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    Below is the article introducing the new muppet Lily, who will star in the new Sesame Street/Henson hour-long special, "Growing Hope Against Hunger," this Sunday on PBS. Lily is a muppet representing a child that is hungry and does not know where her next meal may come from (and Elmo didn't know that).

    There are children and adults in the same situation and this TV program is an attempt to shine some light on the situation.
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    It was heartbreaking to see the kids talk about food insecurity, the new term for not knowing where your next meal is coming from. One little boy said the hardest part was when his mother didn't eat and sacrificed so her kids could eat. This is a national tragedy and will become a huge problem for our nation when hunger causes all kinds of health problems. Good grief, the health of the nation's children is threatened by obesity on the one hand and hunger on the other.

    Love, Mikie
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    it really was a very touching program and put a view on hunger that many have never seen. the one family had the father laid off and things really changed for them and money and food became scarce. Another family the unemployment ran out.

    another family, the separated/divorced mom asked the Dad to take the children and then he took them and work became scarce for him and so did food for him and the kids. He took himself and his children to the community food pantry for the first time and it was an experience for him--the people there were seniors, some families and it showed that people get hit with bad times and others have no money for food, but the community food pantries that provide free food really make a huge difference .

    One little girl talked about how she got meals in school and that helped. So please consider that when you think about cutting school budgets and find out if it cuts the budgets for free meals for those children who do not have enough at home.

    The sad part was listening to a little girl talk about how she thought of food she wanted to eat--her family was faced with lack of food.

    People not having food to eat is a problem this country should not have since we pay farmers not to grow certain foods. So maybe we should pay them to grow the foods and ship it to community food pantries and food banks--at least the money would not be wasted.

    Not having enough to eat has to do with families not having enough money, lack of jobs, and lack of food banks/food pantries and places where people with such little money can get free food. No one in this great country should go hungry.
    The muppets showed that kids can help by befriending those children who do not have enough to eat because many feel alone. Also that kids can help with starting community food gardens, collect food for community food pantries and these are ways to help other kids and their famiies.

    This was a very good special.

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    This year, I will not be visiting family for Thanksgiving. When I'm alone, I usualy just cook a turkey breast with a few trimmings. I know processed food isn't good for us but I might just cook a TV dinner for myself and donate what I would spend to the Salvation Army. They always prepare a turkey dinner for the homeless and jobless and they stock a pantry as well. Even if I prepare a little "feast" for myself, I will donate a like amt. to them.

    We also have Harry Chapin Food Banks here and they do a lot of good.

    Like everyone else, I'm trying to cut back on expenses but I can afford to share a bit of what I have. I've never gone hungry a day in my life except for medical procedures.

    Love, Mikie

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