new ms treatment?

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    There was discussion of a new treatment for ms on the Canadian news today. A PEI doctor has been successful in using an antiviral to treat the measles virus in the cns of people with multiple sclerosis. The treatment stops completely any further damage to the patient. In some cases it reverses some nerve damage.

    Here is the reference

    I think this article is related. Maybe this idea has been around. It is new to me.

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    So I am bit confused by what I read, how do you interpret this?
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    Interesting articles. I am forwarding them to my father who has a friend with MS.

    I had never heard of this link before.

    Take care.

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    that they are saying they are pretty close to a cure or at least stopping the disease in its tracks. Damage that is already done to nerves may not be reversed. However on tv, he said that they had one person who was legally blind that was able to drive after.

    I hear them saying that this is not an autoimmune disease due to the fact that it is rare that people close to the equator get ms. I do recall reading that the further north one goes the higher the incidents of fibromyalgia. [This Message was Edited on 12/21/2008]