New Member: SSA won't let me see own doctor for DE?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Royler, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Royler

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    Hi, all,

    New member here hoping for some advice.

    (Really) long story short: I'm finally applying for SSDI after years of lost income due to CFS and assorted sleep disorders.

    I've read (on the SSA's website, no less) that I can see my own doctor for the Disability Examination. Unfortunately, when my SSA rep faxes the form that needs to be filled out to my doctor, his nurse's assistant returns the wrong information. SSA wants me to see a state-appointed physician, and from what I understand, they're simply being paid to say I'm healthy enough to work.

    The SSA rep ignores my repeated phone call requests to simply mail ME the form so I can bring it straight to my doctor and have him fill it out in front of me. It's the easiest way to skip all the office confusion. Anyone with any advice? If I skip my next state appointment, they're likely to turn me down. I feel like I'm being bullied into a corner.

  2. orachel

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    message up to the top so some of the others can respond.

    Hope you find the help you need! I'm not dealing with SSD, but I know HOW HARD it is to get a Doctor to fill out right forms!

    I will tell you that MANY people here have had to see SS docs in order to get their disability, I believe. And many have been approved, so there is definitely a way to win even if you do have to see their doc.

    Great way to look for specific info re ss and docs is to do a search for SSD or'll find waaaay more information than you probably need, as we're all pretty concerned about our disability benefits here!

    Welcome to the board...Look forward to seeing more of you. I can tell you from my experience that the people here are amazingly helpful and hopeful...just a great support system.

    Good luck!

  3. orachel

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    You'll get some help Royler...hang on a second.
  4. lea

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    disinissues newsgroup whom I hope can help you.
  5. jenemc

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    I had my dr fill out my form. nothing was ever said..if your rep won't return your calls ...jsut call up there or go up there and get them yourself or see if they are on the ssa website. my lawyer gave me the forms to fill out for dr.

    good luck

  6. 69mach1

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    hi there,

    i've filed two times for ssdi, first time they sent me to a contracted doctor through ssa both psychologist and some sort of a doctor, i use that word loosely. i had my own doctors in the mean time. i won my case it was considered a closed case which really stinks for me, for i really wasn't better and the judge felt my depression and anxiety was more like a situational thing cause i was going through a divorce. but that had started years ago. i did not have a psycologist sit in on the hearing from ssa, it was a neurologist and stated he din not feel confident to make a decsion on my dep/anx. so the judge came up with his own conclusions. yes i won, but it was closed the day of the hearing. so that meant i could not meet the ssa trial back to work periods, so if i went to work and found that i still could not handle it then i could have automatically reapplied and received benefits.

    now i have reapplied from square one again, lawyer said it should not be nearly as difficult this time, but i still don't count on it. so i had another doctor appt just like the first time, same old doctor, different psycologist. the doctor said you have have fibro all over, and the psycologist made a comment that i think if you get put on opiads and a lidocaine patch that may help.

    my psycologist no that would only increase the depression and make things worse.

    i never did et a dotor note to have them fill out for ssa, i was told that they would contact my doctors.

    so i will post soon as to if i may have won at the intial phase, but expecting that i may have to go to the reconsideration stage.

    good luck and use your doctors and go through the motions of the ssa.

  7. Rose_Red

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    psycholigists have no business prescribing or referring meds. that's what psychiatrists, who have an md are for!

    IMHO - i think SSA sends you to some of the dumbest docs they can find. Thank god they work for sSA instead of having a practice.

    Royler - welcome to the insame world of the us government and it's beuarocratic nightmares. those of us that've gone through this already sympathize with the stupidity of it all.

    See if you can speak to your doc about the forms. Let him know the frustration you're having. Docs don't know anything about what their office staff does unless the patients tell them. the office staff hides their screw-ups in that little tidbit.

    good luck
  8. Royler

    Royler New Member

    Thanks for the responses, everyone.

    I guess I'm fairly paranoid that the SSA physician's job is to swing things in their favor unless, you know, I come in with a severed set of hands.

    I did try searching for the DE form on but couldn't find anything. If someone kept copies of what was submitted to SSA, could you possibly look and see what the form number is for the Disability Examination? I'm not even sure exactly what it's called...just the form a physician would fill out for an exam specifically for a SSDI claim.

    My doctor is nice, but his office staff is too chaotic, and one of his nurses doesn't seem to care for me much. :) As I'm sure everyone here knows, when you're tired, this kind of thing can really drain you down to the bottom.
  9. sofy

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    I had to see 2 of them. I was incapable of reading and grasping info so I just did what they told me.

    Do not get on the wrong side of the person handeling your case for disability. When it comes down to it they gather all the info and make the yes or no decision so it to your advantage to be on a friendly terms.

    If you refuse to see their doc they probably wonder what your afraid of right away and that would put doubt in their minds. I dont know if this is true but its basic human nature.

    My doc is the one who told me to file and I know he filled out the forms requested of him telling them his opinion and all the medical back up to prove I was unable to work.

    Is your doc behind you in your decision to file?

    I got mine first try no lawyer and found everyone, including their 2 docs, 2 be very nice and cordial to me. On the other hand I was always friendly and polite when I talked to them. I could tell the woman who handled my case liked and believed the truth of what I told her.
  10. justlooking

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    Just thought I'd share my experience only because you said you were afraid the SSA Drs would be biased and it would sink your case.

    Well I went to the appointed SSA Dr. During the exam she literally verbally abused me and I was in tears the whole time (I went alone, mistake!!!). After her examination she said she had no doubt that I had FM and would inform SSA that not only did I have FM but had depression as well and should see a Psychologist. I went to the Psychologist at the request of the SSA about 2 weeks later.

    WELL, when I got the reports from the SSA Drs I found out the first SSA Dr told them I was psychologically unbalanced and faking it!!! The Psychologist however said he felt I was being honest about my illness and didn't see any psychological problems.

    Long story short, despite the SSA Drs report, I won my case at the ALJ level. The judge was able to see me for himself and view my 10 years of evidence of my illnesses.

    So my point of this is even if the SSA Dr gives you a bad evaluation, you can still win your case.

    Most of these Drs don't work directly for SSA, they are regular Drs, who get contracted by SSA to see an individual and if they want more contracts then they can't always agree with the patient, mostly they have to agree with SSA. I think SSA believes it counteracts the reports by your own Dr which will always be in your favor.

    Filing for SSDI is challenging, stressful and sometimes downright discouraging. Hang in there, do what they ask you to do and fight, fight and fight some more.

    Good luck
  11. Royler

    Royler New Member

    I've probably already gotten on the "Wrong side" of the claims person, since I've insisted multiple times for the form to give to my doctor...and made the mistake of getting into a conversation with her, since she likely wrote down everything I said. Her husband has sleep apnea, apparently, so she's flummoxed as to why *he's* fine and I'm not, that kind of thing. (Dunno, but CPAP does nothing for me.)

    Since I'm already very tired of the whole process, it appears I'll be seeing their doctor instead of fighting for my own. I still believe that one's odds of getting approved with SSA's physician go down dramatically. And once it's on record, there's no erasing it. Sigh.