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    I have seen some articles about these different medicines and I want to know if any one has tryed them for Fibromyalgia,. It seems as if they are being considered by the FDA. Fisrt is Milnacipran which is a new type of anti depressant which they claim has given people relief for fms. Also Xyram which is a controlled substain that is for sleep, but thet say will help with Fms. This one is hard to get, you have to have a special Dr for this one.Lyrica is another. Duloxetine is another newer anti depressant,SNRI. Im not sure if the first one is the same the Milnacipran, as this one. I am being told that they are working on FDA approved medicine that will be available soon for FMS.They all seem to have the same side effects, maybe they will eventually come up with one that does not kill you while making you better.. Please let me know if you have tryed these or have heard of any of these working.I am tired of suffering and letting my life pass me by because of this disease .I want a drug that makes all of this stop and God willing one of these will do it.
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    I was on a FM study and during the study some people in the group were given Milnaciprin others a placebo. I had the placebo and never felt better and I was sad because I did not know at the time it was a water pill

    I have heard wonderful things about the drug though and that there are not many side effects at all and that is works quite well for a lot of FM and CFS sufferers.

    So, that is good news that it may be FDA approved soon, since I would like to try it and see what happens.