New lupus diagnosis-many questions

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    I have been recently diagnosed with lupus. I am 41 years old and my ana was 1:640 as well as the many other tests that were positive. I have a low white blood cell count and low platelets. My symptoms over the past few years are extreme fatigue, hair thinning, joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome, anemia, depression and just feeling really bad. My rhematologist has put me on plaquenil and I am wondering if this drug has helped people. I am also wondering if I really should be on it at this point in the disease since it does not seem to be attacking my organs yet. I am concerned about the side effects and am going to see an eye doctor this week. Can anyone tell me how they are doing with this disease and this medication. I have been dealing with this for so long undiagnosed that I have learned to sleep as much as possible and eat a good diet. I wish I had the energy to exercise more but it is hard. The disease has changed my outgoing personality and my life. I do nothing but sleep and noone really understands.I am single and don't go out or date anymore and most of my friends have disappeared since I never go out anymore. I just need some help with all of this.
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    You're on a general board here. Go to the Lupus message board and you'll find the very best help there. I have lupus and have gotten a lot of answers there. Good luck.