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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherylS, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. SherylS

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    I am new to this board--so happy I found you guys!! Just recently diagnosed with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. My doctor has prescribed gabapentin (neurontin) and I wanted to know if anyone on here has tried this medicine. Did it help? Any side effects? Since I seem to be sensitive to pharmaceuticals, I always want as much research as possible before deciding if I should take them or not.
  2. mafusula

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    Gabapentin and it did nothing for me at all. Good luck!!
  3. Mikie

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    Some have posted positive results and others have not been helped. Seems nothing works for everyone. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  4. curlycreek

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    gabapentin worked/works for me to take the edge off. The Dr.s kept upping my dose to beyond 1800mg a day. After I went on homone replacement therapy I had less symptioms of fibro/CFS so I detoxed off it. Big mistake, should have worked with my dr or done it in a rehab place. I had valium & compazine to combat the flu like symptoms, it took a good solid 5 weeks of looking like a heron addict coming off the junk. And now I am taking 300 to 600 at night for pain & sleep. Have some lethargy as side affect-so I take adderal for that & the brain fog-which makes my pain worse as it's side affect. I always feel like that saying: chasing the dragon. Good luck.
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    I have been taking Neurontin for a few years now. Before I started taking it, I would get a sensation on my skin like if it was burning, at times I couldn't even touch the top of my hands. I don't get that anymore.

    Hope it works for you,

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    First I would like to say welcome to this wonderful web site! This msg. board is the best by far than any other sites I have ever seen! The people here are a group of very caring, understanding, compassionate and loving individuals! There is a wealth of info, advice, and lots of research to be found on Prohealth! So glad that you have joined us!

    I am so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with CFS and fibro. I and tons of other's on this msg. board suffer from one or both of these diseases. First off, know that you are not alone. Secondly, many others here will reply to you and help in any way they can. I personally do not take Gabapentin but take Lyrica which is very similar and it is the best thing I have found for the fibro pain and fatigue. I always take mine at night as it does make me a bit tired and it seems to help me sleep too! Added bonus as I have suffered with insomnia for years!

    I don't know if this reply helped much but I just mainly wanted to say welcome and feel free to reply and post any time! This is a fast moving board which is one of the things I really like about it. Take care and good luck with the gabapentin!

    Faith and Hope, Julie
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    I took it for approx. 3 years, 4 times a day of 300 mg. Was a walking zombie. But started taking just 300 at night, and can say it was wonderful for me. I actually slept better and woke up with less morning pain. Even at that small dosage I do feel 'slower' during the day, but that's a good thing for my overstimulated brain.

    I certainly understand medications working differently for all of us, so would hope you at least give it a try. Just keep a list of things that don't work though. I've lost my list and dang it, I think I've tried a couple things for the second time now......... wishing you the best!