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  1. JUNEF

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    Just wanted to introduce myself, and say that this message board is a comfort to me. No one will ever know what we experience unless they have FM themselves. I have learned from the message board about symtoms we have with FM, that I have that I have never told my doctor about because I thought he would think I was crazy. I have just stopped working (4 months ago), after working full time for 20 years. When I left my job, I was making $54,000.00 a year.
    Now I am thinking about applying for SSI, but fear the fight ahead of me in applying for SSI.
    I hope that I can later on contribute some iformation to this message board that will be of help to someome, as it has been to me.
    Till Then....Junef
  2. Annette2

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    Hi June! I'm a New Yorker too - I'm from the Bronx. I live in Indiana now, but I will always be a proud New Yorker!!!! You came to the right place - you'll get a lot of good information here. I've learned a lot here too. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We're all basically in the same boat and can understand what each other is going through. I'm still working and I hope I can continue to do so. I have FMS but also a lot of fatigue - I'm going for a sleep study this coming Friday night. Every day it seems something else crops up, but we have to deal with things the best we can. Anyway, welcome here!!!!

  3. keeponsmiling

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    Not from New York, but I love those Yanks! :)

    Just wanted to welcome you to the board. The people here are wonderfully supportive, and you can learn a lot about coping with your symptoms.

  4. JUNEF

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    Thank You for welcoming me to the message board, it means alot to have someome understand us.
    I hope that you will be able to continue working for as long as possible. I could not handle the fatigue any longer
    by dragging myself to work anymore. At least now by being home, I could rest when I am extremly fatigued.
    Thank Again for the fiendly welcome.
  5. JUNEF

    JUNEF New Member

    Hi Cheryll
    Thank you for welcoming me aboard, as I mentioned to Annette2 it means alot to me. I have learned so much from this message board, and can tell people really care about each other on this site. Have you ever been to New York?
    If not, one day you have to plan to visit New York. It is a very exciting state, with so much to offer.
    Your Yankee Friend
  6. babyjoan

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    Welcome Junef! I am your neighbor in Connecticut. It's a pleasure to have you among us. SSI will be a fight but don't let them win. I was told by someone that used to work in SSI and they informed me that they try to make it as hard as possible for people hoping that it is to difficult for people to fight hoping they will give up. Nice huh? It worked on my husband which is why I am in major debt, (he has just gone back to work after three years.) I am forced to continue to work due to my financial situation but once I get caught up I to will wade into the war of SSI. Isn't it disgusting that we have to fight(with no energy)the system which we pay into all our working lives? Oh well, hopefully we will all catch a break someday, again welcome aboard. Peace
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    Hi June,
    Welcome to the board.I know you will find a lot of support here.I know it is hard for you right now after leaving a job.I have been there and it does a job on us emotionally and financially.If you think you need to apply for Social Security Disability go ahead and get started.Yes it can be a difficult fight,but the sooner you get started,the better.Everyone here will help you through.Take care and of yourself. Lana56
  8. FM58

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    Hi there June,
    I'm from northern NJ and am in the city often for dr appt's,sometimes for fun. I swear my list of dr. grows each week! I'm kinda a newbie to this group also. I'm still hanging on to my job - I just sent a son off to college, so I feel like I really have to now to make those payments.

    Welcome, hope to see you around some more.

  9. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    hi welcome this board has helped a lot, i grew up in bellmore merrick where in li are u take care val
  10. todayisagift

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    Hi June F welcome, I'm new too

    I'm from Randolph, NJ about 45 minutes from NYC, apply for SSI it is easier to get than SSDI plus you have no income which are its qualifications! I applied to in June but haven't heard anything yet except that they said my case is still being reviewed medically. I'm scared they will turn me down. I am only 22 and I don't have a job and my fiance supports me while he is in school in Indiana. It's really a big mess plus I have a leased car. Who knew this would all happen. It's such a shame for all of us. where about's in LI do you live, I don't really know my way around but I've been around a few times for concerts and things like that. I was accepted to Grad School at Adelphi but it would have been too long for me to get there so I am going to Pace in NYC.
  11. Shirl

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    Hi June, welcome to our world, glad to have you join us. I see you have already met members from your area!

    I have FM, and am from way down South in Louisiana, but I do have a wonderful friend from the board here that lives in N.Y. Terrific lady.

    Again, welcome and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl
  12. stillfighting

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    Welcome to the board. I've found the people on here really supportive, and hope you do to.

    BTW, I grew up in Far Rockaway, just inside the NYC border.

  13. JUNEF

    JUNEF New Member

    Hi Joan

    Thank you for welcoming me aboard, and hope that everything works out for you and your husband.
    Your Neighbor in NY
  14. JUNEF

    JUNEF New Member

    Hi Lana56
    Did you ever go back to work? This is a life saver site.
    Thank you for welcoming me, and take care.

  15. JUNEF

    JUNEF New Member

    Hello Patty

    Glad that you also found this web site, there are lots of
    caring people on this site. I haven't accomplished much today, because I keep on jumping on line.

    Bye for Now
  16. JUNEF

    JUNEF New Member


    I grew up in Brookly NY, until the age of 12 years old.
    I have been living on Long Island from the age of 12 years old to present. The past 30 years I have been living in Shirley Long Island. I live approx. 1 mile from Smith's Point Beach.

    Thanks for the Welcome.
  17. JUNEF

    JUNEF New Member


    Yes you are right.. Today is a gift! We may not be feeling well, but we all have today. Good luck with your disability claim, and let me know the outcome. Sometimes no news is good news. Hopefully this is the case for you.
    Is this going to be your 1st year of college?

  18. JUNEF

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    Hello Shirl

    Our world is not so bad, when we all have each other.
    Many thanks for the welcome, and you will be hearing from me.

  19. JUNEF

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    Hi Hillary

    Me and my older city use to go horse back riding in Far Rockaway. I remember a over pass bridge, and sand when we went riding. I use to remember alot about my past, now its only bits and pieces.

    Take care, and have a good day.
  20. PhoenixRising

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    Another NY'er here! I moved to Colorado Springs 4 yrs ago but was born and lived in NY all my life. Before I moved here I lived in Bayside Queens for 15 yrs.

    Glad to meet you...sorry you needed to be here!