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    Hello~ I was hoping to seek some advice from those who have gone through the process of applying for disability. My father desperately needs someone with the expertise and/or experience to provide some guidance for this process. I know you need to be your own advocate for these issues, are there any lessons learned that anyone would be willing to share? Also, I understand that seeking legal counsel is recommended, does anyone have a recommendation of who we should seek a consultation with?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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    I went through the Social Security Disability (SSD) system and won in less than a year.

    Your Dad has the option of representing himself, going with an advocate, a representative (which cannot represent your Dad if your Dad has to appeal the case eventually into a civil court), and an Attorney (and you must ask any attorney if s/he takes appeals all the way to the civil courts or if they only accept a case to stay within the appeals of the confines of the Social Security Administration (SSA)'s system). Not every claimant asks and some people eventually must appeal the case to the civil court level, only to find out that their attorney only practices within the appeals of the SSA levels and doesn't appeal SSA cases into the civil courts. Think ahead and get an attorney that will go the long haul if you need it.

    As to attorneys, there is an organization that deals exclusively with those representing SSD claimants and helping to educate them. It is The National Organization of Social Security Claimant's Representatives located at You may want to start there to see what NOSSCR attorneys are near you and whether you like them. If not, continue searching for other attorneys. DO NOT TRUST THE FANCY ADVERTISING ON TV and set out questions you want to know. Also, there was a local law firm advertising they had a former big wig social security employee who now worked for them, but when I called to make an appointment to see if they would take my case, they would not see anyone until you were denied SSD, and even then you had to fax your entire medical documents--that was a big red flag to me that this wasn't a good way to conduct business and with the voluminous medical records we have it would be way too expensive to fax all of them. This faxing procedure made no sense, so I felt it was probably not my best choice for an attorney.

    What I can suggest is starting to read many of the posts because they contain valuable information to give you a feel for SSA, the forms, the processes, what you as a client should expect from your attorney if you reach the SSA administrative hearing levels and what the SSA Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) might do.

    I hope this gives you starting info. Good luck.

    P.S. I edited this as your question specifically asked for "advice" and I wanted to address that so there would be no confusion. ProHealth does not provide any lawyers or specialists working in the disability fields to provide legal "advice," legal opinions or to answer your questions. Also, ProHealth does not promote or provide any specific lawyers, law firms, representatives or advocates for you to use in the various disability applications.

    The answers you receive on this board are strictly personal opinions and experiences from regular people like you. I personally am not an attorney, an SSD Advocate or SSD Representative. I am an SSD claimant who went through the system successfully and in the process encountered various situations.

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