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    As many here know, many who have been previously dx'd with CFIDS and/or Fibro (and other autoimmune conditions) have found they actually have Lyme and associated diseases.

    Many have also gotten inconclusive results or negatives. The Western Blot is at best 70% reliable... that leaves 30% undetected!

    There is a new test that is supposed to be more reliable, not sure what the percentage of reliability is, but according to what I've read, it is better than the Western Blot.

    This is a post I got from one of the yahoo Lyme lists I'm on about it, I did change part of it to reflect the certification numbers:


    "The New Lyme test 'Rapid Antigen Identification of Bb by Flow Cytometry' has been approved for Medicare and insurance payment.

    Both the laboratory and test have received State and CLIA Certification. The test is NOT in research status. For those of you who don't understand how important the STATE & CLIA Certifications are, let me explain.

    For STATE Certification - the Central Florida Research Lab was inspected by a team of Inspectors from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

    For CLIA Certification - the CLIA program (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) is administered by the Centers for MEDICARE and Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.

    CLIA CERTIFICATION is required for all Laboratories performing clinical laboratory testing that is considered valid.

    You can view these Certifications and testing validations at the Central Florida Research website:"

    More info about the Lab from their website:
    245 N. Seminole Avenue
    Lake Alfred, Florida 33850

    Mailing Address:
    P. O. Box 599
    Lake Alfred, Florida 33850

    Phone Number: (863) 956-3538
    Fax Number: (863) 956-0839

    Medical Director: Clifford H. Threlkeld, DO, FCAP

    Florida State License Number: 800021816

    CLIA Certificate #: 10D1059481

    "Everyone has said we need a better test - well here it is folks. The lab was required by the state to use the antibody test the Western Blot as the 'Gold Standard' in the testing for approval, and the new test out performed the Western Blot by a appreciable percentage. Both the lab and the test passed first time around without any recommendations."

    Somewhere on their website they still say Medicare will not pay but it is said they've not totally updated their website yet, that Medicare will pay now that it is certified. I hope that's true.

    It will be interesting for people to get retested with this who may have come out negative or inconclusive on the Western Blot...

    But of course, the Bb Lyme spirochete STILL needs to be present in the blood to be detected. . . which it may not be... so remember it is still not 100% reliable.

    All the best,

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    page s are moving fast...
  3. Gosia

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    Thank you.

    I will ask my doctor to order the test.

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    Bumping. thanks so much for this info.
  5. DirkP

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    With the proper/experienced medico to interpret results

    Anyone here spend a lot of time on the LD boards?
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    than the Igenex Western Blot, but not sure by how much it is better.

    Western Blot is about 70% reliable, so any improvement is great...

  7. grace54

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    Effective Immediately
    Central Florida Research, Inc. is pleased to announce that effective immediately we are able to accept billing for both Medicare and major insurance carriers for our testing.

    We feel that this change will make it possible for many more people to be tested for the bacteria than ever in the past. The cost of testing for those individuals that do not have insurance coverage has been reduced to $200.00 per test for the Flow Cytometry.

    For more information about our testing and our company please use the links provided in our web site.

  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'm glad they got their website updated finally... it was causing a lot of (necessary) wondering! even tho they had listed the CLIA Certificate #.

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