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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat0465, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    ooh my lord!! is anyone having problems navigating the new site??i just got on after a week, i am displaced from my home beacuse of hurricane ike, and in severe brain fog & pain. is it just me??? or is the site kinda difficult??
    ooh And PLEASE pray for All of us on the gulf coast,as bad as the pictures are it's worse to see it with your own eyes!!Hugs to all,Kat
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Can someone tell where (URL address) this "new" site is? I am still on the ImmuneSupport one and have not seen any changes to the site whatsoever.

    Where am I supposed to go when they take this site down? I don't know anything about a new one.
  3. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    thank you so much for your sweet reply,it was much needed and apreciated.hope to be home soon at least, thanks again,Kat
  4. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Thanks for the address I hadn't seen the new site until just now. It makes me very dizzy. There are too many things going on, ads etc... many people with our DDs can't handle that much visual stimulation. What a shame that they're creating a site that will make many of us feel worse if we use it. :( I wrote Prohealth an email just now asking if we can keep both boards up for people who have visual problems like me.

    Prayers to you Kat and everyone else on the Gulf.


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  5. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    How are you FAring from Ike??? i live in a small town about 20 miles from Crystal beach, house took a beating like everyone elses this way, but thank god it's still standing. just lots of work to fix & clean up. where are you at on the coast?? i cleaned beach cabins for a living.... Needless to say, i was gonna have to stop working cause i have been so sick, Ike made my decision for me i guess. there is just Nothing left Down there!!i was born & raised in Galveston, Port Bolivar area, and now live in Winnie. and i had ocean water in my back yard, thats how high the water got. hard to believe huh.hope your did ok with the storm & all,all the worry & exhaustion from it is just what we needed to make us even sicker!!so hang in there!! {{hugs}} Kat

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