New lumps today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladybird1, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. ladybird1

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    Got three new painful lumps today. Two in my right arm
    (one below, one very painful above elbow) and another
    one in left forearm. I usually get these in my neck and
    shoulder. When I first felt the one above my right elbow
    it was so painful I thought I cut or burned myself somewhere but when I look there is no visible outside mark.
    Don;t knwo if to use heat or cold to make them feel better.
  2. kmelodyg

    kmelodyg New Member

    I am so sorry to hear about your painful lumps, What is it caused by? Have you tried anything in the past that has helped at all? It seems to me that if it is a swelling that cold would be the best to go. But I am not sure about what you have. Good luck!

  3. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    If you are referring to trigger points then I would suggest heat. That's what I use. Cold just makes the muscles tense up more, which is not what I need.

  4. jolly

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    We all get these lumps. You can get rid of them wtih trigger point therapy, which you can do yourself. Put it in the search engine and you can get the info. At first, these things freaked me out, but now that I understand them, it's no big deal. You just rub them out...albeit over and over again...but that's usually because you don't get rid of the precipitating factor. Jo Ellen
  5. ladybird1

    ladybird1 New Member

    To all who replied:
    Thank you for your advise. I have not been able to get on
    the Internet for the past few evenings. Not due to technical difficult, but to young adult difficulty.
    My college age son and his friends have been busy
    prepping registering and such for the fall semester.
    They keep the computers tied up..his as well as mine.
    By the time they get off, I'm too fatigued to log-on