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  1. volvo

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    Hi iam a new member from england .

    So far everyones profile i have read is in america?

    Is there anyone out there who is from england?
    I have had fm for about 10years. wasnt diagnosed until about 7 years ago after un teem tests, you no how it is poke this and prod this. Once you are given a name its heres a piece of paper and sorry there is nothing we can do!

    Best wishes to all of you out there may every day be a pain free one.

    regards volvo
  2. twerp

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    I am in America - Phoenix, Arizona to be exact, but I know there are several "Brits" on board here. I'm sure they will be responding to your message soon.

    There's lots of good information & support to be found here; I hope some of it helps you.

    Hugs & Welcome,
  3. Bailey-smom

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    I, too, am from the US but there are others that are not. It is nice that we can all gain knowledge together:)

    I have learned so much here - I hope you have found more help over the past 10 years! The people here have many suggestions to try that I would have never known about w/o them!

    Again - welcome

  4. lil45

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    hi volvo,

    Im a uk girl, i am from oldham where are you from.
    this is a great site everyone is very helpful and supportive.

    see you soon