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    I am so glad I found this support group. I live in Morris Plains NJ, and was FINALLY diagnosed in June with CFIDS/Fibro after 4 years of many doctors telling me I was crazy. I have seen Allergist, ID doctors, ENT's (who removed my lymph nodes in my neck twice) as well as an Oncologist. I think I also had every blood test known to man.

    I am currently seeing Dr. Susan Levine in NYC. She is wonderful. After my past experiences, its nice to have a doctor that truly understands. My challenge is that she is a train ride away, does not accept my insurance (UHC)and I pay out of pocket. While I want to continue to see her, I would love to have a doctor that will work with her and is closer when I have a flare/relapse.

    I am currently taking Provigil, Amantadine, Naltrexone, Vitamin B12 shots - I was on Lyrica but the side effects were horrible. I also take many vitamins - including Lysine, Taurine, Evening Primrose Oil, and other I cant remember...(thank goddness for those Monday - Sunday Pillboxes or I would never keep it all straight)

    Is there anyone on this website who lives in Morris County? Anyone who has a doctor that they love? I am also looking for a new primary care doctor in this area too..

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