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    hello i'm new to the board and wanted to share the MOST IMPORTANT tips that have helped me:

    !) I get an injection every 3 weeks of 2mg. of Gammastan immune-globulin. This has saved my life

    2) I drink pure wheatgrass juice ( 10 oz) each day. I get it in frozen cube form from -- a farm in Canada. Tastes much better than the stuff you get at Robeks, etc.

    3) Hyalauronic Acid capsules, from , 300 mg./day helps for joint pain

    4) Petadolex a prophylatic homeopathic drug taken twice daily helps tremendously with headaches.

    5) see a good homeopath. get massages.

    6) Chia seeds (2 tbs everyday) great for energy and mental clarity

    I look forward to reading your posts! Ava
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