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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hey, Loungers, once again, I landed on the Porch before the Lounge. Y'all can read my boring post over there. Thought it was time, though, to start a new Lounge.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Once again, I came across the Porch first so posted over there. I wonder whether it wouldn't be better if we just use the Porch instead of the Lounge. What do y'all think? Most of us use both sites anyway.

    Love, Mikie
  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    since I'm fairly new I just don't pay much attention to where I post so it doesn't matter to me. Yes, there is a lot of reading with both of them.
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Probably a good idea to consolidate, merge, incorporate and marry into the family. We would not
    want a hostile takeover, however. I dunno. The future is uncertain, "Things fall apart; the center cannot
    hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world". (W.B. Yeats)

    SG, you can post anywhere you like so long as it is not an alley with a sign saying, "Do Not Post Here."
    An exception is made if you are in back Kristie Alley's house. (Or Ally Sheedy.)

    My energy level is dropping again. Harder and harder to keep up. Your posts are not boring, Mikie.
    When we visited Minnesota Gordon found the countryside boring. All those fence posts around all
    those fields of corn. But there's more variety than when I was a kid. Now there are also fields of

    Speaking of the old country, here's joke (somewhat dated) from the Uff-da Joke Book.
    Why don't Norskies watch The Gong Show?
    Too intellectual.

  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock. I'll bet that Gordon grew up more in a city type area.

    I grew up kinda in the country with lots of open fields and no fences anywhere except those to keep some cows and pigs in. Those fences didn't hold though! When I was about 10 in the summer I woke up to find the back lawn full of giant holes. My mom worked a part time job so I was home alone. I called the neighbor and she and her son came over to figure out what had happened. While we were talking a big pig stuck it's head out from under an avocado tree. We grabbed my dog and ran inside, found the owner's phone # and called. They came out and got the pig and replanted the whole lawn and flower bed. Next morning it was back with new holes. That afternoon we could see the pig hanging from a hook.....they had butchered it. Because of my childhood I love those "country roads".

    By the way, this heat has totally wilted me!
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Either way or it is OK with me if we want to all post on the Porch instead of the Porch and Lounge. We have lost some people from both the Lounge and Porch but them got some new coming onto both the Porch and some on the Lounge.

    Do you want to start a post and have a vote or what? I'll do whatever the group wants to do.

    Sunflowergirl - That is a funny story about the pig. That's what he gets for making all those holes, cooked on a BBQ pit or wherever they cooked him on. I agree with you on the heat but my body cannot stand the cold at all.. There are definitely good and maybe not so good things about living in the country. It is probably beautiful and quiet !!!

    Hi Rock, I saw you on the Porch but didn't get a chance to post. Had to go start dinner. I probably need to go over there and read some. DH is going to watch football tonight and wants me to come out and watch some. I really don't care that much unless our team is playing :)!!! I doubt if I will watch that much if I get out there.

    Is anyone on here interested in football? My kids go crazy for it and my girls are worse than out son who played since he was 6. However, our eldest daughter got interested when her son started playing, like me sort of.

    Need to go take a shower. DH started to do the hamburgers outside and then it started to rain. What a pain in the you know what. Then I had to finish them up in the broiler -):!!

    TTYAL !

  7. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Being raised a city girl, I love living in the country. Not that we live totally rural, but our town isn't very's sort of a resort community. Before we moved here, we lived in MO and had a large acreage. In our front yard, we had this pear tree that would drop fruit then it would go bad. Always a mess! But, one year, a bunch of cattle from up the road got lose...came to our place...munched on the fallen fruit...and got drunk!! It was totally hilarious!! The owner of the cattle got frustrated...they kept trying to get out to "imbibe" again! Like SFG's pig, they ended up at the slaughter house.

    If it's decided to combine the threads, it could be called "The Pounge" or "The Lorch"...okay, okay...forget it! LOL

    IMHO, it would be easier to read just one...I get confused since I'm such a newby.

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I have the same problem, Diane. My mind is just oozing away. Let me give you 50 examples from
    the past few..., never mind. I couldn't really recall them anyway. But last night I got out 3
    ingreediments to make din din for Zippy. Put one back in the fridge before I even used it. D'OH!

    Windy, sometimes those inebriated animals show up in nature films. I wonder if it was fermented
    figs that various animals in Africa were eating. I wouldn't wanna be staggering around where
    large predators bask and gambol.

    The "Lorch" made me laugh. (Not out loud though.) Reminded me of the Lorax and Dr.
    Seuss. I am so old that most of his books were new when I was young. "Horton Hatches the
    Egg" was published the year I was born. I memorized most of it for a speech contest in High
    School, but the teacher didn't think it suitable.

    Granni, do you and DH shout at the TV in order to influence the football game? Dave Barry says
    that's what he and his friends do. All the while drinking beer. I think he exaggerates. He couldn't
    write so well if did all that drinking.

    SG, yes, Gordon is a city boy. Although he was born in village near Canton. The one in China.
    I grew up in a village in Minnesota 5 miles from an even smaller village named Canton. This
    proves conclusively that Gordon and I were fated to meet.

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Everyone,

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit before I need to start my exercises for the neck and back. Orders from the chiropractor to do every day. Have to go on line to see what I need to do. That was plus lying on the Denneroll. I giggled to myself when I saw the name originally. I immediately thought of dinner roll :)!!

    Rock - No we don't yell to much while watching the games.. Of coursed it would depend on who is playing. I don't watch that much unless our team is playing. On the other hand most of our kids, do a lot of yelling at times even without the beer. They might have a glass of wine or two:)!

    Diane - Sorry you had so much trouble trying to type a post. It is frustrating to when things don't come out the way you want them to. I don' t blame you for wanting to keep the Lounge esp if that was where you posted the most or started with. I started with chit chat and then somehow got pulled onto the Porch. On both threads the people are fun, smart with lots of info to share. Also venting is very helpful to all of us and we can all do this on either thread. Sadly it looks like many from the Lounge haven't found their way back after the change. I know some from the Porch left even before that for many different reasons.

    If we do consolidate, is there another name we could call it besides the Lorch or Plounge :)!!! I'll surely go with what most of us want to do. Later on if there are a lot more people interested we all could split again. Open for any ideas or suggestions.

    Hi also to Mikie, Windy, Sun ,Soul and anyone else that I might have missed. I sure do miss a lot of MIA's.

    Off to check on the Porch quickly and then do some of my exercises.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely NOT a sports person. My son in law and husband are ALWAYS checking the games, scores, etc. The only time I ever watched was when I had $$ riding on a baseball pool back when I was a secretary. My boss invented a highly complicated baseball pool, keeping points for everything a player did.......a base hit, a HR, a strike out (I guess you lost points on that one). We all drew players out of a hat, I drew Ron Fairly who I guess was the best since I won the pool. My boss brought in his little TV, and all the men congregated in the tiny office, which was inside a larger one. Of course I still had to do MY work.

    By the way, you could always rename it: Lounging on the Porch
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids,

    "Lounging on the Porch" is good, SG. Certainly better than Porching on the Lounge.

    How is your neck today, Granni? Mine is better . I found a tube of Equate brand (Wal*mart)
    "Arthricream Rub" and smeared (that's the medical term, right?) some on my neck last night
    and this morning. My neck is definitely better.

    I can't find any expiration date, but it's probably something that belonged to Gordon's late
    mother. Couple weeks ago I found a tube of Rx cream for her in the kitchen. It expired in 1988.
    Would you believe that Gordon is somewhat reluctant to toss stuff out. He could start with her
    old industrial size sewing machine which is 5 feet long and bigger than a gas stove. Hasn't been
    used for decades, but it's still taking up space in the kitchen.

    Mikie, years ago on the porch we had a couple of 'virtual world parties'. I guess that's the current
    term for let's pretend. Anyhoo people brought all sorts of fancy viands and drinks. Maybe we should
    have a virtual party and bring our animal friends. I guess that's the only way your three would

    I could bring the gang I used to feed at our old location. They all got along beautiful with no
    trouble whatsoyouknowwhat: possums, skunks, raccoons and cats. The raccoons were the
    cutest. The skunks incredible placid. The possums the most watchful. The kitties the most

    OMG!!! I hit the wrong lever and my post disappeared. Somehow it came back. I am posting
    post haste.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OMG, Loungers! It's so good to see y'all posting. I am fine with having both the Porch and the Lounge. As I've mentioned, so many of us use both. I always do my major post on whichever one is on the top. If everyone is fine with things as they are, we can just go on as we have been. If everyone on both the Porch and Lounge would like to consolidate, that's OK too. I think there may be one or two who only use one of our areas and it might be difficult to make a change. As long as we all know to check both places once in a while, I think it will continue to work. It's just that for a while, no one was posting here so I was beginning to think maybe we ought to just use the Porch. You guys decide and we'll do whatever y'all want.

    I think I mentioned over on the Porch that I had prayed and told God I felt as though my life lacked purpose. I got up, went to bed; got up, went to bed; etc., every day. Well, be careful of what you pray for. I had to go jump the preacher's car across the street the other day. I ended up sucking up a minor flood with my wet 'n dry vac at my neighbors. Fortunately, I knew what was wrong with her A/C and sucked out her outside overflow drain. Well, I had the equipment with me so did all the drains for their bldg.

    The fire dept. checked our emergency lights and I had to call the electrician because when I put new batteries in them, they still didn't work. I had to drive down the coast to a Lowe's which had new fixtures in stock. Barb and I got lost on the way. When the electrician came out, we found out the main breaker for the bldg. needed replacing. He had to come back this morning to do that. It's the sprinkler guy's fault for letting the sprinklers sprinkle on our electrical boxes outside but we have to pay. Oy! As I was on the way to the doc's this morning, the electrician called to say the new breaker fixed all the problems except for one of our exit signs. It would have been very expensive to send him to Lowe's to get it and come back and install it so I told him I'd do it myself. I installed the other one and it's usually no biggie. May do that tomorrow.

    A woman with rage problems has been complaining about Tweety and Sylvester just to get at Jeff next door. She says the cats get up on the cars and scratch them; they don't. Jeff had a heart attack at 31 and this stress is causing heart symptoms. He has to go in for a complete cardiac workup. He asked if I could take the cats and turn them into indoor cats. He can find no one responsible to take them. So, here I am with the cats living inside with me. They slept out on the lanai all afternoon. I don't know what they will do tonight when they like to be outside. They have used a litter box before and I showed them where it is in the guest bath.

    So, I asked God if I could take back my request. I have about as much purpose in my life now as I can handle. We will continue to look for a good home for the cats but as much as I love them, I kinda think I now officially have two cats. Simon is easy; all I have to do is feed him. I love him too.

    Saw the pee doc today. The original infection is cleared up but I now have a different bacterium. Soooo, now I'm on a different ABX. I've felt great and Herxed so I suspect the one ABX cleared up something else in my bod. I'm hoping this one will clear up my now UTI. Geez, it's always something. The co-pays are killing me. Thank God, the Rx's are cheap.

    Again, so good to see everyone. I hope y'all have a good evening. BTW, when are new shows going to be on TV? I'm soooooo sick of reruns. Whine, whine, whine!

    Love, Mikie
  13. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I often feel that's all I do...go to bed, get up then go back to bed again, then get up again. Whenever I start feeling frustrated about this, I remember how I managed to get this way to begin with. I've used my body and wore it out...I'm now "entitled" to go to bed, get up, etc. Yet, it's certainly boring at times!!

    Also, whenever I think I haven't accomplished much in a day, if I truly stop and think about it, it ends up being pretty busy. It may not be from something physical, perhaps making a bunch of calls, catching up on paperwork, just keeping the house presentable, plus tossing in a hobby or spending now...typing on a keyboard. I call this part "my social life" since I don't go out much and my friends are scattered.

    For those of you who saw my garden/golf cart mishap, I'm happy to report "Dobbin" is now safely in my garage. It took 4 people to get it back over the wall!! They said there were 2 large rocks it got hung up on...and if the rocks hadn't stopped it, it would have gone in the lake...phew!

    It was nice of you, Mikie, to take your neighbor's cats for him. I'm sure they're comfy...and he must miss them. Shame on the grouchy neighbor. She sounds like a true piece of work. I've had cats walk on my cars (evidenced by footprints on my windshield) and NEVER did they ever scratch my car.

    Yep, some of the older meds didn't have expiration dates of them. It always presented a quandary whether to toss them or not. I have a realllllllly old bottle of Jergen's Lotion...I've kept it since I love the smell. Can't even use the new kind, plus it just doesn't smell the same. Every once in a while, I stand and sniff that old bottle...color me weird.

    There used to be a lot of wild animal parks in CA. I especially remember the Japanese Deer Park...mainly because I caught one deer eating the Kleenex out of my purse and they had one very stinky, smelly monkey cage. LOL

    Well, here we go again...time to go to bed. Sigh! For some, your pain remains making sleep difficult. The pain from my damage eases when I lay (or is it lie...never get that right) down and I'm soooo grateful!

  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hey All, It's supposed to get into the 90's today. I will spend the afternoon lounging and reading on my bed with the fan on me. The hotter it gets, the more clothing I take off. I'm no longer shy about my aged body! ;)

    Rock, did we 'live chat' yesterday for a minute or two, or was it a hallucination? o_O. My first time with that form of 'messaging'. Hate these new words.......

    I'm having a rough day guys, so bear with me.

    Deer in the back yard, turkeys in the front. The jays are screeching their heads off. I found a big green katydid today; I don't see them very often. When the sun goes down the tree crickets start to sing , a sound I dearly love.

    Mikie, I wish there was something you could do about the 'mad cat lady'. She is really annoying me (you can tell her so!), and I am sorry for the stress it is putting ?Jeff through. Best wishes to both of you. You might tell her that you saw raccoons on her car and that they probably the cause of the scratches! :rolleyes:

    Talk to yawl later,
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon and I went to the chiro this morning. My back and neck are greatly improved. Reminds me
    of the joke my uncle told me more than half a century ago. The ailing lady of the night asked her
    friend, "Could you lend me ten dollars till I get back on my back?"

    Mikie, Barry has a good idea. "Put the Blame on Mame". Or even more credible, tell the complaining
    neighbor you saw Freddy Krueger in the parking lot. His claws are bigger than any cat.

    Yes, you are a wonderful person to adopt the kitties. "I'm sure it will all go smoothly and
    everything will work out just fine." (From the list of famous unlikely predictions.)

    Barry, yes we had a lovely, brief chat yesterday. Either that or it's a case of folie a deux.
    I went to a couple web sites that promised to provide the song of the katy did, but they
    didn't. Reminds me of an old song from WW I.

    K-K-K-Katy, beautiful Katy,
    You're the only g-g-g-girl that I adore;
    When the m-m-m-moon shines,
    Over the c-c-c-cowshed,
    I'll be waiting at the k-k-k-kitchen door.
    How many love songs do you know that contain a reference to a cowshed?
    My dad didn't care much for music, but he did like that song. Also the Notre Dame
    fight song.
    Well, now my margin is all ferkata. I'd try and fix, but probably end up losing my post.
    I tried to check the Yiddish spelling of "ferkata", but the computer will only search for
    fermata which looks Italian to me. (Now the font has gone crazy.) Someday I
    will just shoot this ugly beast and put me outta my misery. Ha Ha!
    No, I can't do that. Then I'd have to try and communicate with my board friends by
    using my tin foil hat, and you know that's not too reliable. (I don't know why people
    keep talking about tin foil. It disappeared half a century ago. It's aluminum nowadays.)
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there Mikie, Rock, Diane, Barry ,Windy et al,

    Just finished trying to do some of my back and neck exercises. Of course it would have been a lot easier if the video showed up the way it should on my computer. I guess I do not have the correct player Adobe or Flash on my computer. So I just get the words which I had to copy and try and decipher and do. The neck ones aren't to bad but the back ones not to easy to decipher or do. One of the gals showed some of them to me today on the computer but that does not help me much at home.

    Tomorrow I don't go to the chiro but I have other chores like weeding or whatever outside before I faint from the eat. Also have to go work out which is mostly treadmill and some light machines with weights.

    Rock - I love the songs you come up with. They surely go way back but I sure do remember them. So, I guess we both go way back, don't we :)!!!

    Barry, Good idea for Mikie, to tell that miserable complaining women that it was raccoons that marked up her car or some other critter and you saw them do it :)!! I guess every neighborhood has at least one of those compleaining whiny people.

    Diane - That tater soup sounds good. I guess soon it will be that season again for soup even though I can eat it at almost any time. Do the taters up Kevin's blood sugar much? BTW, how is he doing on all those veggies with his b/p and blood sugar, etc.? Hope you are finally feeling better.

    I am so tired and probably should go lie down but I had better not. Have choral practice tonight for our Dinner/ Showtime show this month ( it is our county choral group., You all would love these songs. I should get the list and print them out but I am to lazy. One of the songs is from the show Wicked ( sort of parallels the old movie and show the Wizard of Oz.. The song is "Already Home". Beautiful song. Sorry to say I did not see the show.

    Need to run now and maybe do a few more exercises !

    Hugs and big HI to anyone I may have missed !

    Granni :)
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Well hello everbody. Don't you just love this colour?

    Back to reality; I am glad we had our minuscule chat Rock. I don't actually know how I got to live chat.... Never been there before, and don't know how to find my way back! Devilish Machine.

    Coyotes have just come back into the neighbourhood and the woman across the creek is afraid for her tiny little dog, as it was threatened by a coyote a few years ago.

    I'm hoping they don't hang around. I DID hear a couple of gunshots shortly after the last howling. Maybe..

    All right Rock, I just listened to the raspy call of a katydid on the computer. But what I like are the sounds of the little tree crickets. I listened to a chorus of them on the 'puter also.

    I hope Mikie is doing ok with kitties.

    Love to all, sorry for the colour changes, I'm pushing wrong butts. I'll never get used to this darned machine!


  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids Just (Now why does the font act like an idiot?! I know a couple people have explained it
    to me, but it's like explaining it to Zippy.) Anyhoo, I fed Zippy and did the dishes. That's about as
    much work as I do nowadays. I use to work full time and go to law school at night and play with my
    son on the weekends. How the mighty have fallen.

    Except I never was mighty. But I was healthy. Alas, one cannot go home again. Why not?
    Because the home you remember isn't there anymore. It has changed.

    Saw the final number from The Band Wagon on TC Movies today. Fred was 53. Still as slim and talented
    as energetic as he was in the 1930s. Cyd Charisse was talented and beautiful. She was still beautiful
    when I met her 30 some years later. She was with her husband Tony Martin. They were married
    over half a century.

    Ya know what most dancers have? In addition to talent. A dancer's build. Short torso and long legs.

    Yes, Diane, as Granni said, that tater soup sure sounds good. I've been planning to make tater
    soup for a year or so. Gordon and I were at some budget store. Big Lot maybe. I think it used to
    be named Pic 'N' Save. Who would think some cheap little store like that would be part of a
    Fortune 500 company. SOL (Smile out loud.)

    Anyhoo they had some Bear Creek soup mixes on sale so I bought 3. That was a year or so ago. So
    far have actually made one. Either I don't have the energy or I forget or my back is killing me or..
    on and on.

    Barry, sorry to hear you were pushing the wrong butts. As we go through life, it is important
    to push on the correct butts. Other wise we may get a shock. Like the Puritans. "Stead of
    landing on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock would land on them."

    Gotta keep your eye on those coyotes too. Several years ago Gordon was walking Zippy. A
    cop car pulled up. "Did you know you're being stalked by coyotes?" Gordon and Zippy went
    home immediately.

    That was when we had a pair of coyotes living behind a vacant house for two years. Once the
    house was inhabited again. the coyotes moved on.

    Time for me to move on too. Drop by when you can Windy, Mikie, Jam, SG.

  19. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Speaking of animals in the yard...with us it's deer. We've had many the past month which is highly unusual. But, I noticed yesterday their coats are starting to get darker...already!! I'm wondering if them being in our yard (normally just hang out next door in a wooded area) and their darker color is a sign of an early fall and/or hard winter. They're certainly "filling up" on food. They're totally beautiful...there are fawns along with the does and two very stately bucks (4 pointers each).

    When I start seeing Daddy Longlegs and Walking Sticks that's when I now fall is on its way...

    I admire those of you who do exercise. My body is "Newton's Law"...for every action, there's a reaction. I absolutely know I'd feel better if I did "something", but I never know what sort of backlash I'll get. I was told to exercise in a pool. Did that and threw a hip out...and I wasn't doing "hard" exercises.:(

    Barry...Had to laugh (it's my warped sense of humor), but how many "butts" did you push?:rolleyes:

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, everyone. Thank you all so very much for your sweet kind words. They are so helpful to me and your support means the world to me. Sorry I can't address each and every person here but don't have too much time. I've been sleep deprived since taking in the kitties. Tweety is OK but Sylvester is up every two hours, howling. Last night, I finally got smart and locked them outta my bedroom. I bought another litter box and put it out on the lanai in the corner. Their other one is now in the shower in my bath.

    God isn't only giving me more purpose, He is sending me an important lesson in, not only giving, but also being humble enough to receive what is given back in return. I would help my friends and neighbors out when they need it without expecting anything in return but the kindness I've received has been beautiful. Barb gave me a lovely necklace. The neighbor who owns the condo with the A/C flood bought an expensive dispenser of kittie pheromones to calm them down.

    Yesterday, the lady downstairs had a flood in her bathroom from a tube to her water filter under her vanity. I loaned the wet 'n dry vac to her and helped get things out of the way. The floor evidently slopes and the water ran out into the bedroom and took a turn and flooded her closet. What a mess. As I was leaving, she offered me her "cat condo," which her cat no longer uses. It's one of those carpeted things with a couple of levels for the cats to perch on. They are expensive.

    Now, I get it! God is teaching me to give AND receive. He is also teaching me that, just because there is one rotten apple in the hood, I am surrounded by wonderful, caring and generous people. The bitterness in my heart toward that mean woman has been replaced with the love of my friends. It's the same love I feel for everyone here. Thank you all.

    I've been gone a couple of days for doctor appts. and trying to sleep off the fatigue in between emergencies :) Hopefully, I can get back and reply to everyone. Thank you all again.

    Love, Mikie