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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Mikie

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    Just thought I'd start a new thread. I'm sitting here waiting for my hair color to do it's magic. They didn't have my usual color so bought one that has "Ultra" before the name of the color. Oh, I'm living on the edge. It could come out reddish or brown. In any case, in a couple of weeks, it will have faded to the golden blonde I like. Also, it will cover my gray which grows faster 'n faster.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    That's not Gray, that's silver lining ;)

    I have plenty of it and it's increasing day by day, I like watching it develop. :D Hope your color turns out to your liking!
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Soul, if my gray were beautiful, like my Mom's, I would welcome not having to color it. Unfortunately, I still have enough mousy brown to make it look just plain bland with the gray in it. This color is what I've been waiting for years. It's L'Oreal's Preference in Ultra Natural Blonde. Imagine my surprise when I took the plastic bag off my head and it was yellow, not brown nor red.

    Also, doc's office called and I do have a bladder infection. I figured I did. The spasms have gone and I'm no longer peeing every half hour. So, good news on two fronts.

    I'm glad you enjoy your silver lining. It gave me a smile. I'm also glad you've decided to join us here. You're a good addition to our online family.

    Love, Mikie
  4. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All, it's been a while....

    I'll whine a little. I experienced angina last week (first time) and my doc. has completely freaked out and has ordered stress tests for me after a peculiar EKG reading. Bummer. It will mean an exhausting trip to the county seat 60 miles away. It wipes me out just to go to town here (village really) six miles away! I don't drive any more. I'm not safe.

    Richard has gone to town. I hope he gets me the sheep cheese I like -- called Lamb Choppers. I also want a pineapple. And some candied ginger for my chamomile tea (which I am drinking as I post). I always put a fresh sprig of lemon balm in it too---- supposed to be a calmative, and easy as hell to grow. Just like mint , really. No one should be without it!

    Soul, nice to meet you! My hobbies are reading and gardening and nature study. The gardening has become quite difficult, unfortunately, but there is always the wild garden. I live deep in the country, so there is always nature. I sit and watch and listen to the birds. Lots of foxes this year. By the way, I liked your photo of the hedgehog. I used to see them when I lived in England.

    Rock, I saw in one of your posts that you are reading Donna Leon. I love her books; read them all but the most recent, which I have on my library request. If you like her, you might check out Andrea Camilleri. His books, the Montalbano series, all take place in Sicily. I understand that there is a European t.v.series adapted from some of them. I like Camilleri very much. No horribly gruesome stuff. AND NO ZOMBIES! ;).

    Sunflower, I can understand your annoyance upon finding mealy bugs on your orchids. I've just thrown out a couple of Hoyas that were getting repeatedly infected. After trying in vain, they gave me pain, I threw them away and said never again.... Good luck with your mealies anyway. Have you complained to the vendor? Might get some freebies!

    That is all folks.
    Love, laughter, and hugs ,

    PS MIKIE, You are beautiful.
  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry. Yes I took the two orchids back and complained. The owner was embarrassed and asked what I wanted done. I told him a credit card refund. He did that and immediately took them to the back part of his nursery. Now I'm watching my other 4 like a hawk, making sure they didn't get infected. I poured boiling soapy water into the two decorative pots that held the bad ones also.

    Soul: welcome to the board. My mom's natural hair color was very dark brown and her hair turned a beautiful silver color as she aged. Mine just turns very drab and unattractive. I've been a redhead for at least 50 years but lately I'm trying to color it a warm brown where the grey hair will just blend. Tooooo much trouble to color my hair as often as I used to. I admire anyone where their hair turns a lovely flattering shade of silver.

    Barry. I'm sorry you're going thru some heart tests. I hope things turn out good for you. Living in a small village sounds wonderful and peaceful.

    I have a fast HR but lately have developed bad tachycardia and a drop in oxygen when I would go out for a walk......the other day it hit 200 beats. Even checked myself for POTS, first sitting then standing then sitting again. I have some asthma and I've finally narrowed it down to CAT fur!!!!! Apparently the heart rate increases to bring up your oxygen level. My husband removed the mattress and vacuumed the carpet really good underneath. I've spent a lot of time damp dusting everything in the bedroom and also bought a room air purifier with hepa filters. I've been breathing much better and the heart rate has settled down a bit. Today the doctor told me I should have all the carpet (3 years old) removed and put in hardwood floors OR get rid of the cats. He's also given me an inhaler to use before exercise. I'll see first how the inhaler does for me.....I could never get rid of the cats (I would have to put them to sleep) and new flooring is very expensive.
  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Loungers,

    Barry, soooo good to see you back but I'm so sorry about the angina and abnormal EKG. It's good to get the cardio workup. These are warning signs so the docs can help you. You are in my prayers. Thanks you so much for saying I'm beautiful, but that's not me in the pic. It's Tweety cat. She is beautiful. She and her brother were hanging out under a car to keep cool when I walked down to the dumpster. Both are filthy from taking shelter under the cars. They both have places in the shade up by the bldg. but it must be cooler under a vehicle. Maybe I should try it :) Nah, I'll just stay inside in the A/C. Please let us know how your workup comes out.

    Sunflower Girl, welcome to a member of the drab gray hair club. I think once my hair is all white, it'll look good and I may be able to leave it natural. For now, though, I have to brighten it up. My Mom's hair was white as snow and she was beautiful. Hers was prematurely gray and was all white even when I was small. Everyone thought she was very exotic looking. I also have a fast heart rate. I had a cardio workup a few years ago due to palpitations. Once I got my hormones balanced, the palps stopped. I keep trying to get over to the pool to run so I can get my heart rate to the target and keep it there for 20 mins. That should affect my resting heart rate. I've just felt so horrible with this UTI coming and going that I haven't been able to get to the pool. Also, having to go to the bathroom every 30 mins. is not what one wants when in the pool.

    Today, I took my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster, got my mail, and came home and put new liners in the trash cans. Then, I immediately got so tired, I lay down and went to sleep. I had wanted to do a pedicure but just couldn't. Geez, my feet, and my whole body, are so dry from being inside in the A/C. Since Netflix wasn't going to let me watch the last two episodes of the season of "Orange Is The New Black," I started to watch "Borgia." I found it too boring and am not going to watch any more. It's also too confusing for my pea brain, trying to figure out who is who and what is going on.

    See y'all tomorrow.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids, I can contribute nothing to the discussion of hair color except this observation. Don't
    you think it somewhat ironic that a company that sells artificial hair color has L'o-REAL in its name?
    I do recall the days of the Toni home permanent. You could tell three houses from home when one
    was in progress. The aroma was pungent.

    There was a B'dway musical in the 50s called "Take Me Along" in which Walter Pidgeon sang a song
    about aging. He told his wife, "That's not grey, Dear. It's blonde."

    Better go. My back was in pretty good shape yesterday. The I tried to pick something up. I
    forgot to move in slow motion like a crippled old man. Evidently threw something outta place.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, Rock, I'm so sorry about your back. I learned to lift with my legs. It ain't pretty but it's a lot easier on the back. Also, if one is going to lift, a back brace really helps but it's not good to wear one all the time. Now and then, my back will ache if I'm on my feet too long. I wear my old back brace from work when that happens. It has two pieces, one of them webbed. I'm going to sew them together at the bottom in the back so I can slip ice bags in. Icing my sore back does wonders. One of the exercises I do on the BOSU, semi-squats, helps to strengthen my legs and takes the burden off my back when I lift. These can be done on the floor too but the BOSU adds a workout to the core and helps balance at the same time. It's a multitasking ball :)

    I slept well despite taking a long nap yesterday but I did wake before 4:30. Simon wasn't out when I got the paper but I checked in a bit and he was down on the stair landing. When it's dark out, he's hard to see down there through the rails. His brown and gray coloring matches the gray stairs. Now, when he's down there and I open the door, he runs up so I can see him. It's almost like he's saying, "I'm here." Of course, when I actually take the food bowl out and put it under my chair, he runs back down until I head back to the door. He pauses at the top of the steps until I close the door. I've grown to love him even though I've never been able to pet him. At least, it gets me up in the morning.

    Last evening, I got out my crystal ball and crystal pendulum. I usually ask the same questions and I always get the same answers. Before the 2008 election, it correctly predicted the presidential win. It has told me who will win next time so I'll just have to wait to see. It told me not to go to Disney World in Oct. It would just be too much for me. Despite those injections' getting rid of my symptoms of arthritis, Sjogren's, CFIDS/ME, FMS and hypothyroidism, I was sick for so long that I doubt I'll ever be a bundle of NRG. Also, I get new things, like this bladder infection. Which, BTW, is so much better.

    I looked Bactrim up online to see whether it is a bacteriocide or bacteriostatin. Well, seems Bactrim is usually a combo drug and one is a cide and one is a statin. Best of both worlds? In any case, if one can tolerate sulfa drugs, this one is king. I forgot to ask the nurse which strain of bacteria is infecting me so will ask when I go in on Fri. DD#1 has to take a low dose of Bactrim or she gets chronic UTI's. Nurse PA asked me whether the UTI caused any problems with intercourse; I said, "I wish!" She almost peed herself laughing. Unfortunately, taking blood pressure pills depresses one's libido. No regrets, though. I sowed my wild oats after my divorce for many years.

    One crow scout still comes by from time to time and caws loudly outside my door. If I run out, he flies away and no more crows come by for several days. I tapped lightly on Jeff's, the park ranger, window. I didn't want to ring because his health isn't optimal and it was his day off. I want to get a dead bird to hang from our tree to warn off the birds. Jays haven't been around for a while.

    Hope I have the NRG to clean up this messy condo today. It's not filthy, just needs to be picked up and cleaned. And no, Rock, I'm not going to literally pick it up. No back brace would help me do that. BTW, my friend, I see your fonts are all the same. Good for you! By Jove, I think you've got it.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Thanks all, I'm not able to read all that you all post but I glance through it. The default font on this forum is very hard for me to read. Anyone else has that problem too? That curvyish letters take too much brainpower to digest and are pretty overwhelming to simply look at? :confused:

    Mikie I love seeing people's natural faces and hair. I think aging is such an interesting and wonderful process and always feel it's a shame if people try to hide their natural beauty by covering up in make up or dying their hair and using plastic surgery and such simply for hiding natural aging. We all are so special AS we are and beauty is sooo relative to what media tries to make us belief it is. When I look in the mirror and see to many wrinkles I know I am frowning to much and should worry less, baggy or dark around the eyes and I should take more rest, and if I see laughwrinkles I know I'm doing ok ;)

    I also try to keep the big birds and cats away from my garden, I just keep at it by chasing them away when I see them. They have mostly learned by now that my garden isn't a comfortable place for them to hang out. It helps that my bedroom is downstairs and views on the garden. Years in a row the birds nest got plundered but this year I had a nest of robins succesfully hatch and grow up. The blackbirds still didn't succeed though...

    Barry nice to meet you too. I enjoy the garden a lot too though I can't tend it like I would like to and I love the small birds and occasional hedgehog that visit. Must be great to live in the country though it will probably be a bit harder for the practical necessities. I always lived in the city and have a city meadow :p Or in other words a piece of lawn with lots of 'wild' in it. I'm lucky to be surrounded by big trees so it's quite a green haven in my back garden and I inherited lot's of big hydrangea's and some other plants from the previous renters that have been there for ages so very fortunate to have a garden that mostly tends itself. I do have some veggie patches but if it won't tend to itself it's most likely not going to get the care it needs. The potato's seem to be doing great though and I didn't even plant those this year.

    Sunflowergirl I like my moms hair much better too since she stopped dying it. Mine is salt and peppery and mixed too, so I definitely qualify for the drab gray hair club :rolleyes: , but I like seeing how it increases and feel like dying it would be a bit like not looking at a toddler until it can walk instead of enjoying every step of the process. And like you said, it saves a whole lot of energy too not having to try and 'pretty' up each day :) Instead I spend that energy on trying to 'pretty' up my mindset each day and that does help looking 'prettier' on the outside too.
    Rock Ha, yeah dontcha love the names those companies give. They do know how to sell their products and so many of us fall for it. How does dying your hair have anything to do with Ultra Natural ;) When my brothers kids tell me you are gray you are a granny I just tell them: no that's silver and it will turn gold later on. Or maybe I'll skip that step and go straight to platinum. :) Everyone needs plenty of silver lining in their life dontcha think:p

    Enjoy the enjoyable everyone!

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dear Soul, I respect those who prefer the natural look. I was always in sales where it was important to look young and energetic. When I first got sick, I was bedridden most of the time and on morphine. Believe me, my "unnatural sick look" was nothing anyone would want. I looked like death barely warmed over. As I tried different treatments and started to respond, I had hopes of returning to my sales career (I never got well enough to go back)

    I had a neck lift, and eyebrow lift, and laser treatment under my eyes. I have never regretted it but I understand it isn't for everyone. I looked great. That was ten years ago and the benefits are still there.

    I wear makeup and dye my hair because I look better and that makes me feel better. Again, nothing against the natural look devotees but those of us who like to use products to help us feel as though we look better have just as valid a viewpoint.

    What is funny is that most hair color and makeup strives for a "natural" look. I try not to look overly made up. What has helped my skin more than anything is the topical chemo I had to have for so much skin cancer (I was a teenage sun worshiper). The first week, I looked as though my face had been hit with a blow torch. As it healed, the new skin was tighter and less wrinkled. It looked as though I had had some kind of peel at a spa. The silver lining of having skin cancer and chemo.

    I think we are all beautiful in our own ways. There is no "one way" we ought to look. I am sure you are beautiful and I admire your viewpoint.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Not much to say but we are getting lost so thought I'd bump us back up. I'm still vegging out most of the time. I do have to go to the condo mtg. tomorrow morning because the condo, which was in foreclosure, has sold. I want to know whether the buyers have let the mgmt. co. know. Our atty. was supposed to have let us know. The place is a mess and not livable as it is. The sign on the window had a phone number and when I called it, the answering machine said, "You Have Reached The Gallery of The Soul." I did a reverse lookup and the number belongs to two men over in the Cape. The title on the sale was to International Capital. I don't know whether they bought it as an investment to flip or rent. They paid too much, considering the condition of the unit. It's always stressful when someone new moves in, especially renters.

    I am going to the store after the mtg. That way, I can veg today and get up and get ready for the mtg. tomorrow and then, off to the store. My appetite is shot and I'm not eating right. Don't know what to buy.

    Simon was here for his breakfast. That always starts my early day off right.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dart it, all can say as I lost a long newsy post ! I am so mad !!! This will not be so long , dang it :(!!!

    Julie - Glad you are feeling better after your busy weekend and not eating what you should. Interesting to hear your cats and kitties. That Amish wedding sounds really interesting. We want a report when you go.

    Mikie - I agree with you on dressing once but depends when the events are. I was out weeding for a bit with long sleeves and pants for a short while. Then threw those clothes in the washer and put on shorts. Tonight when I go to chorale practice I will just put on capris instead of shorts.

    I am so upset that I cannot afford to go to NYC with some of our group, next June.. They will be performing at Carnegie Hall the " Bluegrass Mass" with some other singers too. Just can't afford it with everything going on now and next year. We are going to our Nursing School class reunion in Oct. to Las Vegas. We are losing classmates right and left and I missed the last one. We also have not been to Las Vegas in many years. It has changed so much I know and costs so much more unfortunately, than it used to in hotels and food, etc. That does not count the gambling if you do any. We will bring so much and if we run out of money we just won't gamble any more. It will be fun. We were also going to go on a cruise but that was like two days after getting home from the Reunion. So, that wouldn't work and would also be more expense.

    Rock - Hi there glad you popped in again. You wake us all up :)!! Did you know that Jackie Gleason also played the lead part I think ( a much later one you were talking about) on the show of TAKE ME ALONG ?.

    Hi also to Soul, Sun, Joan SW and anyone else I may have missed.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    I agree but since I usually wear a tee shirt, flip-flops and Capri pants to the mtg., I'm all set to go to the store. I'm glad you have such an active life but, Oy!, the wardrobe changes :) I might be able to handle one change, but two? No, by afternoon, I'm done for the day. I almost never dress up so what I wear is what I can wear most anywhere that is casual. Around the condo, I favor jammies if I'm tired.

    I'm so sorry you are missing NYC. I hope you enjoy the reunion.
    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm going to change the title of this thread to "Mikie's Blog." I'm the only one here. C'mon Loungers, drop in.

    Condo mtg. went well. The condo which was in foreclosure in our bldg. was sold to an investment corp. I'm sure they won't flip it as they probably never saw the horrible condition the former owners left it in and they paid too much. It needs a considerable amt. put into it. So, I'm guessing they will fix it up on the cheap and rent it. The rumored new housing bubble in FL is starting to draw investors like vultures. We are having to crack down because a lot of the owners aren't getting background checks on their tenants nor turning copies of their leases to mgmt. co. Almost all the problems we have are renters. Not all renter are bad; we have a lovely couple in our bldg.

    At least, we will be getting $308 a month dues from this unit. We have not gotten dues from it for the three years it's been in limbo. The bank which foreclosed on it will have to pay our legal fees and a small settlement, pennies on the dollar. The bank made a profit and it's totally unfair that their profit was made on the backs of the rest of the residents in our bldg. In FL, bankers, developers and insurance companies reign supreme. This is a middle-class neighborhood but most of us are on fixed incomes. Banks profit at the expense of Seniors who can ill afford it.

    Went to Target to pick up my Rx's. Once again, no one changed my Rx for Clonazepam (Klonopin) from 90 pills to 180. I told the tech I had dropped off a written Rx from my doc for the 180. He apologized and changed it in the computer. Finally! This has been going on forever. UTI symptoms are back so will likely get another Rx on Fri. Next Tues. is the big doctor visit (PAP, breast check, mammogram and Dexascan). It's all in the same office so it's one-stop shopping. Of course, I'll be there all morning but, at least, it'll be over with.

    Wishing everyone a very good day. Gonna go out to see whether I can see the moon. When I went out earlier, it was partially obscured by light clouds. I may howl at the moon.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids Gordon stopped at the library yesterday. We got e mails saying we had 4 books to pick up,
    but when he got there it turned out to be eight. I got an anthology from the first half of the last century
    of the Saturday Evening Post. Great magazine. I remember when many of those famous Norman
    Rockwell covers were new. Also got a book of New Yorker cartoons and a couple mysteries.

    Mikie, you're going to have a busy Tuesday. Do you take a book to read? I always do. Can't stand
    waiting w/o some entertainment. I never heard of a dexascan. I know Dex means ten. And I read
    dexascan is for bone density. So it's a bone scan of fingers and toes? Right?

    "I am so mad!" Granni, that's the same thing I say when a post goes poof. What a kawinkydink. Yes,
    Jackie Gleason was in "Take Me Along". It had a couple great songs, but the only one that was mildly
    popular was the title tune. If I remember rightly, he and Pidgeon sang it as a duet. I used to have the
    record. That's a rotten shame you can't go to Carnegie Hall. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it
    buys trips.

    Hi Barry, did you have your ekg yet? Is the pain fleeting or chronic? I used to have it occasionally in my
    20s and 30s. Then it went away. You don't have to carry explosives, do you? Yes, I've read all the
    Donna Leon books. I tried 3 or 4 times to put Andrea Camilleri on hold. I can't remember if my
    attempts were successful or not.

    Never heard of hoyas plants. I looked 'em up. The pic on Wikipedia shows star shaped white flowers
    with lavender centers. I've seen "HOY" on signs at Mexican theaters and shops. Somebody told me
    it meant "today". I though "dias" meant today. Well, there are several million people in my
    neighborhood who would know.

    You have hedgehogs, Soul? I forgot where you are. I think there was a hedgehog in "Wind in the
    Willows". Do they wear wooden shoes? Aha, I did remember. We had a paralegal in our law firm
    from Holland who passed the bar exam. For the Halloween party one year he dressed up in a blue outfit
    like a little Dutch boy and wore wooden shoes. Won a prize too.

  16. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    HA Rock yes my hedgehog wears clogs but they usually hang near the milk stool :p The hedgehog was a real surprise to be honest. I didn't know I had any visiting my garden, I live in the city though have a green backyard. I knew a friend who lived 3 streets away had one in her garden. So maybe it moved when she moved too :D I have a fake one under a bush somewhere so when I saw one waddling along on my lawn at clear day mid december I was so amazed. The hedgehog association told me they shouldn't be out during the day and most of them should already be in hibernation by then but I didn't see him anymore after I heard back from them. He was lucky to hit a dairy intolerant person since many people put milk out for them and they told me that they are intolerant to that and it can actually kill them. I did make a new compost heap then in case it was hibernating in my old one...
    The fake one is under that bush near by so first I thought the wind had blown it out. This picture reminds me to enjoy my garden more, it's so nice and green and private now and will be way to soon when the leafs start falling again.
  17. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    My back garden Diane :p Including the clogs and stool. The second one is what I see from my bedroom basically, I'm very blessed to have been able to move three years ago to a downstairs home in the same street because of my health condition. Even though they immediately doubled my rent I'm so lucky to be here. Quite different from being locked up in an upstairs blinded apartment for 15 years where the temperature on a summers day would be a constant 35C/95F inside. And two stairs to climb to be able to go out was enough to lock me in most of the time. This is what it looks like end of may when the jasmine is in full bloom.


    And this is how it looks right now, green all around in the middle of the city! I'm lucky to have inherited a wonderful garden from the previous renters who lived here over 30 years.
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi all......Love the pic. of the hedgehog and your wooden shoes (very pretty ones too) and I also love to see pics that everyone posts. I think when you share pics. you get a closer understanding of what someone's life is like.

    I worked with a lady years ago whose daughter went to Holland to play in an amateur tennis tournament, met a young man there, and fell in love after corresponding with him. She moved there to live with him and go to school. I know it was near Liden so don't know if that's where she went. They both moved back here about a year later and were married.

    I remember looking up the University of Liden (is that the correct spelling?) and the surrounding areas. The daughter spoke about how everyone bicycled around and how convenient everything was. I also remember when she had a UTI and the doctor came to the house with his test kit etc. Gave her a little sieve and told her to get a 6 pack of beer and start drinking. She passed a small stone. And there was very little charge for her to see this doctor. What a difference in our country's health system.

    Diane: That high rise sounds grueling with all those floors. I'm happy you were able to move. I always wanted a two story house.....but thanks to God he didn't give us one since I now have developed asthma. My daughter lives in a two story and I think 4 times about whether I NEED to climb the stairs or not.
  19. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Sun, the correct spelling is probably Leiden, at least I think that is what you mean. Leiden is known for it's university and student life.

    Diane, I just read back and forgot to answer your question. No hedgehogs are completely different from ground hogs. Hedgehogs live in bushes and piles of leaves etc but don't go underground. I don't know if the two species are related at all. Would have to look that up but I don't think so. We don't have ground hogs over here.

    This is what I got when googling: Hedgehogs are prickly insectivores, while groundhogs are a sort of squirrel, and therefore rodents. Also, you don't have hedgehogs in the Americas or Australia, but you do have groundhogs in America. Groundhogs live underground (when they're not up top feeding), while hedgehogs don't burrow. Hedgehogs curl up for defence, but unfortunately this doesn't work against cars - hence the joke about the hedgehog who crossed the road to see his flatmate.... Groundhogs just disappear into a burrow - unless they happen to be in the middle of a road at the time.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone, thanks for not leaving me here by myself. I miss y'all when you're gone.

    Rock, I always take my Kindle to the doc's office. I can read or play Angry Birds. I have to mute it when I play AB so everyone can't hear the pigs mocking me when I miss them. If you haven't seen AB, it's a game where you load birds, one at a time, in a slingshot and try to knock down pigs and their shelters. Who comes up with this stuff? Dexascans are done every two years after about age 60. It measures bone density in the hips and spine. I have osteopenia (the precursor to osteoporosis) but it's not bad and not getting worse. If you try to downshift in a stick shift car, the RPM's should be about the same in each gear. This means that, for instance, if you are downshifting from 3rd to 2nd, you need to put in the clutch and put it in neutral and gun the engine, when the RPM's are just right, you put the clutch in again and drop it into 2nd. Thus, double clutch downshifting. Race car drivers use this. Some big trucks and busses have to be driven by double clutching when shifting. Not planning on becoming a long-haul trucker anytime soon but I'm prepared.

    Diane, so sorry you have had so much trouble with your virus and gluten. I know how being sick over time can wear a person down. Hang in there, my friend. I hope Kevin is feeling better too. I also have steps because my condo is on the 2nd floor. My steps are outside. Barb and I figure that climbing those steps is all that keeps us going sometimes.

    Soul, thanks for the pics. Are hedgehogs usually nocturnal? I noticed it was light out in the pic. The only time I see them here is when they are roadkill. Heaven knows we have enough wildlife in our hood but I do think the hedgehogs are cute. So is our possum; she's the brown kind that waddles along. One year, she had so many babies that they were falling off her back. My condo is upstairs and I call it my little tree house. We have a pond out back with turtles, ducks and, sometimes, otters. The rare gator will swim by from time to time. I have a big slash pine just outside my lanai. I can sit in my living room and watch the squirrels and big birds on the limbs. There is a falcon which favors one branch for eating his mice and fish. He's beautiful but I'm not that fond of watching him eat.

    It's hotter than Hades here but not as bad as Denver--99 degrees. We're in the low 90's but the humidity makes it feel much hotter. We've had rain every afternoon and I like that because it keeps the screaming kids out of the pool and that makes it much quieter. I usually don't mind but when I'm sick, I like to watch TV in bed. I've had to watch "The Tudors" in the living room, though, because it's the only TV which has Wi-Fi so I can stream Netflix movies. Supposedly, this is how we are all going to eventually get our TV and cable/networks will be obsolete. If that happens, they had better improve broadband speed. I just upgraded and still, the TV has to rebuffer from time to time. Sometimes, my computer is fast and sometimes, agonizingly slow. Comcast tells me that the internet service has been working at full speed. I don't get it. Much like a neutered dog, I don't get it :)

    I've lost one of my favorite pairs of silver earrings. St. Anthony hasn't come through yet so I think I'll get my crystal pendulum out to see whether it can help. I've been using it to help my kids find a place to move. The pendulum has very definite ideas about where they would be happiest and where to not even consider. They may just stay in Atlanta. Unless I win the LOTTO, I'll be here for the duration. If I did win, I'd just get a condo in the CO mtns. for the summer months to get away from this heat. Living down here in the wintertime is heaven! I love my condo and my friends here. I do feel the need to get more from life but am too tired to join anything or commit to classes, etc. So, guess I'll just stay and wither on the vine.

    Wishing y'all a better day.

    Love, Mikie