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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Soul*

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    Oh my goodness Mikie, let me lookup nocturnal and get back to you :p Something with night animals right? According to Wiki they are primarily nocturnal and sleep most of the day. They usually come out around dusk. This one on the picture was midday and yes a rare sight. It is not a good sign if they come out during the day according to the hedgehog association. Maybe the neighbours dog ran into it or something like that... I never saw it before. Sounds like you live on a wonderful spot. I love watching nature even though over here it is urban 'wildlife' :p

    I can imagine not being to fond of that mealtime view B) I'm not to fond of the neighbouring cats robbing the nests in my garden and leaving killed birds in my garden either. :(
  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    That's the cutest little video and I LOVE the singing! Thanks......I'm heading out for a walk so will return.
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Hi awl,

    Just a quick one. Went to the hairdresser today and really needed a completely job with everything. My hair is also so thick . Glad that is done - whew ! Great too when it is hot. She does a good razor cut on my hair and blow dry and some curl. My hair is now naturally straight.

    Mikie - Sorry I haven't been here to much lately either. Came back and went to the gym for a very short workout, mostly treadmill and a few other weight machines. I don't put many weights on for me with my FM and OP.
    Soul - what a cute video and song. Very sweet !!!!!

    Sun - Hi there girl. Hope you are doing OK. I've been taking a break from my cervical roll pillow type thing as after the first couple days I got a sharp pain under my left shoulder blade so I haven't done it since. I rubbed it with Ben Gay type stuff and hot water/warmth, etc. and will start up again probably when I go back to the chiro on Monday. BTW, they were on vacation this week, or course.

    Diane - Sorry you still aren't feeling very well. That is not fun, I know. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Missed seeing you other than the game threads which is fun I know. I just haven't had the time to do the games right now.

    I've tried to zoom past the posts but not a whole lots has stuck in my head :)!! DUH !!

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Realllllly enjoyed the photos and the cute video. I think hedgehogs are soooo cute.:)

    We get ground hogs here (and not all are roadkill;) ). They can get pretty large...huge is a good word and their burrows are commensurate with their size (needless to say). We had a recent visitor on our deck...


    We'd had a lot of rain and think this guy found the only dry spot to enjoy the sun.

    In the yard, we often see skunks, armadillos, raccoons, masses of squirrels and lots of deer. I recently planted 2 dogwood trees and thought they were dying. It turns out the deer have been munching on them. For some odd reason, the deer have been exceptionally active lately. This generally doesn't happen until Fall.

    We live by a lake and love viewing all the waterfowl. In the fall, pelicans and cormorants migrate here for the winter. We live in Oklahoma and winters here can be fairly mild (but not always). On occasion, we'll spot a Bald Eagle. We see lots of egrets, blue heron, hawks and owls.

    Sorry some of you are feeling poorly. Doesn't it seem sometimes like once one problem is gone, another comes along to replace it? I seldom actually get sick, but I do have many difficulties...sometimes I'll get past one issue then another pops up. My body totally believes in Newton's Law..."For every action, there's a reaction."

    I do wish I'd gotten my Dad's and his Mom's beautiful white hair. But, I'm stuck with what I call "pewter". I gave up dying my hair years hair grows too fast. Now days, I can't wear makeup, so I recently bought new glass rimless glass frames with a splash of red just to add some color.

    Here's hoping you have a better day than yesterday.

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Once again, I lost my post even though I had copied it as I went along. Mercury must be retrograde in the Zodiac.

    Soul, thanks for the video. That is the cutest little face. I love the elephant and mentioned it on the Porch. I once made papier mache (Is that correct? My French has deserted me) and put it over a round balloon. When it was dry and smooth, I used spray paint which looked like granite stone. It looked like those garden balls which cost a fortune. Unfortunately, I didn't get it inside and one of our hurricanes blew it away. I can't imagine taking on such a project as an elephant. You truly are an artist!

    Granni, good to see you here. My hair was also in need of everything. I colored and cut it. Mine is also not naturally straight and even when I blow dry it, the humidity will cause it to curl. At least, I got a good color job this time. Be glad for thick hair; mine is fine. I have enough of it but it's just plain old fine. I use a razor to texturize my hair to give it some body.

    Going to doc at 10:30. I'm exhausted from waking up at 2:30 or 3:30 to pee and not being able to go back to sleep. I nap a little sometimes but it's not enough. I'm afraid this is going to turn into a sleep pattern I can't break. Have had allergies for several days too. The pills dry me up so I'm anxious about not being able to pee on command at the doc's.

    Trying to decide whether or not to order PPV tomorrow to watch Lewis Black's comedy special. It's $19.99, which is pricey but not as pricey as $60 to watch him live here on stage at the theater. As I mentioned on the Porch, I should invite some friends over but am just too tired. I might even fall asleep watching it. I don't have a VCR or DVR so can't record it. I'll have to wait to see. I can order it right up to the time it starts.

    Love to everyone,

    Love, Mikie
  6. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Wow Windy, what an amazing picture. That fox sure looks comfortable up there. I can imagine dealing with deer eating your crops is slightly harder then the snails I have to deal with though having deer and all that other wild life in your back yard must be pretty awesome as well! One of the paper mache projects I have in store for me is a deer that an online friend posted on her facebook page, they are visitors to her back garden. The beauty of that pose truck me so much that I want to try and make it. It's such a nice way to repurpose all the stuff I have around the house that would else end on the landfills that way.
    I have the base board for it but am working on projects for my nieces and nephews first whenever I feel well enough. I just finished a dolphin recently and am now working on a jaguar cub on a tree branche. After that I promised my nephew to make him an airplane to hang from his ceiling and then there is a smiling fat budha for my mom. Then I can get back to the deer. They are all near life baby size but I also recently got into needle felting which is real nice to do and is great for doing miniatures. Your foxes pose would be great for that. There are some amazingly inspiring artists out there who make such amazing and beautiful work that it is hard to see if they are real or art works. One lady from the uk makes animals from chicken wire and they look so amazingly real. She has a fox up as her profile cover right now.
    Can you imagine this is chicken wire. I love keeping up with all these creative people every now and then. Just amazing to see what all they can turn into jewels!

    Mikie that balloon stone is a great idea, too bad it flew away, guess it had the balloons soul still in it! It is hard to make paper mache weather resistant and it seems that little critters love to house in it too according to some of the more experienced people I talked to on facebook. I got the elephant pattern from a site called Jonni Good made the pattern and by her tutorials I learned how to make my own patterns for pictures I like. I'm still a novice on paper mache too. The elephant was my first real project and the dolphin was only my second one. They both took me about nine months to finish I think... I take my time and it helps that papermache is real flexible and light to work with. Anything that doesn't work out can easily be adjusted. It's a bit messy though so I can really only work on it on good days when I am also able to clean up the mess and myself :p
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Sunflower, I'm glad you have a house with the right number of stories. When I was a teenage
    cave guide, I used to tell folks: This is the end of our tour. We are now 365 feet below the surface.
    That's roughly 35 stories. Some say 36, but that's another story.

    Soul, how tall is your elephant? Probably not life sized, huh? Sorry I forgot to tell you the source
    of the lyrics I was quoting on the Porch. The song was from the musical "Pal Joey" which was
    new the year I was born, and has been revived many times. Won lots of awards. Gene Kelly was
    in the original. Lots of versions of the song on Youtube.

    Sorry you keep losing posts, Mikie. That is SO aggravating. I appreciate your expository writing
    re: double clutching and Angry Birds. Alas, I haven't the coordination for either. Was that balloon
    entombed in the paper mache? Reminds me of the last act of Aida. The soprano and the tenor
    are trapped inside the pyramid. What can they do but sing a beautiful duet?

    Great pic of Reynard the fox, Windy. I only saw a wild fox once. His fur was part red
    and part grey. I did see coyote in Yosemite. He was so big I thought he was a wolf, but the park
    ranger said he was a coyote. He, the coyote, sat by the edge of the road with his wounded paw up.
    People would stop and toss him some food. I gave him a chicken leg.

    That chicken wire fox is amazing, Soul. You have such interesting stuff to post.

  8. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Rock yes it is somewhat life size (a premature baby Elephant) :p It's 58cm/23 inches high. The babies I posted in the name game where probably around 27 inches high at birth so not all that big a difference. I was working on this elephant when around Kyan's birth. Helped a lot to study them on the cams to learn more about the details of the tail and spine and such. People have been making life size mature elephants with this pattern too, for school plays and such. Pretty amazing!
  9. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Soul...I'm amazed how terrific those paper mache animals look! Fantastic. My time visiting PH is limited so I scan quickly and I just now realized you've posted photos of your work at the bottom of your posts. Boy, are you talented or what?!!!:) I can imagine it is a messy hobby, but the results are definitely worth it. Is there a way to waterproof them so rain, etc., won't affect them?

    Rock...When we first moved to this part of the world from CA, we lived near a chicken house (huge buildings with thousands of chickens). The owners would toss the dead ones out in a field and you should hear all the coyotes when they're in a feeding frenzy. Being a city girl, the first time I heard this, I was alarmed but then it became the norm. We've moved since then and seldom see them now even though we still live rural...we're now in a more populated area.

    Mikie...I remember when HBO used to have comedy specials fairly often. I had some Paula Poundstone. And, of course, George Carlin. But, those days are gone and replaced with Pay Per View comedy specials. Did you sign up or decide to opt out?

    Here's another of my favorite albino squirrel.

    Albino Squirrel.jpg

    We don't see them often. Due to their color, they're easy prey for (you guessed) foxes. When we lived in MO, I saw mixed brown and white as well.

    Raccoons can be a problem...very destructive. I had some pooping on my deck and around the outside of the house. Good ol' cayenne pepper to the rescue. I don't have dogs, but when a dog does his business in our yard, the droppings also get a good dose. All it takes is one sniff and they never come back. Yea!!!

    At one time, we had a skunk in this house. We were renovating (8 mos. worth) and had just had the carpeting put down. My DH was napping on a new sofa (delivered that day) when he noticed a baby skunk come up through a floor vent (no grid installed yet). He very gingerly wandered over to the front door, opened it and the screen, then very gingerly retreated. The skunk meandered around, then out the door...thankfully. BUT, my DH never told me about this at the time...I learned about it when we were out to dinner with friends. He "knew" I would have had a stroke if he'd told me at the time.:confused: He called an AC guy to come out to check the tubing under the house and, sure enough, some weren't connected...that's how the skunk got in. All the openings under the house are all now totally secure.

    Ah, rural has its pluses and minuses.

  10. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Windy I haven't looked into waterproofing yet. For now my main aim is to simply creatively use all the material I have around the house and that comes in with groceries and such, and not get even more stuff :p. What I read about it on facebook groups is that it is very hard to weather and bug proof paper mache. Some are using boat varnish others are using some kind of cement mixture but even then have a hard time keeping it well preserved if it is outside. I am not in the position to buy materials but am just having fun using all I have already, blissfully ignorant of what does or doesn't work ;) enjoying the process and experiments. If I do ever get to finishing the deer I will probably just have it in the house too and maybe every now and then put it outside when visitors come over or something. I still have plenty of space and will more likely give things away once I run out of space then buying expensive materials (often full of chemicals) to preserve them.

    Beautiful picture of the white squirrel. I saw a video recently of a town that is full of them.

    LOL on that skunk, I bet it must have looked cute but yeah I'm sure rural living will have it's challenges! Kind of a good thing it turned up back then though, else it could have been messing up your entire house without you knowing about it.
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids, Nifty video of the squirrels, Soul. Everybody recognize the voice of David Attenborough?
    (Now Sir David.) I read his bio some years back. He started his career in TV back in 1950, the primitive
    days. (I was in 5th grade.) Who but a Brit would say "al-been-o?!

    I thought the city of Olney might be in England. Turns out we have one in Texas, but this one is in
    Illinois. Further evidence that small cities are much nicer places to live than Metropolises.

    When Zippy had his sight, he was fascinated by squirrels. We had a palm tree. The squirrels often
    crossed the street on the power lines, ran along a fence and climbed the tree. Zippy would get all
    excited and run around the tree trying to figure out how to catch these fascinating creatures.

    Never heard coyotes howl, Windy, but our neighbor has three big yellow malamutes. At least that
    what he calls them. If you look for photos of malamutes on the net, you'll see they are black and
    white and look like huskies. Anyway they howl whenever they hear a siren. Sounds very much like
    the sound track in those old horror movies from Universal Studios.

    Those films included Dracula, The Invisible Man, The Mummy and Frankenstein. Gordon refers to
    our chiropractor as Frankenstein. This teaches us that everything is related.

    Well, it's the weekend. We are starting with a visit to Franenstein. Then Gordon will go do errands.
    I don't go with him much anymore. Oh, speaking of shopping, here is my shopper's tip for the
    day. I found some pretty good chocolate mints at the 99 cent store. Palmer Mints. The come in
    a brown and green box. The pieces are individually wrapped in a light green foil. And, here's the
    best part: only $4 a pound. Quality chocolate like Mary Sees is about $18 a pound. I remember when
    I moved here in the 1960s. Price was $1.70.

    Gas was about 32 cents a gallon. I made an average salary; about $150 a week. AND...............
    I was healthy!!!

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, everyone. Geez, the Lounge is as busy as the Porch. I'm going to cut 'n past the info on my doc visit as I'm too tired to retype that. I'll try to keep this post shorter (I can year y'all saying, "Yeah, good luck with that!")

    Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes for my ailing bladder. I saw the doc's PA yesterday. The culture came back with Klebsiella, a very nasty and tenacious bacterium. It's the same one which gave me a nagging UTI three years ago following a bout with Klebsiella Pneumonia. Doc thinks it went systemic back then. BTW, the sweet young girl who did my ultrasound said she liked my navel ring. How 'bout that! She has one too.

    Bactrim just wasn't kicking it so they put me on Cefaclor. My bladder is already better but last night, I felt horrible. I had chills and had to get into the tub with some Epsom Salts to warm up. My head was throbbing and I had a cough. I fear the Klebsiella may be attacking other parts of my bod. I got up at 2:00 to pee, took some ibuprophen, put an ice bag on my forehead, and put on my eye mask. I went back to sleep and didn't wake til after 6:00 this morning. My head is still stuffy, which makes me feel a bit dizzy. Still, I'm much improved today. Am actually doing a bit of work around here.

    Thanks, everyone for the pics of wildlife. I had no idea so many of us live among the wild critters. I like it except for the crows and blue jays. Every now and then, they send a scout and if I run out and shoo him away, they all stay away for a bit.

    I imagine my papier mache ball was singing, "Wind Beneath My Wings" as it flew away.

    I haven't decided whether to get Lewis Black on PPV tonight or not. I can wait right up to the minute before it starts. All these doc bills are nickel and diming me to bankruptcy so I feel a bit stingy. On the other hand, it's no more than I would spend if I felt like going to the neighborhood party at the bar.

    Per my promise, I've kept this relatively short but haven't addressed each of y'all individually. I did over on the Porch and it took two posts. Oy! You guys know I think of you every day and I keep everyone in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Mikie, or anyone else for that matter... What exactly is the difference between the porch and the lounge? Since I'm so new I have no clue what to post where except for the basic subforums that have their specific topics....
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Soul, here's a little history in answer to your question regarding the porch and the lounge. When
    I came to this message board in 2005, it was very different. There were twenty-some different boards
    for various ailments. If you posted something that was not specifically about an illness or a medicine,
    you had to put "Off Topic" in the title of your post.

    So, a couple friends and I got to reminiscing about the old days. In my village in Minnesota, most
    of the old homes had a porch. People often sat on them after supper (aka dinner) and chatted with
    people who walked by. Invited them to sit down and have a glass of lemonade or some popcorn.
    We decided to start a thread like that. It had no specific topic. People just dropped in and talked about
    anything they liked: kids, TV, neighbors, pets, hobbies, music, old cars, the garden, etc. So the
    porch became very popular. Some years later, the board created the chit chat site.

    A few years after that, one gal (Spacee) started the lounge for folks who liked the porch idea, but
    were pretty sedentary and just "lounged around" all day. A couple years ago, Spacee vanished. It
    was at a time when there was a big storm in her area. We never really found out what happened.

    Anyhoo, as the years have passed, the two threads have grown very similar. Some folks stop by often
    and some just now and then, depending on how they are feeling. New folks are always welcome, and
    we are especially glad to see you and the other new members that have appeared recently.

    “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ― Linda Grayson
    Don't know anything about the source of the quote, but I certainly agree with her.

  15. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Thanks for explaining Rock! So now we can lounge on the porch and porch on the lounge... :cool: I did just make chocolates but there is no chocolate in them :p
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - I remember a lot of what you are talking about . I came in the beginning of 05 . At that time I came I do not remember a lot about the Lounge but somehow I was driven to the Porch. As you say, they are both very similar and now I like to stop in at both if I can manage it. Some do both and others not. Some don't have the NRG , cognitive function , etc. to go and post on both, or have other things on their agenda.

    I too love the old and the new people here and on the Porch. They all add something in their own way, just sit and listen or give advice that might help, or give us a laugh or two - like you ROCK and others too. You ALL are very precious to me !! Why , when I click bold it comes osut very light :)???????

    Mikie - So sorry for all your UTI problems. I really do understand as I used to have them so often and I thought that I might have had that Interstiscial (sp?) Cystitis I think it is called and I might have and it, not sure.. After my A and P repair and other surgery for urinary leakage, it seemed to help the many infections I used to have. The pain and discomfort for me was terrible. However, I do know that others like you can have UTI's without pain. To me that was very strange but then we are all so different, aren't we ???

    Diane - Hope you are doing better. So sorry you have been feeling so yucky for so long.

    Just needed to pop in to see how everyone was doing.

    Have to go check the PORCH and then do some other investigating on Goggle, for a trip we hope to go on, a short one with friends, Anyone ever get to go to Hot Springs, AK ???

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thanks, Rock for explaining the history of all this. I can imagine it would be confusing for those who haven't been around through all these changes. I think Spacee (Linda) also wanted a place for those with Sjogren's to be able to chat but having Sjogren's wasn't a criterium for posting on the Lounge. I remember when PH created Chit Chat. Some resisted using it but, honestly, the main board was getting out of control sizewize. Now, everyone loves coming to Chit Chat. It's like we're all a big online family and can sit on the Porch or in the Lounge to support one another and catch up with what everyone is doing. We have such a rich variety of folks here which makes it all so very interesting.

    Soul, hope this helps you understand that all this just kinda happened as the need arose. I'm so glad it did and that both places attract people like you. You have a lot to add to the conversation. When PH upgraded the boards, we lost a beloved member, Leah, who, for whatever reason, stopped posting. I hope she isn't intimidated by the new boards and will return. I have to be honest; I love the new boards but they intimidated me for a bit. I'm still learning.

    Granni, I came here in 2000 and remember when you were new. One of my favorites right away. I do think I was getting Interstitial Cystitis right before the injections started. If I was, the injections got rid of it. Both of my DD's have it.

    I joined the Lounge first because the Porch was so big and moved so fast. It's still hard to try to keep up with both but, honestly, if I get too far behind, I just start in new and explain it. Everyone here is so kind and supportive that they don't care. That's why I love Chit Chat.

    Love, Mikie