new member what does bump mean? info about mercury amalgams

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  1. ladysings

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    hi, what does it mean when you get bumped? it is you get more informed. would like to bump too.

    also, did anyone have there mercury amalgams removed for fibro?
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  3. kellygirl

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    but not for the mercury, just because I had to save my teeth from crumbling from the old metal fillings. I have onlays and caps now. I don't know if feeling better came from having them removed. I think it all works together, the different things we all do to get well. I am glad I did it. I have less sensitivity now, too. I can laugh and you don't see black anymore on my teeth. I am in debt, though, because of it.
  4. mollystwin

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    get my amalgams removed sometime within the next 6 months or year. As soon as I can afford to. My sis just did it. Her Lyme dr insisted on it. I don't have lyme, but have a major candida issue, and from what I have read, it can be hard to rid candida with a mouthful of mercury. If you get this done, I would recommed going to a wholeistic dentist. It's very important to do this correctly or you can get tons of mercury exposure. Even done by the most careful dentist, you still get some exposure. My sis is getting chelation therapy after her removal to help her get rid of any exposure. There are supplements for this as well.
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    I had 4 amalgams mercury removed in may and afterward I thought it was stress but I developed gastritis and colitis and so sick for 3 wks, then I felt like crap for 2 months. does anyone think it could be related to mercury exposure. I did not use a wholistic dentist like the info i read online said.

    i thought surely if a speck of mercury got in my mouth they would rinse it. I have got one more to have removed. I am going in debt more to get anything out of my body that could cause fibro symptoms. I bet I will use someone who does more about removal.