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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by flame, Feb 10, 2003.

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    Does anyone have a good MD in Northern California? I,ve been looking for someone who is a specialist in FM. I,m an RN who is basically unable to work, but my Dr (pcp & rheumy) say I need to keep going and exercise; they don't give out pain meds(say they don,t believe in it). I,m not getting any sleep! Been following board for a long time, but have never posted; it,s a wonderful, inviting place where I can be me.
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    I work one day a week, and can barely make it. I informed my doctor, with no response. "take another Elavil". I sometimes don't fall asleep until morning comes (as late as 10:30 am) and I am so tired I can't do anything. I can't go to work like this. Will keep looking for that MD who believes in me. And maybe someone can suggest someone on this site. Thanks again.