not sure I had Kolraabi either but I understand it is very healthy for you. What along post ! Seems like I can't think of much to post right now. Yes, doing files is a mess and I fixed up my one file drawer but that is it. I have lots of other stuff to If I have a mind to and lots of time :)!! Or should I say, NO ENOUGH TIME , or NRG :)!!


    Back later hopefully !

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks
    JWU. That's texting code for just woke up. Well, it would be if I knew how to text. The implication
    is that my brain is foggier than usual. YOLO That's "You only live once". Remember that car
    full of teens that crashed as one of them was sending that message. I think there have been
    3 cars full of young people that came to an unhappy ending in the last few months.

    "You only live once" indicates to some they'd better hurry up and have a lot of fun while they
    can. To me it indicates you'd better use some caution since this may be the only chance you
    get. This teaches us that people bring their own interpretation to the world around them.

    I seem to be in a somber mood this morning. Maybe it's because I woke up with an itchy area
    on my leg. Probably the work of some vicious spider or vampire during the night.

    SG, "ha det bra" is Norskie for have it good. Used in Norway to say good bye or to end a letter.
    I've been using it here off and on for years. Now and then I add the translation. Reminds me that
    I haven't seen any posts lately from TwoCatDoctors. Was it she that ended her posts with
    "bis spater"; German for till later. Or was it the gal in California that kept goats and had worked
    at "The Castle". Land O Goshen! Life is so confusiatin' when your brain no workee.

    Anyhoo, I think that's great that you met Fannie Flagg. I hope she writes another book or
    two. If you like Jan Karon, you might like Miss Read. She wrote about life in English villages.
    Turned out a book a year of decades. BTW, did you read Jan Karon's cookbook? And the pictures
    of her. She is a glamor girl. Looks more like someone at a party with Zsa Zsa than what I
    would expect from her books.

    Diane, never had Coal Robbi (Looks kinda like a Scottish name, huh?) but I almost had kale.
    Several months ago Gordon fixed a stir fry with kale. I thought the kale looked and tasted
    like broccoli stems. A few months later he said was going to make shrimp stir fry. I asked
    if he was gonna put kale in it again. He said, "Kale? I've never used kale." This teaches us
    that just because you lived with someone for decades, you don't necessarily know what's
    going on.

    Have never eaten 3 bean salad, but I like the name. Terse and descriptive. Did you see
    the article on the computer news a couple days ago. How to make a bunch of exotic salads.
    I posted a recipe I've used for years. Also had 3 ingreediments plus dressing: cubed ham,
    cheese and green beans. (I guess you could call this one bean salad.) It got one response:
    sounds like barf. How wude!

    Granni, if you want to try it Coleslaw dressing was the recommended dressing. I suspect
    ranch would be good too. Yes, you're right. We are equally young. I think a silly attitude
    help one stay youthful. It certainly has for a couple of my college roommates. They are
    just as goofy now as they were half a century ago.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, folks. Here's a thought on aging that you've probably heard
    before. It's one I certainly agree with.
    "At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don't care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven't been thinking of us at all." Ann Landers (1918-2002)

  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm a day late in birthday wishes......but even so....may this decade be better than the last and may you continue to bless us all with your humor and wisdom. I'll have to look for a phrase of "something" to add to my signature. My husband turns 73 in November.......wish he had your sense of humor though. I agree with you that a young (silly?) attitude helps us stay off old age.

    By the way, speaking of silly how many of you have the ability to whistle REALLY loud? I'm trying to teach my 10 year old grandson how to blow a piercing whistle but he just can't get it. I taught myself when I was around 10 and I can't tell you the times it's come in very handy calling back people who are driving away, trying to get ones attention, etc. I must admit I've gotten some very strange looks for the men I've had to whistle at.

    What? Nobody liked your l bean salad? How wude!!!! LOL. And speaking of kale, I never liked the whole bunch of kale I've bought at the store but discovered bags of washed baby kale all cut up....OMG. With some sautéed garlic in coconut oil and a little sea salt sprinkled on top with some grated parmesan cheese...Yummy. Of course garlic makes everything special.

    Does Miss Read have a first name or a book title I could look up at the library?

    I'm going to try Sprouts today to look for kohlrabi. You people have got me so intrigued. By the way, the green tomatoes are slowly turning orange and red. My daughter was over the other night and stared at my large tray of green tomatoes wondering where I had gotten them.

    Granni. It's been a long time since I've made the 3 bean salad. Since it's 3 cans of beans plus green peppers and celery and onions added it just makes too much for two people to eat. Years ago I used to make a cold fresh green bean salad with Italian dressing, red onion rings and black olives added. Of course you could also add some feta cheese. OMG...I'm getting hungry.

    I watched Birdsong last night.....a masterpiece classic.....wonderful. I had caught the tail end of it last week and apparently missed a lot so ordered it from the library. A sad love story set in France interspersed with WW l battle action. What would we do without PBS?
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Sun -Yes, PBS has some very interesting things on. My DH loves the military channel. Some is OK but he LOVES all that stuff and has seen them all I think a lot and knows them all by heart. That is , of course the new ones they have put out. What a history buff he is. Yes, it is interesting but I have reached a saturation point easily on all the wars :)!!! I will be 73 in a few months and DH is 75. DH has an OK sense of humor at times but having to deal with this crap for so long I try to have a fairly good sense of humor most of the time. However, it doesn't always happen :)!!!

    Trying to remember if I had kale years ago. I probably did esp if it was cheap. My mom cooked any kind of greens she could get her hands on. Some were not to great but we ate them any way or starved :)!! Or should I say, didn't eat and were hungrier for the next meal.

    Hi Rock - Hope you are having or had a nice day. It is night time now here but you are on the left coasd as Mr. D used to call it and you too I think.

    Diane - Hope to see you tomorrow and that you are doing OK.

    Have to get read and go outside. Friends of ours are picking us up for a free concert at their church. Sounded like a great deal so we are going.

    See ya all tomorrow!

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the b-day wishes, SG. "Miss Read" is the full name of the author. I have liked her books
    for decades, but always thought her nom de plume was unnecessarily confusiatin'. Her real name was
    something like Dora Smart or Saint or some noun. I'd look it up, but then I'd probably lose my post.

    I bought a CD of old songs. The title of the album was "Bird Songs at Even Tide". I thought it was
    rather a vapid song of not much distinction. Titles and headlines are frequently misleading.

    Oops! Gordoni is home. Must put on my apron and go greet him. Tell him what the Beaver has
    been up to.