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    Ive been visiting this site for over a month now and I have not had the energy to type one word. Today is a new day and I thought that I would introduce myself.

    I am a 42 year old female who has not yet been diagnosed with Fibro but I can honestly say that I have the symptoms that everyone has been posting.

    My condition first started with Bi-lateral Carpool Tunnel and slowly made it's way into my entire body. I have been suffering with carpool since Dec. 2000, without any physical treatment or surgery due to my desk at the office being ergonically incorrect. Even though I BEGGED for a new desk, I was always told that there was no money in the budget to purchase a new desk. Therefore, 2 years later and hearing the same excuse about budgets, I felt myself getting worse to the point that I had serious problems with my upper extremities and numbing in my hands. I mean, I would come home during lunch and massage my pain! I honestly thought that I was going to have a heart attack. So,finally I went to see my private doctor and he informed me that I had ct and that he could not treat me due to it being related to my job.

    Therefore, I was sent to the company doctor in July of 2002, and they again ruled that I had bi-lateral carpool and wanted to schedule surgery. I had basically handled all of the work comp claims in the office and due to this, I had seen several surgeries to other employees that had ct surgery that were not so good. I mean they oftentimes had to have 2 to 3 surgeries and still were in bad shape. So it kinda scared me and I decided that I was not going to have the surgery and wanted to try conservative treatement instead. When the employers 30 day control was over, I sought a second opinion and this doctor wanted to perform surgery as well. I am very fearful of surgery only because of what I have seen, so I sought treatment with a chiro in August 2002.

    In August this is where I first started to show signs of Fibro, in my opinion. I did not know what Fibro was, but I had heard of this word for the first time from the w/comp claims adjuster. So I started doing some research. In the meantime, I was scheduled for my annual mammogram and my whole body was so tender and my breast were so swollen and tender....for you ladies, you know exactly what I mean. It was a horrifying and painful mammogram experience. Apparently they saw something that they want to keep track of and I had to schedule another mammogram (6 months later), which will take place tomorrow.

    I let my chiro know about this "flare up" the next day, and we still did not know why I was feeling all this pain. I just thought that since I was being "adjusted" and finaly receiving physical treating by this chiro, that maybe it was my body's way of saying, "your finally doing something good about your condition."

    Then I continued to have pain and all of a sudden, I was having problems with my sinuses. I mean, I had started noticing these symptoms in March of 2002, but just thought it was the common cold. So, I then made an appt. to see my private doctor to find out what was wrong with me. He told me that it sounded as though I had allergies. Anyway, I was sent to do skin test and found out that I was now allergic to my cats that I have had for over 5 years along with the outside, trees, ect. Now mind you, I have never been ill in my entire life!

    So, Sept. 2002, came around and I once again I had a "flare-up" right around my menstrual cycle. My chiro was once again, not sure what was causing this problem, so I went to see an Encronologist. An MRI was conducted and they found a nodule in my thyroid. A biopsy was conducted and it came back negative for cancer.

    I however, continue to have all over "flu like" symptoms on a daily basis, I mean, I'm in constant pain, can't drink milk anymore, crying spells, headaches, concentration problems, bloating, interrupted sleep, weight gain, flare ups right before my period, fatigue, tired all the time, pain in joints, ankles, knees, hips, hands, arms, morning stiffness...I mean this list goes on and on. To think that this could have been avoided if a $500.00 desk would have been purchased.

    I have been scheduled to see a rheumy on March 14, 2003, for an evaluation. Hopefully he can prescribe me some medication because my chiro cannot prescribe medication and I have been living in pain without meds since August of 2002. You know the funny thing is that I started having problems with my teeth and have already had two root canals. The dentist wrote me a prescription for "Vicodin" for mouth pain, which has helped me get through this month. Wish I could ask for more.

    Anyway, thanks for listening, and I apoligize for this long message.
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    If every you need support or just a friendly word, this is the place to come. The people who are here are very nice and have a TRUE understanding of what you are going through. You hang in there now and hopefully the rheumy you are going to will help get you going on the right track!
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    Sorry to hear all that you are going through..I know the road to good health is hard, and am thankful to hear you are seeking help from a Rhuemy.

    No that we all have been there and we will be here to support you! My prayers are with you and if you need a friend I am here.

    Be blessed,

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    Hi, Cookie--don't feel lonely, there are lots of us here to offer support. Sounds like a trip to the rheumy is a good next step. Your symptoms certainly sound classic fibro, and he should be able to make this determination. Make sure when you visit him, that you relay your pain level to him, your poor sleep, exhaustion, etc. Some of these symptoms can be helped. How fortunate that you are able to get in to see one so quickly.

    You, know a lack of a new desk probably was just a precipitating factor. It seems in these disorders, that like the piling of straws upon a camels back, the final straw is placed, and then the fibro/cfs comes on, full force, the proverbial breaking of the camels back. I think we are predisposed to these disorders, and eventually, one straw upon another, be it stress (mental and/or physical), trauma, a virus, an infection---is finally the one that does it. If only we had a crystal ball, prior to this sudden wake up call. Many can look back, now, and see the precursors to their plight. I am not so sure, it would have been avoidable, though.

    I am glad you found the energy to post, and look forward to more. Best wishes in your rheumy appointment. Please give us a report. Welcome to the board--it is a wonderful place for information and support.


    I would like to take a few minutes and give thanks to all that have responded to my message. It makes me feel good after all the needles and tests that I have been asked to take, that come back normal. I for one, am like everyone else at the beginning, thinking that it was all in my head. But as I try and explain to my family, the pain that I feel on a daily basis is REAL. It may not be so bad on some days as others, but it seems that my family thinks that I have just pulling the wool over their eyes. I continue to try and be a productive wife and mother, but only I know the frustrations along with the pain that I am feeling. I mean, I try to have their meals on the table when they get home from work, my household in order, but this only creates anxiety for me. I at times cannot even make it to the supermarket without feeling like I've run a marathon.

    So again, thank you all for your responses.
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    Welcome to you, sorry you are feeling so rotten right now, but very glad you found this site!

    Of all the things you said, I find myself focusing in on this one: "can't drink milk anymore". The reason is, so many of us have either true food allergies or general "leaky gut" syndrome issues as an underlying factor in our FM symptoms. I blithely went along having FM for 4 years before finding out just recently that I had some pretty severe food allergies. I'm not so optimistic as to believe that my FM will completely go away by taking steps to get my allergies under control, but I am hoping to see them being less severe over time. I am adjusting my diet considerably, plus using probiotics and digestive enzymes to get this under control. I never even thought I had food allergies until I was tested, because I didn't really have any IBS symptoms. Now I realize that a lot of my flu-ish pain, headaches, muscle pain probably stems from "leaky gut syndrome".

    A good food allergist can run tests & diagnose. I was lucky enough to find a local MD allergist who uses both traditional and naturopathic medicine, and specializes in FM & CFS.

    Do a search on "leaky gut syndrome"; many of us here suffer from it & while I can't say that it's an independent cause of FM, it definitely makes FM symptoms worse.

    Good luck & welcome again, I hope you feel better.

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    I too am new here! I have been diagnosed with CFS but have alot of overlapping fibro symptoms also. I also in the beggining had carpal tunnel and one half of my body was numb. I was told surgery was the only option but I'm glad I didnt do it because the carpal tunnel went away after about six or seven months. Now I occasionaly get it back from time to time but nothing like it was. The other weird thing is that I also had two root canals actually right before all my symptoms started. Hang in there- with these DD's some of the symptoms can come and go and I would definetely wait and see. Your definetely not alone on this site!

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    Welcome to the board! I'm sorry to hear you feel so much pain, physical and emotional. I will remember you in my prayers, and pray that your rheumy sets you on a path to wellness.

    I can relate to your frustration. We have a list of symptoms a mile long. Remember, you are your own best advocate. Be sure to fight for what you need. It took me a long time to figure that one out. Now I'm not afraid to question treatment and tell dr.s immediately if it's not working or I don't like it, etc. I will be seeing a new rheumy in April - my old one kept pulling out his prescription pad and pretty much laughed when I asked about alternative treatments.

    Luckily, I found this site. It has been a Godsend. I'm learning tons, and can now head to my dr. with a load of info and research to back it. Hopefully you will find it helpful as well.

    I wish you all the best, lmn
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    Hi,I like so many of us do have empathy for you because when you realize and get out of the first stages of denial it is lonely. I still feel that way because no one outside the fm world that I know gets it. Your carpal tunnel is probably a symptom of an already faulty immune system. I know I thought I had tennis elbow and eventually had to quit. After knowing fm it was really fm. from repettive movement which is one of fms. largest problem. Whether it is standing, stitting in one spot,lifting something more than a few times etc. Dr. Devin Starlnyl addressed these issues in here book. Which she will address many of your questions that are going on inside. This is a long road but as you have noticed we are all pretty strong inside,you have to, to be able to get through each day and it`s challanges as you are experiencing now. <<<warm hugs to endure your journey>>> How about a nice warm choc.chip cookie I may make some after reading your name!!
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    Thanks for "coming out in the open." I have been lurking on these boards for over three months, and started posting about a month and a half ago. My pain has not lessened, but my mindset and attitude have changed. Some times I am so tired and frustrated with MDs that I find all of the info on here somewhat overwhelming, but resist the urge to "do everything at once." Be gentle with yourself and don't rush your treatment, take it one step at a time, despite all of the pain and discomfort. If you need to talk, email me, it is in my profile.

    I have Kaiser and it took them 1 1/2 years to diagnose me, but it took my mentor six years and she has better health insurance, supposedly. So, I am a warrior for myself and am available for support anytime. This board is so wonderful, it really has changed my life.

    You can cry, rage, or laugh here. Welcome!

    April Huque


    I read an article on the "Leaky Gut Syndrome" and basically it has all the symptoms of Fibro. One thing that really caugh my eye was the fact that LGS affects the liver. I for one have had problems with brown spots on my face and hips only. I have been to several dermatologists who can't seem to find a cure for me. I'm tired of all the fading creams that have been prescribed to me with no help at all. It now makes sense! You know, that whenever I have a pimple(s) at 42 years old mind you, this pimple(s) turns into a brown spot. It has affected my cheeks and hips only at this time. I've had this condition of brown spot accumulating I'd say for over 7 years now. People have often said to me that I should have my liver checked out which I do, but my tests always come back normal. I notice that you had to see a food allergist for diagnosis of this condition. How would I find this a food allergist dr.? I currently reside in Mission Hills, Ca. any referrals people?

    I'm wondering if this my blessing ins disguise and that I may soon be able to see the light of becoming normal/pain free again!

    Thank to the Lord for having such great people on this message board sight! Even though you all have been there done that, you all provide strength for those of us who are just starting out.

    Thank you. <<<<<>>>>>>
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    WELCOME to the greatest place for support, information, and compassion that you will find...hope things start looking up soon...i know they will...just remember, things always get worse before they get better, so hopefully this is your worse...we're here for you always.
    peace,hugs,god bless, camelgirl


    You are not going to believe this! I just got off the phone with my primary doctor and he tells me that he has never heard of this "Leaking Gut Syndrome." He said that he has gone to all types of seminars and not once have they mentioned this syndrome. Since I have an appointment with the rhuemy on March 14, he want's me to wait and find out what the rheuemy evaluation is before he schedules me to see any other doctor.

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    Your systems sound to me like fobro. I've had it for years, even before it had a name, I'm 5 years old and i beleive i have had this most ot my life. Fibromyalgia is a loney place to be when you don't know anyone that can relate to what you are going thru. I've been there and I think it is safe to say most of us have that post on this board. Just know we cannot stop the chronic pain for you or for one another but we will be there for you and we do understand. We can help you thru the emotional pain with our own stories of expierences. I know its lonely but you have found us and you have plenty of company. Continue to see you doctor, if he does not help then find another. Make sure you have a doctor that will listen and take the time with you that you need.

    Just to let you know my mother had carpel tunnel surgery and is doing very well. My mother is 78. So continue to do research and then be at peace with your discision. You may also want to try the chat room for fybromyalgia there is lots of company and support there. God Bless You
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    Hi Cookiemonster, welcome to our world. Sorry you are having so many problems, and hope you get some help/relief soon.

    You have come to the right place for confort and support, we have a great group of caring people here.

    Again, welcome and hope we hear from you often, be sure to let us know what the doctor has to say.

    Shalom, Shirl