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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by BMA, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. BMA

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    Hello~ I was hoping to seek some advice from those who have gone through the process of applying for disability. My father desperately needs someone with the expertise and/or experience to provide some guidance for this process. I know you need to be your own advocate for these issues, are there any lessons learned that anyone would be willing to share? Also, I understand that seeking legal counsel is recommended, does anyone have a recommendation of who we should seek a consultation with?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. BMA

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    thanks for the help- I didn't see the disability board but appreciate the recommendation to post on the other board.
  3. lostinttown

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    For some reason the government is not as gracious or sympathetic in offering disability , (I'm sure the deficite , the buracracy , and the medical industry mess ) has a lot to do with it , I have been denied disability , but have now learned , you will not get it without good legal support (unless your obese ,dirt poor , or of african american desent ) No offence intened.
    Because I can get out of bed every day, and walk without a help device , I'm considered not disabled . Also I'm white, proper size and weight , and have a working wife (with benefits) This is also working against me , I don't fit the bill ! their definition of disability and yours are vastly different . I guess i thought it was if you had the inability to perform the job, work, or task that you were schooled, trained and conducted for years , and seriously cannot perform anymore , you may be disabled , good luck in your venture , and God Bless
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    Take a stroll over to the Disability Board here and get some important info to help you. Disability has nothing to do with good legal support, your color, weight, whether you are poor or your ethnicity, etc. and those are all myths put out by people who do not know the process.

    The Social Security Disability (SSD) process DOES have to do with strong support from all your doctors stating that you are unable to do the job you did AND UNABLE TO DO ANY OTHER JOB TOO. That's the big one and people mistakenly believe if they can't do the job they've done for years, then they are disabled--but the SSD process looks to see if you can do other jobs and if you can, then you are not considered disabled. Many people do not read their doctors' records and later find damaging info in there that caused them to be denied SSD. Get copies of your medical records to see what has been stated. If your own doctors have not supported you in being unable to do the job you did AND unable to do other jobs, then get different doctors.

    If you want to seriously give it a try again for disability, get over to the Disability Board here and start reading the posts because there is a lot of info over there. There are also forms your doctors should complete for mental health problems, fibro problems, musculoskeletal problems and a general form, and you select what you need and hand them to your doctor to complete at your appointment and then hand them in to SSA with your SSD application to further strongly support your case. SSD cases are a lot of information gathering on your part--even if you hire an attorney, many attorneys require the SSD claimant to gather your own medical/test reports/lab work reports, prescription records, etc. and get them to the attorneys and provide the attorney with updates.

    Good luck and I hope you try again.

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