New Lyme disease culture test now available!

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    Hi, all.

    A new culture test for Lyme disease has been developed and is now available within the U.S., except for New York and Florida. Dr. Burrascano says this is the real deal. It should make the detection of Lyme disease cases much more reliable. Information is available from this news release:

    As I think we are all aware, it has been very difficult to detect Lyme disease in many cases, and there have been many people who have carried a diagnosis of CFS for years, only to find out that they actually have Lyme disease. This promises to be the "gold standard" Lyme disease test.

    Please note that I am not financially involved with this lab and am not trying to sell anything. I only want to inform people here about this new development.

    Dr. Burrascano has reported that he works for a firm that consults for this lab, but he will not profit financially from use of this test.

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    Thanks very much for the info! Unfortunately I copied your link and it doesn't go anywhere - I think part of it is missing - the " ....." portion and I don't know how to fill it in. I did go to and did a search for lyme disease and nothing came up.

    Could you check on this?

    Thanks as always for your help -

  3. mbofov

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    I did a little research and here's the full link:

    and here's the lab that developed the test:


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