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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Imnoangle, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Imnoangle

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    Well, here we go again. The pain doctor has started me on new meds to see if they help. Paxil cr, flexeril, and panlor dc. Has anyone had any luck with these meds? January 8th we start trigger point injections. Has this helped anyone? Well outside of that I'm doing o.k I've seen better days but I've also seen worse. I hope this finds everyone well. Happy New Year to all. Thanks for being here for me.
  2. healing

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    I have had good response with trigger point injections. You can get good results also with just "needling" the trigger points or by injecting small amounts of lidocaine instead of steroids. I get weekly physical therapy for oblique (as opposed to direct) treatment of my trigger points which keeps them pretty calm.

    I stay away from muscle relaxents (don't believe they work) and heavy duty anti-inflammatories (kill my stomach).
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    I have been having severe pain in back with numbness in leg. It burns,aches and sore on my top of leg and groin. Nuerontin helped but can't take it. My Dr. is really very good but his nurse that schedules everything for him just can't seem to get it together. She's a doll but shes so overworked that it seems like forever to get something done. Dec. 12th Dr. said he would get her to schedule injections with pain Dr. and it would take several days and I finally heard from her today. She says she is trying to get me in but just can't seem to get through to pain Dr. I'm sorry to run on like this but I've been in pain for 6 months with no relief. Have to take lortab which makes me sick and then I take phenergan to help with nausea. Fill like I'm on a drug merry-go-round. Think they are putting me off till the New Year and my deductible starts all over.