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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone,

    I've scanned all the posts to try to catch up. Just want to wish Rock a happy birthday; mine was on Sun. No wonder I appreciate your humor. We Cancers have zany senses of humor.

    I love to see my kids come but I'm always relieved to see them go. I took them to the airport early yesterday and slept all day; I may sleep all day today. I way overdid it while they were here. Actually, I way overdid it cleaning before they came. DGS in hyperactive and it was nonstop with only breaks when he was playing my Wii.

    We swam, played tennis and Andy fished. This is his first time fishing in the Gulf with live shrimp. He caught three fish and released them. One of the best places to fish is along the bridge/causeway on the way to Sanibel Island. We sat under palm trees in the shade with a nice breeze. We drove onto the island and went to the beach. It was soooo hot and still, no breeze at all. So, we drove into town and ate at Jerry's. My whole body ached and I was exhausted.

    I worked too hard cleaning the condo before they came and now, I have to clean it again. It can wait; I'm still tired today but not so achy. My body isn't used to all this physical activity.

    Andy got to see all three cats. They are used to peace and quiet so haven't been hanging around much. I'm worried about Simon. He's so thin and yet, he eats like a horse. I think he's sick but there isn't much we can do as he won't let anyone near him.

    My best to everyone and y'all know you are in my prayers. I'm off to sleepyland. Zzzzzzzzz...

    Love, Mikie
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie, glad to hear you had a nice visit. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could enjoy a few things
    without ending up exhaustenized. Let the cleaning go for a few days while you recuperate. That's too
    bad about Simon. Poor thing. He could live a life with love and luxury if he just realized it.

    The grey cat that came around our place was in the same situation. He could have slept on our large
    covered front porch with a blankie and had plenty of food, clean water and affection. Just too
    skittish to realize. I haven't seen it for about a year. Cancers have a zanny sense of humor? I don't
    know what you are talking about.

    Granni, I didn't even know there was a military channel. Yes, Mr Dad was fun, wasn't he. We exchanged
    a few e mails after he stopped posting here. I told him California was only on the left coast when one is
    standing in Mexico. If you're in Canada, it's on the right coast.

    BTW, I saw a recipe for kale chips on the net. You pour soy sauce and oil and what not on the stuff
    and bake it in your oven on a cookie sheet. Then you can serve it at your party while everyone sings,
    "Kale. Kale. The gang's all here."

    SG, forgot to tell you. "Miss Read" is also a character in the books. That just adds to the confusion. Ha Ha!

  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member almost got me there on the kale chips until I got to the end and almost spit out the cottage cheese in my mouth. Zany? Who's zany!

    Mikie. I was a tad worried when you were in OVERDRIVE before you even started a vacation with the family. I know....I've done it tooooo many times. Sorry it was so hot and still for them but happy to read that Andy caught 3 fish. What? You didn't want to bring them home and have a fish fry? Rest up, the cleaning can wait until you're really, really bothered by the mess.

    It's cloudy outside this morning and weatherman says maybe some sprinkles along with 90 plus weather. UGH. Could that be why I'm aching all over. How do you people stand humidity? I was woke up again around 2 a.m. with horrendous charley horse/horses in both legs and that did it for sleep for me until somewhere around 5:30 when I drifted off for a whole 20 min.
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    SG, what do you mean, I almost got you?! As always, I was being perfectly serial. Anyhoo there are lots of
    sites for kale chips. Here's one:

    Some of them say mix olive oil with soy sauce plus salt and parmesan. Sounds interesting, but I think
    the hostess should have a back up of something else to serve. I kinda think kale chips would be like
    munching animal fodder.

    Anything help the charley horses? Massage, cream? Reminds me of a riddle from grade school What
    do you put on sunburned pig? Answer: oinkment.

    Diane, glad to hear your power is back on. I can remember when the power went off in my yute. My
    mother got out the kerosene lamp. Then the next day the chimney had to be cleaned because it
    got all sooty. Hope Kevin doesn't have to drive too far.

    Zipper is in the backyard napping on one of his blankies. Think I'll see if can nap too. I'm generally
    awake during most of the night. Another reason why I hate having a dr. appointment. I'm likely
    to forget or to be sleeping.

    Gentle hugs to everdobby.
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick one and then I need to go eat some lunch. There was anote on FB from Julie who was on her way to Burlington as Amy was taken there to hospital with fever of 107. They got it down to 103 is all I know.

    Please pray for Julie and Amy and the whole family. Back later when I can read post.:(

  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OMG....l07! Is this her grown daughter? That's very high and dangerous for an adult. I found out last year from my daughter's pediatrician concerning my GD....apparently kids temps can go up to 112 before they worry. HUH? are soooo funny. Nope....never hear that one about the oinkment. LOL. I'll have to remember that one to pass on to my grandson. Nothing but lots of whimpering and rubbing my legs helps. I keep saying I want a new body/model because I've broken this one and I can't seem to fix it.
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is Keira's Mom. That is Julie's eldest grandchild from Amy and Clinton. DH needs the computer so I'm off again.
    Hugz to awl,'
  8. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Sunflowergirl suggested I drop in to check out the new boards. I've been around PH for years, but am not much of a poster. So, here I am at 4:00AM not too bright eyed and bushy tailed, but here. It'll take time for me to get up to speed on happenings, but it's a fun read in the meantime.

    What's good is others here are also gluten-free. No, I don't have celiacs disease...I have "non-celiacs gluten intolerance". I'm also fanatical about avoiding MSG and all the hidden names it goes by. That stuff can throw this body into a whirl in a NY minute. The problem is...I cook so much from scratch, it's a royal pain. I read the recipe for kohlrabi chips...they sound good, but too labor intensive for this old gal.

    SFG...I "love" fried green tomatoes!!!:)

    Rock...I thought your ham, cheese and bean salad sounded good. I may try making it one of these days. I do have to say groaning over one of your zingers at 4:00AM does help wake me up. And, happy belated BD!!

    I notice there's a book forum...I hope to bop over there to see what others have read or are reading. I read nightly.

    Just wanted to say "hello" and hope to see you all again soon,
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Windy, Welcome to the lounge. And thank you for the birthday wishes. Got b-day
    wishes from so many of our nice folks here. In real life I got one
    card plus an e mail from my brother in Portland. He said he had put a card in an envelope, but
    he couldn't find it and wasn't even sure if he had mailed it or not. Well, we understand about
    brain fog and goofiness around here.

    I remember a cookbook from some decades back. MSG was a new topic back then. The author
    said something like, "It is assumed you will add MSG to all these dishes as it is such
    a wonderful flavor enhancer." Well, once people believed the world was flat and leeches were
    a standard medical treatment.

    Never had green tomatoes at our house, SG, but we had home grown red ones. That was back
    in the days when food not only had flavor, it was nutritious. My mother had a large garden with
    both flowers and vegetables. She used to slice tomatoes and bake them on a cookie sheet
    with buttered crumbs on top.

    Hugs to everydobby. Come back soonest, Windy.

  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane....lucky you, having escaped any damage. Weird weather we're all having. It's overcast here in so. calif for the 2nd day although it brought down the temps and I'm all for that. We had light sprinkles for about 3 min. Yahoo. Here in calif. it's sun, sun, sun and more sun and very little rain even for the wintertime.

    No, haven't been able to buy kohlrabi. I had the produce guy check in the back at a speciality market and they're out. Seems there's a run on kohlrabi! LOL. But I'll keep trying.

    Hi Windy.....happy to see you on the board.

    Oh yes, I remember when accent first came out and I told my Mom she just had to get some. She was strictly a S & P cook. I remember using it when first married back in late 60s but not a lot. I'm trying to be very cautious about hidden MSG.....Windy has been clueing me in on those sneaky food companies and I've become a label reader.

    Rock......"Well, once people believed the world was flat and leeches were
    a standard medical treatment." Funny comment.....although about a year ago I read that leeches were coming back into use in the hospital. UGH.

    Mikie: how are things going for you? Catching up on energy and sleep?

    Granni: So you have to share the computer with DH. We bought an Ipad last year, thinking I could use it while "sitting at starbucks and writing". HA I have trouble understanding the Apple workings. DH took a 3 session class locally so he could teach me, but when he gets home from work, neither one of us want to use our brains anymore.

    And surprisingly.....the green tomatoes are slowly ripening and the red ones are really tasty. Is that because they're organic?

    I'm busy working on a small 11 x 14 painting for my son in law's BD on l8th. It's of a tiled water fountain and his dog in their garden. I had to cheat and transfer the photo onto the canvas with carbon paper because the tile is so complicated. I had to run out today to Michaels for a really small brush. I'm doing the under painting with acrylic paint then using oil paint over it. After a ton or running errands I'm pooped and heading for a nap.
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, now that it is time for beddy bye or getting ready to go. So much going on. We will be leaving next week towards the end of the week to drive to see DH;s cousin's son and family in Joplin, MO. Remember, that was where they had that awful tornado a couple of years ago that tore up the town and caused so much damage. His daughter's home was destroyed and now they have another. We were going to see them that year but then that was canceled.

    Hi WINDY - welcome and hope to see you again soon.

    Hi to SUN, DIANE, ROCK, MIKIE, JULIE and everydobby else. Hope to see you tomorrow. Got so much to do.

  12. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Howdy and thanks for all the nice "welcomes"!!:)

    Diane...I'm not much of a news watcher (I get too revved up at times), so missed the news about your storm. Can't blame you for not getting much sleep in the aftermath. I live in "tornado alley" and nasty storms can and do get us wired. Killer and I (I call my DH "Killer" since he's just the live such quiet lives normally, so storms can get the juices flowing. So glad you weren't affected and were safe.

    Granni...I live close to Joplin and the devastation was totally unimaginable (I go there to shop on occasion). It's sad to read you have family who lost their home due to the destruction. But, I can say Joplin is recuperating quite well and in only a little over a year. Of course, residential areas are slower going than businesses. We had no clue what happened in Joplin...we lost TV first, then power. SFG called me on my cell (as did a friend from Tulsa) to ask if we were okay and that's when we found out what happened. We were totally stunned. I hope you enjoy your visit (and the weather cooperates).

    Rock...Your brother and I would get alone just fine. I do the same with BD cards (or close to it). I get the card in advance, then totally forget I have it. I should just go ahead and invest in belated cards and be done with it...LOL.


    I'm not sure if all of you are aware of it, but SFG is quite the artist. I'm fortunate to have some of her paintings and also terrific tiles she's added her talent to. I'm anxious to see her latest project once it's finished.

    Ah, the dreaded MSG (& yes, Accent is still sold...bah humbug). Years ago I suffered horribly from migraines and was totally depressed. Saw specialists and one said I needed a shrink (grrrrr). In a typical everyday conversation with my sister, we were talking about a recipe containing MSG and she mentioned it gave her headaches calling it "The China Syndrome". I'd been using it in EVERYTHING!! I stopped and the improvement was swift and easy. But, now, most processed foods have "hidden" forms and the makers tuck it in every chance they get (claiming "No MSG" BTW). If I eat just a tad of it, it affects my sleep, I develop restless leg syndrome, get depressed and I can cry at the drop of a hat. Of course the lack of sleep can set me off in an FM flare in a NY minute.

    On a totally separate forum, I'd been trying to get another member to go gluten-free. She had horrible colon problems. So, I decided to put my own advice to use and went GF. I was totally amazed how much better I felt...and still do. I seldom have bad flares anymore. I won't go into my history, but let's just say this...I have "multiple chemical sensitivity"...and with all the chems in foods these days, it's best to eat simple, plain, organic (if you can get it) foods.

    I know I've missed topics and other posters, but it wasn't intentional...I need to get busy (or as busy as my body will allow).

    Y'all have a good day (or a better one than yesterday)...
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Windy, good to hear from you again. While you weren't looking, Mikie opened up a new
    thread for the lounge. We generally do that after about 30 posts. I'm going to cut and paste to
    get your post over to the next thread.

    See ya there